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[AMEX Issued Cards ONLY] up to $100 Credit on Apple Products


f you’re thinking of buying that Apple gift for the one you love - or even spoiling yourself - now is the perfect time. With the new iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 and iMac with Retina 5K display, not only has Apple's product line-up never been stronger, but for a limited time, American Express is making your Apple purchase even more attractive.
Get up to $100 statement credit when you shop at Apple

Until 5 December 2014, when you and spend $500 or more on your registered Card through the Australian Apple Online Store or an Apple Retail Store in Australia, you'll receive a $50 statement credit*. Spend over $1,000 on your registered Card and you’ll get a $100 statement credit! With this, you won’t just be buying a gift that someone will love, you'll also be earning yourself a statement credit that you can spend on whatever you wish.

This offer is only available to the first 8,000 Cards to be registered - so make sure you don't miss out on your chance to give and receive.

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Referee gets 200,000 MR points. Referrer gets 150,000 MR points.

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  • +1

    good to go with apple black friday sale

    • we have a apple black friday sale here in aus? when is this coz you need to do this purchase by 5 December 2014

      • tomorrow

        • oh cool thanks - assuming it'll be both in store and online?

        • Apple is not having black Friday sale this year.

          Instead, tomorrow in US and on Monday here they're having World AIDS Day promotion.

          This is the US' T&C's. I'm not sure if they'll offer the same thing here on Monday.


  • perfect timing.

    Now I just need a 10% off apple deal to price match with

  • +2

    No bank issued AMEX card this time.

    Only American Express Cards issued by American Express Australia Limited are Eligible Cards.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    This is legit right? coz i cant find it in my amex account.

    • +1

      Yes it is legit

    • +1

      Yep, similar to the Myer AMEX offer ($50 statement credit for $250 spend), many didn't get the offer in their AMEX account but was still able to register for it, and get the credit. I registered successfully on a bank issued AMEX (ANZ), but still yet to make my $250 purchase.

      Edit: Like many have already mentioned…

      B. Eligible Cards
      Only American Express Cards issued by American Express Australia Limited are Eligible Cards.
      The following are not Eligible Cards: Bank Issued Cards, Business Cards that are affiliated with a wholesaler partners, American Express Business Travel Accounts, Government Cards, Corporate Purchasing Cards, Corporate Meeting Cards, Corporate Cards and David Jones Store Card.

      The Myer offer didn't state this.

    • Thanks guys!

  • Direct Amex only. No Bank issued cards.

  • Its saying invite only

    • I got that message when I tried my bank issued Amex, with my Amex issued card it worked fine.

  • invite only

    • invite = Amex issued cards only

    • I registered my AMEX issued card ok and got the registration confirmation email almost immediately. I think as long as it's an AMEX issued card, you will be ok. In any case, as long as you get the registration confirmation you will be ok.

      Perfect timing, now off to collect the iPhone 6 I reserved online last night!

      • Did you get "congrats email" after the payment?

        • I spent lunch time yesterday and still haven't got a "congrats" email

  • ohhh… why no bank issued :(

    I was going to buy one as part of the sales tomorrow/saturday…


  • +6

    Just a warning on this i got burnt last year with this deal. I ordered a iPhone 5s but the issue was
    Apple does not bill you until its shipped. As there was a delay with the iPhone the billing for me fell
    outside the window and AMEX would not honour it.

    All AMEX are a doing looking for is Apple computers to hit your statement,

    So you are going to BTO a laptop or order a phone make sure it ships within the Offer Window

    This Offer is until Dec 5.

    edit: If you look at the 5k IMac on the Apple site its says min 2-3 weeks shipping times !!

    • I bought an iPad Air last year, with black Friday sale, beware time zone if you are in QLD, shipping from China with engraving, it was lucky that the billing was within the window for the rebate. Apple did not reduce the price of the iPad but sent a e-giftcard for use on other products.

      Buying from an apple store might be safer?

      • Yes,

        If you order online it needs to be shipped before the 5th dec.

        It would be a lot easier to go into Apple store and pickup the item

  • Sorry

    Unfortunately this campaign is by invitation only. Please visit https://www.amexconnect.com.au/ for other fabulous offers.

  • +1

    Anyone know if this works for Apple Refurb store?

    • +1

      I bought a refurbished ipod and normal ipad last month. Invoices are identical. I'm not sure how Amex would know whether it is an education, refurbished or normal store purchase.

  • Thanks, registered!

  • -4

    You could buy an item from the apple store and return it within the 14 day return window. You would still get to keep the Amex bonus.

    • "The following transactions are not considered eligible spend for the purposes of the Offer:
      3. Transactions which are subsequently cancelled or refunded."

      • -3

        Yes that was in there last time but it still works. They don't pull the money out after giving it to you.

        • +3

          Yes they do. Have had a statement credit cancelled in the past (Country Road) after the missus decided she didn't like the thing she bought and returned it. Statement credit disappeared off the transaction list shortly afterwards.

        • +1

          Yes they do. Source: own experience

        • so that's what you do. get free credit then refunded the item. perhaps legit, but dodgy practice imo

    • No you wouldn't.

    • ~40 days return, holiday return policy


    • You are a bad person.

  • Those wanting an iPad Air 2 should still seek it from elsewhere.

    Price for iPad Air 2 Wifi 64Gb:

    Goodguys: $689 [ending 1 December]
    Officeworks: 5% price beat Goodguys: $654.55
    Apple: $739 - $50 AMEX cashback : $689

    • Goodguys: $689 [ending 1 December] - 50 AMEX cashback $ 639.

      I got a 128gb wifi from tgg ($759 after $50 AMEX cashback) 5 minutes before this deal was posted. i'll find out tomorrow if i end up worse or not

    • They should price match.

  • Sorry
    Unfortunately this campaign is by invitation only. Please visit https://www.amexconnect.com.au/ for other fabulous offers.

  • You should receive any invitation email from Amex.

  • +1

    thanks heaps. i registered my DJs Amex.

    • Same & I immediately received the offer acceptance email. However I have logged into my account, & the Apple offer is not logged against my card. Looks like the DJs issued Amex exclusion for this deal is correct?

      • It won't appear on the DJ's Amex account. Same thing happened for last week's Myer Amex deal, as long as you get the acceptance email from Amex Connect, you're good to go.

        • The Myer offer did appear against my DJs Amex account. This Apple offer does not however.

      • i read the terms and only david jones store cards are excluded. mine is the credit card. i can confirm from previous offers i have registered for myself i got the credit.

      • own a DJ Amex as well, registered, does not show up in my online account either

  • Works fine for me. I got no invitation email.

    • does this offer show up in your online account like usual? mine does not…

  • Yay! Perfect timing. Spend $1000+ to get $100 credit.

    So if I spend :
    1. iP6 32gb — $999
    2. Silicon Case — $49

    I'd get $100 credit

    and fly to overseas to get GST refund — about $90+

    Perfect! :)

    • 32gb? are you sure you can find a 32gb? : )

      • LoL. You were right. I meant 64GB. My brain is fried. :)

      • Higher if you're travelling with family. From your link:

        If you are aged 18 years or over, you can bring in up to A$900 worth of general goods into Australia duty-free, or A$450 if you are younger than 18. Families travelling together can pool this allowance (so a couple with a child can bring in a total of A$900 + $900 + A$450 = A$2250 worth of general goods into Australia without paying duty or tax). This is called your Passenger Concession.

    • +1

      As i posted.

      All iphone6 64gb online orders say 3-5 business days. Personally thats cutting it a bit close
      Make sure it ships and you get billed before the 5th or you will miss out on the AMEX deal

      Remember Apple bill when its shipped not when you order an item

      If you 100% want it try and find it in stock at an apple store

    • +1

      A bit silly to get a silicon case for $49

  • +3

    Don't forget about Qantas Mall 5 QFF points when you go via that website.

    • +1

      or velocity 4x points

    • -1

      what is that? I thought we could only make the transaction valid by buying from apple online?

  • I am about to order an iPhone 6 64GB at $999, could someone suggest me to buy any other items with $1? It's hard to find a $1 item on Apple store. Thanks.

  • Does it apply to Apple store credit? I'll use my card to buy $1000 Apple store credit to get $100 and use credits to buy an iPhone 6 at $999.

  • Didn't get an invitation, but registered fine. They emailed me to confirm enrollment.

  • +1

    Damn, I just bought something last week!

    • +1

      Return it and buy again.

  • Hey guys, can you get your money back if you are not happy with your Apple purchase? Is it 14 or 21 days after purchase you can refund?

    • +1

      Absolutely! You have 14 days to return the product for any reasons, no questions asked.

      • Cool thanks for the quick reply. that means I can buy on the 5th with the $100 off and not worry I can't refund it if I don't like it

        • you will have until jan 8th to return, check my post above.

        • you can refund it, but doubt you can keep that $100 credit

  • Anyone remember what Apple Store offered last Black Friday? Thanks.

  • +2

    Cashback has just now been increased on iPads to 3.5% through https://www.cashrewards.com.au/apple-online-store 2% on everything else at Apple Online Store (except iPhone 6 which does not earn cashback)

  • Would this be the best deal on buying a iPhone 6 16gb?

    • -2

      16gb only? waste of money

  • I got this msg. "This campaign is invitation only".

  • +1

    Wish I had a card!

    • You could always come to an arrangement with an OzBargainer who has a card but is unlikely to use this offer - their incentive is that they get to keep the points :-) Just sayin'…

      • Only if you are innocent enough to trust the person won't return the purchase and your credit statement disappears days later.

  • I know t&c says store gift card is not eligible, but Amex dont know what you've bought.

    Any one bought store card and got cashback from last Amex Apple offer?

    • true that, they wouldn't know what you spent from the store apart from the amount and that you spent it at an apple store..

  • I purchased from TGG IPad Air last Sunday. Do you think I could try use their price guarantee to get the difference back?

    • Nope, this offer is about using your Amex card to get a cash back, it's not an iPad price special.

    • Worth a try. They may not completely match the price but might be able to give you some refund.

    • TGG have a similar amex offer- $50 for $500 spend.

      • If you were lucky enough to register before the limit was reached. No longer open for registrations.

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