This was posted 7 years 7 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$39 Telstra Nokia Lumia 530 @BIGW 6th DEC ONE DAY SALE


Cheaper by $0.50 cents compared to this deal

Processor: Quad-core 1.2GHz
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 200
Operating system: Windows Phone 8.1
Display size: 4 ''
Display technology: LCD
Display resolution: FWVGA (854 x 480)
Pixel density: 246 ppi
Touch screen technology: Capacitive Multipoint-Touch
GPS and navigation
Primary camera sensor size: 5 MP .
RAM: 512 MB
Mass memory: 4 GB
Maximum memory card size: 128 GB
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Free cloud storage: 15 GB
Maximum 2G talk time: 13.4 hMaximum 3G talk time: 10 h
Maximum standby time: 22 days
Maximum music playback time: 51 h

Remember to get free skype credit:

Unlock go to Paypal account and make a $15 payment to [email protected]
Please include the Model,the IMEI and your email address with the Paypal payment.

Am not associated with the guy. But rave reviews and can confirm he has unlocked both of mine.

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  • Woolworths have them for the same price for most of this month

    • +15

      No… U lost a Soft Serve Cone

    • …and a Woolworths finally opened nearby today, just after it ended :(

      Gotta wait for the next one now!

      • +2

        I have purchased 2 of these phones in the past and they are a great phone for this price!
        Geez even if you don't need the phone it is a cheap option for a car GPS as it comes with here map free! also nokia music free… with the unpaid version allowing a limit of 3 or 4 music playlists for offline and a limit of 6 track skips an hour.

        For those buying to sell, ebay sold for 69 and 79, so reasonable profit.

        • +1

          Hardly worth the time & effort after factoring in ebay & PayPal fees, also the risk of not selling it at all.

  • +2

    Is this like the standard price for the 530 now?

  • Judging by the one day sale I would say no… But it does seem to be on sale quite frequently.

    Sent from my Lumia 530

  • Bought one last WED, and another one this morning…. :( $1 LOST

    But I couldn't find any information regarding the deal in BigW website

    • +1

      Cannot see on the Dreaming of a Frozen Christmas catalogue
      Only things they have is Lumia Unlocked 630 on Page 31

      Which catalogue is it from, the Lumia 530 for $39
      Is it available at Woolies?

    • Its a one day sale catalogue. Isnt updated yet and will appear soon.

  • Apparently u can use telstra credit to unlock as well - i think i read somewhere it costs $27.50 of telstra credit to unlock with telstra after 6 months

    Im on telstra prepaid anyways so works well especially with a few telstra starter kit deals recently :)

  • Definately not bad specs for the price if you like the phone (I didn't say, LOVE)

  • can someone please post a link to this? i cant seem to find it. thanks

  • +3

    Got [email protected] to unlock my 530 from WW today. Great service.

    Now use it as my main "phone", while my china droid becomes the media player.

    Let see how this pan out

    • how much is he unlocking it for?

      • I think it should be $15.

      • Not sure if serious. Its in the OP's post.

        • Don't know why I didn't see that! Thanks

    • Have you figured out how to get rid of the ads yet?

      I can't find the hosts file feature like in iPhone and Android…

    • +1

      Excuse my ignorance and no offence. Does anyone knows whether giving away the phone's IMEI to a third party for unlocking has any privacy or security concerns?

      • +3


        It may lead to enjoyment of freedom of carriers and improved choice. I've never had a phone compromised nor have I heard of this ever happening. It's not in the unlock code suppliers interests.

      • +1

        IMEI is essentially a serial number. The only issue that I can think of is if they report the phone/IMEI as stolen to the carriers. This will result in the phone being blocked from networks.

      • Yeah, there aren't many problems, except if someone clones your IMEI to bypass blocked IMEI. This usually happens for stolen phones. The criminals will reflash using a legitimate IMEI and resell the phone.

        I don't think this is a problem for you though, unless that phone gets stolen and the IMEI gets reported, which would block your phone and their phone that was stolen.

        Pretty unlikely.

        • Most unblockers I imagine are overseas, so wouldn't be operating on the Australian network anyway :)

    • Yep he unlocks for $15, most of the time within 2 days, great guy

  • $15 I believe, highly recommend his service!

  • +2

    Combine this with the entertainment book big w gift card offer and pay 7.5% less.

  • +2

    Yes but it costs you more than 50c to get to Big W rather than a woolies on every corner, unless of course it's in the same shopping centre as woolies

  • +1

    I agree with ya Trent86, most people don't factor in Petrol costs LOL. by the way, how do I claim the Free 15Gb storage cloud thing?

  • -2

    Windows 8.1? Is it RT or full version?

    • +3

      This one's Windows Phone 8.1, not Windows 8.1. They haven't merged them into one OS just yet (supposedly they will in Windows 10).

    • +3

      Full windows on a 4" display would not be very fun

      • I could see it if it had HDMI out. The bigger issue is it's ARM, which means RT/Phone only.

      • +2

        It's more like 3.7" because of the on screen buttons that never go away.

        This is great bang for buck phone, especially if you use the 3 months free skype and free world wide offline maps. It's pretty much lag free for the most part despite of the low specs. My only gripe with it is the poor screen, but I wouldn't expect too much better at <$50.

        • Yep, I love mine as a dedicated music player for the car

  • im selling mine - brand new mint in box face price 39 - located melb - pm me if you want it

    • +2

      Why don't you just return it? Woolworths have a good returns policy (if you bought it from Woolies..)

      • +1

        I didn't return mine, I like it, but I got grilled when asking about Woolworths mobile returns policy. Maybe a bunch of resellers bought tons of returned them after the sale and they're pissed off about it.

        • +8

          Grilled by a clerk in Woolworths? How, they have no power over you - tell em to get fugged and do the refund.

        • I asked about the policy before purchase, they probably thought I was a reseller. But yeah I took no notice, they weren't able to do anything.

    • i may just do that but its been 2 weeks…. just thought id pass it on if someone wanted it and couldn't get it locally

  • Mine was also unlocked by [email protected]
    I paid $15 yesterday and got the code today. Excellent service.

  • for those who have managed to pick up from Wollies for $39.50
    Is it available at all stores or specific stores with clearance

  • I am very tempted. Am still using my 4 years 4 months and 4 days old iPhone4 on Boost network.

    • +12

      Hello Mate. Its $20.49 for the case only

  • +2

    It should be noted that this phone takes MICRO sim cards, a standard size sim card won't fit in this if you were looking at using your existing sim in it.

    • +2

      You can put a standard SIM down to MICRO size. It takes a few minutes at most.

    • I went to one of those small phone shops that are on the walk way in the local shopping center. They cut it down to using a holepunch like device for free.

      I've heard you can also take it to your service provider and they'll swap the normal for a micro sim for free.


  • Owned a lumia920 for more than a year. Will not go back to wp.

    • +2


      • +1

        one main reason is apps. not talking about numbers, the qiality!most user experence is way worse than ios or android version. and the updats is always behind the other os.

        • Yeah games like Asphalt 8 for example look much better on iOS than Android, while the WP version is in last place.

          Apps like NBA Gametime aren't even supported any more. Lots of apps are either missing or you have to try and find a 3rd party app that isn't always as good.

          Though I have found the Rdio app works better than the iOS and Android counter parts.

          Windows phones are more smoother than iPhones or Android Flagship phones. The swype keyboard is a pleasure to use. For people just looking for a basic phone and don't want to spend $500+ to get something with good enough specs to run Android or the latest version of iOS well, then even a $39 WP is quite capable and offer a better user experience at the low end of the market.

        • I always forget about the lack of app polish.
          I guess I take the iOS app store for granted!

  • looks like actually a 2 day sale, sunday as well..

    • +1

      but the catalogue has this item listed on their "one day say" page only. The rest of the catalogue is for 2 days by the looks.

  • Is there any way to run XBMC on this or play SMB shared music off a network in folder view?

  • Sorry if this is stupid but if it's a Windows phone, can it install all the Google Play store apps or is it only what's on the Windows equivalent of the Play store? In particular whatsapp.

    Asking because my mother is still running a five years old first gen htc that only has very little internal storage so it's running out of room for the constant updates. We've almost rub out of other apps to uninstall just for the space.

    • Only what's in the Windows phone store. All the core Microsoft apps (email, messaging, etc) are quite good and there is usually a good amount of apps from big companies (i.e. most of the banks) however the niche apps and sometimes new game releases are still hard to find.

      For both my parents WP has served fine.

      • What about the deal apps, like HJ Shake and Win, Drop Into Maccas, KFC Snack! in the Face, etc?

        • +2

          you simply miss out.

          personally I'd skip getting a windows phone because of this.

        • @Sage:

          That is the primary use for my mobile.

  • The battery is proving terrible on this compared to the lumia 520 I had that unfortunately got water damaged.. Still good compared to other Smartphones I suppose

    • +1

      Yeah mine loses about 10% every 10 mins, it keeps notifying me that the battery is draining fast. lol For $40 I can't complain. :)

      • any improvement on battery life?

        Did you do the initial charge/discharge cycle about 3 times?

    • I've been impressed by the battery life for a $39 phone. I regularly check my texts, use the internet here and there for a few minutes and waste time flicking through my phone and it lasts me for two days usually.

      • +1

        Yeah I don't know how it compares to other cheap phone's, no way with my use I could get 2 days. With my 1320 I can get a day of heavy use out of it at full brightness. So yeah a light user thats always has good reception its perfectly fine for.

  • I used the off-line maps to do a couple of hours driving in Sydney on the toll ways and some suburban streets (M5 an M7).

    Once I changed the settings to use toll roads, it was perfect. Before that it kept directing me off the toll ways.

    I particularly liked the way the maps switched from day to night mode when I drove into a tunnel.

    Off-line, turn-by-turn voice navigation with one of the best maps apps for $39. Bargain.

  • +6

    $39 for a car navigation unit, lost car/item tracker (put in a sim, enable find my phone and shove the phone inside your bag in case you loose your bag), dashcam, drone mountable camera, music streamer, fitness tracker, alarm clock, internet of things controller, phone and self defence weapon (because it's cheap enough for hitting things with). Bargain!

    • +5


      Here's another thought for those on the fence out there:

      If you are an expat…and have relatives coming to visit from overseas…this is the perfect 'burner' phone to give them when they arrive. Just grab a cheap Telstra sim card, pop it in and BOOM!

      They get a GPS, music player, cheap camera for Facebook and social media loads and auto-magic backups to Onedrive.
      No need for them to have to swap sims or change numbers when they arrive.

      All for $40….

      Oh..and I believe all the angry birds games are still free in the Windows store so now you have a $40 pacifier/camera/video camera for the kiddies…

  • +2

    Great Service Bag Man!
    Just got one Lumia 530 unlocked in less than 12 hrs. Speedy Service as always.

  • So phone doesnt appear to support mkv playback by default, any recommendations on a good video player (free preferably) that will support at least 720p mkv?

  • +2

    For those who can't wait for Big W's sale, Woolworths still appear to have plenty of stock of the Lumia 530 for $39.50 from last weeks sale. Just picked one up myself in Woden and made the obligatory payment to bag_man, who responded very fast, just waiting for the codes.

    Haven't had a chance to play with the Nokia much yet but my only piece of advice is to crank the brightness to the highest setting (default is medium) as it makes the screen a lot more readable/sharper.

  • Isn't it cheaper if you use Telstra prepaid credit just to have it unlocked by Telstra?

    • Telstra's website states that unlocking will be either $50, $100 or $150 depending on the model of phone. Bag_man charges $15 flat… so no.

  • Just received my unlock code from bag_man after making payment late yesterday afternoon. Awesome service!!!

  • does anyone know anything about mobileciti?

  • Would this work abroad on a normal 3G network given it's unlocked?

    • anyone??

      • It's not unlocked. But if you get it unlocked (contact bagman), it will work fine on a 3G network.

        • thanks eug. So I guess I can buy this get it unlocked by bagman and send as a xmas gift abroad :D

  • has anyone bought from wollies with green cover free included in box? I seem to have only sighted orange covers.

    • +1

      woolies only sell them in orange. bigw on the weekend will be selling them in green

      • -2

        for 50 cents cheaper

      • +1

        the advert flyer on the counter in wollies said included green cover.

        No worries will wait for Big W one.

        and for .50 cents cheaper, hello soft serve :)

      • +1

        The Phones themselves come in 2 different colours, each with a different colour cover. The version with the Orange cover is Grey, as where the Green cover comes with the White phone.

  • +1

    [email protected]
    he unlocked my 3 smart phone , great service . Good man

  • Just bought a new flagship android phone… but considering getting this as well just cause it's so cheap! Lol - keeping the true OzBargain spirit, or should I get something else for the $39? Lol

    • +1

      this is dirt cheap. Good for a backup phone.

      • I think you're right.. I'll go get one tomorrow :D haha

      • +1

        I agree, but problems is most of us have already too many backups.. and its backups… BTW, i also got one…. :)

        • just got one too :D

          awaiting great bagmans's response

        • @dilla1988: Just got mine :D haha it's not bad at all! Only thing is paying extra to unlock it..

          Bagmans pretty full up now, yeah? Wondering if I can find a way to do it free (like rooting on android). Hmm!

        • @dilla1988:

          unlocked by Bagman inside 24hrs using an Aldi sim ,great service
          & elcheapo price

  • Any ideas on stock levels at Big W?

  • +1

    Here is the direct link

  • Will this phone work without unlocking using an Aldi SIM?

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