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Vancouver Canada Return ex Melb $844, Syd $859, Bris $860 with AirNZ & STA


This has to be the travel bargain of the day. Not sure when I last saw an airfare to Canada sub $1000. These fares apply to all customers, with no restrictions and with a quality airline in Air New Zealand. You also get $35 off by applying code NZ35. So tempted to buy 2 tickets.

These fares are available for departure from 21/01/15 to 22/03/15. Offer expires 23:59 05/12/14.

Here's the proof:

Melbourne summary & discounted total.
Sydney summary & discounted total.
Brisbane summary & discounted total.

Good luck, and happy travels :)

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  • Ripper deal, should book a 5 day ski holiday.

  • Nice job as always TA. But poor ol' Adelaide :(

    • Snag a cheap flight over to melb?

    • Adelaide's equivalent is coming in at about $1199.00 in my booking system. Still really cheap considering I usually pay about $1600 when I fly this and think that's a good deal!

      • I thought Air NZ flew direct to Aukland from Adelaide though, so didn't think it would've been that much extra. I could be wrong though, which system is showing you $1199? STA travel shows $1315

        • I run the online section of Flight Centre in Adelaide (didn't want to hijack an STA post!) and just through my regular system at work here there are flights Adelaide - Vancouver departing between 21 Jan until 22 March for around that price.

          They definitely fly Adelaide - Auckland however I suspect that this fare is an 'East Coast Only' special. This could be due to the fact that this special price is only valid on certain flights out of those cities (ie; morning flight ex SYD, BNE or MEL as they don't sell as many as the afternoons for North America connections) where as we only have 1 flight here from Adelaide.. or you know 1,000,000 other reasons they left us out :)

        • @mattp029: … because we're on the top of the list of alphamabetical cities, and they're jelly.

        • @mattp029:

          Excellent mate cheers for the detailed info :)

        • @mattp029:

          Flight centre suck

    • Another option for you (and for Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart members) is to grab a free return flight to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane with an Amex Platinum Edge Card, currently available with no annual fee for the first year and 10k AMEX points for new AMEX customers (ie not having held an AMEX issued card, not bank issued card, in the last 12 months) if you sign up through a referral link. See https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/american_express_referrals for OzBargain Members' referral links, I'd be grateful if you'd use mine as I get bonus points for referring you (5th on the list).

  • +3 votes

    makes the previous LAX discounts look expensive ;)
    (though looking forward to my late Feb trip to California thanks to your original airNZ deal a couple of months ago)

  • Worth going just to get poutine @ La Belle Patate. And Japadog.

  • what if i want to go to Toronto, any deals? thanks.


    FML already going to europe in march. Want dis too.

    • Yes, you are so unlucky to be going to Europe for a HOLIDAY…… /sarcasm

      • -2 votes

        Of course I was kidding, i'm glad 3 num nuts gave you 3 votes though.

  • Keep up the good work :)

  • @TA,

    Please reveal your bargain hunting strategy. Legendary work and hats off.


  • My sister will marry somewhere in Canada but not sure where and when yet so can't book. Great deal!!

    • Um, a deal as great as this is staring
      you in the face and you're not sure where? Convince her for your own benefit!!

  • Excellent deal. Would have purchased if it was for later in the year.

    Got the Thai deal for parents a few weeks back, $855 return to Paris, this would be very similar value… though this is legitimate, the Thai airways one was a glitch in their system.


    Do I have to necessarily be a student to use this deal?

    • Do I have to necessarily be a student to use this deal?

      No. Available to anyone and everyone, as stated in post :)

    • student/youth/ teacher is for Air Canada….This post from TA is for Air New Zealand (using coupon code) which applies to everyone

  • So tempted to buy 2 tickets.


  • +1 vote

    One question from TA:

    How on earth you manage to find such deals? I am really asking! :)

    • A mixture of good luck, good timing, research, and hard work :)

      • +6 votes

        You should be paid by the OZbargain community!

    • register for sta travel emails. i saw saw yesterday but dates are crao and not much seats with such a small window. we can only travel during school holidays, with or without the kids. hubby is a teacher. a real real bargain is that price during school holidays..even $1k would be a bargain.

  • Cheaper global oil prices decreasing running costs for airlines… I imagine some good travel bargains ahead!

  • Awesome deal, but having troubles replicating price :(

  • Found this on the STA site too, LA flights from $799 for travel departing between 22/01/2015 - 14/02/2015

    I'm trying to get either the Vancouver or LA flights, but departing from late March.. not having much luck so far.

  • Do you have to be a student for this?

    • @ycon

      yes students learning to read

      These fares apply to all customers, with no restrictions

      • At the top of their page I read "student/youth/ teacher" but that's only for the one way air canada flights-my mistake

  • I have a mate who just moved to Canada last week, and a wife who… well, you know, is my wife. Life is full of tough decisions thanks to OzB.

    In any case, this is seriously an incredible price. Thanks once again, TA.

  • Any idea how many seats are still available? Hoping to book tomorrow and don't want to miss out :(


    think they may have just killed the deal… went from 870ish to 1537 from melb to Vancouver. checked multiple dates. :(
    *Scratch that, found some more in Feb rather than March. YAY

  • fantastic!

  • i think they're nearly all sold out of the $859 fares from sydney lol (only checked in feb - best time to go for snows)

  • As someone who lived in Canada for 4 years, what's there to do in Vancouver and the west coast of Canada other than skiing?

    It's not cheap, there's no special landscapes or awesome things to do (correct me if I'm wrong?), and the girls aren't easy to pickup.

    • At the very least, Tofino on Vancouver Island is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. And the HI hostel there has the best location in town so I wouldn't even consider staying anywhere else. Great for nature spotting or just for hanging out. Also spectacular is the day-long ferry ride through the inside passage to Prince Rupert. That's the coast, but since you're in that part of the world you should definitely do the Rockies as well, if you haven't already. From Prince Rupert you can take the train to Jasper, then the spectacular Icefields Parkway drive down to Banff and then either to Calgary (close) or back to Vancouver (far) as an end point.

      IMHO, much more to do/see for a holidayer in Western Canada than eastern.

  • Just booked a Jan-Feb 4+ week trip! Keep eye on travel times as some have more stops or longer layovers in Auckland.

    Thanks TA! :)

  • False advertising STA, minimum of $1500 per person from MELB

    • There are heaps of flights from Melb for about $909 flying late Jan/early Feb returning mid/late Feb.

      I havent checked March… do your own homework….

  • I love you TA. Saved me at least 600 bucks. Booked in Feb - March.


  • Cheers, booked flights from SYD to LAX $765.54! 3 weeks in Feb!

  • Going Feb 14 to march 2!!!

    Got a ski package at sunpeaks for 1000 each for 8 days skiing with free accommodation

    • How did you score the ski package deal?

      • go to the sunpeaks resort website, look for sun peak lodge (when you are booking accomodation). you can ski 3 days (4th day free) and you stay for free ;)

        double up on the ski package (you can do 2x bookings of the 3-4 deal) for 8 days (pay for 6) with free accommodation

        • Looks like they don't have rooms available for my dates, but thanks for the info.