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Instant Win Various Prizes with Coke "Colour Your Summer" (Requires Smartphone)



Closing Date 28/02/2015 11:59pm


Description 1x A Styling Session With Havana Brown,1xA Trip To LA to meet Havana Brown in LA
No. of Prizes 4173
Total Prize Pool $270,065.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Unlimited
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

Needs Smartphone with working camera

I'll summarise the steps involved:

  • Go to www.colouryoursummer.com.au on your Smartphone
  • Click "Colour Your Summer"
  • Take a photo or upload a photo of 6x new coloured coke cans (Hint see the desktop version of the site on a computer)
  • Let it upload (if it fails it will return to the main home screen)
  • If it loads a small game, you lost. Otheriwise it will ask for Facebook login or Coke login/register an account and inform you of your win.

10 entries per Facebook account or Coke account per day (Note that it doesn't require the login until you win)

Good Luck All!

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  • Is it ok to use the same picture every time?

  • Finally got it to work, but didn't win.

  • +2

    I entered a few times and was just getting games, but then it came up asking for FB/Coke login for 'chance' to win something after uploading the pic. After I linked FB I didn't actually win that time (was 'close' though). A few more tries and I got a $10 JB Hi-Fi voucher. Many thanks OP. :)

  • +1

    won a watch

  • It keeps saying 'determining result' whats that mean?

    • +1

      If it gets stuck on the 'determining result' screen I usually swipe down a few times on my iPhone until I see a loading progress bar at the top left of the screen. It seems to help.

      • Thanks BB - that did the trick - now i just keep getting the games :(

  • +1

    Tried like 30 times but no luck :(. It's not even fun like the other competitions.

  • Won a watch and a $25 culture king gift card.

  • Won some headphones

  • Gotten the close message about 9 times in the last 30 mins but nothing :(

    "You have exceeded the number of entries into the competition for today. Try again tomorrow."

  • +2

    is there a trick to this - i have tried over 500 times but haven't got any close message - only games :(

  • +1

    Won a watch and headphones so far

    • congrats ……

      what brand are they?
      did u take the pic from their website?or you took your own….
      thanks mate.

      • I took it from the website, headphones are audio-technica, the watch is an ice watch

        • thats good mate.its very good brand aswell.i tried many times did not get anything yet, its just showing games at the end.

  • +2

    Won $25 culture king gift card, took a ridiculous amount of tries though.

    • its bad because there is a $9 shipping fee

      • Go in store???

        • +1

          online only I rang up and asked :(

  • Thanks op, just won a $25 Culture Kings e-voucher.

  • Trying to work out the trick and how they determine the winners. If it reads your photo and uses recognition to recognise the can colours, it may have a random "code" each night or just random hour that determines whether you either get close or win. The other night I was getting close with a combination of either Red/Orange/Purple/Green/Blue/Purple, O/R/G/Pu/Pi/B and B/G/O/R/Pi/Pu. If you use a photo that it can't detect the cans in it will ask you what are the colours you're trying to take a photo of.

    If someone wins, can they post up the colour combo they used and in what hour it was?

    • I doubt that would be the case, I think the winners are just randomly determined

      • It's based on winning times, next entry after a winning time will win.

        • Yeah I was thinking that also

    • +1

      I have to agree with JayM. The photo that it accepted yesterday did not bring up a winning chance today. After 50 odd tries, I searched the web for another photo with a different combination, and it received an entry immediately. It's worth a shot to change the image if your photo isn't producing anything.

      • +1

        JayM is correct. It is based on submitting a predetermined combination of cans at or after the winning time.

        From terms: "The Promoter will determine a series of combinations of Coloured Cans that will be deemed “Promotional Combinations”. The Promoter will use a computer drawing system to randomly determine 4,173 winning times during the Competition Period (the “Winning Times”). The first valid entry featuring a Promotional Combination that is received on or after each Winning Time will be deemed an instant winner"

  • +1

    This is extremely frustrating, I've been trying for ages lol

  • Thanks OP, scored a $10 JB voucher.

  • I finally won something on this comp. I won a $10 JB Hi-Fi Voucher. I'd be happy with a couple more of those! :)

  • Has anyone won anything today? Seems extremely hard

    • +1

      I won two prizes today. Earphones and a watch. I'm stoked!

      • +1

        what really!? congratz

  • +1

    Me and the wife won today. Both got headphones. Thanks OP!

  • Out of about 300+ attempts, I've gotten "close" about 15 times.

    Add another 2 after i typed the above.

  • Another $10 JB Hi-Fi voucher and another Ice Watch today.

  • +1

    Headphones arrived today, got orange 'Inner Ear' Headphones ATH-J100.

  • Wow, when it worked, I got a watch!

  • Does anyone have any tips because I have played that many times without success and some people seem to win multiple prizes! It just doesnt make any sense to me!

    • +2

      Different combinations work on different days. This is the one that works for me today… Red-Orange-Green-Purple-Pink-Blue

      • Thanks! :) Are you playing hundreds of times a day to get the winning combination?

      • +2

        I have been trying for a longtime but didn't even get an entry until i used your combination. With your pic i already got an entry but didn't win anything though. Hope i will win something before this competition ends.

  • I've learned to try every ten minutes. My success rate at getting an entry is almost 90%, perhaps because no one else is using the correct combination. My success at winning from each entry, however, is about 10% (1 in 10 entries). I use both my Facebook login and my CokeRewards login, so I get 20 entries a day. Good luck! :)

  • Yesterday afternoon scored a $10 JB HiFi voucher

  • 20 close calls but no wins :(

    • I had all close calls today as well, think they made the prize chances a lot lower today (or non-existent)

    • I thought I was on a roll, but no prizes for me yesterday either.

  • Won a double event cinemas pass only to find out that it excludes vic and tas, willing to swap for 2 $10 jb hi fi or a $25 culture kings

  • +1

    Has anyone received this? What do they ask or how do they decide if you win?

    (Congratulations! You have provisionally won the chance to have dinner with The Vamps! We will be calling you within the next 48 hours as this is a time sensitive prize and we will need to verify your details)

    • +1

      I would say you have won provided you are able to attend. Otherwise it will go back into the prize pool.

      Edit - also who the hell are The Vamps?

    • +3

      It's a boy band. If I won that i'd be swapping it for a $10 JB voucher.


    • +2

      Read the T&C: https://colouryoursummer.com.au/terms-and-conditions

      That's one of the top prizes (3 in total). If you live outside of Sydney, it includes airfare, transfer from airport and hotel for one night! Prize is worth up to $2,676!! Congrats!

      • Thank you all for answering my question!

        • did they call you? congratulations!

        • @compacc: Sorry for the delayed response. Got an email and then a call.

  • +6

    Here's a picture that worked for me today. Still haven't won anything yet though.


    • Thanks mate. Have been trying with different images since morning without luck. Used your image and won an Event Cinemas double pass on first attempt. First win in this competition after about a 100 attempts.

      • Did you get a confirmation email for that prize, I didn't notice the download button underneath the prize announcement and just pressed snap again assuming I would get it sent to my email. I never got the email =[.

        • +1

          Yep got the email. It wasn't instant, took about 20 minutes to come. Check your junk once.

        • Have you got the email yet? If not try giving them a call on 1800 283 391.

    • Now that's weird! I've been using a picture today that has been giving me entries but no prize. Immediately after a failed entry I then used your picture and it gave me a second entry and I won some headphones. So some combinations must be linked to just entries, and others to both entries and prizes. Wow, they must have designed this game well. I think we're smarter though and will work it out.

      • +1

        Why is everyone winning on my picture except for me?

        • +1

          Yay! I won! $25 Culture King voucher!

      • That's correct - your colour combo must have been the first entered for that combination at/after the winning time slot.

  • I just won an "Ice Watch" :)

    Edit: Thanks for the picture aaronbaron.

    • +3

      You're welcome.

      Here's a 2nd picture that also works. Now you can enter twice every 10 minutes by rotating between the 2 pictures.


  • +3

    Must have entered 100-200 times but haven't won anything :(

    Not sure how people have won multiple times, must be some trick to it.

    Still not sure why they need the "you might have won something screen" since 99% of the time you haven't.

    • +2

      Keep seeing ' you might have won something' but no dice.
      Entered many times

      • +2

        Don't give up!!! Keep trying with the working images the others are posting. For almost ten days I wasted my time trying with a single image at random times. After seeing danwgreenfield's comment yesterday I realized it only works for a specific combination. I used his image and tips got 20 close calls yesterday and won something today.

  • Just won a double event cinemas voucher!

    • +1

      Did you get a confirmation email for that prize, I didn't notice the download button underneath the prize announcement and just pressed snap again assuming I would get it sent to my email. I never got the email =[.

      • +1

        Yea, they sent me an email with the link to the prize.

  • +1

    Thanks everyone for the tips! After entering around a few hundred times this week and all the tips I still have had no luck! It's great to hear that people are still winning, I just can't get it working for me!

  • Received the watch today. Sadly it was pink. Also, does anyone want to swap a culture king gift card for a jb voucher or a event cinema pass?

    • Pm sent.

      • My bad. I thought he wanted a CK voucher something else. He wants to trade his CK same as me.

        • I have a $10 JB voucher that I'll swap for your CK voucher?

        • @compacc: Sorry, already swapped it

    • I have a $10 JB voucher that I'll swap for your CK voucher?

  • Unable to sleep so been on my phone since before 5am. First I won a culture kings voucher, then some headphones. Not bad!

    • Make that 2 sets of headphones. Just came up again! I'd kill for a watch, so I'm going to keep trying.

      • whats the colour combo?

        • It was from multiple images. No set combo at all.

      • Just got a 3rd set of headphones. Wtf? Maybe they haven't given enough away and are going nuts now.

        • I've won heaps of headphones too!! I've been giving them to friends.

          There is equivalent of 40 prizes (across all prizes) to be given away per day.

  • +5

    Found the color combo for today. Seems like as long as the red can is on the very right it will work. Here are some that worked for me:


    • See, that's why I think it doesn't matter. All 4 wins this morning were done with the red can not on the right at all.

      • There's more than one combination. I just found one that guarantees to get past the first screen to the point where you have to login

    • Wow, that's one way to burn through all your entries really quickly. That's ten gone already just trying your combos. No wins though.

      I'm wondering if "Whoa that was close" actually means that you had a close combination, but it wasn't the one that they wanted at that particular time. Hmmm.

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