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RRP $600 The White Hat Hacker Bundle: 40+ Hours of Ultimate Web Security Training - $60


Do you or someone you love have ambitions to become a hacker for good? Well today you can buy a White Hat Hacker Bundle with over 40 hours of tutorials on everything from web scraping to penetration testing for just $US60. The bundle normally costs over $US600.

This doesn’t just have to be for fun, either. Judging by the descriptions of the six tutorial packages included in this terrific deal, it sounds like you’d walk away with a lot of marketable skills. There’s even reason to believe that the skills could invite mischief if you so choose, but the package is most definitely being marketed as a White Hat Hacker Bundle. Regardless, this would be a great gift for the aspiring cybersecurity nut in your family. Or the aspiring cybersecurity nut in you.

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    Who the hell comes up with these overinflated RRP?!


      A black hat ;p


      If this is a typical information product then the answer is the buyers themselves indirectly: it is very easy to split test conversion rates with differing setups in the way a product is marketed.

      The (uncontroversial) theory behind it is that it creates something known as the anchoring effect which occurs automatically and with no awareness of it happening. In this effect your perception of value is changed by the fact that you have been made aware of the RRP number so you have an increased disposition to purchasing the product. You can know about this effect but that does not cause you to be immune to it happening.

      The one defense against it is to have better reference points for what constitutes value (but you also have no way of directly knowing if you have the proper reference points and if they are helping you).


      Someone has been reading an infamous Australian Chemist chains marketing manual…..