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Win a $10/$20 Gift Voucher (for Many Retailers) from Optus



Closing Date 14/12/2014


Description 33696 x Vouchers, 10580 x Donations, 72 x Physical Items
No. of Prizes 44348
Total Prize Pool $502,720.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a
  • Click on the pull the cracker picture (with the prawn and cat) and then enter your email to receive your code.

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  • Cheers OP, $10 Just Jeans e-gift card :)

    (Wow it's funny in this day and age. An "eGift card" can't be used online… go figure!

    • EDIT: Nevermind, found it.

  • Won.

  • +1

    I got a youtube video with a joke, so assume that means I didn't win? :p

    • +2


  • Got a $10 Rebel gift card. Thanks :D

  • Got a $10 David Jones voucher

  • +1

    I m confused , where do i need to click on competition page to win cards.

    • Same!:'(

    • I think it's the pull your christmas cracker tab

    • +4

      Got youtube video as gift..

      • Me too.

        • And me. Tried both my email addresses but didn't win anything :(

        • i won a $10 iTunes. So happy!!

        • @cameron_les: Won today?

  • Yep click on the pull the cracker picture with the prawn and cat. Will add it to the comp description

  • Won a $20 iTunes gift card.

    • Me too! Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Won $10 jbhifi

  • How long does it take to receive the prize? It's been over 30 minutes since I won.

    • You get sent a code to redeem the prize. For me, it was instantaneous…

    • Any luck on this one mate? I've been waiting on mine for a while too..

      Edit: got it after a while :)

      • Mine came through too!

  • Just got a $10 DJs voucher! Happy.

  • -4

    Might be a bit underhanded but I used a couple disposable email addresses and got myself a $20 DJ's voucher and a $10 Peter Alexander voucher.

  • +1

    enter email to receive code? entered email address received nothing?

    edit: when in doubt check spam

  • +1

    Thanks OP, won a $10 Ticketmaster gift card :)

  • +1

    Thanks i won a $10 Rebel gift card.

  • Won a $10 itunes gift card, gave it to a friend.

  • I won a $10 peter Alexander voucher

  • Got a YouTube video, didn't watch :( it is one entry per day though so will try again tomorrow!

    • "However, Email/SMS Recipients (defined below) may obtain a unique

      code and enter via the Promotional Email or a Promotional SMS from 00.01am AEDST on 10 December 2014

      to 11.59pm AEDST on 14 December 2014"

      • Expiry on OP should be the latest possible, which is 29th

        • You're unable to play after 14th, if you gift someone the prize they have until the 29th to redeem it I'm pretty sure

        • @Kawaii69:

          Yep sorry I'm wrong!

  • +4

    10,580 x $10 Charity Donation (the winner may choose exactly which charity the $10 donation will be awarded from the list of charities supplied by the Promoter. These charities are Smith Family, ABCN Foundation, Kids Helpline and The Nelune Foundation)

    +1 to Optus (and OP)

    • +1

      I 'won' one of these.

  • +1

    Wow, $20 JB gift card! Sweet! Odds must be crazy high for me to win something!

  • -1

    Anyone win more than once? If so how many more

  • Anyone want to swap their $10 gift card (JB/Rebel or maybe others) for either my $10 Dymocks or $10 Itunes?

    • Check your pm.

    • You still have the $10 Dymocks one? I have a $10 Rebel if you want it.

      • If Food doesn't take the $10 rebel, I will. I have a 10 Dymocks to swap :-)

        • Me too! Anyone want a Dymocks voucher for a JB/Rebel/DJ voucher. :)

        • Just traded with Food, if I get another one tomorrow I'll keep you in mind :)

      • Swapped thanks to Bercilak

  • -2

    Won a $10 Dymocks gift voucher after exhausting all my email accounts and creating two new accounts. Thanks OP

    Now who wants to exchange my Dymocks voucher for any other voucher :) - no iTunes, I don't own an iPhone or iPad.

    • I would appreciate if the people negging can leave a comment so that I will know my mistake.

  • I won a Dymocks voucher too, but it wouldn't let me share with a friend :-(

  • +2

    According to the FAQ you can enter once a day.


    • Thanks for letting me know! Second time lucky :)

  • $20 e-gift card from JB Hi-Fi :D

  • Won a $10 JB card, thanks for the link!

  • Thanks Man Won $10 iTunes gift card :)

  • cheers OP :) anyone want to swap their JB HIFI code for my $10 david Jones code?

  • I don't use itunes. PM me if you want to swap for my $10 itunes code. Would like myfun or ticketmaster or david jones

    • Hey bud. This gone? We have a myfun voucher. :-)

  • Won $20 iTunes and $10 David Jones gift cards :)

    The DJ gift card has been confirmed and everything but have yet to receive code and pin for itunes one…

  • Me and my wife won! Both rebel sports $10. Anyone know if they are stackable? My second email won a mfun voucher. Was hoping for iTunes. But beggers can't be choosers.

  • Anyone who wins an iTunes voucher, I'd happily trade with our rebel or myfun vouchers. Just PM me.

  • Won a 10$ DJ voucher

  • +2

    Scored a $10.00 donation for The Smith Family. :-)

  • Thanks :) won a dymocks voucher $10 yesterday and a david jones $10 today (on the same email address ) :)

  • Willing to swap either $10 Just Jean or $10 Peter Alexander for $10 Itunes - Pm if interested.

  • Won a $10 MyFun voucher yesterday and again today.

    Want to swap for JB Hi-Fi/Rebel Sport/David Jones/Dymocks. Send me a PM if interested.

    • Also have a $10 iTunes voucher today.

  • I'm looking for rebel/jb hifi vouchers, so pm me if your willing to swap (:

  • +10

    Won a christmas tree!

  • I'm looking for JB hifi voucher. I have various other things to swap. Please pm if interested. Thanks

  • Won a JB Hi Fi voucher. Thanks!

  • You need to scroll down to click on the cracker

    Well i got no email no nothing.. nothing in spam box either

    EDIT: Took 10 minutes for it to come.. Cracker was empty

    • It's running a little slow at the moment.

  • +1

    Won a $10 itunes voucher!

  • comp has disappeared from page

    • No?

      • you're right, my bad, website must have not loaded properly for me

  • +1

    My friend won a $20 jb hi fi, he says he redeemed it but he never got the actual e-gift card

  • emails are running slow

  • Won $10 JB voucher. Thanks OP!

  • Mine says "The Joke's on us" - I think that means I lost! :(

    • It does sadly :( try again!

      • Thats sad :( Ive tried a few more times and still no luck :(

        • Keep trying, you'll get there!

        • @Food: seriously? I am losing all hope! … Ill be happy with anything but another joke please!

  • Won $20 rebel card, thanks :)

  • Jimmy does it again! Just won a $10 Peter Alexander gift card. Cheers OP.

  • +1

    YouTube video that's not even funny :( Great competition post though!

    • So far

      • 2x funny video
      • 1x charity donations

      Not much luck here :(

  • Winner

  • Just won a $20 iTunes gift card!

  • Is anyone interested in Ticketmaster vouchers?

    • Also have a $10 Peter Alexander I wouldn't mind trading.

  • Just won a ticketmaster voucher.

  • Thanks OP - got a $10 Peter Alexander gift card.
    If anybody want to swap it - please let me know :)

  • Thanks Op.

    Won a $10 Ticketmaster voucher. Will use it to see a Brisbane Heat match!

  • Fantastic WOn a $10 Jb Hifi Voucher thanks

  • I have $10 & $20 dymocks. Want to swap for jb or david jone if anyone interested

  • i got $20 peter Alexander

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