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Free Movie Pacific Rim (2013) in Google Play Movies


I saw this today on google play movies as free. I am not sure when it will expire. just add to your library if already watched! enjoy

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  • Awesome, thanks!

  • "Your order was declined because it was considered high-risk. Please try again in 30 minutes. [BM-CPE-13]"

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      i found this with google search for error code [BM-CPE-13]

      "The message by google is a regarding the detection of fraud. This is to prevent deceitful payment process to be applied. Prior paying, Google analyze if the process is safe to use. Parameters are checked. A bad transaction is describe as there are suers that pay then afterwards cancel the payment on several times on a row, similar credit card is applied by several accounts or several payments are done by varied devices and using same credit card at often times,."…

      not sure why it threw that error but maybe try changing your payment method and it may work?

      • +1

        I've the same decline error and ask to wait 30 min. Within the next minute, I'm using the same machine, same brower (Firefox), just logout and use another google play account. I can add this movie on another google account. Both google accounts are using the paypal as a payment but different person. I can added 10 free albums by using first google account previously (thanks to the ozbargain).

      • all good now. did it using mobile today.thank you for free movie.

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    Great find, it's an awesome movie.

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      Why the neg?

      • +8

        I guess it's a terrible movie..

        • +4

          7/10 isnt a terrible movie. im just a fan of all of there types of movies.

        • +2

          7/10 doesn't mean it's not a terrible movie. It means a lot of people liked it.
          Avatar is 7.9 on IMDb yet it was one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen.

        • @holden93:

          Dont judge movie by it's rating. This is the most common mistake since our Impulsion always want the BEST one. It is totally unreliable today with the amount of teenager or adolescent just rate it to 10/10 without any fair reviews about the movie. They like it , they just rate it 10 , simple as that.

          What I do to make sure that the movie is "great" or not:
          I just go to the REVIEW and see the top reviews rating (top 5-10). IF many of the reviewer rate the movie good and many people agree with them (ex: 212 out of 247 find this review helpful ) & I found their review to be professional and NOT BIAS then I would download the Movie. IF most of them rate it bad and many people agree with them , then I would try to avoid watching the movie. I think this is the most RELIABLE technique to pick the good movie, HOWEVER my technique could be wrong because people preference's of movie is totally subjective. They might like the Comedy Movie like Meet the Spartan and stuff like that, but the people who review and rate this movie brutally "raped" the movie 2.7/10.

          Even people judge the user if they good or not by the comment they made. I mean they judge whether the comment is RIGHT or WRONG in OZbargain/YouTube depend on How many positive OR neg votes the comment got by DEFAULT. It's our nature, nothing can change that.

      • Let's face it's it isn't a great movie, eye candy yes but when you see the first 15 mins of the movie is tens to repeat itself.
        I think the concept was good but execution was not.
        every time I see this movie I think of mech warriors and robotech.

        • +7

          That's cause these are giant robots lol
          and just cause it's not to your particular taste that DOES NOT mean it's a bad movie.

        • @holden93:

          You better watch Ultraman, Godzilla and Gundam together, then you'll laugh at how bad the director did to make this movie like crap.

        • @jva:

          Ultraman is for kids…

          I love Ultraman

        • @holden93: no, you are right. But this movie being a bad movie makes it a bad movie.

        • @thorton82: That's your opinion.

        • +3

          @holden93: Yep, I'm with you this is an awesome movie. First watch was WTF??! (for me) until the scene when the baby kaiju eats the golden boot dude. That was funny, and then I realised the film wasn't taking itself too seriously and that it was basically a love letter to Japanese monster flicks by Guillermo del Toro.

        • -3

          @holden93: no shit Sherlock, who else's opinion would I post?

        • +1

          @thorton82:NEVER GO FULL RETARD MATE.

        • Mech warriors and Robotech? This movie was a clear ripoff of Voltron. And an awesome one at that.

        • Anyone else get the feeling that this is gonna be like the Sheldon Cooper vs. Creationism argument…

  • +3

    Errm… It says "Free HD" but the highest quality I can get it 480p.

    • +3

      Pretty sure you'll have to watch it on an Android device for HD quality.

      Select movies and TV shows can be watched in HD on a computer, in accordance with our studio licensing agreements. If a video is available in HD, you can click the settings Settings icon at the bottom of the web player, and change the quality.

      If a title is not available in HD on your computer, it will play in SD instead. You can still watch in HD on a supported device.


        • +10

          No, 480p is not worse than DVD quality, it is the same.

          480p means 720 horizontal. "576p" just refers to DVD's maximum of 720x576. Basically, they're both 720 horizontal, and the vertical resolution just depends on the aspect ratio, so they're exactly the same.

        • +5


          DVD quality (which is 576p)

          It's actually 576i (i=interlaced) not p (progressive).

        • +3

          This movie plays at 854x480.

      • Can anyone confirm this?

    • +2

      yes it looks crap…

      why we can't watch in HD on our pc?

      • try watching through "purchases" on youtube

        • nope it is still SD

          I click watch, I can tell this is not HD…

        • @tyler.durden: you're right, it's still 480p, what a ripoff

        • +1


          Yep, Google Play video. I was investigating it at one time, but I found so confusing and complicated. I have a newish android phone with a 1920x1080 screen, but I can't get google play HD movies and tv on it. Not compatible. Just useless. That said, I don't care about watching it on my 5" phone screen, I want to watch it on my TV. So how do I do that? And can I do it without streaming via say maybe a chreomecast? No?

          At least itunes, you can download it to your PC and watch it from there, or use airplay to your TV with an appletv IN HD. And the prices are better. I think apple are pretty bad in a lot of ways, but google often trumps them.

        • @Mobe1969:

          but at least with apple you can download it to your pc from itunes..
          and choose HD or SD format…

  • some other movies for sale too, not bad prices

  • Thanks OP, great freebie.
    Scrolling down to Free TV Episodes… "Two Fit Moms"… oooohhh.

  • Nice. Thanks OP

  • Thanks for the post.I got movie for free.

  • Great find OP.
    Only recently got a Google Play account. To add this movie to my library, I had provide a credit card but Google wouldn't accept my prepaid debit visa or MasterCard

    • yes it does

      • Well not for me, kept saying the card numbers were both incorrect, even after trying several times.

        • Check with your bank as it works with my prepaid mastercard (reloadable woolies one)

    • Or you can just create a free Paypal account.

  • Thanks.

  • Downloaded on the phone. How do I watch this on TV?

    • Chromecast or check if your phone can talk to your TV (e.g. Samsung devices)

      • Thanks. I've got a s3. I will try to find out more about connectivity to my TV.

        • If you have a recent Samsung smart TV, you can connect them both to your wifi (preferably connect your TV to ethernet), and you can use the "Screen Mirror" feature, or you can get a compatible MHL cable to connect your phone to the HDMI port of your TV

        • +2

          Just buy a Chromecast and the answers will be revealed.

        • +5


          Just to be clear, it's not a great idea to use screen mirroring to watch a movie from your phone to the TV. The movie gets decoded, displayed to the screen, then recoded again (in real time) to send via the mirroring, then decoded again.

          MHL is better (higher bandwidth), as is a direct HDMI connection.

          Chromecast downloads the movie in real time direct from the servers (no need to download anything, and only one cycle) - but does need you to have a good enough ADSL connection (curses be on Turnbull).

        • @sane:
          Fair enough. My parents utilize the screen mirroring feature and it seems to work fine. Needs a good device and LAN connection. Obviously a direct connection is better. It's an option. An ugly and inefficient option, but still an option.

    • +1

      roku 3 now has a google play channel

    • This may work depending on your phone type…

  • Cheers OP!

  • Thanks OP ! Love this movie !

  • Thanks OP. I would have likely missed this otherwise.

  • Thanks, I wanted to see this movie again for a while.

  • its free, cant complain!

  • +3

    I still can't believe I paid $10 to see this crap!

    • +2

      Watch it again, it'll only be $5 the second time.

  • +12

    Is there a way to search for all the FREE content on Google Play Movies and TV?

    • I too was curious about this, so had a quick looky…

      Found this advice from Google re Free content on Google Play

      Also looks like you can just search the various categories for the keyword 'free' and it will first list all the items with the word 'free' in the title, followed by any items whose price is free, at the end of the list
      eg Movies, TV Episodes, Books, etc

  • Cheers OP, easy as!

  • Yay! By far the best dumb movie! What man doesn't like robots and monsters fighting!

  • Thanks OP, Another for the Library.

  • +4

    I watched it for free, I wouldn't pay to watch it though.

  • +6

    Movie is brilliant, saw it twice when it came out. Don't listen to the haters - it has giant robots and giant lizards fighting each other to a killer soundtrack. One of the best films from 2013 IMO.

    Not everything needs to be high culture.

  • Its an average movie, but what made people disappointed is it is directed by Del Toro. Seriously I could not believe it until I saw the end credits…

  • +1

    Thanks Op. Much appreciated. +1
    Regarding the movie itself: Awesome concept, great cinematics, OK storyline, OK acting.

  • Sugoi thank you

  • Thanks OP

  • Can't seem to get it for some reason - I click the 'Free' button - but nothing happens…?

  • "This item isn't available in your country." Huh?!

    • do it from your computer not your phone/tablet.

      had the same issue.

  • Thanks OP, not a fan of a glorified version of the Power Rangers but the kids will love it!

  • $12 DVD in Big W. Nice one

    • +1

      $12 overpriced. How much for bluray?

  • Hey, cool. Thanks OP.

  • Nice one. Shame i already bought it when it was $12 on the play store =\

  • I wonder whether there is a way to get an automatic reminder when any google movie become free…

  • Thank you very much! I really wanted to see this and it wasn't available for online rental when I last checked (a while ago).

  • +1

    What is the otherway to get this movie aside from adding cc/pp/play card.

    • Telstra billing and probably Optus billing as well

  • Thank you so much :D

  • +1

    You know, I would actually rent movies from Google Play more often if they weren't more expensive than renting from a Hoyts Kiosk.

    I have been particularly annoyed with Hoyts severely diminishing their $1 rental offers. But still at $6 per new release on Google Play, I cant justify that. Hell their overheads would be a lot lower as well.

    • -2

      I agree. If we have to use some of our download limit to watch it, we should be paying less.

      • +4

        Although that is 2 completely separate businesses you are referring to…

        • Yes I am aware of that. This was a stream of consciousness thought.

  • -5

    Only 480p. Rather just torrent the 1080p..

  • -1

    "Please add a payment method or redeem a code to complete your purchase."

    No thanks

    • You just have to add a payment method but you won't be charged for it . (If it is still showing as free)

      • I can't never understand why they need my payment info for a free item.

        • +2

          It stops you setting up a lot of accounts and grabbing it (and I dunno selling the accounts later when its not free or something) .. this way you are limited to the number of cards you have and they can trace your account to a person ie not anonymous.

          I wouldn't be surprised if each movie was watermarked in some way so that if it was somehow put on torrents they could find the account it came from and also use the payment method to identify who it was that decide that could redistribute it.

        • You mean you can never understand.
          If you can't never understand, it means you can understand.

        • @luke73:

          Yeah, it was some pretty bad English.. no edit button :(

  • Nice, just got mine.

  • How do you download it on to your tablet?

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