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XIAOMI POWERBANK Sale - 16000mAh Universal USD $29.99 Delivered


Need Power? Grab a Xiaomi and keep your phone alive longer!
Xiaomi’s popularity has surged recently and there’s a good reason why, unlike other power banks Xiaomi has mastered the perfect balance between style function and safety. Texas instruments make the chip super efficient and Samsung and LG power the unit all cased in a rugged metal frame.

Xiaomi released a new model, a big 16000mAh that sure to keep you going on a long journey.

There’s never been a better time to order as today we’re offering a super deal on the popular Xiaomi powerbank.

Use the coupon c817fa to unlock these super prices,

Order one now and make the most of this OZ Bargain exclusive deal.

Experience the power of Xiaomi!

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  • -1

    shows up at $37.53 as the code only does a -$5.01 discount from the original $42.54.

    • getting the same here

      • That's funny… considering the original price is coming up as $33.99 USD!

    • +1

      Make sure the currency is in USD. I suspect it may be defaulting to AUD.

    • +3

      US$29 is about AU$37 so sounds about right

  • +4


    big one

  • If you buy 3, they're only 33.11 USD or 41.44 AUD each.

    • Why would you mention that when they are selling at $29.99 USD Each…

      • Just saying. Not worth buying more than one, cos the discount doesn't stack correctly.

  • +5

    Genuine Xiaomi? :D

    • +2

      I bought the 10400 from banggood and it was genuine

      • +1

        I bought the Xiaomi pistons and it wasn't genuine :\

        • hmm that sucks, you would think they would source all their xiaomi stuff from the same supplier.

        • -2

          you got banged up good

  • Do they make a case for this?

  • -1

    cheaper here

    i think banggood should offer more discount

    • That shows up as US$32.21 for me

      • +1

        my bad i did not select Australia in shipping, i wonder shipping to US have different price than Australia.

  • +3

    Anyone selling the 5000 yet?

    • +1

      Yeah ide like to see a deal on the 5000 too. I need something small and lightish to add to my gopro rig on my bike.

      Mushtato I know your reading this, give us a deal :P

      • What does this do for your GoPro on your bike?

        • +1

          keep it charged up and running.

  • +5

    It's cheaper here if you buy 2 (to get the free shipping) -

    • +1


      Any better offers?

      We can get 2 x for $75 AUD and with a coupon code we can get free Express shipping as well from here.

      • +1

        Australian site and Australian warranty its much better option, i am sorry to say whats coupon code are you talking ? thanks

        • LIKEDWI

          Upgrade to express shipping for free.

        • @AL008:

          Doesn't work if you only buy one though

        • @wang:


          You need to get 2 for $75 and then get free shipping upgraded to Express.

    • unfortunately they've bumped up to $40 = currency reasons stated

      • Damn Ozbargain effect.

  • Thanks rep. Grabbed one.

  • -2

    Every time I see these, I wonder why people bother with them. With the popularity of Eneloops here, I'm surprised that everyone doesn't go for the slightly more expensive AA USB Power Caddy.

    • +1

      with the 1.5V AA's, how much usable capacity do you get out of them?

      like what is the capacity of 4 x eneloops at full charge. Is it around the 10,000 mAh ?

      • yeh want to know i have eneloops 8X 2300mAh which totals 18400 mAh, i think i charge my phone 5 times with it if i have 3200mAh battery

        • +11

          You need to look at power, not current capacity. Power is voltage times current. These power banks are Li-ion and nominal voltage 3.7V, so power is over double that of equivalent current NiMH.

          Also, Li-ion copes much better with high drain, and the conversion to 5V is far more efficient.

          There's no contest. I have one of those Energizer 2xAA to USB chargers, and it's lucky to charge 10% of my S4.

        • @elusive:

          The problem with Energiser Rechargables is they're crap compared with the Eneloops.

          While I cannot give you a comparison with this unit, I recharge the AA's at the end of every day. From memory, the most I've done is 2 recharges. Your mileage may vary. No idea if there was more left in it. This is from a 4xAA unit.

          The thing about AA batteries. You can replace the batteries and bring as many batteries as you may need (and use Alkaline if necessary). It just gives you better options, plus the Eneloops can take a lot of recharges. Can you say the same with these units? What do you do if they run out of juice?

          A typical Eneloop is approx 2000mAh, with the high powered once I believe at 2500mHa.

        • +3


          Well… this got long. And probably not all that coherent; the perils of writing at 3 in the morning. Anyway, in short: I don't see any advantage NiMH has over Li-ion for the high-power purpose of charging a phone. They end up more expensive for the same power and bulkier for the same power (compare the size of 16 NiMH AAs to 4 Li-ion 18650s). The replaceability of the batteries really doesn't matter: you can get similarly replaceable Li-ion packs if you wanted, and it doesn't make up for the earlier mentioned drawbacks.

          If we were talking phones/packs from half a decade ago, when were were still happily charging at 500 mA or even lower? Sure, you can use NiMH AAs as a power source, no problem. And the Li-ion packs were far more expensive at the time. But now? I'll go for the Li-ion ones, thanks.

          The problem with Energiser Rechargables is they're crap compared with the Eneloops.

          I'm not talking about Energizer batteries. I'm talking about the 5 V charger powered by 2x AA batteries that they produced at one point a few years ago. These things.

          I'll also note that the Eneloop batteries are special primarily because they're LSD. Their actual capacity is generally lower than traditional NiMH batteries.

          Note that one of the 10400 mAh Xiaomi chargers can be purchased for $25, providing approx 38 kWh ignoring inefficiencies. At rated capacity, the typical 2000 mAh Eneloop battery would require 16 cells to provide approx the same power, which ends up costing more than the entire Xiaomi pack!

          Consider using 16 NiMH cells in the place of the four Li-ion cells here. First, let's arrange them in batteries of 3 in series, so each 3-cell battery provides 3.6 V, close to the nominal voltage of Li-ion cells. That leaves 5 such 3-cell batteries. Now, you want a discharge of 2 A, spread across 5 - that's 400 mA each. That's actually decent for NiMH. So this could potentially work - you'd just have an extremely complicated setup.

          So - let's make the number of cells more manageable. How about using 8 cells? That's 800 mA draw from each cell. But 8 cells is still quite complex - really, we should go down to 4. Whoops, now you're drawing 1.6 A per cell. That's not really good for them. It would still work, to be sure - it would also put out considerable heat. Also, 4x 2000 mAh @ 1.2 V is 9600 Wh, which would provide my S4 just barely one full charge from zero to full - assuming 100% efficiency. Practically, you'd be lucky to get 80% efficiency.

          And all the inter-cell connections need to carry a lot of current, which means they need to be very low resistance. Each connection between cells - especially if you want them removeable and therefore can't solder them - is rather high resistance. More inefficiency losses there. I can tell you from experience that a 2x AA charger gets bloody hot, and the one I was using couldn't get near 2 A. Though a more modern charger may do better, I don't see the benefit over a Li-ion-based one so I haven't tried.

          If you really wanted, you could also get chargers that run off replaceable 18650 Li-ion cells. That would make far more sense, obsession with Eneloops aside. But if you buy the 18650 cells at retail prices, it would actually work out to a similar price to the Xiaomi pack anyway. As a flashlight enthusiast, I have a bunch of spare cells lying around, so it would be cheaper for me, but even then I didn't bother - sure, I can charge them faster in my fast Li-ion charger than the USB charging this battery pack does, but it's also just generally more hassle considering my infrequent use.

          Now, considering the above, let's reread what you said:

          The thing about AA batteries. You can replace the batteries and bring as many batteries as you may need (and use Alkaline if necessary). It just gives you better options, plus the Eneloops can take a lot of recharges. Can you say the same with these units? What do you do if they run out of juice?

          More options, yes. But you also end up with far more complex setup, and lugging around a lot more weight. Why would I bring a box full of AA batteries when I can get one or two more battery packs for cheaper? Why would I worry about them running out when each one can keep my phone charged for at least three days of heavy use? What do you do if you run out of AA batteries?

        • @elusive:

          Oh wow, you're really taking this to heart. Oh well, whatever floats your boat.

          You're right on a lot of what you're saying, there are pros and cons for each method. If one works better for you, choose that method.

          Just a little note for the Eneloops, the fact that they are LSD is just part of the benefit of using Eneloops. Their draw on current is more consistent than other batteries and the life span of Eneloops beats the competition dead.

          As for cost, if you already own the Eneloops as many users here appear to already do, then that cost is rather moot… No?

          It's a suggestion to give another option. Unlike you, I'm not stuck in one mode. If it doesn't work for you, keep using what works better for you. It's as simple as that.

          Out of interest, is a Flashlight enthusiast mean what it sounds like?

        • @TheBird:

          An AA battery is 8.3 cubic cm, 8.3mL or 0.0083 L. 2.500Ah x 1.25V = 3.125 Wh. Power density 377 Wh/L.

          The Xiaomi Power Bank 16000 has 3.7V Li-Ion 18650 batteries with a power density of 725 Wh/L.

          So basically, the same energy in a AA battery takes up twice the volume. I wouldn't be surprised if it weighed about twice as much too.

  • +1

    From past posts looks like it can take up to a month to receive. Hopefully mushtato will do a deal on the 16000 soon.

  • +1

    I won't buy anything from the China/HK sellers in Decemeber because I know I won't able to receive them after 3 months time due to Xmas and New Year season.

    • +1

      And Chinese New Year.

      • +1

        and Easter

    • +3

      We are working through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays to ensure the fastest service possible. There is a large rush before Christmas and the postal companies work hard to keep backlogs low. Perhaps a few days longer than expected but 3 months waiting is excessive

      • 4-6 weeks seems to be the norm lately regardless of the time of year.

  • Wouldn't this be 15600mAh? The LG and Samsung batteries are 2600mAh each and 6x 2600 = 15600. Or are they using higher capacities?

  • I honestly wouldnt care for 400mah as an overall figure. Otherwise we'd all be suing Seagate or WD for missing out on these few MB in our hard drives. They all round up one way or another.

    Good effort for trying to find out that piece of info though

  • +1

    Risky not buying from Mushtato. How do we know if this is genuine?

  • +5

    Store Rep,

    It was approx $38 AUD delivered without no code when I posted this product on another XiaoMi deal on 10th Dec 2014:

    Care to explain why we now need a code to get this price? I think you can do better than this price. this is Ozbargain, and we deserve special attention… :)

  • Got my Mushtato ones yeterday. Very solid, genuine and pretty fast dellivery.
    Juicing the 1600 up now, i can only report back after camping over xmas.

  • +3

    Hey Rep, I've been caught before with a counterfeit Xiaomi powebank I just came back from Malaysia and contacted Xiaomi direct who said they do not sell other than on THEIR online site (and not available in Australia). Can you tell us how yours are genuine and if they guaranteed ?? There are ways of detecting fakes
    I won't neg this yet, ….. yet…

    • Thanks for the experience. With the holiday overseas in the far future. Safe to say I will now only be buying local from Mushtato.

    • +1

      Mine came with a little scratchy type sticker on the side that you could scratch off to reveal a unique product ID. Because of how hard the stickers are to fake, that's usually the main indication of a genuine product from Xiaomi.

      • Rep, do the units you're selling feature this sticker?

      • The stickers can also be faked. A bit of research will reveal that one of the best ways to check is plug it in to itself, and the genuine item will trip/reset. No way I would be buying one of these from what the Malaysian Xiaomi rep told me. Waaaaay to many dodgy copies (and retailers) out there.

        • I would (and did) still check everything, though usually as a starter having those stickers look highly legitimate gives you quite high hopes of a genuine Xiaomi inside the box.

    • Thanks for the link.

      According to those images the 10400 I received from Banggood in the last deal from here is 100% genuine.

  • Bought one now. Thanks for the discount.

  • Comments are filled with people linking to other "better" deals.

    Can someone please verify the best price for one unit, thanks.

  • Can it be daisy chained ?

    • Looks gigantic.

  • The price before discount is $42 Australian. $5 AUD discount is NOT a big deal here.

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