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Sony 50" Smart TV KDL50W700B at Sony Store $729 (Free Shipping)


Similar to the $699 DSE deal (which now appears to be out of stock) but actually works out a few dollars cheaper considering the free delivery.

Note: David Jones deal was better but that is out of stock also.

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    Yippee - have been trying to research and find something all day and way about to go the 50hz LG but then spotted your post - thanks mate :)


    Thanks OP, I wonder why all these deals are for Sony..


    It's coming as $1,099. What gives?

    Had to scroll down. Sorry.


    Hmmmm bought this on Boxing Day and funds have been debited but have received an email today saying ::

    Unfortunately, we are unable to validate the payment details you have supplied at this time

    We require Bank Authorisation ID number (or Preauth Code for some bank), which is a set of 6 digits code of transaction reference number for your order, to process payment and proceed with your order.

    You need to contact your card issuing bank/organization’s credit card department to receive the Bank Authorisation ID number, once you have obtained this number please advise us by replying to this email.

    You may also like to consider a different payment option such as BPAY or Pay It At Post (by placing another order online and selecting another payment option) or alternatively choose to purchase these items by visiting one of our Sony Centre stores or a retail partner.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that this may have caused
    The Sony Store Team

    (How can they debit my account and not validate payment)

    Plus it's Sunday so can't contact bank?

    Anyone had these issues before?


      Exact same email for me! Although my card has not been debited.

      EDIT: Just got of the phone with AMEX. According to them the transaction has been approved on their end so they had no idea what Sony were on about. They did give me an approval code which I sent to Sony. I will keep you informed.


        Yeah am going to give them a call in the morning - hopefully it's just because it was bought on a public (bank) holiday going into a weekend and the bank details haven't cleared… They better not have stuffed up this order though as I'm so looking forward to getting it…let me know how you go ;)


          So I sent Sony the confirmation number Amex gave me and they have now verified and released my order.


          @el_cheapo: I'm still waiting for NAB (VISA) to clear my payment so it's still just saying purchase authorisation on my statement but no reference number - so called the bank and with the backlog from Xmas it can take up to 3 days to clear and they can't give me a ref no until the clearance…. Looks like i'll be waiting a bit longer for my order to proceed but still looking forward to getting it…


    How's this compared to the 3D version for $897 at video pro? Is 3d worth spending ~$150 more?


    Ordered, jumped ahead and already have my Auth number ready if they ask for it
    Thanks for the heads up guys


    Extended to 5th Jan now…
    …but out of stock

    Waiting on delivery….it's killing me !


      Mine is still "Dispatch Pending"


        Mines moved on but I can't track it yet…maybe on Monday
        I didn't have to verify the auth number either….good !

        Order Status: Order Placed Successfully

        Payment Status:Payment Approved

        Delivery Status:Despatch Complete


          Has it been delivered yet? Mine is still dispatch pending?!


          @el_cheapo: not got mine yet, still despatch pending, spoke to Sony yesterday (after spending a long time on hold over a few days) and was told they were waiting for a shipment to come in from overseas and that all orders should be complete 7-21 days from date of order (ordered mine boxing day). Got an email later yesterday advising that stock had arrived at the warehouse and would be picked and shipped within 24hrs, but still no change on my order status.


    Has anyone actually received their TV yet…?


    Sorry guys, back from hols
    Got mine on 5th Jan, less than a week :)

    Lucky by the sounds of it.
    Lovely looking TV, white surround is an excellent idea, blends in with the white wall.. to a degree

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