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WD TV Live Media Player $76.85 Delivered, Gillette Mach 3 Razor 8pk $9.50 Delivered + More @COTD

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  • WD TV Live Media Player $76.85

    $86.85 delivered, I wonder if OW will price match COTD ?

    • Price beat you mean? Worth a try I guess

      • It would take it down to $82.50… (I think they currently sell them for $99)

        Great price if you don't have one… I already have 2…

        • +1

          3… + a Live Hub at the in-laws!

    • $86.85 delivered without the code.

      $76.85 delivered with the code.

      • +4

        many people have already used the code, so the title should say $86.85 delivered

  • +1

    Great deal, bought my wd tv for $99 few months ago :(

  • +3

    Just be mindful that the latest firmware for wdtv is quite buggy. Assumed mine was overheating and hence why it kept crashing (couple of years old too with lots of use) downgraded firmware and no issues since.

    • How do you downgrade we are having so may issues from not turning on to it changing the default resolution.

    • +1

      Press down the off button for 5 seconds to hard close the unit, otherwise it remains on standby and gets hot.
      Try turning the unit upside down to allow heat to escape as there are vents on bottom and none on the top.

    • The latest FW on mine fixed the ABC iView app & a few other minor issues, and I haven't noticed any actual bugs since; however, they've removed a hell of a lot of the free internet TV apps that I really liked, so I'm not happy about that new 'feature' at all! :/

      • Off the top of your head, can you name a few that have been removed? Imust say I don't use the apps much, but I'd like to know what's being removed nonetheless!

        • Hi Alison, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to eat my words…for some unknown reason, my Movie & TV services list has gone from a meagre ~12 back up to 38 (which is approx what I recalled it being pre-update); oddly, despite no further FW changes being made since. The only difference is that the unit was physically powered down for a day over the weekend, so perhaps a hard boot was required?

          I had intended to roll it back to a previous version, but when I started the WDTV up this evening I noticed that all was now right again in the world! :)

    • Yeah, I gave my old one to my sis and got the new one and it freezes a bit and randomly decides it can't play any media files. Restart it (which takes forever) and it goes away.

      • +1

        Try and turn off the media library thing. When that gets corrupted for whatever reason it tends to have a hissyfit and wont play anything. I turned it off and have not had that problem since.

        • Cheers. I will try that next time. I know with the first one I had, I turned off some kind of indexing as it took forever and it played perfectly. This one is more of a "this format is unsupported, yes, I know I played it 3minutes ago" type of thing

    • May I please know which fw version should I install 3.10 or 2.08

      • I went 2.08 I think. It's an easy process…. Just need to make sure the usb is fat32 formatted. So either use a small drive or will need to download formatting software to get around the size limitation

        • Thanks mate, will try that version.

    • I sent my back to WD for replacement. I know it's a firmware issue but I really couldn't be bothered downgrading and it was still under warranty so now I'll get a new one (hopefully with old firmware)

  • Cheapest ever price for Australian stock of the WD TV Live (Streaming).

    • +2

      It is… apart from the exception of those of us that got our $50 cash back offer (making them $49)!

      • +3

        those of us that eventually got our $50 cash back


        • Actually, I now recall sweating on it for a few months after the supposed time frame given!
          But it did end up with me having a free one!

        • @Snoop: That's how cash-back works in most cases.

        • @Amar89:
          Not like this one. This was a special case that involved emailing them, Facebooking them, threatening them, waiting several extra months, and then being drawn from a lotto!

  • Can this thing handle being used as a server & streaming at the same time? (external usb as storage basically)

  • +1

    The WDTV Live shows the words "Postage Included" in the product images but it adds postage in the cart. What's the go with that?

    • Who knows, the $10 takes off just postage most of the time, it's all over the place

    • Generic pictures from another site!

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    Razer Mamba for $80, its 105 at PCcasegear


  • when does THANKYOU code end?

    • +4

      after you use it once…

      • +1

        unless your like me and have signed up like 5 times with different emails over the past few yrs :)

      • yes i am aware of that…

        i meant if the promo code has an expiry date

  • every day new COTD post. every day i check my store credit balance. every day i am left :(

  • very very good price

  • Has anyone seen anything thats cheap with free shipping? I want to "refer" a "friend" or two…

  • +1

    Iv had nothing but problems with my WDTV, It used to be able to stream after changing a million options on computer regarding permissions and what not but now the streaming wont work and always asks for a password which i never set, and yes i have tried 0000 or nothing

    • What is it asking for a password for, the network, access the media source, child lock?

    • so which device would you get instead?

      roku ?


      • 100% go for the Roku. we've got the Roku 3 and it is 10x better than the WDTV. The WDTV is so slow and buggy and a peice of junk compared to the Roku.

      • +1

        After a bit of dicking around, I am really happy with the Nexus Player, far better than the Roku 3. I will use it as my replacement for the WD TV which does a far better job than the Roku for streaming local content.
        I have installed Kodi (XBMC) and that is what has made it worthwhile. Plex is pretty crappy for me at the moment on NP, but Kodi id so superior I don't care. I am even running it via WiFI which I usually hate, but it isn;t missing a beat now (I made a stupid setting change and it had jittery playback).
        For me, when it comes to playing back local content, i would rate it as
        Nexus Player - thanks to Kodi
        WD TV for pure ease (if you know what you're doing with permissions) od playing basically everything.
        Roku 3 for cheaper than NP if you wan't to stream non local content, but too limited for local files.
        Chromecast, can piss off.

        Amazon's Fire TV is another to consider, and probably would have been a far cheaper option for me than NP, but I didn't like their messy Amazon heavy GUI.

        • Where did you order your nexus player from?

        • @AlisonP:

          The US Google store. I used Firefox and Hola Unblocka (wouldn't work with Chrome for some bizarre reason) and a Google account also created with Hola that had all US address details. I then used Comgateway to forward the shipment to me.
          Total Cost:
          Nexus Player: Au $135.04 (USD $108.99)
          Comgateway Shipping: Au $38.13 (USD $30.51)
          USB to Micro USB adapter: $2.55
          USB Infra-Red receiver and remote: $7.20 (this allows me to use it with my Harmony 650 Universal)
          US to Aus power Plug adapter: $ Already had one.
          So a total of Au $182.92

          I have also purchased an Apple USB to Ethernet adapter so I don't have to use WiFi, it cost $35, but I don't actually need it.

    • Permission issues on your PC have nothing to do with the quality of the WDTV. For the price and, for the most part, ease of setup, this unit can't be beat. The connectivity issues could be to do with the wifi, a firewall, windows passwords, permissions, etc. What windows version are you running?

    • We just got rid of ours, it was fine for media streaming and Netflix, but then just suddenly stopped working. Every other streaming device in the house worked as usual, but the WDTV crapped out after about 1.5 - 2 years. My brother's one did the same thing, but sooner. Wasn't worth the headache of trying to troubleshoot it every time it randomly developed a new issue.

      Just got a Roku and it's absolutely fantastic. So much faster than the WDTV, wish we'd bought one sooner. Slightly painful setup but took about an hour overall, and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

  • Moving house in the next fortnight, anyone any clue on their delivery times to Melbourne?

    • +5

      This product is ready to ship from our North Melbourne warehouse. Expect Dispatch in 7 - 9 days.

      But that's bs, I'd be sending it to your new address! On top of their already incredibly slow turnaround times, there will be no freight movements today or tomorrow, Wed or Thurs!

      Edit: Or go down to OW, JB or TGG and see if they'll price match today… No waiting!

    • Do you have the Australia Post parcel lockers near you? Could be handy in a situation like this where you're not sure which address you'll be at.

      • I do actually, but just ordered it there now and sent it to my brothers house, much easier.
        Thanks lads.

  • Thanks Snoop, you're probably dead right, it says they have it in stock in their north Melbourne store but its a bad time of year to be relying on their word. Will go for a wander and see how charitable OW Altona are feeling.

  • I am trying to get $10 off. Getting an error "Coupon conditions have not been met". I just registered now so it is a new account.

  • Those Blades will come in handy Thanks' op,
    WDTV needs to have (v2.01.86), installed to work
    half decent, info on whirlpool, I prefer Raspberry P.I.

    • What's wrong with the latest firmware? I'm using it with no noticeable issues.

      • No Issues?, Have a read on the wdtv forum or whirlpool.

        • I'm in the same boat, no actual issues despite comments on OzB alluding to WP reports that I haven't been able to find.

          Not calling you a liar or nuffin', but how's about a link? ;)

        • @StewBalls:

          There is an entire thread devoted to the latest firmware for the Live version and the troubles with it - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2303211

          I had same issues with the one I got from Officeworks. It played fine, I updated firmware and it had lots of issues. Rolled back and it was fine again. Returned it as it was not a huge improvement (faster) over my WD Hub.

        • @snuke: Hmmm, the lion's share of that thread seems to pertain to an update released in November…the one I just applied was only released mid-late December.

          FWIW, I'm still not seeing any actual issues my end based on the update applied; but it's nice to know I can roll back fairly easily if I have any hassles! ;)

        • @StewBalls:

          If you have no issues, then you have no issues and need not be concerned.

        • @snuke: So it's a total non-issue then…

        • @StewBalls:

          For you, yes. For many others, no.

        • @snuke:

          Do you guys realize that you're replying on a comment that never actually stated that they'd had problems with 2.02.32, nor may not even own a WDTV? When asked what issues, Polak never answered the question stating a single personal issue with it, but merely citing that we should go read others opinions!
          Personally I can't say that I've had any more issues with 2.02.32 than I have with any other version. It can still be temperamental at times, but usually I find there's an outlying reason for it; hasn't been reset/switched off properly for a while; other heavy network/nas activity; and for years it was simply because it doesn't like to be fed content from a piece of crap router. 90% of my issues went away after upgrading to a DSL2890!

        • @Snoop: Simple answer, yes.

          Polak never answered the question stating a single personal issue with it, but merely citing that we should go read others opinions!

          That's entirely the point, in typical OzB fashion, Polak & Snuke are carrying on over issues that either don't exist or have been blown completely out of proportion; and as you rightly point out, neither has cited any actual experience…as usual, the only evidence is a half-arsed link that could possibly be relevant if the FW patches were being applied to a DeLorean & not a WDTV. I certainly haven't seen the wealth of supposed forum posts the naysayers are bleating on about.

          Talk about perpetuating bloody old wives tales…

        • @StewBalls:

          Snuke are carrying on over issues that either don't exist or have been blown completely out of proportion;

          Doesn't exist, yet there were/are several with the problem as I linked to in this thread - http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2303211


          neither has cited any actual experience…

          Excuse me? You seem to be forgetting the part where I gave you my actual experience

          I had same issues with the one I got from Officeworks. It played fine, I updated firmware and it had lots of issues. Rolled back and it was fine again.


          Talk about perpetuating bloody old wives tales…

          You asked for a link, understandable as you do not have the problem. But to say another is a liar simple because you, a sample size of One, doesn't experience an issue is potentially a liar, is a bit bitchy. You now continue with the bitchy attitude, and calling me a "naysayer" for providing you with information that you requested. I am far from a naysayer in regards to WD TV, I always say that I have a great experience with mine, except that it is very slow compared to other modern media players.
          I am not sure why you have taken the position that my simple comments are in any way an attack on you and your ownership of WD TV.

          You also seem to have completely missed the point that this was all in regards to the WD TV "LIVE" Media Player, as per the title of this deal, as I mentioned in a reply. You said you updated to a December release, the "Lives' last version is 2.02.32 from August 2014, so I can only conclude that you have a WD TV non live version, the latest release. You never did bother to say what your actual firmware version was.

        • @Snoop:

          Do you guys realize that you're replying on a comment that never actually …..

          I was simply replying to Stewballs request for a link to the issue people can have.

  • +1

    Mach 3 blades are $11.95 delivered after coupon. - same price as local supermarket when on sale

    • Got them for $9.50 as stated above.

      • How did you get them to go to 9.50?

        • Simply ordered then logged in.

        • @Polak:
          I'm getting

          Sub total $12.00
          Shipping* $9.95
          Discount (thankyou) -$10.00
          Total $11.95

        • 1 x Gillette Mach 3 Razor Cartridges 8pk $12.00

          Postage $7.48
          Discount $10.00


          Looks like location has an effect

        • @Micoa:
          Me too.

        • @mokibria:

          Ok found that you have to log in and THEN add to cart. If you add it before logging in they will charge you $10 postage. So just re add after you log in

        • @Micoa: Thanks,I as having the same problem as above. If only COTD would stack coupon codes, I still have my $8 BDAY code to use…

    • I bought from Woolworths last night for $24 :( overpriced haha

  • +1

    (WDTV) Might be cheap but these things are freaking temperamental and highly frustrating to use.

  • Regarding abc iView - I've got one of these, maybe an older one… it WILL NOT play abc iview - it's on the latest version (says the box when I go to update firmware) v 2.02.32.

    As others have said these things are pretty rubbish in my opinion, and the fact mine won't play abc iview now, it's barely used, we only use it in the bedroom where we want to watch a FHD movie (chromecast wont do FHD), with stereo mode, we've not had any files this thing won't play, so if your after something to turn say a kids tv into something that will play downlaoded content then it's a good choice… anyway my 2c :)

    • abc iview should be in your smart menu if you have smart TV, Anyone seen a Ten app for their shows?

      • Yeah your right, got a panny smart tv we use iview on theat though have a cheapie dicksmith one for bedroom, was fine till abc changed up their stuff and WD haven't fixed :(

    • I'm running 2.02.32 and can play iView content fine. I just checked it then, and the latest shows are there. Have you checked that it has a valid internet connection by running "check connection"?

      • Do you have the "Live" streaming, or the latest WD TV (NO Live) came in blue box?
        The Live version has the issue with latest firmware, the newer non Live version doesn't.

        • I have Live Streaming with 2.02.32 and played a couple of things from ABC iView the other night to test after reading this… No problems! (tested on 2 of my 3 machines!)

        • @snuke The live streaming. The new one is so new the firmware is still at 1.xx.xx.

        • @Snoop:

          Does yours really play iView shows when running 2.02.32? I hadn't actually played any files with my wdtv running that particular firmware, and have found it won't play iView. I didn't think they'd fixed the SSL/TLS problem yet.

          I wonder if the router is blocking TLS?

        • @AlisonP:
          Nope! Just double checked then. Turns out I was playing some other kids cartoon channel on the WD… and playing iView through my tv!
          Too many gadgets, too many channels, too many shows!

  • Are the razors legit? Ive bought mach 3 razors on sale from the shaver shop and they were not the same as woolworths ones. I dont who to trust anymore

    • Well I got some for xmas from COTD And they seem the same as the ones I got from coles months ago :)

  • Good deal on the WD TV Live media player. Would get one at this price if I didn't already own one.

  • -3

    What does WDTV even do? Is it like a PVR?

    • +4

      Its a degreaser for your tv, like wd40 but designed for your tv

  • -1

    The only purpose I have is attach a USB drive to it, have it on custom WDLXTV firmware, share via LAN.

    Other than that it doesn't beat any android set top boxes

    • Sigh, that's the WDTV Live (not Live streaming). It has hardly any services and is well and truly end of life. This is advertising the WDTV Live Streaming, a different beast.

  • No price match from OW Altona, the guy says COtD stocks grey imports and the warranty is different on such items…blah blah blah. No interest in price match, not really surprised. Got this one and sent it to the brothers house, problem solved.
    Thanks Op!

    • Yep… blah blah blah… bs bs bs… fOW then!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I had used code THANKYOU on Eneloops (like I need any more!) when the code first came to light on here. Just saw code SAVE10 as part of another bargain which appears to have worked when grabbing a WD TV Live.

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