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$0 iOS: Video Downloader Pro


A Happy New Year to all. Here's my first deal for 2015.

I paid full price for this around 6 months ago, and I can honestly say it's one of the best apps I own. It's so easy to download and save ANY videos you want by just holding the play button for 2 seconds and then clicking 'download'. You then have the videos to watch any time you want, without incurring data charges. Perfect for YouTube! And it's built in player is a dream to use, with features not found in the native iOS app.

Available FREE for a short time at iTunes US & AU. Pricetracker here.

I hope you all enjoy this deal :)

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  • Thanks TA for all your amazing contributions in 2014 and starting off the new year with a bang.

  • Thank you (not only for being up early and functioning so well New Years Day) for posting this and other deals throughout the past year. Always interesting to read even if I don't purchase all. Happy New Year TA!

  • Thanks TA, you are the bomb. Have been looking for a good video downloading app since tube downloader has been taken off the App Store. Thanks for all your incredible posts.

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    For other users.. Here's a great trick. Works on all platforms
    To download youtube vedios add the word "magic" between youtube url and voila…Download in most formats and quality.

    eg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mShD17FxadM
    now add magic

    Happy New year,


    Happy New year TA!

  • Happy new year TA, great way to kick off the year :)

  • Wow great app thanks, was able to download some protected flash vídeos I wasnt before, now I can watch them offline
    Would happily pay for it

  • Doughy question. When they say that you can't download Youtube clips, is that an actual incapability or a T&C can't?

  • TA paying full price for an app! I'm aghast!


    Happy New year TA!

  • Cheers for posting

  • Did it work for youtube downloading for anyone ?

  • Excellent deal/app thanks TA.

    Once downloaded, any 'easy' way to move videos to a network storage device from the app?

  • I would like to find a way to make the downloaded videos available in the photo gallery on iPhone ……
    Anyone done that?

    • Once you download the video, go to the file and click on the options button. There should be an option there to save to camera roll

  • Press "i" on the video after u download it, then add to gallery. Then delete from app

  • Cheers OP. I have been using itube for downloading YT videos. Hope this is better

  • Nice app. Good thing about it is that it works and very quick to save to camera roll.
    Use iMediaShare app to DLNA cast to samsung 4k TV with the videos downloaded with the above app.

  • Does it work for redtube?

  • Had an app like this a while ago. YouTube forced them to remove the ability to save videos. Never ipdated the app till I had to get a new phone.

    So when there is an update for this app. Read what is contained in the update. Coz if it has the same ability removed. Don't update it.

  • Thanks Tight A

  • Does anyone know how to download a higher resolution?
    The YouTube videos I want to download have text, and the default resolution makes all the writing in the video really grainy.

  • is there an android equivalent? paid or free would like to know…

    • I am using Youtube Downloader app from XDA, works well most of the times, has lots of options and maintained regularly.

      You use the normal youtube official app, then "share" the video you want to Youtube Downloader, and it does the rest. Once you download all the videos use MX Player to play them off in a playlist continuously !

      This is pretty good actually, I wish there would be a straightforward way from the youtube app though.

    • Theres an app I just recently started using called TubeMate. It can be found here: http://tubemate.net/

      It works pretty well, however to get 1080p and above it needs you to get another app (free) to convert the files.

      My only gripe with this setup would be the spam of notifications when downloading, there is a notification for the download process which changes to a download complete notification and when converting to 1080p the other app will automatically become "full screen" which is annoying if you are in the middle of something else. When the conversion is complete, there is yet another notification. So if left to download a bunch of videos, you will end up with 2 notifications for each.

      • I have it on Note 3 and I dont experience all these issues you mentioned. What device are you using; may be it tries to encode the high res video for your device?

  • Nice deal but unfortunately the app relies on built in Sbfari, which can not play or download 1080p videos.

    This monumental f-up is thanks to the evil bastards at Google of course, who dropped support for 1080p streams in html5. W$&@ers.

  • Say $4.99 in the app store

  • Looks like expired as showing $4.99.

  • Expired.

  • Expired :(

  • Still says "Free" when I click through to iTunes?

  • Expired

  • Still free via US account (showing $4.99 via AU account)

  • How do I download it on my Mac?
    I click on the link, and then click view in itunes, but it doesnt work? Nothing happens :(

  • Marked expired as link was to US store which was still free but ultimately it will switch to AU in iTunes for us AU users which will then show as $4.99.