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OPTUS Bonus 1GB on all BYO SIM ONLY Plans


We're kicking off 2015 with a bonus 1GB data on all of our My Plan Plus SIM Only plans!

The bonus data offer will be eligible to all customers who sign onto these plans during the promotional period during 5 January and 6 April 2015. After the promotion ends, the bonus data will be valid for as long as the same plan is maintained.

If you have an Optus internet service, you may be eligible for the $10 mobile discount offer off these plans if you haven't got the discount on another service, which takes the price down to an amazing $20,$35 or $50!

Best of all, these are all month to month options with no lock in contracts! Feel free to switch plans,move up & down or terminate the service if your not satisfied at any time.

300 Minutes
Unlimitted National SMS & MMS
500MB -> 1.5GB

Unlimited National Minutes
Unlimitted National SMS & MMS
2GB -> 3GB

Unlimited National Minutes
Unlimitted National SMS & MMS
5GB-> 6GB

Why Optus ?

  • Great value: Great network and prices make us more competitive with other recent offerings
  • Data Sharing: Request a data sharing Sim to share mobile data with upto 5 devices or/and share the combined data with other services on your account with My Plan Plus plans at no extra monthly cost! Handy in an individual,family or business context.
  • Reducing Bill shock: Only be automatically charged $10 p/GB if you exceeded your data or upto $20 for unlimited minutes on the $30 Sim plan.
  • Bundle & Save: With our competitive internet packages currently available, you can conveniently bundle & save even further!

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    Hey Jnl, are you guys able to do a better price on the unlimited calls/txt BYO sim only deal for business owners if I sign/commit to a 24 month contract? Thanks!


      Actually after a gold apple iPhone 6 plus 16GB on a unlimited calls/txt plan as well…any deals at the moment on this?


      We do have an offer for slightly extra data at the moment for the plans above if your willing to commit to a 12 month BYO contract. You can get an extra 100MB on the $30, 250MB on the $45 and 500MB on the $60 plans.

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    Come off the grass optus.

    Carousel cannington [6107] 3g is stuffed completely.

    4k download maximum speed is the old dialup modem speed yes 4k

    If i drive to vic park 6101 i get 600k 3g download.

    Fix cannington 6107 carousel.

    It is pathetic.


    is this 3G or 4G ?


    Great price for people who have an existing broadband service as the $10 discount makes this highly competitive with cheaper MVNOs like Spintel.


    What happen to existing customers?

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      Rot, optus not owned by Australia


      Just talked with one rep through Web Chat.

      This offer applies to both new and existing customers.

      For existing customer, you have to ask customer service to change your OLD plan to the NEW Sim Only plan to qualify the extra 1GB.

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    Will the bonus data only last until the promotional period or will I be able to retain this bonus forever ?

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      My question to Optus rep:
      "Will extra 1GB last for the life of the service or just last to the end of the promotion?"

      The reply from Optus rep is:
      "Yes, until you make further changes. If you keep using the same plan, it will be 1.5GB data per month."
      PS. I'm on $30 plan.

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    Still hard to beat the woolworth(optus) mobile legacy plan with 5 Gigs of data $500 voice and 45 days expiry all for $26


    Critical info summary is incorrect for both $45 and $60
    They both say up to 300 min when it should be unlimited for both.

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    The usual advertising… On Three UK similar gets 300mins ∞/ 25 gbytes networks.
    On Voda AU legacydata 18gb (cap40 bought .85*.80 w/groceries =$27) $1.50gb.
    Nothing to compel me to this either .. as above w. a skype sub=$30/50d.


      Negged for observation or making a comparison ?
      Please point to any factual inaccuracy. Thanks.


    Just got my existing account swapped over via chat. Very painless.


    No international calling included?


      Not included. But there are add on options for international calling on our postpaid plans. Alternatively, we have similar prepaids with excellent international calling rates.


    For the $10 discount where you bundle with an optus internet service - can I get two $10 discounts if i get two mobile services?


    Don't think the 60 plan is very good value.

    Better off on the 4G $2 per day and get closer to 15GB data

    (as long as you set your mobile to not exceed 500MB a day)


    The only good things about these is if you have optus broadband already, but without having that Vodafone are much better value.
    I can get the month to month sim only plans with unlimited calls for $45 normally $50, but they running promo for $5 discount. Includes same 3gb of data on 4g. But added bonus of Vodafone is I get 300 mins of international calls N $5 roaming., N I find Vodafone 4g and reception much better in my area


    The signup process is messy. No proper confirm, clunky activation process, After I went through the activation process I then waited 24 hours to be told (after ELEVEN menu choices and 20 minutes on the help line) that my port hadn't worked (and that was from their associated MVNO). At that point, 7 days after I'd signed up, I decided to back out. Ported from the Optus MVNO to Lebara today and it went through in less than 30 minutes. Phew. Lebara's network on Vodafone works extremely well around my area too.

    The Optus process seems to be an uneasy mix of automated and manual systems and nothing (n my experience) works quite right. I was about to move multiple accounts to Optus but based upon my experience I decided not to bother.

    (As an aside, I also had to waste an hour and wander up to my post office to collect up my Optus SIM. It's much easier to grab a Lebara SIM from my local milk bar who also happily sells credit card size Lebara vouchers too.)

    Merged from Bonus 1GB OPTUS BYO SIM + $10 off with Home Broadband Plan ($20 on 1.5GB Plan)

    This only really benefits those who took up the Optus Extends $90 Unlimited Broadband Offering to All Fixed Line Customers. Since it was pretty popular, I thought it was worth mentioning that a $20/month BYO SIM could be had if you bundle with home broadband plan for $10 off which includes:

    • UP TO 300 MINUTES
      Use more and get up to 200mins for $10 or UNLIMITED mins for $20
    • Unlimited SMS
    • 500MB + BONUS 1GB = 1.5GB

    I just upgraded to the Big Home Bundle with Samsung Galaxy Tab S for $90/month and I've switched from Vaya's $18/month plan, since Optus bills data per KB, can share data with your other devices for extra $5 per device.

    Or you could pay $55/month for a phone bill. :P

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