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Optus Extends $90 Unlimited Broadband Offering to All Fixed Line Customers


Last year, Optus offered HFC customers unlimited cable broadband for $90 a month. Now, the same deal has been extended to ADSL2+ and NBN Fibre network users. (That’s a monthly price reduction of $25 compared to Optus’ previous pricing.)

If you have excessive data needs, Optus’ revised unlimited broadband plans might be worth a look. From today, customers who sign up to a Broadband + Home Phone Bundle, Entertainment Bundle or Big Home Bundle plan on a 24-month contract will pay $90 a month instead of the previous $115. All three plans work out to a minimum total cost of $2160 over 24 months.

The deal includes unlimited data (downloads and uploads), unlimited calls to Australian mobile and landline numbers and free calls to a number of overseas destinations. You’ll also get the basic Fetch TV bundle which recently launched seven new channels, including BBC First, UKTV, The Food Network, Universal Channel and Nat Geo Wild.

The plans are available over Optus’ HFC, ADSL2+ and NBN Fibre networks. The offer ends on 6 April 2015. Offer ends 31 May 2015.

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  • -2

    Too Bad No Cable in my area.

    • +8

      This announcement is for ADSL & NBN…cable was Dec

      • +1

        How'd I miss that? S:

        • +1

          The advert says ADSL, Cable, and NBN

      • +2

        he means he cant get cable in his area. duh

        • You are correct I am too far from phone exchange I need cable.

        • @superforever: 2 different problems.

  • It is much better value than Telstra Cable. Available to new or existing or both customers? What about existing customers who are still on Optus contract?

    • +2

      plenty of people on cable were able to re-contract to the plan, so Ic an't see why not. It'll depend on how long you're into your contract, the price you're currently paying & what's your current inclusions are.

    • +5

      I just re-contracted to this $90 deal no problems :)
      Also was given the "speedpack of 100 mbps" for free as a gift which was a nice surprise.

      • How did you get the speedpack?

        • +1

          have a look at the old thread, some people got it without even asking and others were told it's not included and they can't provide it without paying extra.
          it seems it's up to the person at Optus whether you get it or anything else for free, and it isn't hard to convince them to offer it.

        • +1

          It was just given to me by the sales rep as a "free gift" while I was re-contracting to this offer. I didn't ask about it or anything.

        • Thanks mate.

        • @1271190: Haha, normally a 'free gift' means a promotional pen.

        • +3


          Says on the website:

          Live life in the fast lane on Optus NBN with the Fast Speed Pack included in any of our $90 Unlimited NBN Bundles! Want to know more about the NBN?

        • @bk07:
          Hmm, it is a bit badly worded (is that only for NBN packages?), and a bit contradictory some of the other information given. Eg on the "superfast" cable bundle page "The Optus cable service delivers download line speeds of up to 30Mbps with uplink of up to 2Mbps. As a comparison, NBN on their base speed pack delivers download speeds of up to 12Mbps with upload speeds up to 1Mbps."

          And according to the NBN speed tiers, the Fast Speed Pack is "25 Mbps Download, 5 Mbps Upload" (

          So badly worded…

        • @bk07: yeah the "Fast" Speed Pack is the standard 25Mbps from the old $115 plan. The "Supersonic" one is the one you want. (info)
          So make sure you're getting the 100 megabit Speed Pack.

          edit: I see Mobe1969 bet me to it.
          I agree it's badly worded.

      • Is speed pack only dependant on the modem? I already have a DOCSIS 3.0 Optus cable modem.

        • +2

          It is not ONLY dependent on the modem. If you have a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem you can get the premium speed pack but it still needs to be applied to your service.

    • Better value probably, better service is debatable depending on where you live.

      My in laws were on Telstra cable and had generally reliable service and switched to Optus cable in late 2013. Not only is their line speed noticable slower, sometimes around 5:30PM the internet grinds to a complete halt. I'm a current Telstra cable subscriber and won't be moving anytime soon (Until a suitable replacement like Labor's NBN comes in, never!)

      • +1

        Sounds like Optus is over subscribing in your area and when everyone else on cable gets home the system is congested.

        You can call and ask for compensation for this. I have had $20/mo refund for the past 3 months for the same reason.

        • That sounds like a good idea, didn't know they scooped so low to offer compensation!

    • Yes, This is an Excellent plan, if you are an existing customer / Out of Contract, ask them for loyalty credit. I know friends have received $ 10 ~ 20 $ for 12 months.

      We just signed up on this plan. If you have a few months left they even let you off the contract,

      Just call them up and speak for cancellation.

      • Is that $10/month loyalty credit?

        • +3

          Yes, speak to retentions

        • @dealman:

          Hmmm I wonder if I can get more for less money. That'd be great!

  • +1

    Does anyone know what tier the speed of the NBN on this is?

  • +2

    Bear in mind that this is not the premium speed pack, this is the 30Mbps plan.
    For the premium speed pack (up to 100Mbps) you need to pay an extra $20/month.

    • +2

      I'm getting 350kbps with Optus at the moment, so yeah 30Mbps would be nice enough for me.

      • I am getting 400kbps TPG I want faster ….. but no cable here.

      • -5

        123mb here at night (on downthemall)
        96mb during day

    • +3

      I was just given the premium speed pack for free when I recontracted to this $90 plan so might be good to bring that up might get lucky.

      • Same here. Free 100Mbps.

      • -1

        For 24 months? or one month?

        Speed pack is an additional product and isn't a part of your contract.

        • 24 months :)

      • Which bundle did you go for?
        I just called and asked about the Big Home Bundle (as I want the Galaxy Tab S) but they said they can't throw in the speed pack in that bundle, only the Home Phone Bundle and the Entertainment Bundle could get the speed pack free.

        • I got Home Phone & Internet Bundle.

        • @1271190:
          I've called back again to attempt some ball-busting…
          They've actually offered me a plan which isn't on the website which seems to be a combination of the Home Phone bundle + the Entertainment bundle + speed pack and all for $90.

          After speaking to three different people I'm now being told by the sales team that the Big Home Bundle does come with the speed pack.
          Sold :D

    • +1

      Just ask for the speed pack for free, most people got it last time.

    • (sometimes) incorrect.

      For the Cable offering, all NEW customers get the 100Mbps upgrade free of charge. You may need to call them once connection is done to get it changed, but it is part of the deal. EXISTING cable customers appear to be about 75% have got the upgrade free of charge after asking. Others who were already paying for it under their old plans are getting it for free now too.

      Actual speed will be determined by the amount of HFC subscribers in your area.

  • Does Cable have issues with congestion?

    • +3

      I've got Optus cable with the Premium speed pack. Yes there are issues with congestion. Speeds in peak evening periods for me will be around 30Mbps but at other times of the day has been 90Mbps or more.

      • +2

        I'm on ADSL2 so just getting 30Mbps would be good enough by itself.

        • I am not sure if speed pack is a thing for ADSL

        • @Scyl:

          Nah, I'm thinking of getting Cable but I'm currently on ADSL2.

        • +1

          @lolcoaster: Right, yea, cable will be better than ADSL unless you live next to the exchange

        • +1

          @lolcoaster: I weighed it all up when switching in December. Even on a congested HFC network, the speeds were faster than I was getting standard on ADSL2+, so it was worth the change. Since getting it, turns out my area isn't heavily subscribed so have rarely seen speed tests drop under 70Mbps (compared to my 1Mbps on ADSL2+)

    • +2

      Yes there is. And probably even more so when people flock towards this plan.

    • Depends how many in your area are on cable. I get 80Mbps in day time and 5Mbps (if lucky) at night time.

  • +1

    Fair Go policy applies

    When will the ACCC come down on companies like this who are telling blatant lies? Unlimited means not subject to limitations of any kind yet they impose a raft of conditions that customers must adhere to.

      • +4

        That's old and outdated, it refers to the plans that they were allowed to call 'unlimited' at the time on the basis that they let you keep downloading stuff at a reduced speed instead of charging you more.

        The current plan is literally unlimited, until you start torrenting all day.

        • -2

          You kinda contradicted yourself there. So it is 'unlimited' subject to their own policy. Instead of having a defined amount where it would be throttled down they can do so at any time subject to their policy. Seems like they like redefining the word unlimited to suit them.

          I do understand that many companies do this as more of a marketing gimmick, but it is still nonetheless equally annoying.

        • +1


          "unlimited *"

          • please read all these limits

          unlimited means there is no limits. I dont see how companies can still use this bullshit

        • @ShinjukuJR:

          Would you want somebody to be downloading material on your exchange 24/7 slowing down your overall quality of service?

          Fair go is defined as using the service for commercial services so I can't imagine we'd have to worry

        • -1


          the fact they can get away with calling it UNLIMITED while imposing limits is not right. why can't you understand that?

          if someone on my exchange is downloading 24/7, good they can do that. optus call it UNLIMITED. NO LIMITS ON WHAT YOU DO.

        • ACCC does regulate telcos quite stringently. The current position is taken within large telcos that the Fair Go Policy (and similar policies of other telcos) do not make the advertising of the term 'unlimited' misleading or deceptive.

          The 2011 ACCC release is relevant as it says Optus cannot advertise that a service is unlimited if there are limitations on the type, amount or duration of calls (in relation to a mobile service) but:

          Exception is made in the injunctions for the Optus Fair Go Policy, so as to exclude their application to activities such as running a telemarketing business or call centre, re-supplying or re-selling of Optus' services and other activities which would not be reasonably regarded as ordinary personal use.

          This means a restriction on the type of use (which is what the Fair Go Policy is for - to restrict commercial use) does not render the use of 'unlimited' misleading where the product is marketed towards ordinary consumers.

          Another example (in the fixed broadband sphere) is tpg where they simply call out in fine print that the service is not to be used for commercial use.

        • +1


          The ACCC is not the telecommunications regulator. They are simply a competition watchdog. The closest thing you come to a regulator in the telco industry is the TIO (Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman) and as the name suggests they too are another watchdog.

          As noble as the ACCC is, they can't go around investigating every allegation of deceptive conduct and so it might be perhaps a while before this case is taken up again if there are enough complaints by disgruntled members of the public.

  • +1

    Unlimited data is good but if you are switching solely for fetchtv, don't. The offered channels are crap.

    • +1

      I found the new channels added are actually ok. Originals gets my a number of current TV shows the day after airing in the US, BBC channels are the same with UK content. Prime example, the new Top Gear episode aired on FETCH at 7am Monday morning (torrent was available about 3am).

      • Can someone actually with fetch confirm if the fetch TV (not the FTA) is HD, and records HD? Top Gear would be of interest to me, but not in SD. The only people I've heard comments from are like me, just giving third hand information gleamed from vague sources.

        • +1

          I can only vouch for free to air television, but that does definitely record in HD or SD depending on the channel. I have no idea what happens for the entertainment channels, but it most likely depends on your internet connection, as those channels are streamed through that.

        • @GoldPhoenix0:


          Anyone with the entertainment channels have any first hand knowledge? I can't believe a categoric first hand answer this information is so hard to find. And this goes back to the cable offer last year, here and at whirlpool.

        • @Mobe1969:
          Surely HD is available. What's not HD on TV these days?

        • @Utopian:

          Like Prime Channels in Australia Like 7, 9 , 10 …. lol.

        • +1


          Someone at whirlpool posted a link to the iinet Fetch faq

          OMG, 720x480 max! How last century!

        • +1

          I have it and can confirm its SD.

        • +1

          and 60 kbps audio?!
          How/why can they charge for HD content??

        • +1


          It is just prehistoric! I can sort of understand though given our 20th century internet, and a lot of people on ADSL would struggle.

          But FFS… How useless.

        • +1

          @superforever: 1080i since 2nd July 2007.

        • @Utopian:

          From where you got channel 7, 9, 10 at 1080i?

          Only 7 Mate, GEM, One and SBS HD on freeview TV.

          You can get 1080i on fetch TV?

        • @superforever: Check our discussion history. I searched and found that spec & date, in official comments/info.

  • +6

    If you all can, use online chat. The reps there are a bit more generous than their phone support counterparts.

    I was on an existing $115/m plan (30 mbps cable, unlimited data, unlimited calls inc international) and switched over to the $90/m plan with added speedpack (100mbps), and a powerline adapter for the Fetch TV thrown in for free. Contract was still 24mths though. You can try and ask for a further one off discount quoting fees to disconnect from your current provider (even if there aren't any).

    If one of the reps is not cooperating, disconnect and try someone else.

    For me the speed pack provides about 90mbps during off peak about about 30-50 mbps during peak. Torrent activity does not seem to be throttled too much (max speed is about 5-6MB/S on well seeded torrents).

    I have not set up the Fetch TV. It actually a pretty good box and has neat PVR features along with some good channels and a free movie service (5/month I think). I just haven't been bothered to set it up that's all :-)

    If you have a mobile service with Optus already you can get a further $10 off per month.

    Keep in mind that Optus has a HFC deal going on and might come out with NBN plans soon (which may or may not be better than the current plan). It might also force you to be locked inside their current cable infrastructure.

    Hope that helps.

    • +1

      If you're getting sub-90% of the speeds advertised, you should contact the ISP's Support Team, etc.

      Test it's not local issues (i.e. your router or its wifi) by connecting a PC or laptop directly to your NTD and speed-testing.
      If you're experiencing discrepancies in peak hours etc., contact Optus as chances are there's congestion that they'll have to provision for. Unfortunately most ISPs aren't proactive at dealing with this, so they only know when customers tell them.

      With NBN (FttP, not the neutered Lib version), the speeds advertised should be what you get. That's the beauty of fibre connections.

      • +1

        I run my network from the router (N16) to some powerline adapters. I think if I was connected directly via LAN I should get the full speed. I actually called Optus a few weeks ago and they did say they were going to provision it. I might call again today or tomorrow.

        Thanks for the heads up!

      • I'm on the same cable plan, the speeds vary by a huge amount. 10Mb/s is very common, and I do get up to 90 or so sometimes.

        • That's NBN plans we're talking about. Unfortunately cable services aren't run the same.

        • +1

          @Linkwick: Oh gotcha, sorry wan't paying enough attention :)

    • I just checked and compared the current $115 deal I am on with the $90 Entertainment Bundles and at first glance it seemed a good deal - but then I read that calls to mobiles for are charged - $2 cap for calls to mobiles up to an hour (includes 20c per minute + 45c call connection fee, 20c per minute thereafter).

      The current $115 plan includes unlimited calls to mobiles. As most of the calls I make from my home phone are to mobiles I wouldn't be saving anything - apart from having an extra tablet to play with.

      • Optus have different $90 plans. There is one that has unlimited internet, local, national AND mobile calls. Also free unlimited calls to 25 countries and fetch tv with entertainment package. If you're on cable, it also includes speed pack.

        The other $90 bundle comes with the tablet, but no speed pack, mobile calls, international calls, and only the basic fetch tv.

    • The fetch box has great back for diff format movies on external medi drive. Better than my aldi 32" medi on tv , So reasonable playbakablity

    • +1

      I was wondering if you also got a new Modem for switching over because I plan to switch over soon.

      • Yeah, free netgear router/modem included if you get the speed pack.

        • What model is the the netgear modem?

        • @noobkiller69: They provided Netgear CG3000v2 or Cisco DPQ3925.

          If possible ask for a Netgear modem because the wifi signals of Netgear are better than the Cisco modem they currently provide.

        • @jded9423: I was asking because I currently have the Netgear CG3000 but I'm assuming v1 because I received the modem 3 years ago.

        • @noobkiller69: Few existing customers have got new modem if they re-contract. CG3000V2 would support the 100Mbps speed pack. Not sure whether the v1 would. Its good to get a new modem if possible so negotiate with them.

        • +1

          @jded9423: After chatting with 2 representative on live chat and getting transfer to their retention department on phone, I manage to get the Speed Pack and a New Modem.

        • @noobkiller69: Well done! I am sure you will enjoy your new speed pack, make sure you get Netgear CG3000V2 modem. It has better wifi strength and also you can run in bridge mode.

  • +1

    These ADSL2+/NBN deals are better at $90 than the original $115, but still not as good as the $90 Unlimited Cable bundle which is still offered. The new plan equivalent would require the Home Phone Bundle to add the FetchTV and Entertainment pack (probably about $30 although perhaps you can get this discounted if you were to find a good online rep). I recently moved my old $115 plan to the $90 Unlimited Cable bundle and got the Speed pack in for free using the online chat as well (although it took 4 attempts!).

  • +1

    it seems now they include the Samsung GALAXY Tab S 8.4” tablet in the $90 deal?

    • +2

      Note there are a several $90 deals. Some include free calls to mobiles + the Fetch TV + entertainment pack. Others don't have these but include the tablet. Make sure you check which plan exactly you want and are signing up for

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