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Asus Zenbook UX303LA-R5166H Ultrabook Laptop $988 @ Harvey Norman


Windows 8.1 Professional
Intel Core i5-4210U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz)
1 TB
13.3" 16:9 IPS FHD (1600x900) LED Backlight
Intel HD Graphics 4400
Wireless: 802.11ac
Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Base T
Bluetooth 4.0
Built-in Speakers And Array Microphone
Bang & Olufsen ICEpower
3 x USB 3.0 ports
1 x micro HDMI
1 x mini Display Port
1 x Microphone
1 x COMBO audio jack
2-in-1 card reader (SD/SDHC)
Keyboard and Touchpad
HD Web Camera
3 Cell Polymer
1.45 kg (with Polymer Battery)
323 x 223 x 20 mm (w/ 3cell battery)
1 Year Warranty

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    Price in title please OP!

    • Thanks!

  • +1

    13.3" 16:9 IPS FHD (1600x900) LED Backlight

    Not that it really matters as it is close enough… but FHD is 1920x1080 or am I missing something here…

    • Yeah I got stuck on that one too.

      • lol so it wasn't just me… thought i was insane for caring about that

        • this is what asus call it

          13.3" LED HD+ screen

          HN making up shit

        • @tonyjzx:

          Make sense… they are hardly normal… normal conventions don't apply to them >_>

  • +1

    FHD (1600x900)?

  • yes, 1600X900 is 'FHD' as far as Hardly Normal are concerned! Hardly appropriate!
    ps what would HN do without us helpful professionals?!

    • Risky move. Might be considered false advertising and be grounds to return it if you found it wasn't a full 1080?

  • 3 cell battery? I can't imagine that lasts very long

    • 3 cell batteries can last ages.
      reviews say 9 hours with looping video, 40% brightness.

  • +3

    Not understanding why this laptop is 1k australian dollars.

    The processor is the lower speed 'U' variant, does not have a discrete graphics card. Doesn't even have SSD hard drive. No software bundled except windows. 1.45kg for a 13inch is not even exceptional, it's slightly above average. The best it has going for it is that pretty screen and the ultrabook label (meaning it's thinner) + probably an aluminium finish?

    Is this really the best you can buy for 1k?

    • +2

      Surface Pro 3 seems to be a good choice for $1k laptop…

    • the 'Zenbook' alone adds like $300 to price!

    • -2

      Seriously for $200 more you can get a Macbook Air with much better input, battery, lighter..

      That's not saying the Apple is great value, more that this is lame.

      • And macbook air has less resolution than this. Your point makes sense

        • -1

          1440 by 900
          1600 by 900
          is really splitting hairs. I'd call them both pretty mediocre by today's standards.

        • @Merlict:

          What was the point of your comparison then?

          You're advising people to spend $200 more on a Macbook Air that you think has a mediocre screen resolution…

        • @brotherrfranciz:
          Because like it or not it's going to be the benchmark for any ultrabook comparison? It's not great value but this is even worse.

      • -1

        doesn't have much better battery at all.
        and you're splitting hairs with weight.

        this is about the same as the air except a little cheaper.

  • +2

    Be aware that with the Asus Zenbooks the trackpads are absolutely horrendous and very painful to use. I think they disappeared for a while after having such issues and I bought one of the UX32LA-R055H models when they appeared last year. The guy at HN told me that the old model had been rubbish in that respect but I honestly didn't give it enough time to try it out.

    Do yourself a favour before you buy and thoroughly try the trackpad out. The issues I have had are:
    1 - When using a thumb for the mouse button and a finger for the cursor, unless you lift the thumb and reapplying before clicking the mouse, it continues to wobble (as a cursor) often resulting in misclicks.
    2 - When swiping left to right to scroll, you often engage the Windows 8 gestures switching screens or bringing up the charms bar (although this can be disabled).

    Bought mine at JB for under a grand as it was well specced and looked beautiful, but seriously, the trackpad is a nightmare compared with my last 3 Dell notebooks.

    • +2

      I have one, update drivers from manufacturer website and all good with touchpad

    • +1

      Yes the Asus driver leaves a lot to be desired.
      Elantech driver is my favourite on windows 7, can't remember what version I was using on windows 8, perhaps the same.

  • +1

    This really isn't a deal for the price. Very old specs for $1k. Best getting the SP3.

  • This is in the "Sports & Outdoors" section… can I play tennis with it?

  • Am vaguely interested in either this deal, or this one with better specs:

    Any ozBargainer thoughts?

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