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Panasonic FHD LED TV TH-60A430A 60" $769.97 - TH-50A430A 50" $699.99 Costco Membership Required


Saw this deal yesterday at Costco Crossroads NSW. Seemed to have a fair bit in stock.

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    $69.98 for an extra 10 inches. Not bad.

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      That's what she said

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        Whenever measurement is quoted, we'll see this comment. Is it really funny? I don't think so. Maybe try to come out with something new.

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          Yes, yes it will always be funny.

          Lighten up :)

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          That's what he said

        • Juvenile schoolboy humour will always attract a positive audience on OzB.

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        I logged in just to + that.

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        Didn't take that long for someone to say that. Lol

  • Just curious, which is meant to better out of this 50" and the Sony KDL50W700B?

    • The Sony is better!

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      Sony is better. Better blacks better input lag better refresh rate. Mid range Sony vs Entry Pana. Panasonic clearing stock after everyone buying Sony over xmas.

      The only thing this tv is better is sheer size.

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    Damn! That's cheap!

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      You sound like the Woolies ad.

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    I guess Costco don't deliver?
    How would you take this big boy home?

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      if its too big for car, hire a trailer. or just buy something big at bunnings and get the trailer for free.

    • If you have a mid-sized SUV (or can borrow one from a friend / family member) and don't mind taking the TV out of the box for transportation…

      • i bought a 60" last year (sony) and it fit flat in the back of my 4WD with no probs. i could have gone 65" or so…. and yes, in the box was fine. my 4WD is not the biggest… get box dimensions, ull be surprised.

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      Third parties deliver from Costco

    • The most important thing with big screens like this is that you should never ever transport them flat. They must always be standing upright with the same orientation they will have when installed. They are designed to take stress in certain directions and not others.

      With the box they will not fit across the back seat in most cars. The box height will also rule out most cars, including station wagons. Some SUVs will have the height. A van with fold down seats may work.

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        That's only relevant for plasmas…. Or so I heard

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        Not a single delivery person follows that these days. Main reason for it was mostly due to TVs being plasma but witg led/lcd no effect… Now the reason they say upright is to stop the TVs from being stacked on the screen side

      • Look at the picture how costco stack them flat on some of the box, i guess its only for old plasma model

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    Looks like this one is series 4 model from Panasonic. Isn't this pretty old? Latest models are series 8 (FHD) or 9 (UHD).
    This one is cheap, but I would buy atleast series 7 if not 8 or 9, be it any brand.

    • Fair enough, but at this price this is better than getting a Soniq or Dick Smith TVs. I am sure the quality is better than those.

      • Agree! By any brand I meant big famous brands like Samsung/Sony/LG/Panasonic/Hisense/Sharp/Philips, excluding the soniqs, dicks,changhongs, TCL, Bauhn etc.
        How are Kogan TVs?

        • Kogan TVs apparently use branded panels such as LG etc. but they are lower grade. So those which passed a lower level of quality controls.

        • @rapoot6:

          All the panel manufacturers that has a brand reserves the best grade panels for themselves. Leftovers are then sold to smaller brands to make noname teevee, which TCL, Hisense, Sonique and Kogan are. Some manufacturers as they only do oem they make panels too like pegatron, chi mei so u may find those panels in smqller brands too.

          Quality wise its a no brainer.

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          i have two changhongs and they are great and you get 3 year warranty

        • @mark67:

          Yep, nothing wrong with Changhong branded teevee, they manufacture panels as well (they even supply to Samsung for some models) so you can expect Changhong branded teevee to also reserve their best quality panels for themselves. TCL, Hisense, Soniq don't make panels so they have to use other brands' older / not as good panels. Kogan IMO is worse as it's a rebadged no-name brand that's using god knows what other manufacturer's panels in different models. You take your chances I guess.

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          link please? I can't find this one on their site?

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          For 229? I Doubt. Prove it.

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          @Lukian: not current.. and my delorean isn't working right now

      • A lot of the quality in more expensive TV's is also in the tuner and image processing chips.

        A lot of the cheapie TV's have terrible blacks that look really gray and terrible colours that are way over or way under saturated, even with careful tweaking.

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    For those investigating, here is a Whirlpool thread starting June of last year when the TV was 1200 bucks.

    For specs on the TV here's the official Pana site.

    It is indeed a series 4 and the latest non 4k versions are AS800 and AS740 respectively.

    Might be a good, big 'spare TV' investment for that need one.

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      It is very easy to identify the series from the model no. of any brand.
      Typically the model number format is:


      Where 55 is the size in inches and 750 is the series with revision.
      e.g. Samsung UA55H8000AW

      This format is somewhat similar for all big brands of TVs.

  • Does anyone know if this is also at Costco North Lakes?

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      Call, find out, update us all!

      • The other half called: Whoever she spoke to wasn't very helpful, didn't seem to have this model - just a 58” Panasonic for $2500 or something.

        Is too far for me to drive to check.

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    I wonder what the king of TV's (TRENT86) thinks of this deal?

    • I wouldn't spend a cent unless Trent the TV man approves

      • Trent the Trees man

  • Good price on the 60". The 50" was available at DJ for $649 (or $619 for Amex card holders) delivered during the Boxing Day sales.

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    can anyone verify if same price at costco north lakes

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      You can call Costco up and confirm (I have for other items). They're quite happy to help.

  • At this price the only one to buy is the 60", 50" is not really a deal imo considering the sony's were on sale for cheaper with better quality. 60" for brand name and sheer size though.

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    I don't know much about Panasonic LEDs, but nothing could touch Panasonic plasmas for the price.

    Having said that, the runout prices for the ST60 of the same size were more than double of these.

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      my old Panasonic plasma even today looks amazing, even better than my recent Sony purchase!

      • Be careful with burn in on plasma though. I bought an ex demo from jb and returned it because you could see the demo DVD title in the top left corner.

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      yeh the Pana plasmas are different to the LEDs

      The picture on an ST kills their entire lcd range this year

      The ST clearance was a sad day for all tv enthusiasts working on a budget.

  • Will jbhi fi price match this?

    • In the past, TGG would take into consideration the membership fees for the price match for me…

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    I just called up the Melbourne Costco's and apparently it's discontinued and no more stock

  • canberra no stock

  • Just got mine today really good tv highly recommend, although the lack of HDMI ports may put some off

    • Did you get one from North Lakes?

    • Yeah, thats the only thing holding me back.
      Three would be ideal, but could get by with two 90% of the time.

      • And if you do need extra ports, most of the time can get away with a cheap switch anyway.

    • Nah I got mine from dicksmith last week was $650

  • sold out at Crossroads now.

    • From the photo, it looked like the 60" only had two in stock.

      • I went to Costco last night, the 2 in the boxes are actually LG tv's sitting below the Panasonic.

        • Yes, they say 151cm on the box. So there was no stock of the 60" when the OP posted the deal?

        • correct, going off the photo they are the same 2 LG tv's I saw last night.
          I ended up buying the one on display.

        • @noddypiper:

          The red print on box indicates it's a LG. Panasonics I think are black and blue on cardboard.

  • The Panasonic 50" has been $689 at Costco for a while and even $650 at GG & Dickies. Will be on sale again elsewhere I think if you don't get it this time.

  • Not sure why people pay more than $400 for TVs :)

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/153970 pretty sure this 47.5" was <$228 in Xmas sales too.

    • +2

      same could be said about most products …. why pay more?

      horses for courses i guess

      its just lucky for the people that enjoy the cheap tvs that there are people who pay more. otherwise no one would invest in [email protected] in the first place..

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    FYI I have some friends that claim the 50" will be on sale this Thusday @ JB for $50 less.

    Let's see….

  • Any of these available in Adelaide?

  • Pity the 60" isn't on sale at JB.