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Vaya Mobile - FREE Sim Delivery + FREE Month's Access Offer Extended to Include January


Good times are here again!
In case you missed it in December (we don't blame you, it was super busy!) our FREE SIM Delivery + FREE Month's Access offer has been extended to include January! Yep. Order online through My Account and activate your new Vaya SIM in January 2015 your SIM Delivery will be FREE (normally $20) and you'll get a credit on your account equal to one month's plan fee (eg. Power Plan $18 = $18 credit!).
Combine this with our everyday super low prices and this is a SUPER SUMMER DEAL!

Offer is open to existing AND new customers, tell your mates!

Not available for SIM replacements, must be a new order for a new service only.

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  • +3 votes

    They charge per MB per session so if data is your concern then go join Spintel.


      Not always true. My data usage measured by phone is almost identical to Vaya's. I think it depends if your phone turns off the session. Which would only happen if switching between 4G/3G/2G, data turned off, or reception lostl. My Moto G (and I suspect most newer phones) don't switch it off otherwise.

      • +2 votes

        Yeah, there's a lot of hoopla around per MB billing but it hasn't been much of an issue for me either.

        What is an issue is their terrible customer service, a prime example being how they handled their defective data usage meter update in September/October.

        • +3 votes

          Agreed on per MB billing … but honestly never trust a telco, they're collectively ****bags in my opinion.

          Hey if you're going to accept some of the legal rights of individuals when you act as a business entity then you can also accept some of the abuse I'll chuck at individuals when they're ***holes ;)

          Also Spintel - aside from the fact that they aren't Telstra and what that implies about their network - offered me absolutely terrible customer service including overcharging me by $77 and then attempting to have me wait until the next invoice period to get a credit. SO they just thought they'd attempt to steal my money and then give it back when it was convenient after I pointed this out. After I'd cancelled the service for being terrible (admittedly this is just because Optus network though).

          Never again Spintel.


      Unless your running torrents or something like that it's really hard to use up 1.5gb of data with normal usage

      • +1 vote

        That's misleading. Of course you wouldn't Dow load torrents, however, with per MB billing and a smartphone with the usual apps (facebook, Instagram, etc) you will definitely get close to 1.5mb, if not over.



        You have no idea. If your phone has push apps that mean you log on to the internet say every 10 minutes, like Facebook, mail GPS etc 6 connections will now mean 6MB use in 1 hour as EACH connection is 1MB minimum.

        Now you even turn it off at night, thats 18 hours X 6 = 108 MB in 1 day .

        Allowing for weekends off, that's at 20 days a month you have 2GB of data use.

        Same scenario with KB billing and it's 20MB of data used. Although each connection might say be 100KB each time, so lets allow 200MB

        So Vaya isn't for the socially connected user.

        NOTHING to do with TORRENTS

        So if you are bargain hunting compare like with like 1GB on Vaya can be the same as 100MB on another provider, if you use data in small chunks.


          Curious to know what phone you have? Because this sounds really odd. I get push notifications all the time.

        • -1 vote

          Rocky I have push set up for a lot of apps and barely read 50% of my 1.5gb and I have heaps of emails coming to my phone daily and internet browsing.

          Sounds like you need to investigate again before you make false claims

        • +1 vote


          You really need a course in English.

          I said

          If your phone has push apps that mean you log on to the internet say every 10 minutes.

          IF you have a phone that does this then the way Vaya bills you can go over the 1.5Mb limit, quicker than other providers that do Kb billing.

          IF you phone doesn't do this, then your situation will be different.

          IF you set the phone to read emails every 10 mins you can do this.

          It was in response to your wild claim, that

          Unless running Torrents….

          I was pointing out that its NOT just Torrents that can use up data quickly.

          You like Vaya - and so did I, until they added extra charges which the erroneously added to my bill, then many calls later dealing with a totally useless call centre made me realise that a few dollars a month saving wasn't worth the cost and effort on my behalf to deal with this call centre, who in many instances failed to follow thru on promises to fix the issues.

          So enjoy the cheap service, but when it breaks, be prepared to take the cost hit at that time. Your choice.

          Like others who have experienced the pain, I just wanted to indicate what the issues they might face, by using Vaya


        You are clearly not an Ingressor ;)


        I agree. I've got a 2GB monthly plan with them, never go over 500MB. Use it regularly (on way to/from work, lunch break + heavier on weekends).


    What's a plan that's roughly $20 a month, with $200-$300 Credit and 1.5GB data?

    • +1 vote

      Answered my own question. Apparently Vaya's got me covered on their Power Plans


      Spintel can be as cheap as $21 for 1.5Gb of data
      Yatango can be as cheap as $15 for 2Gb of data
      Amaysim can be as cheap as $20 for 2.5Gb of data

      Even optus is $20 for 1.5Gb of data, unlimited SMS/MMS and 300 minutes of calls.
      (If you have an home phone with them)

      EDIT: Even added links to make it easy for everybody to stay away from Vaya.

    • +2 votes

      You realise that "$200-300 credit" is meaningless because it's an arbitary, made up unit of value that represents different amounts of actual value depending on the provider right?

      The only reason it's there is to cause confusion when it makes it harder to assess what the value actually is.


    you have to pay via direct debit right ?


      They invoice you a week before money is taken out which is better then most direct debt places


        They invoice you a week before money is taken out which is better then most direct debt places

        Hmm.. Perhaps, however one is paying in advance for the next month and for any excesses in the previous month.


          Where is this paying in advance? I don't see that and I've been with them since live connected got changed over



          Where is this paying in advance? I don't see that and I've been with them since live connected got changed over

          You are not looking, or just not comprehending. Vaya charge you in advance for the month.

          When one joins one pays for the remainder of the month (pro-rata) and for the next month. Accounts are calculated at the end of the month. Invoices are provided on the 5th of the next month. Payments are taken on the 15th of the month.

          Join the $18 plan on the 15th of December. On the 31st of December an invoice will be prepared for $9. plus $18, plus any excess use. On the 5th of January this invoice will be sent. On the 15th of January the invoice total will be taken from the customers credit/debit card.


          @A3Australia: there is no excess charge in advance like tpg used to charge

  • +16 votes

    Please. Just do not do it.
    I've been on hold for 2 hours and 45 minutes. I've had bogus charges appear. I've had support emails just disappear.
    Think you'll never need to call them, LOLs, they'll f'up on their own and you'll have no other choice but to put a movie on and sit on hold.

    I have had nothing but trouble with them. Was a customer for over a year until I surrendered and went elsewhere.
    Seriously, look at amaysim, yatango, spintel, anything else that does not involve these guys!

    • +10 votes

      I agree, almost non existent customer service.

    • +1 vote

      Hey mate, just wondering what you found was the best way to port out from vaya? I've read that they can really slug you with heavy leaving fees and looking to avoid it. Cheers

      • +2 votes

        I wasn't in contract, and just ported about a week before the end of the month (they will charge you the full month regardless)

    • +3 votes

      I agree completely!

      I've been with Vaya for around 12 months, and have had random charges added to my bills, randomly had my data disabled for about a week, and most recently that I am absolutely furious about my normally $17 a month bill has somehow blown out to $80+ dollars.

      I'm not even sure how this is possible on a pre-paid!?

      And unbelievably most of the apparent charges that I found by scouring the itemised report seem to indicate they were incurred while I was at home! WTF!

      I always have my phone connected through the WIFI at home, but more to the point I have no idea what all the data use is because I don't use my phone for youtube/downloading/gaming.

      How they won the Money 2014 award is beyond me, the optus network they piggy-back is beyond useless outside the major cities.

      • +2 votes

        How they won the Money 2014 award is beyond me

        That was awarded before they changed their plans.

        If they get an award in 2015 then it will be an indication you cant trust Money awards.

    • +2 votes

      Wow telcos must not like you. Ive been with Vaya over 18 months now. Only gripe is when my data got switch off unexpectedly and didnt have data for a couple hours. Had to call up and get it reactivate which was annoying but it happened on Xmas eve and got thru after 5 mins on hold and my data was on after 20 mins. Perhaps its something you should of done instead of waitng around for a week for it to come back on LOL. I agree its a Bit annoying but in 18 months having it happen twice it hasn't been too bad considering the money ive saved. They are the cheapest after all.. you gota allow a little lead way. 99% of the time ove been quite happy with my service. 4G has always been fast and reception has been great Melbourne SE suburbs.


      Well I hope you aren't hoping to not wait on the phone for over 2 hours when you speak to Spintel because I've already done that twice.

  • +9 votes

    Their old Flexi plans were good but not the new Power plans with their per MB counting of data.

  • +16 votes

    Too many people with billing issues.. non existent customer service - avoid

  • +1 vote

    Signed up to their $18 plan. Seems ok. 1.5 gb data plus $650 calls under $20. Also month to month. Worse case, cancel move on.

    What are alternative for under $20 which gives decent data and calls (happy with $200 calls). Yatango would be $23 unless I'm missing something.

    Haven't come across better deal than this for under $20. Would love to be proven wrong as they do have really bad reviews.

  • +10 votes

    +1 - don't do it..!!!
    Moved 3 services away from them after the data billing issues and their stupid plan freeze fees last year. They then over charged each account with 'freeze plan' fees for future months that had already been cancelled.

    I had to make the decision on whether or not to go on hold for ever and try and explain to the CS rep the issues (which has never worked for me in the past) and probably just end up without a refund and be even more pissed at them.

    So instead, I am now one of those customers that will actively discourage people from signing up by sharing my experiences.

    Look at anyone else (except Live Connected - same company)

    I'm going to argue non-bargain, as you'll end up paying for the 'discount' through some form of billing error.

    Stay away, stay away, stay away.



      Who are you with now

      • +1 vote

        Telstra, at 3 times the cost… However with the new iPhones we contracted, that we would have paid outright if still on vaya, the monthly cost isn't too much higher by the time you factor in the hardware cost divided by 24 months etc… And we got the $200 bonus and bonus data etc…

        And, although I'm no where near being a telstra fan, the service works and is generally faster in most locations. Customer service can still be annoying, but at least you can escalate.

        With vaya, I just got to the point where it was no longer good value due to all the time I ended up wasting with them.

        Get what you pay for I suppose.


          Indeed - the reason I'm with Telstra is … it works. Most of the time. The other two do not provide a working service in Adelaide. Basically.

          Side effect: you have much better battery life.

        • -3 votes

          So your saying a contracted iPhone plan is cheaper then paying outright? I think you need to look again at total cost

        • +2 votes


          He said the price was a bit higher, not cheaper


          Actually a surprising and mostly unreported benefit of switching back to Telstra from Optus is my battery life has almost doubled. I'm assuming this is due to stronger signals, better tower handover, lower congestion, and the new frequencies. This is obviously not just a Vaya issue - as in it's due to the Optus network.
          Just a nice extra bonus after switching.


          I didn't say cheaper. I was just saying that after we factored in purchasing new phones (which we were going to do regardless), for us, at the time, taking into account the bonuses and factoring in the handset costs, it didn't work out to be too much more to switch over.
          Without going into all the calculations, I think it was around an extra $15 per month more once the handset costs were taken into account (ie. splitting ~$1100 over 24 months equivalent). And we got more data allowance on the telstra plan.

  • +12 votes

    I closed my account with them and they have been holding my money in credit for more than two months. Have sent a number of emails to which I got response that the request has been sent to accounts but nothing has happened even after a number of follow ups. We need to get such unethical business out of business.

    • +2 votes

      The only thing these ***holes listen to is TIO. No point in wasting time IMO because the way they deal with customers is not listen to them.

      The process should be make 1 request for what you want, threaten TIO once when they refuse and if they don't comply TIO.

      Don't bother wasting your time trying to be reasonable, remember they're already dicking you about, they do not care.

  • +6 votes

    Avoid at all costs. Their support is non-existent.


    Well I have been lucky and almost no issues with them… Only issue is an iPhone which keeps sending an international text every now and then for the iMessages which vaya charge for… Other phones no issues at all.

    Only used customer service once, back in Jan 2014, which I did via email and they resolved within a day.


    Had initial problems with the data usage but none in the past month.

  • +2 votes

    Few tips:
    - customer service : call them as early in morning as possible to be their first customer service's customer , however no guarantee you got picked up within 10 minutes and no guarantee your problem solved .
    - always remember to ask for the reps names for follow up
    - be prepared to warn them about Ombusdman on your side
    - NEVER cancel the service , they will slug you with cancellation fees . They even send me warning Email to charge me for not activating a phone number that i requested for porting after charging me SIM delivery fee. You "cancel " the service by porting / moving your number to other carrier and cross your Finger that they won't charge you as by law they could not .
    - this is the risk being a tight arse bargain with a tight arse phone company like this mob . But it's all FUN so far savings lots of money .

    • +3 votes

      Having them take your money for fees and services they've purposely made vague and hidden, then spending hours on hold and being handballed from person to person is fun?

      That's the kind of thing that makes me say never again, I'll just pay more for a company that acts like a reasobable service provider.


    I wonder what the other good alternatives are? I'm still on TPG's downgraded 1GB plan and I struggle with data


      Same here…ever since TPG downgraded their old plan to 1gig ive been struggling to keep within it!


      The optus byo sim plan that was mentioned recently, is an alright deal, at least you have a reasonable expectation of quality, and there coverage is decent. Link


        Let me disabuse you of the notion that Optus has a reasonable level of service if you live in Adelaide though …

    • +2 votes

      wash out reseller /VSP by using Over The Top (OTT) apps ?
      $5 • MyNetFone's Direct Inward Dial - per annum
      $19.25 • premium Skype 300 mins pm after 50% off cards - per annum ;
      Spintel $24 2.5Gb [50 mins, 50 text] Yatango $15 2Gb [nil]
      or Optus direct. /

      (+ perhaps keep searching. Optus have a MOS-LQO score 2.4/5[Poor] against hi-res speech quality services; pp.13-14 The 2014 P3 CommsDay Mobile Benchmark


        If you go the Spintel offer aren't you paying more than Telstra 4G with unlimited calls/sms and 2.5GB …

        Thanks for the link.

        • Keeping costs uniform $5+$19.25 for the apps, should make ~$2/mo
          above whichever IP/data provider. potential $26 pm: spintel.
          (Skype premium unlimited would be something like a $4/mo addition but an unlimited not confined to 1 country)
        • Telstra direct would be a value, flatrate nights & weekends considering $70 pm. ok.. fairly premium.

        • 3G part Telstra/Lycamobile 2GB [unlimited] nicely light on the budget, comparable to spintel 4G~$30(run ott skype). Safer option

        I'd like to recommend some thing Vodafone but it has noththing without those legacy data packs. 03/2014

  • +1 vote

    Um never again… Usage stats doesn't work. Excess usage is a killer. Customer service is non-existent.

    Not neggin bcoz their service on Optus was good and quick, can't complain just the company handling the plan was horrid.

  • +2 votes

    Before you take up this "bargain" check this whirlpool thread


    And the threads here at Ozbargain


  • +2 votes

    I just freshly signed up few days ago, going through ACCC in day 2 , and can surely assure you with a negative vote about the service!
    It will cost your time, your brain and lots more money, there is no saving!
    Just quickly after sign up they charged me and after calling and emails, they said the 1 month free is a calendar month and I am not able to receive the sim package before end of the month to activate so no free joy even for last 2 days! Also the free sim was for new numbers and no porting!
    Could you Imagine that?
    Now they do not refund my money and not giving what they promised even though there was no sign if the offer only was for the current month!
    After all no sign of referral bonus received my friend neither did I
    And all these happened before I even get the sim and yet to activate it, so welcome to VAYA JUNGLE.

    Full dodgy business, douche people and Total misleading

  • +2 votes

    worst company ever. turned my data off for no reason and then just laughed at me when i called them to get it turned back on.

    they're a real bunch of scum bags.


    You have an option to add data in 1GB blocks for $15 to your plan. This will be charged only upon using your existing data limit. I am with Vaya for the last 4 years (started as liveconnected) and never had any issues with billing. The only issue I came across was that of an international sms charge whenever I tried to activate i message upon changing my phones. MAY BE I AM ONE OF THOSE LUCKY ONES……………………

    • +1 vote

      Sorry can you clarify this: did they actually charge you international rates for an SMS message relating to activating your service? Or am I reading this incorrectly.

      • +1 vote

        Yes iPhones can send an international SMS to activate iMessages… and if they do Vaya will charge you for that international SMS …

    • +1 vote

      Already people who have signed up to this deal are finding issues. Like PAL above says.

      So its NOT just the Unlucky existing/previous customers is now the new ones who are signing up to this dodgy company.

      I will now change my neutral stance to negative.

      I used to have an account until November and had all sorts of billing issues with them when I left. In my case I consider myself one of the LUCKY ones as I managed to leave and after 14 emails got my account credited most of the incorrect and thankfully, the largest charges.


      Edit - wrong reply


      Vaya didnt start as liveconneceted. Initially they were 2 competing companies. They bought liveconnected about 2 years ago when they went to 4G. Vaya is now their 4G and liveconnected is their 3G

  • +1 vote

    I left Vaya due to the 1MB billing issue that they have. My wife is still on the older $11 per month plan (1KB billing) and it has been brilliant. I have not followed the Vaya thread in Whirlpool in recent months but the 1MB data charge was a major issue 6 months ago. I now use Telechoice (resold Telstra 3G)and they have been brilliant and highly recommend them. You still can sign up for the 12 month Kogan Telechoice plans here. " https://www.telechoice.com.au/kogan-offers " The Telechoice plans are 24month but I would also recommend them as you lock the price in as I'm sure the price will only go up as thats the trend with all telcos.

    I used Vaya's support a few times and found it ok (usually by email) but it took a day or two to resolve. Signing a 24month contract with Vaya would be crazy as if you have issues like me it will cost you time, money and stress to get out of it. My advise is to avoid any plan from any company that provides 1MB data billing.


      Somewhat off topic, but Telechoice's support isn't great either. I signed up for a month-to-month plan. After one month I heard about the kogan plans. It was absolutely painful to switch plans as their support call centre is in the Philippines.

      I ended up having to talk to Sales (Australian call centre) and they fixed me up in minutes.


    Whirlpool posts are usually reliable indicator of problems with telco`s …. there up to Part 10 thats alot of pages ..thats not good and lots of complaints… i wouldnt get involved with them do some research and read the threads before committing!



    Wow. Seems like I made mistake joining up.
    Is it fair to make following call:

    Telechoice is best mobile deal in market when you factor in company reputation?

    It seems to cater all users. Their economy is $2 now compared to vaya with slightly less but includes international call. Max unlimited is $50 power month.

    None others seem better than tekechoice.

    Seems equivalent of what Tpg used to be couple of years back.


    Telechoice will probably be pushed out of the market by Telstra the same as they did Kogan. Telstra don't like companies providing their services cheaper then they do

    Also looked into a 24 month contract with telechoice so if services gets crap your stuck


    Didn't realize telechoice was on plan.
    What are options for month by month which are decent.

    Two goals:
    A. Economy: 300-1gb data, atleast $200 calls. Less than equal to $20.

    B. Premium: at least 1gb data, unlimited calls and text in Australia. Under $50.

    Need decent reputation unlike vaya or liveconhected :)

  • +1 vote

    Ive been with vaya for a number of years and have signed up about 8 friends and family members.
    Have never had any problems and love that its cheap.
    I have 1 friend who has since left, but mainly cos she kept having her service blocked for going over her data.
    She had issues with customer service, but personally for me they've been ok.

    For the person that just got billed for a sim when they ported and was told that porting wasnt part of the promotion, i just signed my mum-in-law to vaya and ported her from telstra, and got the free sim, so thats a bit weird.

    Their customer service does have some horror stories, but ive never seen a perfect telco either.

    As for mb billing, storm in a teacup. I have emails, push notifications, general browsing, etc and rarely go near the 1.5gb.
    But thats me. I guess it all depends on how much you browse and do outside of wifi.


    i was thinking of going for telechoice $25 with 12 mth contract, or with lebara unlimited national plan $29.90 for one of my mobile phone instead of porting another one to Vaya . (im currently with vaya on $18 )


    I've also been with Vaya for a couple of years and haven't had any major issues. The worst part about them was their phone system, after waiting in the queue for the few minutes it would just disconnect the call.

    Other than that they've been fine and I've been happy.


    Have been with Vaya for 6months and no major issues either. Signed family onto it as well.

    Originally was with TPG until they downgraded their plans and increased their prices with crappy 3G speeds.
    Phone support is slow and hold times for me are between 15min - 1hr.


    1) There are reports that this offer is not valid for those Porting a number.

    2) Support is very, very difficult to contact.

    When finally contact is made, support is very difficult to obtain.

    When support is obtained, it is often not carried out - followed through.

    Support is supplied via outsourced call centers in the Philippines and in India.

    3) It appears to be a one man business, perhaps with also the assistance of a female family member.

    4) The one man behind the business:-

    Lies to customers.

    Opens accounts under false IDs in order to promote his business on Whirlpool, Product Review, and FaceBook.

    Removes reports on the VAYA FaceBook page that reveal failures of his business to adhere to Communications Regulations. Then bans the posters.

    Removes FaceBook posts that are highly critical of his business and his business practices. Then bans the posters.

    Removes some FaceBook posts that help other customers save money (eg. by Porting rather than cancelling). Then bans the posters.

    Removed the complete Reviews Section of the VAYA FaceBook page - because it was filled with ZERO Star reviews (or would have been if reviewers/customers were permitted to give less than one star).

    5) Please read through the negs from the last time this 'deal' was posted.


    6) So, much more….

    Well over 1,000 pages of mostly complaints here

    Would be ZERO Stars at Product Review if customers could leave less than one star AND if one discounts the fake reviews left by the business owner and his cronies.

  • +1 vote

    I was with vaya used their old plan $17 per kb billing it was great. Then they added $10 plan freeze on top so I was paying $27 a month.

    I searched for alternatives that had per kb billing for around $27 per month

    I ended up going with Telechoice their Kogan offers $28 per month, it was $1 more and allowed to use the telstra network and international calls from the cap


    I would have stayed with vaya, I had no problems with them but at $27 per month there were other better offers around.

  • +3 votes

    Friends don't let friends use vaya

  • +3 votes

    Leaving Vaya. Going to Spintel. There's more to SERVICE providers than cost.


    I've been with these guys since March 2013 and never had a problem with them.
    (I've also never had to contact customer support, so there's that.)

    I'm grandfathered into their old $11/month plan. This gets me $500 worth of calls/sms and 1.5GB of data.

    I'm sure by now there must be some better alternatives out there but for now, I've got a sweet deal and no complaints.

    • +1 vote

      Just make sure that they haven't tacked on a $10pm plan freeze fee for your grandfathered plan. They did that to many other grandfathers. And you can be sure if they havent done that already they will do so in March this year.

      Also they changed the billing increments to MB per connection, so your 1.5Gb cap usage will effectively be less.


    For me I had disappointment and satisfaction with Vaya since I signed up Vaya for my daughter on the $18 plan which has around 200 minutes and 1.5GB/month (not on contract since I might switch if not happy).

    Disappointment was that she was unable to send/receive SMS on occasions during the early period. It happened twice and I was able to sort it out through their facebook pages. Their response sometimes take hours but they did look into it.

    I activated data usage limit for 1.2GB on her phone considering 1MB/session that Telco might count more than her phone. So far for the past 12 months it never go beyond the 1.5GB and was happy on the spending of $18/month. I also got email notification of data usage close to the limit. In that case I requested my daughter stop using data and logged on to Vaya and disabled data to avoid an expensive bill. Overall I am happy.

    As for the accuracy of data usage I found that the phone usage reports a little bit less. My daughter's phone gets around 1.3GB data when Vaya reports 1.5GB. I believe it depends on the pattern of phone use.

  • +1 vote

    Ben has been busy on the Vaya Facebook page this morning.

    He deleted many posts. At least six more than these four that I managed to copy before he got to them.

    David Hendry‎ - Vaya

    DO NOT SIGN UP WITH VAYA!! I got charged $580 for being 2gb over my data plan for just one month.

    How they can justify charging me $580 for using an extra 2gb of data when my normal phone plan is under $25 for calls, texts and $2gb of included data. And customer service is very disappointing as it's a 4-5 day wait to speak to someone.

    I repeat everyone - don't go with Vaya, it's not worth it!!

    Lea Tribout - ‎Vaya
    Perth ·

    VAAAAAAYAAAAAAA!!! I have tried calling half a dozen times today, I left a message on your voicemail, I tried to contact you via the online chat (no answer), I left a message on Facebook a few hours ago, I have now also emailed you and registered for a call back. CAN SOMEONE CALL ME TO ACTIVATE MY SIM CARD???? This NOT good customer service when we can't get a hold of you (and from what I am reading here, I am not the only being fed up) CALL ME! CALL ME! CALL ME!!! (NO MAYBE. CALL ME.)

    Rohit Lele - ‎Vaya

    I was a vaya customer till 19th November '14. After consultation with your staff regarding cancellation, I was advised that I would get charged the $17 for the incomplete month (since it was a calendar month based contract) after which my contact would be terminated, which I had no problems with. I recently returned from the holidays to find that vaya has charged $330 to my credit card. I find this totally unacceptable and beyond belief as to how my bill could be such an astronomical amount after not having once exceeded my cap after nearly 1.5 years with vaya.

    Furthermore you should be embarrassed by your call centre service as I had to hold for 19 mins the first time. In that call they told me they could not send me a PDF copy of the bill itemisation which in this day and age is unacceptable. I tried to call the second time and then hung up after 46 mins of listening to mind numbing and as utterly annoying hold music.
    I expect this to be resolved one way or another (I'm not holding a minute longer) or else I will seek further legal action. Over to you vaya

    Hui-Wen Lim‎ - Vaya

    Vaya bills me for 3.5GB excess usage for November despite a five-day failure/withholding of its usage monitoring service for the same period of the bolt-on - continually denying responsibility and ridiculously insisting I pay for or SUBSTANTIATE THEIR INCOMPETENCE. Vaya, please note that I don't work for you. Aside from this, SMS usage alerts had failed since mid-November.

    After 21 days (since 10 Dec when bill received and issue raised) and 29 emails back and forth, no response from management as promised and no resolution. Now this month they have included a charge for late payment.

    As a customer I do not intend to leave and let them off the hook - Vaya is obligated to provide the service they claim to.
    (Ticket #248908)

    Please note these are public FaceBook Posts.

    • +1 vote

      My god, I had some issues with them, but given some of the above, I guess I was lucky with the issues I had.

      Guess it brings back the old saying. When times are bad, just think they could be worse. The above proves that

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        My god, I had some issues with them, but given some of the above, I guess I was lucky with the issues I had.

        Guess it brings back the old saying. When times are bad, just think they could be worse. The above proves that

        You don't get to see/read the real issues. Ben removes them. He removes all posts that would inform customers of the issues that would get him/Vaya in trouble and/or cost him money. For example: the failure of most usage warning SMS to be sent since November last year.

        I am not often up early in the morning. When I am, and when I happen to check the Vaya page, I often see posts that then disappear later in the morning. I guess because Ben works on Brisbane time, and I am in Sydney.

        One poor poster was politely complaining and looking for help. His post was removed. He tried again. It was removed again. He then posted along the lines of "Why was my post removed? This is Australia, not North Korea." etc. Of course that post was removed and he must have then been banned from posting.

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    Telstra has just as many complaints and you pay more for them


    There's lots of negativity on this post but I've been with vaya for almost 2 years and have never had any issues (signing up itself was a bit of a hassle though). The per mb data is fine. It honestly makes no difference at all.

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