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Las Vegas Return $923 Bris, $942 Melb, $1028 Syd, $1160 Adl, $1183 Per @ I Want That Flight


Great deals to Las Vegas - return airfares from $923. Checked Baggage and CC fees included.

Brisbane to Las Vegas $923. Air NZ+Virgin America. Feb/Mar

Melbourne to Las Vegas $942. Air NZ+Virgin America. Feb/Mar

Sydney to Las Vegas $1028. Air NZ. Feb/Mar

Perth to Las Vegas $1183. Air NZ+Virgin America. Feb/Mar

And 'cause I never post deals from Adelaide….
Adelaide to Las Vegas $1160. Air NZ. Feb/Mar

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    OP - when do you think the best time to buy a flight Mel-Vegas dep mid August would be?

    • +1

      Burning Man perhaps? OP I am also interested in this timeframe.

    • +3

      I don't what the effect of Burning Man is on flight prices - but you are already in the high season (June to Sep). I would take note of what the prices are now for your preferred dates, set alerts and shop around/hope for a sale etc till about March. If nothing better has come along then I'd buy. If the prices start to rise before then, they I'd buy as well. Normally I wait till 3 months out, but high season+big event would make me more cautious.

      That is just my opinion - I don't have any specific experience booking tix around that time. There are probably others here with much better/more recent experience.

    • Flight Centre do their Travel Expo over the next couple months. Even though it is run by Flight Centre, you'll find most agencies have access to the cheap prices.

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    Nice deal. Keep in mind Vegas is about 3.5 hours by car from LA or 5ish with a bus. Buses cost around $1 to $5. If you are already in the airport then worth flying however given the time you have to be at the airport in LA plus commuting there, then generally not worth flying.

    I'm going there next month so I've created a Las Vegas guide for OzBargainers. Feel free to add any useful tips.

    • Heading to Vegas around Easter, so this will come in very handy! +1 for you, good sir!

      I'm sure the strip will keep us busy, but I'd love to know some budget attraction ideas, eg canyon helicopter tours, etc. too.

      • Budget attraction ideas… Get free tickets by going to one of those timeshare apartment seminars they offer on every corner! ;)

        • +1

          I actually turned up to a timeshare seminar when I was backpacking around the US (a long,looong time ago). I got free tickets to Disneyland but it sucked up 2 hours of the day (the tickets were for that day) and it was so awkward at the end that I cannot imagine doing it now.

        • +2

          My wife and I both sat through one of those timeshare seminars for the tickets to Disney, and boy it was embarrassing when you want to just go at the end and get your tickets. If we went back 7 years to that date again, I would rather pay for the full price tickets thanks :-)

          Great deal BTW :-)

      • +1

        Sure, Slickdeals, Fatwallet, Tripadvisor and Dealnews are good for finding bargains while you are there.

        My friend has been to Vegas a couple times in the past few months, gambled a bit (and won!) so has been getting all these crazy deals from the hotels. Apparently, if you gamble a lot, they comp you stuff (food, drink, rooms, hotel upgrades). And if you lose they comp you even more!

        • not so sure about how easy you make the comps sounds. Ive been 4 times in the last 5 years, with 10k gambling budgets and havnt scored these easy comps.

        • @MelbBargainChaser77: wow that sucks. I took $200 into cosmopolitan, lost all of it over the course of the night but i got a fair amount of play out of it. I regularly get emails offering 2 nights comp

        • @Matt P:
          Oh the irony!! I lost the baulk of it at the cosmopolitan playing a $100 BJ table, and GOT NOTHING out of them!!

        • @MelbBargainChaser77: slots often get better comps than table players

        • @MelbBargainChaser77:

          He was playing blackjack at Paris Las Vegas (the casino with the fake Eiffel Tower) and apparent won a few grand. So he was signed up to TotalRewards which tracks how much gambling and spending happens within restaurants, shops etc. in their many properties. I guess he incurred enough spending that he was put into the platinum level, or whatever the non-starting level is.

          He sent over an email with the following:

          FEBRUARY 27 - MARCH 1, 2015

          Don't miss the $150,000 Blackjack Tournament at Paris Las Vegas! Your Invitation Includes:

          • One entry into the $150,000 Blackjack Tournament
          • $40 in Casino Play
          • Complimentary accommodations for up to three nights February 27 - March 1, 2015 at one Las Vegas Total Rewards Resort:
          Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, The LINQ, Paris, Flamingo, Bally's, Harrah's or Rio

          Not a bad deal. The hotels in Vegas probably have the best customer profiling algorithms in the world, so they know how to sort the OzBargainers from the gamblers. He lives in LA which probably ranks higher than someone in Adelaide LA is a quick trip to Vegas whereas Australia isn't. While he has had 2 successful trips there, eventually he'll lose and that's where the casinos win. The house always wins.

        • @MelbBargainChaser77: All goes on turnover. With a $10k budget, I don't see how you wouldn't have given some comps. I think they work it out for a certain percentage of turnover - Around 1% or so.

          I stayed at Luxor last time, and ended up playing at Wynn, and they comped me a room that night. The key thing is just to play on high minimum tables, generally $100. I played on the $100 commission baccarat tables in Wynn for probably about 7 hours straight, varying between $100 to $500 for most bets, with the occasional $1000 bet, and was provided free room and food and drink.
          I never paid for a drink in Vegas, anywhere (except for tips). At the table, my drink would be half empty, and they would simply replace it with a new one.

          That may sound extravagant, but really, if you start with $5k or $10k, and bet sensibly, you can play for a very long time. On games like Bacarrat and basic strategy Blackjack, house edge is pretty low, so theoretically it just whittles your money away slowly.

          Check out to help calculate projected loses etc.

          I probably averaged $200 a bet, over 7 hours. Let's say average 60 hands an hour on bacarrat or so, so I had a turnover of $84,000. They can use about 1% of that towards comps, so $840.

      • +2

        For the Canyon, I definitely recommend doing the helicopter tour to anyone who can afford it. Probably the best experience of my last trip to US/Canada, saves a lot of wasted time in a bus/car and gives you a more unique experience. Otherwise car rentals are dirt cheap, hire a luxury car and drive there in style.

        If you are someone who doesn't want to deal casinos the entire time, the Trump hotel is a good option for your accommodation, only downside is that it is a little removed from the heart of the action but they do run a free shuttle to the Wynn casino. It is often the 5 star hotel on hidden/secret deals on Hotwire/Priceline which can save you a good amount of money (also be aware many hotels there will charge a resort fee on top of your hotel price).

        For shopping, there is a bus that departs on the strip fairly regularly that takes you to a premium outlet mall that has lots of big brands at pretty good prices.

        Like most big American tourist cities, beware of the guys trying to flog you their rap music CDs, just keep on walking because they aren't a very cheap attraction lol.

        • amen. Canyon will be an entire day trip for 2 hours on the ground there if you go by bus.

        • @Matt P:

          That's interesting. Does the helicopter land so you get to walk around the canyon for a bit?

        • @neil:

          Yep you do land in the Canyon, have a glass of champagne and some nibbles, take photos and walk around for like 10-15 minutes and fly back. If you really want to explore it might not be for you, but if you just want to see it the helicopter tour works great. You can also take photos/videos from the helicopter. It also flies over the Hoover Dam, so you don't miss that either.

        • +1


          Certainly cool but not cheap! $330/pp.


          Just a found a Travelzoo deal for half price. Sold!

        • @neil:

          Very pricey indeed, especially once you convert it to AUD. But it is one of those once in a lifetime things where you just have to throw the budget out the window. I did it with Maverick Tours, but it was only AU$275 when I did it back in Oct 2012, has gone up so much just over 2 years!

        • +1

          I agree. I wish we'd flown in, but we hired a Camaro instead… Drove down there from Vegas, along the Canyon, to a little town called Cameron, down to Flagstaff where we hit 66, and drove west along the old 'historic' Route 66 through some of the best little towns (and some of the most degraded roads) I've ever seen! (look up Oatman Arizona!)

        • +1


          Oh wow, Oatman looks like something right out of a western movie! That would be awesome to see. I suppose both flying and driving have their benefits.

        • +2

          I did it through Papillion in November and it was totally worth it I paid for the upgrade to the front seat(I know very un-ozbargainish) but it was totally worth it I'd never been in a helicopter and I'm glad my first time was over the canyon it was one of the best things I did on my 5 week trip.

        • @melmac77:
          Likewise for me last month… Flew over/onto the Great Barrier Reef. And yes, definitely worth spending a little extra!

    • $1 - $5 with a bus form LA to Vegas???? Who offers that?? Link please!

      • +1

        Most do. Check out Megabus.

        • ahhh I didnt get $1 or $5…$62 with megabus but thats for a Friday…..southwest is charging $73 with luggage included to fly over! Having said that I did see $10 fares for a Wednesday evening departure from Los Angeles arriving early am into Vegas. No good for me ;(

        • +1

          BoltBus will set you back $24 on most days. Includes free wifi to keep you occupied.

        • @ejc84:
          Yeah found $26 fares: But the timings dont suit us!!….Its gunna be either southwest or we hire a car from a compnay that doesnt chrge a 1 way rental fee! Any suggestions?

        • @MelbBargainChaser77:

          We are going at the end of Feb so low season. $5 for Feb 25.

          We looked up one way rentals and they are quoting us $50 which is what we are going to do. The problem with the buses are that they almost all leave from Union Station so you'd pretty much have to stay nearby the night before to catch an early bus. On the other end, the buses terminate in the city centre which is about a 15 minute car ride from The Strip. There is one bus company (BoltBus) that drops people off at the INQ Big Wheel on the strip which is way more convenient.

        • @neil:
          Could you please share a link for this car rental joint that doesnt charge a 1 way rental fee. Thanks

        • +1


          Cheapest one way car rental I could find for Friday's seems to be around the USD$70 mark for a Compact (Focus or similar) with Dollar Rent A Car.. who don't have the best reputation, but if you take all the precautions you should against car rental companies you'll be fine (and make sure car rental excess is in your travel insurance rather than paying the company insurance). This pricing is assuming picking up the car in LA itself rather than LAX and dropping the car off in Las Vegas city. If you aren't travelling alone, the car option definitely comes up trumps.

          If you are thinking of flying, remember to factor in time and money of getting to LAX and from McCarran airport. Even with the cheap shuttle company, it will probably set you back another $30 per person.. and add a lot of time, almost to the point where driving is faster.

        • @ejc84:
          Thanks for this info. Will look into them. Will prob get a bigger more comfy car willing to spend upto 150USD for this

        • +1


          Just had a quick look on Kayak. $55 AUD which you can book through Webjet via Alamo. Other companies are the similar price.

        • +1

          $82 for a ford mustang…how cheap is that??? thinking of hiring it…and having nice sunny weather to drive thru the dessert en route to vegas

        • +1

          @MelbBargainChaser77: Just ensure your going to have enough room for your luggage

  • +11

    +1 for posting deals from Adelaide this time. We're an important part of Australia too. :)

    • +5

      Just letting you know that I do listen :)

    • +2

      +1… Good laugh to end the work day! :)

  • +1

    Need one for Melb - London :/

  • +3
    • 1 for the Adelaide deal!
  • +4

    Nice prices. Can we expect some good European flight sales soon? I though they often came out in January time.

  • time to go and blow my bar mitzvah money

  • @igreen I'd suggest setting up your own alert.

  • Still pretty cold in Feb march, I wouldn't be going to LV then

    • a lot cheaper than summer though. All depends on what you want to do there. If the aim of the trip is to be inside shopping/gambling/shows, it doesn't really matter what the weather is like.

  • +1

    Love the deals you guys find Iwantthatflight, added your site to our links. Mod: Edited

  • Have subscribed to your deals! Hoping to see some cheap return flights from Syd to Fiji in late October for our wedding. Great deals so far iwantthatflight!

  • Plus 1 for including Adelaide! :-)

  • Out of curiosity, how come a one-way trip is only $100 cheaper?

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