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Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 Keyboard & Mouse - $2 after $16 Cashback @ MSY


Great deal, not a bad keyboard and mouse combo.

*Limit 3 per customer.

Cashback: https://www.microsoft.com.au/cashback/

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    Any claim limit per person?

    • Its mostly like stated in the T&Cs on the Cashback website

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      3 claims per person… or claim it under different names and accounts.

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      3 per person

    • tres

  • Heaps of stock at Highpoint.

    Thanks OP.

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    Just a warning that the function keys and Esc are annoyingly small and flat. Not great for those of us that like Alt+F4 (close) or F5 (refresh), F2 (rename), Ctrl+Shift+Esc (task mgr), F7 (build) etc.

    The wheel on the mouse is also not as smooth as my previous wired mouse.

    But at $1.10 really can't complain!

  • Thanks heaps OP, this will be useful as a spare and for use with my laptop (which is on a HP stand,thanks to).

    Now I have 2 Microsoft products to find to make the most of this deal, any ideas with good prices/sales?

    Don't need a K/B or webcam or headset, so out of ideas, except xbox controller - anyone know of any deals on this apart from static ice listings?

  • Does anyone know if the mouse from this set could be used on its own without the keyboard, say for use with my laptop as a portable mouse?

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      Yes, just ditch the keyboard if you're planning to use Mouse only or vice versa.
      :) i've only been using the Keyboard from similar sets since I prefer to use my own mouse.

      • sweet, thanks iamtezr, looks like I need to go and buy 3 of these from officeworks today :)

        • Officeworks Highpoint - still has about 10-12 on shelf this morning when i dropped by to grab myself one for work.

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    $18 * 0.95(price beat) * 0.95(ME bank cashback) - $16(MS cashback) = $0.245

  • got one from Officeworks Alexandria
    love the pricematch guarantee in AU

  • I told Officeworks to price match MSY, and they did.. at $18. It didn't even occur to me that they didn't do the 5% price beat.


    Oh well, no big deal. I was happy to pay $18 for them (got 2).

  • has the cash back been received by anyone yet?

    • I claimed MS headset cash back on 3 Jan and got my cashback today
      so it takes about 1.5 month

  • still waiting on my cash back.

    • still waiting myself.

  • I'm still waiting for my cash back… Quite slack of Microsoft really. I just got a cash back from Nikon on their dslr promo and it was paid in about 3 days.

    • they are really taking their time.
      while it is still within 60 days as per T&C, the tardiness in processing has certainly left a bad impression.

  • Anyone get their cashback yet? I'm still waiting for mine.

    • still waiting, it's nearly 2 months now

  • Just received my cashback.

  • yup just got mine too

  • Got mine today also.

  • Got mine on 17/02/2015.

    Getting cash from Microsoft reminds me of this Simpon's episode


  • got 2 of my 3 purchases cash back. $32

    • so after contacting [email protected] they informed me that they accidentally marked one of my cash back as duplicate. should get the missing $16 shortly.

  • Anyone still waiting on cashback?

    • Emailed them three days ago, no reply yet.

    • Yeah, still wating for mine. Have just email them today and almost forgot about it completed.

  • Got my $16 back in bank account today!

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