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Big W Photos - 20"X40" Canvas Prints $59 (Was $219) - 73% off


I get my canvas prints from BigW, their quality is great and I never had a problem. They are fast when creating your order, it states up to 10 business days. I usually get mine within 6 business days. I already have created 7 in the past year with BigW and never had a problem.

  • Sale ends midnight AEST 21st Jan
  • Free shipping if sent to your local BigW store
  • Portrait or panorama same price
  • Normal canvas prints only
  • Can purchase this in-store as well

My Tips;
* If you're creating your own through photoshop, make sure the DPI is at least 200, I use 300
* Canvas may turn out lighter / darker than what it appears on your monitor as settings on your monitor is not the exact same as what BigW print has.

My Opinion of the finish;
* The finish is more towards the matte finish with a slight gloss finish.

Never had a problem with BigW photos, I created a few albums for a birthday present and it turned out very nice.

Thanks BigW :)

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  • I got this deal via Harvey Normal a couple weeks ago…. was mighty happy with the result. Would imagine BigUU would be similar.

    • I am fairly sure that they both use Fuji Imagine labs for their supply.

      We love their large format canvas deals, and have a massive panorama one of the Golden Gate bridge (SF in California) that we got through BIG W that has all our family wanting one of them too.

  • I've ordered 3 of these prints in the past. Quality is great.

  • Use Big W egift card to save anther 7.5%.

  • Any ideas (links) for very nice scenic picture to go with this 20"X40" Canvas Print?

  • There is also 50% discount on glass prints. E.g. 16x20= $62

  • I really want a high res google maps screenshot of my city (Brisbane) so I can makr off things etc on it.

    Doesnt seem to be an easy way to stitch maps together, anyone done it before??

    • This is actually a really nifty idea! Had a bit of a play but no luck :( Brisbane here too, so if you work it out please let me know!

  • Looks good, what picture dimensions would fit this canvas?

    Got some great pics from a recent trip to the states from a Nikon J1 Mirror less on Fine mode. Only 12MP but the quality seems decent on my laptop.

    Thanks in advance!

    • 2:1 or 1:2?
      I think the BigW site has a way for you to crop it when you upload photos. or you can do it in photoshop or GIMP.

      • what did you call me?!

        Haha, no I appreciate the help. So is it all about ratio, the actual CM of the image doesnt matter?

        I guess I'll have a play on the site!


        • you can definitely customise on site. zoom in, zoom out, pan…. and it keeps the image in proportion so you dont make moon faces or stick figures :).

          i ordered with BigW 2 weeks ago on the previous special, very easy process and prints come out perfectly fine.

          my tip would be to NOT use their online 'photo touch up' adjustment thingy. I adjusted the contrast on one of the photos online as a final adjustment and it came out too 'contrasty'.

          if you need to change tones, brightness etc do it before you upload the photo.

          otherwise quick easy service with great results.

        • When you said picture dimension, did you mean resolution? the image resolution?

          then I'm not sure. The website will say. I thought you meant what dimension or aspect ratio the picture must be

  • Scoopon gives it for $49 + $9.95 p&h. If you have $20 off code then it comes to $29

  • Does this price include a frame, or do I need to get it framed? That could make a significant difference to the price!

    • The canvas is stretched across a wooden frame beneath it, it's not really suitable for framing.

    • It's literally ready for hanging. If you want the frame ones you can get other options of just the canvas print (if not from Big W but from other places). IMO that's one of the things I really liked about buying from Big W- i.e. it's ready to go. A lot of places I looked at were priced only for the canvas print and you had to buy the frame yourself and stretch it to fit (troublesome).

  • After buying this exact item before when it was on sale I would highly recommend it to anyone. I enjoyed being able to pick it up from a local Big W store where I could inspect it before taking it home. And they are quite well sized and good quality. Unlike others, it's literally ready to hang. All you need is a hook on the wall (I personally use two of the 3M ones just to keep it balanced).

  • how long does it normally take? for pickup?

  • All I need now is some good quality photos of myself.

  • I've used this deal previously for a couple of my photos Looks small in the pic, but its actually pretty good quality and have had them for almost a year now

  • +1 vote

    just in case people are wondering you can get photos of things other than a big 'W'with this deal.

  • nevermind…

  • Hanging out for a deal on the 12x12 calendars, usually find one this time of year but no dice so far.

  • Cheers, perfect Valentines day gift.

  • Thanks OP.

  • does any know how much of the photo actually lost by the stretching/wrapping over to the side of the frame?

    • When you upload a photo it gives you a 3d demo of what it will look like and how much is wrapped around and cut off.

  • Has anyone noticed when you upload a photo the preview image colours are different from your original photo? The preview looks more green and flat compared to viewing mine on my computer normally. I wonder if the preview colours are indicative of what it will look like once it is printed??? Anyone else noticed this? Even better, anyone that's had a print made noticed the colours seemed out, particularly greener? Thanks.

  • Wait, so this expires midnight on the 21st as in less than 6 hours from now? Or 30hours from now?

    • I am assuming sale ends Wednesday 21st Jan 11:59PM AEST. I dislike it when a promotion uses 'midnight' because technically it's the next day already.

      Anyone confirm? :)

      • It is confusing, because technically 12.00am begins the first minute of any given day, meaning that this deal should technically end, now, in 55 minutes. But I think your inference is justified.

        • It's 12:18AM 21st Jan.

          Promotion is still up. So technically speaking, sale ends Wednesday 21st Jan 11:59:59PM :P

  • dammit i forgot, is it still working?

    • Deal is still life.

      EDIT - Sorry deal is still on web site however does state Jan 21 finale. =7(

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