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Free AFL Live Pass Subscription - First 10,000 Complete Classic League Commissioners


The first 10,000 league commissioners that create a Full League prior to 2nd March 2015 will receive a 2015 AFL Live Pass for the length of the premiership season right up until the end of November, valued at $67.28. Prizes Page
Ensure you create a classic league, not an elite league

There are no further details that I have found that tell you when/how the subscription will be sent to you.

Once a league is created, as the owner you can add 10 celebrity players automatically, thus only needing 5 other 'real' players (apart from yourself) to fill the league.

Thanks to GaelicAU this is how to add celebrity teams:

  1. Click 'Classic'
  2. Click 'Leagues'
  3. To the right of your league, click the Cog / Settings icon.
  4. Under 'Manage League', click 'Players'
  5. Click 'Add a Celebrity Player' (big blue buttton)

Here's the link to the important part of the image from the email.…

(tidied up midday 29/1 for clarity - as of editing, there are 4300 clicks through to the Fantasy site and 6300 comments here.. so likely easily half of the 10,000 leagues and subsequently at least half of the 10,000 passes on offer are gone or close to it! Get cracking on filling you league if it's not already full.)

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  • +3

    hmm interesting if true

    • +3

      I don't even like AFL.
      But I'm happy to have a subscription so that others can watch the footy when they come to my house. :-)

      • +2

        WFUL6PAX pelase :)

      • Join 'Leaguely Blonde' with DC3MERX3.

        If you do it soon I can join yours immediately.

        • please join my league and I will join yours TLLHZ7FL

        • please join 36J6EAEX

        • Hey I have tried to join a few leagues on here but some seem to be full..


          happy to join anyone who joins mine and replies :)

        • @thurnis hayley: done :) YM7D6KAU if you want in on another one

    • Fancy afl league!


      • I've joined the above.

        Please join mine.

        • +1

          please join mine DS93EKYA and I'll join yours!

      • Joined! My code is TUKESLMW

      • joned as well YM7D6KAU pile on in!

    • +1

      XLYWE7DW league code, please join my league and I will join yours

      • +1

        Ok done!

      • +2

        Just joined yours Leigh!


        • Go go team ozbargain! Joining all I can in this list, please return the favour:


        • @bunkymag:

          Favour returned (Jimmy's Flippers)

      • Join 'Leaguely Blonde' with DC3MERX3.

        If you do it soon I can join yours immediately.

      • My invite code is 2CUHNXC2. Will reciprocate. :)

        • please join my league and I will join yours TLLHZ7FL

        • @krazym: Done :)

        • Joined yours, heres mine VJVYJZAC

      • Could you join my league: 73LZFRMY

        Thanks :)

    • league invite code 6HSJVMS7 , please join! will join back!

      • I just joined yours, please return the favour U9JLNTUC

        • Done guys

        • Done, joining back would be awesome thanks :)


        • @dfitzpatrick:
          Joining various leagues, mine is

        • Please join DWS9YEVJ

        • just got the last spot in yours, please join mine Y7W6F7C6

        • @kroz:

          Just joined yours Kroz!


        • @kroz: Joined yours. Mine is 2CUHNXC2

      • Please join! H652JYA2

      • Yours is now full now but i've joined a heap myself.

        Please join mine Y7W6F7C6

        • just joined yours Kroz YM7D6KAUstill room in mine :)

      • Please join mine MT935Y9T
        I will join others!

        • Done dany!
          Help a brother out TCYAFRE7

      • can someone add mine and ill add you?

    • please join mine DS93EKYA and I'll join yours!

      • please join NZE6PKMA and i'll join everyones!

        • done Beatee… return the favour? TCYAFRE7

        • @boeta: done mate!

        • @beatee: Thx!

        • Joined yours!

          Could you join mine: 73LZFRMY

    • +1

      Just here to hijack the top comment with my league code: XN5NKWXE

      Carry on.

      • Joined your league rizzle, could you join mine: 73LZFRMY

        • Just joined yours, please join mine - LD5DCNZ4

      • Joined yours please joined mine

        • Just joined yours, please join mine - LD5DCNZ4

    • Please join OzBargainTechMelb = MUFSC2ZL

      • please join back to 36J6EAEX

    • Please join OzBargainTechMelb = MUFSC2ZL.

      Newbie to Fantasy Footy



      • +1

        Just did, please join mine - LD5DCNZ4

        • just joined too, please add mine KR645CHPADD

    • KR645CHPADD Please add and I will return the favour!

    • Please join 36H42VXC

    • Please join my team! 2X2YURVF

    • I need 5 more. Join mine and ill join yours - W3KEZZZP

      Send me your code when joined

      THANKS ;0)

  • Nice.

  • As I read it you're not getting free access to the Live Pass AFL premiership live streaming but some sort of AFL fantasy league, whatever that is. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken….:-( !!

  • OP, there is no mention of receiving a free subscription in that link, other than it being among the prizes for potential Winner/s.
    Can you please post the exact email?, or can someone else confirm?

    (Last years 6 free trials worked fantastically, will definitely buy this year, hope this deal is true).

    • Can you please explain '6 fee trials' (apologies to Pauline Hanson for using her trademark line….)

      • You can sign up to get the first month for free..
        Maybe last year was the first 6 weeks free?

        • "…You can sign up to get the first month for free.."

          rinse and repeat…
          rinse and repeat…
          rinse and repeat… etc
          (with additional email addys…)

  • Hmm… this seems too good to be true.
    Reserving judgment until confirmed.
    [edit} 12 months Live pass is one of the prizes, not automatically handed out for entering…

    • I don't think so.

      It says "Create and complete your classic league by March 2 and receive a free AFL Live Pass Subscription"

      • Right. nice one. Creating league now!
        EFL3JZ39 for anyone who wants to join!

        • 6DTZ9ZP5 thx team

        • @LoopyLou: Done

        • @Jonaseymour:


          If people could please help me out? I will be joining others now too.

        • @Sira:


        • @Sira: 4MZTTZCY Joined yours, can someone join mine as well thanks!

        • @chino8826:
          Joined yours :)

        • @danzan: 4MZTTZCY Joined yours, can someone join mine as well thanks!

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