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Free AFL Live Pass Subscription - First 10,000 Complete Classic League Commissioners


The first 10,000 league commissioners that create a Full League prior to 2nd March 2015 will receive a 2015 AFL Live Pass for the length of the premiership season right up until the end of November, valued at $67.28. Prizes Page
Ensure you create a classic league, not an elite league

There are no further details that I have found that tell you when/how the subscription will be sent to you.

Once a league is created, as the owner you can add 10 celebrity players automatically, thus only needing 5 other 'real' players (apart from yourself) to fill the league.

Thanks to GaelicAU this is how to add celebrity teams:

  1. Click 'Classic'
  2. Click 'Leagues'
  3. To the right of your league, click the Cog / Settings icon.
  4. Under 'Manage League', click 'Players'
  5. Click 'Add a Celebrity Player' (big blue buttton)

Here's the link to the important part of the image from the email.

(tidied up midday 29/1 for clarity - as of editing, there are 4300 clicks through to the Fantasy site and 6300 comments here.. so likely easily half of the 10,000 leagues and subsequently at least half of the 10,000 passes on offer are gone or close to it! Get cracking on filling you league if it's not already full.)

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  • CXUF3HFV Please join my league, I'll make sure to join some of the leagues on here.

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      • Code didn't work? Is it for Classic?

        Edit: I'd already added yours. :)

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      done, mine is CXUF3HFV if you want to join

    • Joined both of yours. Mine is KWMEKTLD

  • My league is XK2D9D3Y

    Please join this and post that you have and then I will join yours straight after.


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  • This is working well, so far I've only found 1 league code that didn't have 16 teams!
    Please join mine :)

    • done mate, please return the favor, mine is CXUF3HFV

      • Couldn't find your code?

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    Hi all, only need a few more members, help me out - FXA3YH45

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        I just joined yours, mine is XK2D9D3Y

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  • Hi guys mine is XK2D9D3Y, I will join anyones league who joins mine

    Does anyone know how to get the celebrity teams to join automatically that it talks about in the original post?

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  • here's mine UE2WL6U7 will join as many as i can now…thanks

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      done mate, mines CXUF3HFV, one spot left so I'd appreciate it!

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        Done champ

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        • what's the name of your league jamestown??? having trouble with your code

        • @roweman:


        • cool, i'm already in

    • Joined, mine is XK2D9D3Y

      • Joined. I'm 6A3TZFDX

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        • still getting msg that your invite doesn't exist???

      • what's the name of your league??? it's saying code doesn't exist….maybe i've already entered it???

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          possibly, Foundation League

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          yeah i'm in that :)

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      Joined. I'm 6A3TZFDX

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      Joined! Mines MHLLR35X

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      joined, mine is 36J6EAEX

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