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Free AFL Live Pass Subscription - First 10,000 Complete Classic League Commissioners


The first 10,000 league commissioners that create a Full League prior to 2nd March 2015 will receive a 2015 AFL Live Pass for the length of the premiership season right up until the end of November, valued at $67.28. Prizes Page
Ensure you create a classic league, not an elite league

There are no further details that I have found that tell you when/how the subscription will be sent to you.

Once a league is created, as the owner you can add 10 celebrity players automatically, thus only needing 5 other 'real' players (apart from yourself) to fill the league.

Thanks to GaelicAU this is how to add celebrity teams:

  1. Click 'Classic'
  2. Click 'Leagues'
  3. To the right of your league, click the Cog / Settings icon.
  4. Under 'Manage League', click 'Players'
  5. Click 'Add a Celebrity Player' (big blue buttton)

Here's the link to the important part of the image from the email.

(tidied up midday 29/1 for clarity - as of editing, there are 4300 clicks through to the Fantasy site and 6300 comments here.. so likely easily half of the 10,000 leagues and subsequently at least half of the 10,000 passes on offer are gone or close to it! Get cracking on filling you league if it's not already full.)

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    • added mate . 3UJU49V7 if u can :D

  • hello, need 5 more for my league. Will start joining other peoples now. Reply to my comment with your code and ill join your league. Thanks


    • +1

      added 3UJU49V7

    • +1


    • Z6ZJV547:)

      • hey mate not having any luck finding your league with that code. whats the league named?

    • Thanks everyone that joined. Post your code if you need more people. Wonder when we'll get this subscription.

      • 4 to go: Z6ZJV547

  • Wow, thanks that was super quick.

    Now just 14 more lol. I obviously meant to say "please join" in my first comment :P

    • hey mate you can add ten celebs to your team. there are instructions for it a few comments up

  • +1

    I'm going to join the first 16 leagues I see ^

    my code is Z6ZJV547

    Cheers OzBargainer community!

    • joined yours if you can join mine- FMYMPVWE

      • think you might be full mate.. or I've already joined it haha.

        • must've already joined, I need 8 more :P

    • full, thanks legends

  • +1

    Join my league and I will join yours too AYRVVU6P

  • Join my league please! I'll do the same

  • +1

    thanks mines full 3UJU49V7. i'll keep adding if more get posted below

  • Join my league please!!!


  • 5CD3NK3Z

    Will join yours in return

    • done, Z6ZJV547

      • +1

        Code doesn't work
        edit: never mind I've already joined ha

    • joined VAER9KUX

      • No go on this code, and for the purposes of pimping, 57KXPDZ5

        edit: nevermind, already joined it!

    • done mine is H22SKXTF

    • Done! first too Mine is 57KXPDZ5

      • ^ done, Z6ZJV547

        • +1

          mm, heineken league. Done!

    • Done, mine is VECHPUEV

  • Deleted

    • Not sure, I've been joining teams with way over 16 teams, so I'm worried I can't fill mine now :(

      • Some have mentioned it should be head to head, but I don't really know. If you keep it open there is no end point.

        One person on my list has 36 teams and still going

        • Darn, I did an open league. Hope I can get the free app access

  • 64CM9ZCJ

    I will join your leagues in return!

    • +1

      Done! - 57KXPDZ5

    • +1

      done, 6UN4RYAP

    • +1

      Joined, please join my league YMJTTTCR

  • Only two more needed! - 57KXPDZ5

    I'll return the favour, I'm strangely enjoying this, screwing the AFL and being part of a crowd!

    • done! 6UN4RYAP

  • Please join 6UN4RYAP

    • +1


  • I've got all 16! Thanks everyone! :D

  • 9REJ69KL i will join all replies and others too.

    • Joined.

      • thanks do u have a code

        • I do, but I've got 16 people already.

        • thanks!

    • done! 6UN4RYAP

      • +1


    • joined! 57KXPDZ5

    • Thanks, just joined yours. I'm 9WD3NN7D.

    • Joined, please join my league YMJTTTCR

      • thanks, joined

  • Join me league and I'll join yours: 9WD3NN7D
    I just joined:

    • joined! 6UN4RYAP

      • I joined 9WD3NN7D.

        Join my if you can 64CM9ZCJ

    • Joined, please join my league YMJTTTCR

    • joined - i'm KKYJYWM6

  • 9 more to go for me, I'll join all replies with code

    • +1

      joined - hit me back! KKYJYWM6

      • joined :)

  • EJUKYC2W need 5. Reply with yours

    • joined 6UN4RYAP

    • joined 9REJ69KL

    • Joined E6DE9D4R :)

    • Joined, please join my league YMJTTTCR

      • YMJTTTCR - done
        My INVITE CODE is PXWD7K53

        • Joined - I'm 9WD3NN7D

        • 9WD3NN7D - done

    • joined - i'm KKYJYWM6

      • KKYJYWM6- urs is full

  • Please join my league and I'll join yours :) E6DE9D4R

    • +1

      joined 9REJ69KL

      • +1

        9REJ69KL - done
        My INVITE CODE is PXWD7K53

    • +1

      joined 6UN4RYAP

      • 6UN4RYAP - done
        My INVITE CODE is PXWD7K53

        • done

      • not found

    • +1

      Joined! 64CM9ZCJ

      • 64CM9ZCJ - urs is full. cant join. .

        My INVITE CODE is PXWD7K53

    • +1

      E6DE9D4R - joined
      My INVITE CODE is PXWD7K53

      • +1

        joined - just filled you at 16!

        i'm KKYJYWM6

        • thanks joined

    • +1

      joined - i'm KKYJYWM6

    • Thank you all, filled up fast! I've joined back all except a couple which were already full :)

  • Joined - please join:


    • SDSANC32 - done
      My INVITE CODE is PXWD7K53

    • joined - i'm KKYJYWM6

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