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Free AFL Live Pass Subscription - First 10,000 Complete Classic League Commissioners


The first 10,000 league commissioners that create a Full League prior to 2nd March 2015 will receive a 2015 AFL Live Pass for the length of the premiership season right up until the end of November, valued at $67.28. Prizes Page
Ensure you create a classic league, not an elite league

There are no further details that I have found that tell you when/how the subscription will be sent to you.

Once a league is created, as the owner you can add 10 celebrity players automatically, thus only needing 5 other 'real' players (apart from yourself) to fill the league.

Thanks to GaelicAU this is how to add celebrity teams:

  1. Click 'Classic'
  2. Click 'Leagues'
  3. To the right of your league, click the Cog / Settings icon.
  4. Under 'Manage League', click 'Players'
  5. Click 'Add a Celebrity Player' (big blue buttton)

Here's the link to the important part of the image from the email.

(tidied up midday 29/1 for clarity - as of editing, there are 4300 clicks through to the Fantasy site and 6300 comments here.. so likely easily half of the 10,000 leagues and subsequently at least half of the 10,000 passes on offer are gone or close to it! Get cracking on filling you league if it's not already full.)

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    • done

    • Please join mine i will join yours now 59SDTUW9

    • done mine is VML24RD7

  • Please join 9F537LH3

    Will join yours in return, cheers :)

    • done

      • me too please if u can :) 59SDTUW9

    • W9LTLMMC

    • Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

    • 9F537LH3 joined. Please join mine S5TR2E34

  • once league is full how do you get subscription?

  • Please join mine i still need 6 more to join 59SDTUW9

    • done mine is VML24RD7

    • Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

  • Please join VML24RD7 and I'll join yours

    • W9LTLMMC

    • Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

    • done. please join mine S2EZJ93S

  • can anyone confirm if this is real??

    Please join my league and leave yours in comment and i will join yours back. Thanks

    League: FJUDC5WM

    • W9LTLMMC

    • Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

    • yours is full :)

      please join mine S2EZJ93S

  • If anyone is still looking for a league, or someone to join theirs, I have 6 spots open.

  • please join W9LTLMMC. I'll join your league :)

    • Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

    • done. please join mine S2EZJ93S

  • Hi guys, just signed up, add my league and I'll add you back - EWJ79NLV

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      Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

      • Done. Cheers!

      • How on earth do you add celebrities mate? haha, can't work it out very frustrating!

          1. Click on "My Leagues"
          2. Click on "Edit League Settings" (is the 2nd icon, like a cog, next to the facebook and twitter icon).
          3. Click on Players (under the Manage League title, left side of screen).
          4. Click big blue button "Add celebrity players".
          5. click the checkbox beside each celebrity player, click the "Add Selection" at the bottom of the celebrities screen.

          good luck!

    • Joined EWJ79NLV. PLease join mine S5TR2E34

  • My league: X26PFPFX

    Join and I'll reciprocate.

  • Please join my league and I'll join you back: D35YDVTZ


    • Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

      • Joined yours, mine is FZ4F4HSE

      • please join mine S2EZJ93S

    • Umm, I can't seem to find anyone's league… Mine is
      Please join and I'll join yours if I can work out how :-)

      Any tips please?

      • Joined yours neil.

      • Click on "leagues" then "join league" then paste in the codes that people have been posting - mine is JJ43W9FX. I've just joined yours.

        • Done, you're full now.

      • Ah, I was searching under private! Its under public… Thanks Adam, will join yours now.

      • i joined yours.

        please join mine S2EZJ93S

        • Thanks and done. Add a load of celebrity players to fill up your league, info above.

    • Joined D35YDVTZ. Please join mine S5TR2E34

  • Anyone still looking for a league? I have 6 spots left. 9KL5JDUA

    • Joined - my league JJ43W9FX

      • Joined. My league: X26PFPFX

    • done. please join mine S2EZJ93S

    • i tried to join your league but i cant find it?

      please join mine S2EZJ93S

  • I stupidly created an 'open league size' instead of 16 - D'oh. Real join code: JJ43W9FX

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  • please join my league S2EZJ93S

    i'll join yours too, comment your code here

    • joined - mine is JJ43W9FX

      • thanks. joined yours too

        • I've joined yours too, please join mine KMVL5N79

  • anyone else able to join? S2EZJ93S

    • joined…..please join NJUR35DV

    • Joined S2EZJ93S. Please join mine at S5TR2E34

  • I still need two more. My league is VML24RD7. Leave your invite code and I'll join in return.

    • its not working when i search for yours??? are you able to join mine pls S2EZJ93S

      • I've joined yours mine is 5NFMJ6ZE please

    • Just joined yours. please joine mine KMVL5N79

  • Only need 3 more to join league will join back 5NFMJ6ZE please

    • I've joined your please join mine KMVL5N79

    • I've joined your league, please join mine NJUR35DV…thanks

    • Joined 5NFMJ6ZE. PLease join S5TR2E34

  • Please join mine and I'll join yours KMVL5N79

    • Joined :)

      Can two people please join my league? KCURCD3P

      Currently living in Canada so this deal would be perfect!

      • Just signed up to your league. Please sign up to my AFL fantasy footy league. Code: DVLVM5J7

        • Just joined yours. please joine mine KMVL5N79

        • joined yours, please join mine 4ECK5WZ2

  • Please sign up to my AFL fantasy footy league. Code: DVLVM5J7

    • I have joined, please join NJUR35DV…thanks.

    • Joined DVLVM5J7. Please join mine at S5TR2E34

  • Please join NJUR35DV and I'll return the favour

    • Just joined yours. please joine mine KMVL5N79

      • thanks…..I have joined yours.

    • Just joined, could you possibly join mine - SYJ9DJML

  • Need 2 more please join mine and I'll join yours KMVL5N79, thanks

  • Joined. Please join mine NWP5P547. I need a few more. Thx

    • Just joined NWP5P547. Please join S5TR2E34 if you can.

  • Join up to invite code S5TR2E34 (ABEL WILLING & READY) and I'll jump into yours if in need. Happy days to all.

    • Just joined yours. please join mine KMVL5N79 thanks

      • Done. Cheers.

  • Joined kanga21. Pls reciprocate.

  • All this mutual joining……is this football or horizontal folk dancing?? Jigajigajigajig . :-) .. !!

  • Need a couple more, please join SYJ9DJML and I will return the favour!

    • Joined, please join mine! MZ99XZRM

      • Thanks! Entered your code but says it couldn't find your league?

    • Joined. Plsjoin mine ALJ43ZJE

      • +1

        Thanks! Joined yours :)

  • Hope I did this right- I am a bit confused. Please join my league too! My code is 4ECK5WZ2

    • Cheers. Joined yours. I'm all done.

    • Thanks! Just joined yours - think you're all good now!

  • Join mine and I'll join yours
    League invitation code

  • I joined yours desouzac and AbelG!

  • rustygold- couldn't find your league to join, not showing up in the search. Are you sure you did a classic league?

    • same

    • Yep realised I went elite, edited the post, its now



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