expired CEBU: Syd to Manila RETURN $141 + $3.43 International Flights from Manila to Selected Cities


ENDS TODAY! Travel Period 15 June to 10 December 2015.

Checked Cebu Pacific and apparently they have abolished the fuel surcharge. Keyed in a few dates (very limited) and found flights for $141 return.

$98 from Sydney to Manila and $43 from Manila to Sydney for selected dates between 15 June and 10 December 2015.

Plus there is also a deal on for 1 Peso flights (plus 120 Peso admin fee, converts to 3c + $3.40) with zero fuel surcharge from Manila to other international destinations including: Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh, Macau, Phuket, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and more.

Not sure on the availablity of the 1 Peso deal to popular destinations but I did find a flight from Manila to Kuwait for $3.43.

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    mad deal. dunno whats to see in manila though


    Wish could change air ticket names without penalty fees.
    could book two tix now and invite friends later


    Amazing price. Thsnkyou

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    Fly to puerto princesa, palawan and you won't regret it


    Some availability in October


    Couldn't find any cheap flights to Japan, Korea or Taiwan later in the year from my quick searches. Looks like a lot of the cheap flights are gone. Still a good deal. Note that their on time performance this month is only 55.2% so you're probably better to leave several hours between each leg, maybe even a night.


    Don't bother checking international flights and most of the local flights for 1php….

    Flights Syd - Manila are so rare. Probably like 50 people can buy it at this price…


    Hi guys what time does this sale end? Cheers


    I can find dates for 1 person but no dates seem to be pricing for 2 people unfortunately


    I couldn't see 1 promo flight from sydney to manila, but saw a few from manila to sydney at about $40


    I waited too long. Saw flights a few hours ago, told everyone about them, now log in to buy and… gone. Can get back from Manilla, but not get there :(


    This deal is literally sold out as of now.

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    Just booked Syd to Kuwait (with 1.5 day layover in Manila) return for October for $175 (RETURN). Now to book a dirt cheap Pegasus flight onto Europe, which will set me back $300 or so. WOOT.

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        Pegasus is a Turkish budget airline which normally uses Sabina Goken as its base. Fares are super cheap to anywhere in Europe. $380 return to Amsterdam (from Kuwait) for instance.


          Cheers and where do they fly from, what destinations?


          @strikerzebra: www.flypgs.com I think.
          In Europe: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Barcelona are some I can think of off the top of my head. Also some more out-of-the-way destinations like Pristana, Skopje and Tirana. They are definitely one of the best airlines linking the Middle East and Europe in terms of $ per km and the flying experience is not unpleasant for a budget airline. A long stopover in Sabina Goken isn't ideal…



          cheers, i'll definitely be checking it out


      You can maybe stay at the James Packer's City of Dreams, which is very close to the airport.


      Holy crap. That's all I can say.

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      50 hours of uncomfort in ultra LCCs with 3 connections just to save a few hundred dollars? You clearly dont value your time or comfort very highly!


    Had some in November, but was waiting for confirmation from my girlfriend on dates… Shouldn't have waited. :(


    The website is playing up, you think it has none, but it does, and it says only one ticket, yet it has more. Just lick around, the dates pop back up again with promo fares. I just booked 14-27 Oct. So cheap that I even paid the $32 donation to WWF that they offer on the last page.
    Admittedly the website was TEDIOUS! threw me out twice.


    OMG I just did it… OMG…

    NOTE: When you're in the paying section, check your browser's URL section for a padlock symbol - it means 'secure connection'.

    Mine didn't have that symbol in the payment section, so I payed through PayPal (…with its higher exchange rate, so I paid over $141 how dare they…)

    Just a heads up ;)

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    Great deal for price. I took a similar deal which was great value.

    Be aware of the travel warnings.

    At night, there are some places that felt a little dangerous. Be smart. There are quite a few people sleeping near the hotels and in the streets. This is an experience itself. Almost everyone will know or have heard of people who had been robbed or experienced it themselves. Safe places to shop are Robinson's etc where every exit has at least one or more guards with guns and metal detectors to enter.

    Some places in the south are known to be dangerous for kidnapping / worse etc.

    Tip: At Manilla Airport, take the escalator upstairs to departure. Take the right exit. Catch the white taxis, there is a queue of people there. Much cheaper than yellow taxis below. Make sure you are charged by the meter. (if you are paranoid, take a picture of the licence plate before hopping in). I only had two experiences of a taxi driver, deliberately going the wrong way until I corrected him. Had an experience of a taxi driver pumping fuel, without turning off the engine, without turning off the meter. When you convert currency, it is no big issue. I would only be worried about the safety issue. Lots of shopping choices, many things like anywhere are from China. Quite a lot of choice for food.

    There are a lot of repetitive ads on tv saying "honesty is the best policy". Some people mention that saying this sometimes gets them better service or normal prices. I would not mention this unless you really feel the need.

    There are also coupon deals in Manilla. Groupon etc. A lot of things can be bargained. e.g. Sunset sailing in Boracay. Pictures show RRP 4500 peso per person. They reduced this to 1500 without any bargaining. Going price was 500 pesos for two people just asking the next person. Banana boat was like 150 peso.

    The plane itself was quite empty and you could find an empty row to sleep on the way back. (not sure about peak periods) Felt quite clean on the inside.

    Plane tip: Don't bother to prebook meals. You can easily book them on board if you are hungry. No big price difference. Sydney to Manilla you can take drinks you have bought at the airport. Manilla to Sydney you are not allowed and will be checked.

    Plane may not leave on time, so if you are planning on transiting would recommend an over night or having quite a few hours spare. I know of people going to Hong Kong etc that missed connecting flights.

    Tip: Would not recommend booking a hire car. Traffic is different and driving would not be relaxing in Manilla.

    Using the airline from Manilla to other cities is an experience. There was an Australian couple with children who almost cried started. They were full grown adults. They were not used to the experience at the airport. If you are on a non discount airline, no issues I could see.

    Overall quite fun. Other than the serious dangers. But probably will not be back again. There are other places which are fun, fairly cheap and a lot safer.

    Would recommend a local guide that speaks English. The prices they get as locals, organisation, safety, saving time, taking pictures etc. is worth it.

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      plus from me. Lots of good info here

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      great tips!
      I'm thinking about island hopping sometime in November!

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      I agree with a lot of this. I've been to Manila a few times, and find it a great city to wander around in. Can be interesting wading through waist high water over the roads during a flood, or trying to figure out what the hell you are eating at a local resto.

      A newcomer to Manila is best getting a coupon taxi from the terminal. Avoid anybody offering you a taxi (usually something like "Taxi, no queuing!"), they go by highly inflated rates. To Makati is probably around 200-300 peso depending on traffic, by coupon taxi it's 440 peso - fixed price. Price goes up to 1400 - 1800 peso if you get one of the dodgy taxi guys.

      I've never yet had a Cebu flight leave on time, worst was a 3 hour delay during the Pope's visit to Manila, they basically closed Manila airport. Meals suck, don't bother. Take a sandwich. Buy water on the plane though, it's pretty cheap. Some flights are packed, others empty, luck of the draw to which one you get. Just got back from Davao the other day and the plane was full.

      Plan on an hour to get to Manila airport via taxi on your way back home, and for extra time for all the security checks once you are in the airport. Traffic is notoriously bad. But it's a good time to chat to the driver. Most of them are cool, sometimes you may need to offer more to get where you want to go if the traffic is really horrible, or you can wait for another taxi. If you are particularly lazy, and the driver is giving you a hard time about the cost, just offer "meter + 200 peso", it'll usually work. Be warned in the busy spots taxi's can be hard to catch, the locals will jump right in front of you. If that happens, offer 100 peso's to a young local to flag you down one.

      Jeepneys, tricycles and motorbikes are a great way to get around, just don't bother unless you are with a local so they don't rip you off.

      Do the Intramuros tour by Carlos Celdran. Well worth the money, but book ahead. Hire a driver for the day and go to Tagaytay and Taal volcano. You can do the donkey ride up the mountain if you feel particularly sadistic towards the donkeys and their handlers!

      SM Mega Mall, Mall of Asia, they know how to build big malls in Manila!

      Walk around, be friendly, chat with the locals. Most Filipino's are the nicest people in the world. Just avoid giving money to the children beggars.

      Manila is a great city, just be careful, like with anywhere you travel.

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      Totally agree. If you're not exactly careful in Manila good luck coming back home - let alone alive. It's not like Thailand and there's a lot of shady places that requires extra care taken. I've lived here for one and a half years now and experienced and heard my fair share of attempted of scams, pick pocketing and robbery.

      Here you need a lot of patience and dealing with the taxi driver is something I hate hate hate.

      I don't recommend the Philippines as a beginner traveller country.

      Think twice, don't do anything stupid and stay safe. :)

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    Due to the high demand for this seat, we’ve confirmed the seat to the first guest who was able to settle the amount due. Please restart your booking and choose another flight.

    WTF that was a waste of time

    I will wait till they put the special on again i dont think anyone actually pays full price on these flights.
    Im heading there tomorrow just need a few more i did 10 return trips last year just wish i lived in Sydney i have to get a flight at 6am from Gold Coast to Sydney.


    Just got seats Manila to Boracay OW on the 1 potato deal @ 10:15pm.
    All up incl 10kg bags, seat choice & WWF donation - $95 for 3 pax. Happy.

    Need tix for Boracay > Porta Princes > Manila - but everyday price isn't too bad anyway. (I can wait for next 1 potato deal)

    FWIW: There was still a 1 potato Cebu > Manila seat available for June 2. I prefer Palawan.

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    Some great tips here. I just got back from the Philippines and probably wouldnt return. Yes the beaches are nice out in the islands, the people are very friendly and its super cheap but its not an easy country to visit at all. Manila airport is absolute hell (even worse than I was expecting), the food the whole trip was pretty forgettable (they dont use herbs, spices or seasoning so everything is pretty bland), the restaurant staff were utterly hopeless at every restaurant and the towns/cities are absolutely filthy.
    I was expecting the Philippines to be 'the next Thailand' and while it might be cheaper, it has a very, very long way to go before it will be considered a popular Asian tourist destination, especially while their aviation industry continues to be the train wreck it currently is. Tourists with limited leave from work are not going to happily book long connections solely because the Philippines is unable to operate an aviation industry properly.
    If you're looking for a cheap Asian beach holiday I would definitely recommend Thailand - it might be slightly more expensive but the Thais know how to do tourism. I would not go through the experience of the Philippines again just to save a bit of money. If you're looking for something a bit different and cheaper than Thailand(ie less commercial, more culutre), try Vietnam or Cambodia.

    The Philippines has a long, long way to go.

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