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Crucial MX100 SSD 256GB $129, 512GB $249, Intel NUC From $149, Logitech G502 Free Shipping Combo @ Shopping Express


Popular Crucial MX100 SSDs & Intel NUCs goes to the extreme today with ultra competitive prices. Further more - buy ANY 2 item on this list to enjoy Free Shipping on your entire order. Enjoy :).

Enter coupon code : IRRESISTIBLY-GOOD at shopping cart to enjoy discounted prices below
Free Shipping auto applies once the condition is met.

All stocks are limited, with limited quantity per customer.
Where free shipping do not apply, shipping starts $8.95 and averages $12 Australia Wide.
No Grey Imports, All Genuine & carries Australia's Manufacturer Warranty.

For 1st time buyers:
- Add any of the above products to your shopping cart
- Enter Postcode inside your shopping cart and click apply
- Enter voucher code: IRRESISTIBLY-GOOD and the associated discount will apply (check right side of the shopping cart for the total value
- Proceed to checkout and make payment once you confirmed the total price is correct

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  • With the wretched exchange rate these SSD prices are pretty competitive.

  • Just bought a 512GB from MSY… [email protected]#$% lol

  • Very tempted by that $149 NUC. Are there any other costs to be aware of, like do I need to supply my own RAM and SSD there?

    • Yes it's BYO for both.

    • You'll need ram, which will need to be 1.35V so-dimms (one stick is fine) and an msata SSD, personally I'm using a Samsung 840 Evo 120GB in my older NUC. I think you will also need a mickey mouse cable for the plug pack, although the newer ones may come with it (only about $6 at Jaycar or MSY anyway).

    • Wouldn't one of those PendoPads be a cheaper alternative?
      The Atom CPUs seem to be faster than this Celeron and these tablets already contain ram and (small) storage space.
      Tech heads please correct me if I'm wrong.

      • The Celeron in the NUC supports 2 channel of memory and up to 8GB of RAM but it's no world beater that's for sure.

        The main advantage in the celeron NUC vs a tablet is the throughput via SATA SSD vs eMMC memory in a tablet.

        • The ability to put 8GB in the NUC is a plus. However I see the real advantage as being decent ports. In particular the NUC has two standard USB ports. Tablets might not have any; sure they may have an OTG port and adapter, but then you can't charge your tablet and use your usb keyboard&mouse at the same time. With a special adapter you may be able to supply power to the OTG port while using the keyboard, but there is no guarantee the electrics on the tablet will support charging in this configuration. I have ordered such a adapter, and will see if the PendoPad is compatible with it.

        • BTW, I was able to use OTG USB and charge my PendoPad at the same time with a $5.75 OTG hub from ebay. It has a charge/OTG slider but the charge setting still allows me to use the OTG.

    • The N2820 is a dual core celeron. Pay a little more for the Gigabyte Brix 1900 which has a quad core celeron.

      • I'd rather pay less for something weaker, this seems like overkill for what I need. I'd pay $149 but if it's going to end up over $250 after I get RAM and storage I'll keep looking.

        • Be aware that Hypnotoad is incorrect above and you don't want an mSATA SSD for the Celeron NUC, it will only take a 2.5" SSD/HDD like the MX100's above.

        • @XeKToReX: Oops - you are right. My main point was the the NUC storage throughput is significantly better than a tablet though.

          Have corrected myself now.

      • Owning both the intel N2820 (nuc) and the Brix 1900

        1 ) Yes the brix is a faster (quad core with 1333mhz ram speed) beast (twice the grunt)
        2 ) Nuc has HD indicator led (brix has not)
        3 ) Nuc has a nicer more refined BIOS, Brix feels bare bone, EFI only
        4 ) Brix is plastic outside, metal bottom, Nuc is metal outside, plastic bottom

        Both run KVM virtualisation (what I used them for) and obviously the brix is signifcantly better suited.

        The NUC also has less cache and the slower hobbled 1033mhz memory does make a noticeable difference.. I think given its half performance I think the NUC is overpriced vs the J1900 brix ($200).

        • reading the brix 1900 specs it says:

          "Supports 2.5” thickness 7.0/9.5mm Hard Drives (1 x 3Gbps SATA2)"

          Does that mean it doesn't support the usual ssd sata 3 6gps ?

        • It will support the drive, however it will not run at full SATA3 speeds and fall back to SATA2 limit (300mb)… I don't think it would actually fully utilise SATA3 speeds even if it could given its limited grunt (compared to say, a i7 processor with some superdupa high speed ram) .. Maybe if used as a file server maybe then, but the network speed would then become the limiting issue.

          Disclaimer : I have not tested SATA3 in the unit as I haven't had the need but am assuming being Intel based chipset, will cause SATA3 devices to gracefully fall back to SATA2 speeds. No responsibility accepted for damages caused directly or indirectly through whacking an insanely fast SSD into a tiny little itsy bitsy pc.

    • You also need the power cable. They dont come with one.

    • I wonder if this is the N2820 or N2830 model.

      Also keep in mind Intel has released the newer NUCs so the old NUCs are basically getting cleared out.

    • The celeron NUC comes with power supply cable, inbuilt WiFi/Bluetooth module, and accepts regular 2.5" ssds and HDDs. The other models are the ones where it gets weird with cables, msata and wireless modules.

  • Would be keen to order two G502 mice (in order to apply the "buy ANY 2 item on this list to enjoy Free Shipping on your entire order") but there's a 1 unit limit.

  • Notice the Samsung 840 EVO slowdown issue hasn't been given a mention yet, so thought I'd better shove it into the comments for anyone unawares:


      • Wow, that just steered me well away…

      • Thanks for the heads up!

      • This is frustrating. Crucial and Samsung used to have really good reputation on SSDs.
        However, both of their lower cost versions are having issues.

        I am actually more interested in m550.

        • Yeah, it's disappointing. The Samsung Pro series still has a fantastic reputation but they're a bit pricey. Same as Intel.

          I've used Sandisk for a while and I've never had a problem with their SSDs. They're good value too.

        • Still waiting for another $104 240gb Sandisk Ultra 2 deal from msy…. Would love to put another in raid 0 with my current one.

        • @cheesecactus: Well, Ultra II uses TLC. We know there have been quite a few issues with TLC (including certain batches of iPhone 6/6+).

        • @netsurfer:

          Maybe problems with TLC, but a google turns up 0 problems with the ultra II.

        • @cheesecactus: People raved about Samsung EVO 400 previously, before the infamous read issue is known. It is too early to tell for Ultra II.

          Customer reviews on newegg is good, but there are people who had issues (this is a relatively new model, too early to comment on it I reckon).

          My experience with Sandisk Extreme SSDs is mixed (could be Sandforce chipset causing the issues).

    • I thought they fixed that with a FW update a few months back? (The Samgsung that is)

      • That was another issue.

      • They did release a software (firmware update + re-condition the drive), but that article is saying the so called fix does not appear to fix the issue completely and some people are able to re-produce the issue.

        • OK. just checked mine and speeds seem where they should be. :)

        • @EightImmortals: The issue is about old files which remain there for a long time (2-3 months). Also, the drive which had the issue resurfaced (after running the software) hasn't been used for 2-3 months (basically, apply the so called fix, then leave the drive there for a few months, then re-test).

          The software released by Samsung apparently re-prepped the drive by doing the free blocks first, then re-write/move every existing / in used blocks to a new block (then probably re-prep it). Samsung's explanation was something to do with the state of TLC memory blocks after long time being idle (which requires multiple reads to get the accurate data). It is the multi-reads (re-reading the blocks) which is slowing down the drive.

  • Hey rep, why didnt some of us get our $10 voucher for doing the survey a few months back?

    And why didnt i get a response despite several emails?

    All i got for my efforts is daily spam from you guys…

    • Before leaving on a long drive such as this, be sure to check under the bonut things. If the big thing shows any signs of leakage, be sure to consult a qualified mechanic.

    • I am in the same situation. Emails getting ignored regarding the voucher and a warranty claim. Customer service has declined in recent months.

    • Same here
      Despite the email, I guess the SE is pretty much great.
      If you see the review from SE in Product Reviews, Most Helpful people complain about the difficulty to contact them via email or Ticket.

      It's already more than 1 month for me actually to solve the little problem that caused by me actually (I admit it).
      Yet the SE respond time is so slow , sometimes your email even got ignored….
      Which make it more frustrating

  • Tempted by the 500gb msata.. but but 265.. dont have x(

  • Bought the N2820 on the OzBargain special last and it is an awesome HTPC.

  • I also sent shopping express an email a few weeks ago and never got a reply. I used to be a big fan of shopping express, but in recent times seems to be slipping in service…

    • Hi salem,

      Thanks for your feedback, can you PM me your ticket ID? We do have limited service till around 12-1-15 due to New year break and there's some catching up to do recently.

      Kind Regards

  • Can anyone recommend a NUC for a Home Theater room, I have recently purchased an android box (minix x-8h) however was unaware that it does not output 7.1 channel or DTS-MA or DD True HD, therefore I require a unit that will output this quality running XBMC streaming the files off a server. I am coming to the conclusion that a NUC is the best option to play back 30GB Blu-Ray backups but advice would be appreciated?\

    I have also looked at android boxes that will supposedly do these formats but not 60FPS (I may be able to live with that though) links bellow.


    There is also the question of Lynex or not? For my purpose of literally just high quality XBMC playback off the server and Streaming?

    Otherwise there is this (bellow) but I can not find much information out about it at all?


    • If you're doing pass through digital audio to a receiver that decodes DTS, then the celeron NUC running openElec can do it. I think I read it has issues doing it under windows, but openElec (a flavour of Linux that is basically barely enough underlying operating system to run xbmc) is fine. Mine spits out DTS to my receiver no problem (although I just play 1080p h264 mkv).

      • Thanks heaps for your feedback DTS-HD-MA is a different audio codec of lossless sound, the android box can do DTS pass-through it's the higher end codecs that it can't, I'm concerned the lower specs of a NUC may not be able to handle it as-well.

    • The i3/i5 Supports 7.1 DTS-HDMA passthrough no problem, the Celeron NUC does not.

      I have an i3 model and definitely does do passthrough fine to my Yamaha RX-3030A

      • Under openelec my celeron nuc is bitstreamimg HD codecs to my receiver. There is/was an issue with it under windows though.

      • Does your amp say DTS MA? because as I said, DTS MA is Core + Extension, so you will still get superior sound output to DTS but the device will downmix just the core DTS to the amp and you wont actually be playing DTS-MA sound.

        • Shows DTS-HDMA, and a quick check of the input source info in the yamaha GUI shows the same, shows correct bit rate, channels (depending on what im watching, which is upmixed to 9.2 anyways)

        • @Copie: THATS WHAT I NEED! do you adjust a setting to get it to upmix or is it automatic?

        • @yacman: also do you find that your NUC makes any audible noise?

        • @yacman: No settings needed, my Amp automatically upmixes the source (whether it be 5.1/7.1) to 9.2ch. Just got to make sure the NUC is setup for passthrough (depending on your av receiver)

          Given the extra 2 channels are front presence (ambient noises/soundtrack, dialogue/sound effects are handled by the other channels) its an easy upmix for the Yamaha.

        • @yacman:

          Nope, no noise at all, ive got mine buried deep in the entertainment system (i control it via the XBMC app on my ipad, i control all of my home theater by apps on the ipad)

        • @Copie: Thanks for all the information! very helpful, My amp is worth over $3000 and has all the audio codecs including THX (yet to find a source content that is THX not even the star wars blu-rays (DTS-MA)) so passthrough should work a treat!

          My amp seems to upmix normal content to 8 channel but 2 channel stereo sources such as UFC PPV for example I use the extended stereo feature that works well but does not utilize the sub-woofer at all :(.

          Your running windows 8 I presume?

          XBMC set to 2 channel passthrough as well?

        • @yacman:

          Win 7 and pretty sure Xbmc is set to 7.1 I'll have to check

        • @Copie: Thanks man, I'm researching NUC now, can anyone advise if I should buy this one? or hold off a little longer since I'm in no rush?

          And given what do I need to buy with a NUC, RAM? anything else?

    • If you're using it for a Home Theatre make sure you get one with a built-in IR sensor as well. My I5 NUC does and it works great with my Harmony Remote(although I had to fiddle around a little bit but that's normal for Harmony config).

      • Thanks for all the feedback guys, looks like I'll keep an eye out for a good i3 NUC, I would rather run windows to have more flexibility and im not confident with the unfamiliar to me openelec. I also would use an RF dongle to use an air remote as they are great offer great functionality.

        Can anyone comment on the DTS True HD support though?

        Thanks is advance!

  • Hi rep,
    just 4 days ago I ordered the Asus note 8 (The 3 items for $299 deal), and just got it today.
    For some reason the tablet basically just switches off itself when the battery percentage gets to about 23%, without any warnings - the screen just goes black and can't wake it up unless I plug the charger in and turn it on again.

    Is this a sign of DOA? what can I do?

  • what is the mSATA? It looks only chip no case version. Can I use it on laptop?

  • For those considering the NUCs, be aware that new models (5th Gen) will be out very soon

  • looking at buying Intel NUC Kit i5-4250U BOXD54250WYKH
    Is Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 CL11 SODIMM Rams KVR16LS118 compatible with it?
    Do I need to buy a wireless adapter?
    Does it come with any OS or need to buy separately?

    • RAM is compatible
      Wireless adapter is included
      No OS bundled.

      • thanks IceCreamBandit.
        Anything else I need to consider apart from RAM, SSD, Monitor, Keyboard/Mouse?

      • No, the wireless adapter is NOT included in the i5 NUC kit. It is not in the i3 NUC kit either, only the Celeron one. The plugs to the antenna are included.

        Reason is, intel wants you to buy the wireless AC adapter. The one in the Celeron NUC is only wireless N. Be careful when installing the antenna plugs to the wireless card. I found it easier to actually connect the plugs to the card first, then insert the card into slot. Otherwise, use an USB wireless dongle.

  • Rep, are you guys able to do a better deal on the 1TB mSATA EVO?

    • Hi O15,

      We can't do anything on the 1TB mSATA EVO. Please seriously consider the 500GB mSATA and purchase asap as not only is the stock on shortage, the price is likely to go up again.


  • Hmmm, I normally dislike these kinds of comments but… the ASUS Chromebook is the one I want a deal on. Is it ever going to happen?

  • Do the Crucial's have cloning software like the Samsung EVOs?

  • Hi store rep

    any deals on gpus? Especially gtx 970?


  • Any chance for a deal on the Razer Taipan? :)

  • Free shipping for EVO 120GB SATA? :-)

  • Heya rep,

    Trying to get the 8GB RAM and Samsung EVO 250GB mSATA SSD, but the mSATA drive shows as $149 instead of $145?

    • Hi walletroo,

      Try the coupon code: IRRESISTIBLY-GOOD
      If you've done so, please check the discount section in your shopping cart (it should show $4)

      Let me know if you still have issues.


  • Not much of a deal without the free shipping and I only need the NUC :(
    Never got my $10 voucher from the last survey either!

  • Hi Rep! Any possibility on regular hard drive deals? Like the 3.5" internals :)

  • I was thinking between the Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD mSATA and the Crucial M550 256GB mSATA for the Intel NUC


    Does anyone have experience with one of these SSD before?

  • Might be a silly question, but does this have windows installed?

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