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Two Years for The Price of One with The Smile Dental Care Plan


Basically the same as this deal I posted previously and which expires today.

New coupon code and new expiry date. Other than that, it's all the same so I hope you don't mind the copy paste.

This scheme could be a great and cheaper alternative or even an 'add-on' to the dental cover you have through your private health insurance.

For an annual membership starting from $77 for singles, you can get a discount of up to 40% on a wide range of dental treatments and procedures with hundreds of participating dentists Australia-wide.

All this is on top of whatever rebates you get through your private health cover.

If you join before the end of March, you can get two years membership for the price of one.

I've written a detailed review of this plan, its potential benefits and what potential issues to look out for and would like to invite my fellow ozbargainers to read it for yourself here.

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  • OP, Links for the review are not working mate.

  • Not all shiny reviews…

    Contrary to what the cached "detailed review" stated, you are signing an ongoing contract and cancellation costs an administration fee of $24.95.

    I'm not saying that it won't save you money but be aware of the traps.

    • you are signing an ongoing contract and cancellation costs an administration fee of $24.95

      May I please ask where did you see anything about a $24.95 'cancellation fee'? I see nothing on their website or in any of their official documentation to that effect.

      As a matter of fact, their FAQ states the following regarding cancellations:

      "4. How do I cancel the automatic renewal?"
      Simply contact Smile by phone on 1300 238 648 from Monday to Friday, 9-5 AEST. Alternatively email the Member Services Team at [email protected]. There is no cost to cancel the automatic renewal before the due date.

      Regarding the 'ongoing contract': while this is true that you do give them authority to renew your membership every year, you are free to cancel that authority at any time and again, there is no fee involved (unless you can provide evidence to the contrary).

      "3. Am I able to cancel the automatic renewal?
      Yes. You are able to cancel the automatic renewal at any time before the due date. This will mean you will no longer be invoiced by Smile and no longer receive reduced fees for dental services.

      Reference: http://www.smile.com.au/questions-answers

      • This is a copy of their Terms of Use with item 3 expanded.
        There are also on the net complaints that Smile DO charge the cancellation fee of $24.95.

        1. General
        2. Plan Policy
        3. Cancellation Policy

          Cancellations must be made by completing and returning the Cancellation Form to Smile.
          This must be done at least 14 days prior to the new billing cycle to prevent further billing.
          Cancellation may attract an administration fee of $24.95.

        4. Refund Policy

        5. Member Responsibilities
        6. Fee Schedule
        7. Payment Terms
        8. Exclusion of Warranties
        9. Limitation of Liability
        10. Indemnity
        11. Security Matters
        12. Governing Law
        • Here is the word I got from Smile:

          1. "Smile plans automatically renew at the end of the billing period unless the member informs us that they would no longer like to continue."

          2. "If you allow the plan to renew by failing to let us know that you no longer want to be covered, then it is at the discretion of the accounts team as to whether you will be charged the administration fee when attempting to receive a refund on the renewal amount."

          3. "There is no administration fee charged if you are simply seeking to cancel your membership at the end of the billing period provided you let us know at least 14 days before your membership renewal date".

          A bit sneaky I must say and potentially unlawful (even though I am no lawyer) as $24.95 goes beyond the 'reasonable cost recovery' principle set in recent group law suits against the banks regarding late & overdraw fees.

          However, it should be fairly easy to avoid this fee.

          Thanks for the heads up though :)

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    While I think this can save you some money if you DON'T have extras insurance… this is not so good for people who do.
    So many places have no gap specials, you hardly need to pay anything to the dentist (for cleaning, xray etc)… paying $77 will probably not save you more than $77.

    • paying $77 will probably not save you more than $77

      I disagree based on my own personal experience (and I do have private health insurance with dental cover) as well as the experience of many of our readers as well as unbiased reviews you can find online.

      For example, I suggest you read the review by Jocyb (second from the top):


        Well based on my personal experience, last year I had total $825 worth of dental done (Clean*2 and some fillings), actually paid $0 thanks to insurance+no gap.

        Let's say no gap didn't exist, I would've paid $165 because my insurance company covers 80% for everything that is included, no questions asked.
        Just by using the estimator on Smile's website, I would save $66 by choosing the HIGHEST percentage back from Smile (40%).

        Saving $66(maximum) by paying $77, real smart choice isn't it… spending $11 more than not having Smile ;)

        Of course that is only for myself, for people who spend more on dental, it might be a different story.

        • Fair enough. Thanks for providing your calculations. :)

          The only thing I want to add is that under the current promotion, you will pay the $77 membership fee for TWO years. Not one.

          People should run their figures based on that.

          Either way, I definitely do not recommend taking this deal unless you know with a high degree of certainty that you will need at least some major dental work done in the next 2 years.

  • It seems like we've had a minor issue with our editorial calendar management system.

    This has now been resolved and the review is available for all to read. Please accept my apologies