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Motorola Moto360 $299 Delivered @ Officeworks


Came across this today at their online store, cheapest I've found to date for the Moto360! Price now advertised as $299, down from $329

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  • Apparently you can apply a discount code at the check out too (I haven't worked out how to do it though) and take another 10% off using "BIG10" code. I'm struggling to find the "apply code" button anywhere during the checkout process. If I can find it, the price should come down to $269.1. Fairly good price for this unit!

  • Ooooh I've been putting off buying one but this is very very tempting, do they have the black in stock? I can't find it on the website

  • Pretty good deal, but I guess I will miss taking pictures, making and answering phone calls which the Galaxy Gear can. Bit used to the Gear 1 features even though I don't like Samsung much any more :|

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    Bought one used at $220 in December. Sold it in January for $190. It's not very useful.

    • Depends on your use case I guess. I've had mine for a long time and it's immensely useful for silent notifications during meetings as well as navigation while walking.

  • Flat tyre :(

  • I have a LG G Watch (not the R) which I paid $99 for in the Google sale.

    You'd have to be a pretty huge fan to fork out $300 on one. The functionality of Android Wear just isn't there yet. For me, once they can run app independently from the phone, they are essentially a second display.

    Granted, I'm not going to get rid of mine but I'm glad I didn't spend >$100 for it.

    • The notifications are exactly what I'm using it for, which has been real handy.

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      they are essentially a second display.

      That's the whole point of it. Are you expecting the watch to be a phone replacement?

      • After coming from a Pebble I expected a lot more, yes.

        The Pebble offers much better functionality, but ultimately, Android Wear is going to be "where it's at". Plus the pretty colours won me over :)

  • Looks better than Apples ugly iWatch but still too expensive and lacking features.

  • Tempting but I'm waiting for Gen 2, shouldn't be too much longer

  • Don't bother with these as they'll be dead in a couple of years due to the non replaceable battery. Plus they generally need to be recharged everyday.

    • Why is that such a big deal? Doesn't everyone already charge their phone every night?

      When I go to bed, I put my phone on the charger and put my (analogue) watch right next to it on a stand. So it's no big deal to put a smart watch on a charger beside my phone instead.

      • It's a big deal, because after a few years, the watch becomes e-waste.

        When you get something this expensive, you expect it to actually last. This one won't.

        It's just as easy to reach for your phone.

        • You shouldn't also upgrade to most of the smartphones these days then. Neither does the battery last beyond a day and now majority don't have a removable battery.

        • It's a big deal, because after a few years, the watch becomes e-waste.

          Nobody says you have to throw it away. Just keep it sitting on your desk in its charging stand as a nice bedside/desktop clock.


        • It's just as easy to reach for your phone.

          How is it easier to take a phone out of your pocket/purse, orient it, and turn the screen on? As opposed to… glancing at your wrist.

        • @Strand0410: It may be useful if the smartwatch has power left in it, or if you have the phone close to you. Otherwise it's worthless. Surely you're used to pressing the power button to look at the time and notifications?

          If you got $300 burning a hole in your pocket, spend it on a semi-decent Swiss or Japanese watch that may or may not have a mechanical movement. One of those will definitely last you longer than 2-3 years, and will not need charging.

          LOL… what if you spend the night out, or god forbid, go camping… then you've got a useless weight on your wrist.

          Lithium battery capacity goes down over its lifetime, so soon it won't even last a day.

        • @happychappy1: I have a mechanical watch and on the rare occasion I don't have something on my wrist, taking a phone out to check the time feels like friction.

          LOL… what if you spend the night out, or god forbid, go camping… then you've got a useless weight on your wrist.

          All of these things already bother 90% of people who own smartphones. With use, most phones don't go all day, then night and keep going until the morning after. This is a phone companion, it's meant to be charged nightly just like your phone.

        • @Strand0410: yes, but you don't need a charging stand for the phone. Plus the smartphone is good because it works on its own, and only needs a portable charger. The point is that you don't need the smartwatch the way you need the smartphone. It's an additional complication that doesn't do much.

          For less than that price you can get a fully functional smartphone.

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          @happychappy1: happychappy1, you need to realize that you're not the only person on this earth, so it's not all about you only. There are many other people in this world who have different needs and requirements to you, and that's OK. It doesn't mean anyone who has different uses cases to you are dumb and wasting their money.

          You might be totally unable to see why anybody would find such a device useful. But believe me, there are plenty of people in this world who do. You don't have to understand those use cases, you just need to understand that your needs and wants are not necessarily the same as everybody else's, and your way of doing things is not the one and only way. The world does revolve around your specific set of methods and requirements.

          Plus the smartphone is good because it works on its own, and only needs a portable charger. The point is that you don't need the smartwatch the way you need the smartphone. It's an additional complication that doesn't do much.

          Why do you have a smartphone at all? A dumbphone is good because it works for days or weeks on its own, and only needs the occasional top up. What is so important to do on a smartphone that you can't wait till you get home to use your computer? It's an additional complication that doesn't do much.

          …is what someone who doesn't care about apps and mobile browsing would say. And it's a perfectly valid viewpoint - I know a number of older people who think that way and are living perfectly happy lives. Does that mean everyone who uses smartphones are wasting their money?

          Smartwatches are not for everyone. You're one of those people. But that doesn't mean they're not useful to anybody else in this world.

        • @eug:

          Pretty much this. I've had mine for several months and it is just really useful for my particular situation. I'm an IT professional and need to manage multiple projects/meetings in a day and having silent notifications is a godsend. Quickly popping a reply to someone (canned message) who is trying to call is also very useful.

          @happychappy1: Yes, you might not find the watch useful but others do. And so what if the device lasts "only" 3-5 years, smart phones nowadays are lucky to last 2 before they become outdated by which time the watch/phone has already paid for itself in the convenience factor alone.

  • I'll wait for the 2nd gen too. Was tempted into buying one of these months ago, but the battery and power-inefficient, outdated SoC killed it for me. Waiting on them to iron these out for the next version (and hopefully make it a bit smaller).

  • Time can be cruel. Bought the black dial version last year because I so wanted it and JB hi fi only stocked this variant and not the silver grey leather variant which is a sight to behold.

    It is quite handy (pun intended), battery life has improved greatly lasts close to 1.5 days on single charge with standard watch face and auto brightness.

    Have never left home without it. Rarely take my phone or to read whatsapp or sms. Reply by voice can be tricky but works.

    People still stop me and ask what futuristic monolithic device I have on my wrist and I love showing it off.

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    In case anyone is pondering on whether to buy it. I've found it useful at work (in hospital) when i cant put my hands into my pocket all the time. Which I've found useful for quickly reading work email/texts, rejecting personal calls, reminding me of calendar events during the day, and viewing important notes. Also good for telling me how long to work while driving in morning traffic without needing to get phone out (I don't use GPS) and seeing how many steps I've taken at the end of the day. Worth $300? Probably not for most, but I think its a fair price for my own use.

    • Did you consider the Pebble before getting this one?

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        I had a Pebble before switching to Android Wear. The Pebble has a MUCH better vibration motor, but AW watches can do so much more and look a lot nicer. My plastic Pebble really looked like a toy.

        I don't find battery life a big deal. I charge my phone every night, now I just drop the watch onto the wireless desktop charger at the same time.

      • yeah i did. played around with the pebble. Was very nice, but yeah, like eug said this had more capability and looked much better - definitely the future for me. IMO if i was still a student i'd get a pebble, but if you have the money, definitely get this or a 2nd/3rd gen watch in the coming year. With phones getting bigger, there really is no need to take a 5.5inch phone out everytime to check some trivial facebook notification.

        And I easily get 16 hours from mine on ambient mode (which consumes more battery life). You put it on the nightstand dock at night, so you dont need it to last more than a day.

  • Good deal!
    Got mine as soon as JBHiFi stocked them and worn it ever since. Very useful to glance at incoming notifications and voice commands work quite well for sending quick texts and setting timers etc.
    Also found heart rate monitoring and step counts to be useful in seeing how active I've been.
    Quite a well polished device for a gen 1 IMO

  • If anyone's looking for a metal strap for the 360, this one fits without the cracking issues. It was quite a tight fit lengthwise though, I filed down the ends slightly to make it easier to fit.


  • Waiting for the Garmin Vivoactive, beyond the time the GPS is the next most important function for me.

  • Looking for upvoted comments as they contain useful information.
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  • Agh I spend so much thanks to this website. Picked one up today, thanks OP. With the current exchange rate, this price is even cheaper than in the US.

    Very impressed with the watch so far. Extremely nice design, great size and very lightweight. First impressions are that I should have bought one sooner!

  • does it have wifi and gps?

  • My Pebble does the basics for a pocket money price.

  • How thick is the case? This thing looked big.

  • Not sure whether to get one or not. Really tempted.