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FREE Permanent 2GB for Google Drive


You need to complete a security checkup for your Google account to receive an additional 2GB added to your Google Drive account.

As our way of saying thanks for completing the checkup by 17 February 2015, we’ll give you a permanent 2 gigabyte bump in your Google Drive storage plan.

We’ll be granting the storage automatically to everyone around 28 February 2015 and we’ll send you an email when your adjustment is complete.

UPDATE: Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users are not eligible for the bonus storage but should still consider taking the Security Checkup.


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  • -1

    Why the article from blogspot website?

    Any direct how-to/information from Google?

    • +24

      That's Google's blog.

    • +14

      Google also owns BlogSpot.

  • Thank you OP. I needed it and you brought out this deal at the right time. Good on you.

  • +13

    You have 15Gb of storage by default. So you need to decide, if the extra 2gb is worth the knowledge that Google gains over you.

    No judgement here, its an individual decision

    • +36

      What extra knowledge does Google gain over us by running this security check? It just runs through the existing security options, letting you confirm they are up to date.

      • +27

        Oh dear I wasn't criticising the offer, I was just giving more information for others to consider.

        Security checks do confirm more about your identity. Mobile number for example.

        As I said I am not judging this, just making it clearer that for the 2gb you give up some more detail about yourself.

        I didn't vote it down, just added some more info.

        Nothing more that sharing info so people are more aware.

        Eg how many know by default what the default gb are on google drive.

        Really people are getting over sensitive to any point people like to share here.

        It's not like I voted it down.

        BTW those who setup their google accounts very early on didn't need these security checks. So adding them now does make a difference

        • -4

          I upvoted your original comment

        • -3

          I've had a Google account for a while now, didn't they force us to add 2-step at one stage? Either that or they try to push it on you.

        • +2

          @kaneissik: No it's not required. As for pushing it?, they have two buttons side by side. One saying done, the other no thanks.

          If they had forced you, then there is no need for the offer of 2gb for providing this now.

        • +4

          Ah yeah, didn't think of that. If only it was Dropbox storage instead…

        • @kaneissik: They've been encouraging 2-step authentication for a while. They also have SMS verification, but it's not as convenient.

      • +8

        You need to think before you type..

        Hmm I wish I knew what you meant! but maybe that would require a little more thought. :)

        I was trying to say its was an information piece for people to consider, not criticising the original deal

        Pardon me for offending your sense of understanding.

    • -1

      I immediately had the same thought as you RockyRaccoon. Then I thought, is my phone number worth 2gb? Nah, that's not enough Google, sorry.

      As an early adopter I have 20gb default + another 10gb that runs out next month. Since I'm only using 6.5gb I'm going to sit this one out.

      Maybe I'll be tempted at 5-10 GB? ;)

    • +1

      You can just accept whatever information is already there so they aren't really gaining any information unless you choose to supply it. Just went through it and revoked a few app logins I haven't used since 2013 and that was it.

      Edit: Someone mentioned they were prompted for a phone number for two step authentication purposes. If that's the case, then yeah I guess they might have grabbed some extra details but I do think their two step authentication is worth setting up, so that's not too bad a trade off.

      • +4

        Yeah, i just accepted everything that was already there and revoked a bunch of logins. Kinda happy they are gone, didnt even know they were there.

  • -5

    This is almost as bad as permanent U2 on iphone. I can't stand Alan Jones…nice find though OP

    • What does Alan Jones have to do with this?

      • +10

        Absolutely nothing. Just had one of those moments where a joke sounds really funny in your head, then it turns out it's really not as funny as you first thought.
        For the record, I +1'd the post.

        • +2

          That sounds like my internal thoughts with my comment earlier… ;)

    • +12

      My cats breath smells like cat food…..

      • what's a diorama…

        • +5

          -Miss Hoover, I don't have my 2GB of online storage.
          -Why not?
          -I ate it.

        • @Strand0410: That's unpossible!

      • -1

        What's wrong with your cat?!!

  • Space race is ending

  • +5

    I completed the security checkup but my allowance hasnt increased from 15GB.

    Granted on the 28/2. It helps when you read.

    • +1

      i kept running the security check waiting for some conformation.
      Didn't read it where it said 'all done' haha

    • Thanks for that. I missed that bit too and did it again.

  • Did it. Hopefully it works. Thanks!

  • Seems you can't get it unless you add your mobile phone details, guess I will sit this one out.

    • +6

      Giving them your phone number enables two-factor authentication, they send you an SMS to verify you, much like your bank.

      The problem is that data is not stored encrypted on Google Drive. So once someone has your Google account, they can view all your files. Google can also see all your files and use the info for advertising, or if a curious employee just wants to see your data.

      To properly secure the data you'll need an app like Syncdocs that encrypts Google Drive data with strong encryption and a separate password. That way, if you are hacked, or spied on your files are still encrypted.

    • +6

      My gmail account was tried to hack into by someone in Morocco. Google stopped him.
      I started using two-step authentification sice (including the use of a security code sent by Google via my mobile number)

      • Happened with me sometime back. Someone tried to log into my account from the US and Google blocked the attempt and alerted me. However I recently logged into my Google account while I was on a VPN with an US IP but Google didn't block me. I wonder if their security is foolproof.

        • I think the "hacking" alert is only raised if someone tried to login, and failed. Otherwise everyone would be blocked from their email when they go international on holidays, or on business trips.

          I'm curious to know how many failed login attempts are required. If you get your password incorrect once, does it raise the alert? What if you log in correctly within a minute of the failed attempt? Is the alert immediate, or do they delay sending it for ten minutes, to allow you to try again?

        • +1

          @Russ: I've incorrectly entered my password a couple of times on internet cafe computers overseas but didn't get the warning email, so I think it must take several serious attempts for Google to send the email. I did get one last year from a Chinese IP.

        • If you chose to bypass the security check on your "known" devices, then nothing would pop up from Google

  • I did the checkup and found a couple of logins from Gold Coast for today (I am in Sydney). Also from months ago, one sign-in from US (I was here at the time). Nothing bad has happened to my account since then. Should I be worried or could there be some explanation, a redirect or something like that? I don't use any VPNs or anything like that.

    In any case, i changed my password, but I am curious if anyone got odd sign-ins.

    • wow, creepy. No spurious logins visible for me, but I didn't check the history that far back.

      ok, how did you check 'months ago' mine seemed to only go back to the start of this year ?

    • +1

      Did you sell an old android device without wiping it clean or de-registering it?

      • No. I've only had a couple of phones in the last few years, and they have all been accounted for. I don't know ehere these are from. Some of them occurred within a few minutes of a login from a known device (my laptop or my phone). Am I being stalked online?!

        • I wonder if there was a screw up with the location tracking and it was just you using your own device?

        • @nismo: Yes I am hoping something innocuous like that, but I am not an IT person so have no idea if that can happen haha. So paranoid now, because I use a lot of google products: chrome, calendar, docs, everything! Just realising now how risky this is lol.

        • @janeymac:

          Are you using any apps within Gmail like Rapportive or streak or Schedulers etc.?

        • @dealman:

          I don't use any apps in Gmail, but I use Outlook for mail on my phone, and I sign into google chrome from all my devices (laptop, PC, phone).

          For email on my phone, I have also tried Inbox, Gmail and Hop, but they are all uninstalled now.

    • -1

      Could be someone hacked into your account and just spying. not doing anything malicious… but has access to your info.

      I'd change the password, and keep monitoring it. If it still happens after a password change then it could be a glitch.

      • Thanks, yes I did it straight away. Will keep an eye out for weirdness…

    • +2

      Do above and enable two step verification. It's a bit of hassle when logging in but much safer than password alone.

      • I don't know how 2 step authentication works if you use say a calendar app that syncs with google calendar, or how a mail app would access gmail and send notifications.

        • +1

          You can use application specific passwords for apps that doesn't support 2 factor natively.

          Essentially, you will create a unique password for the app and you can then revoke/delete without affecting other apps/passwords.

          Its not as secure as 2 factor, but it allows you to manage access easier.

        • the Google Authenticator app from Play Market works as a random Keygen.

          just key in this number whenever you are logging in from a public computer

          for your home use, you can choose to bypass the keygen step permanently.

        • Thanks guys. I am going to look into this. It doesn't look too hard to use, and it will give me peace of mind.

    • I'm from Brisbane/Sunshine Coast and noticed the same. Don't worry, probably an ISP redirect :)

      • Thanks Jakiejake. That's a bit more reassuring :)

  • On grandfather Google Apps free edition (10 email addresses), confirming there is no extra GB being added after finishing the checkup. Still good to do that though.

  • +10

    I have 1TB storage for 2 yrs.. still completed above to get another 2GB. Yup.

    • -1

      true OzBargainer!

    • Hey how'd you get 1TB? paid for it?

      • +5

        as if!!! haha paying for something is not of my specialty
        i bought a chromebox last year and claimed 1tb gdrive storage for 2 years
        the chromebox was subsequently on-sold via ebay for profit (bought it during amazon sale, posted on ozbargain of course)

  • Considering it says "We’ll be granting the storage automatically to everyone around 28 February 2015 and we’ll send you an email when your adjustment is complete." why do anything?

    • +2

      That might actually mean: Everyone who completes the check up and adds their number / satisfies the criteria.

      Not necessarily Everyone who has a Google account - here's hoping though :)

  • For Hotmail, 2-Step Verification can send temporary code to another registered email address if my iPhone is not available at that time, but it looks like Gmail cannot do this way (the backup codes have to printed out beforehand).

  • -2

    how cheap is this ? 2GB only for all your private information, PASS!

    • +3

      You don't have to give them any additional info…

  • +1

    I've been avoiding to give my phone number to google until now, and they always try to ask it from me. Wonder why they try so hard

    • +3

      Probably because Google doesn't want bad publicity when someone's account gets hacked.

      Political activists in oppressive regimes often use google facilities. There was a case a few years ago when some Chinese activists had their gmail accounts hacked by the Chinese government, and they were detained. Google enforced SSL connections for gmail after that, and has refused to "play ball" with the Chinese government who want open access.

      Google drive could also be subject to such hacking, so they want to tighten security there, too.

      • +1

        and has refused to "play ball" with the Chinese government who want open access.

        But does cuddle up to the US (and by extension AUS ) Govt.

  • did it .. all my info was already there so all i had to do was hit "next next next done" .
    Although it didn't say anything anywhere about getting extra 2gb …. so will just have to wait and see.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Thanks OP, worth doing even without the 2GB bump.

    Did anyone get any indication that it worked and the 2GB will be applied?

    • No indication, just a waiting game until the end of the month.

  • -2

    Big whoop

  • I walked through the Qs and updated the secondary email address (which had been my OLD ISP based address). So that was a good prompt
    It then tell me what devices have access to the account, which is also good. The last item is one I dont recognise, Aglidentity.accesscontrol.windows.net. Is that Google's front end? Or something bad??

  • -1

    Didn't work no extra 2Gb is there a delay?

    • +1

      You didn't read the thread description?.

      "We’ll be granting the storage automatically to everyone around 28 February 2015 and we’ll send you an email when your adjustment is complete."

  • In all honesty I have no idea what my default or current Google storage capacity is :P

    • +1

      15gb is the starting amount.

  • +2

    Begs the question… Why wait until 28th Feb to allocate the data. Why not just on an as complete basis?

    • thats what I am wondering as well. I did it as it just asks to confirm details and doesn't ask for anything new.

  • No I clearly didn't, thank you holly

  • +2

    Am I supposed to get any kind of notification about getting 2GB free? I did the security check and it just went back to the Account Management page. I realise OP says it will be granted 28 Feb but it doesn't say anyting anywhere about 2gb.

    • +1

      No indication if it's successful, just have to wait.

  • Thanks for the extra 2GB :) No Idea how but I have 150GB free.. !
    Your plan 15 GB
    HTC promotion - expires 02/09/2016 100 GB
    HTC promotion - expires 24/11/2015 25 GB
    Quickoffice promotion - expires 03/10/2015 10 GB

    Shame they all expire soon!

    • That 150GB is not permanent.

  • My partner paid for some Google Drive storage, and it was so slow it was unusable. Searched forums and a lot of people were complaining of the same issue. This was about 6 / 8 Months ago, so not sure if anything has changed…

    • in my experience it isn't as quick as DropBox, but you do get more space for free.

      For regular stuff I've found it fine, but if you're transferring large files DropBox is probably a better option.

      Still quicker than OneDrive…

  • Your current Google storage capacity is displayed at the bottom of the Gmail messages list display.

  • Can anyone who has done this confirm how long it took for the extra 2GB to show up ?

    Ignore me ! I should of read the post in details . Bonus post end of Feb.

    • +1


      The link above is to direct to accounts.google.com and its encrypted.

    • +1

      Did you DISABLE access for less secure apps?
      If so and you use a non-Gmail mail client (eg. MS Outlook, Thurnderbird, iOS 6 or below), then Google will block such apps and issue an alert.


  • Free is free, and it's worth looking at anyway.

    My 16GB goes up to 18GB. Pitty I stopped using GDrive yonks ago but who knows maybe I'll come back one day :P

  • Is the last step "Continue to Account Settings"? I didn't see an "All Done" button as previously mentioned in comments.

  • I forgot one good thing about giving Google my Mobile number: I can have the reminders of events or appointments in my calendar sent to my phone!

    I stopped using my diary for 4 years or so now.

  • Good deal, thanks OP

  • -1

    For some reason it didn't work for me. I attempted to complete the security check once more but my storage space is still stuck at 15Gb.

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