This was posted 7 years 5 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kogan - 8 Pack Replacement Oral-B Compatible Toothbrush Heads for $3 - Free Shipping


Overwhelming feedback is that these suck - do not get

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  • +1

    these any good compared to original ones?

    • +10

      no, that's why they're $3

      • -2

        ok ill take your word for it. but i dont think the reason they're 3 dollars is because they're no good

        • Haven't tried, but only Hard is $3. Soft and Medium is $9

        • +1


          no one likes it soft. they all like it hard !!

        • +2

          @easternculture: brother, at times a soft touch will get you a lot higher :)

    • really bad. I agree with jv.

    • +2

      I have these. I put a black dot on the side of the head with texta so I could see how far it rotated. The black dot did not move. The head barley vibrates yet alone rotate.

  • +12

    non-genuine, don't waste your $3…

  • +1

    Thanks for the heads up jv!

  • +2

    Given the cost of dentist visits and treatments, the last thing I would want to cut cost on is oral hygiene. It's no wonder my dentist drives a Porsche when you see what he charges.

  • +1

    meh for $3 I'll give them a go

    • +2

      "Someone from Ashfield just purchased…"

    • I'll give them a go

      please post an after shot…

    • +1

      Enjoy the faeces that comes for free. Tests by UK consumer organisations found faecal contamination on quite a few of the knockoff brush heads, no doubt because of where and how they are manufactured. Unlike the berries however you're unlikely to contract Hepatitis A (unless these are frozen) but could contract something else.

  • Compatible

  • +1

    don't these come with free lead paint ?

  • +3

    They are hard and they hurt your gums ;-/

    • You're doing it wrong if it's hurting your gums :P

  • +1

    Oral B compatible.. so not the real thing. I think I'll pass instead of using these Kogan knock off stuff and damage my gums/teeth.

  • +4
  • +5

    Stay away from this Kogan replacements. I've bought them and it will ruin your gums. They are hard and uncomfortable to use, and I bought the soft one.

    Trust me, spend that little extra to buy the branded oral-b. It will be much safer for your teeth and gums.

    • i'm not sure it's a "little" extra. I just spent $49 at David Jones buying an 8 pack of genuine. Having said that, it was a gift card and I had no idea what else to buy, so the price doesn't phase me too much. But I too have bought cheap 'compatible' heads before, and they have become useless within a week or two, and did not leave my teeth feeling very clean.

      So I still recommend spending the significant amount more to get genuine.

  • +3

    they are crap.

    They last one use and the spring falls out.

    absolute shit and this guy makes his cash because it's not worth complaining.

    • +2

      I bought these a year ago, and I agree with @jv & @hrb93. They are rubbish. They break really quickly and some don't even fit properly on the handle.

      If you want cheap, you may as well get the Chinese ones on eBay mentioned by @Steptoe.

      Priceline used to have some good compatible heads at a reasonable price, but they have been unavailable recently. Otherwise, look around for a cheaper supplier of genuine Oral-B heads.

  • +2

    Just another saying don't buy these or any other brush heads from Paddy's or Vic markets etc.
    Even the supposedly genuine ones from dubious sellers are rubbish.
    Only buy from established bricks&mortar stores.


  • +1

    very bad quality wise.

  • +1

    Don't put this shit in your mouth

  • +2

    DO NOT buy them. They last a few weeks but the genuine ones last for months. Take my words. I have tried them.

  • +1


    I bought these once and none of the heads worked. They don't spin. Rubush!

  • +1

    You may get your $3.00 worth (compared to the cost of originals) but they are C R A P.
    I have tried them :((

  • +3

    Well I guess if they're crap they're crap - Ill expire the listing :)

    • +3

      see kids, if we pray hard enough, satan does listen

      • +2

        I thought OP just sits on South Australian beaches a lot?

  • I have ordered these the last time they came up and they are really really hard. You might save small change but you will slowly loose your gums.

  • No where near as good as the original branded ones. But you get what you pay for.

  • +1

    I just want to say this is the funniest OzBargain deal description I've ever seen :-) It's almost like an un-deal.

  • Bought them before this deal popped up and it was honestly the worst purchase.
    The bristles are way too hard, often broke within 3-5 uses and cleans terribly.

  • Don't work, agree with everyone else!

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