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Samsung EVO Micro SDHC Memory Card 16GB $8.99, 32GB $17.95, 64GB $39.50 Shipped @ Shopping Express


Nice price on the Samsung EVO memory cards from SE


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Shopping Express
Shopping Express

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  • Was going to support SE but it's $1 cheaper at SS (HK stock - if you can wait) and same price at SS (AU stock) without the silly 1 card/customer limit.

    • The title says 'Shipped' so I assume shipping is free. The SS deal is $3.95 shipping for me.

    • Yeah, more like roughly the same price at SS for HK stock and roughly $4 more at SS for AU stock. Was waiting for the 16GB to drop back under $10. But yeah, limit 1 per person is just silly. No point going through the effort of ordering. Still good if you're only looking for one.

      • Is there any issue with HK stock ?

        • Yeah. I'm still waiting for mine. If you rather have your items sooner than later, getting AU stock over HK stock is a no-brainer, particularly if there is hardly any difference in price.

    • +17 votes

      Would you reassess supporting SE despite them having to implement the silly 1 card/customer limit to offer, because they have offered

      • AU stock vs HK stock (competitor)
      • product include SD card Adapter vs NO SD card adapter based on competitor's listing


      • I would not hesitate to reassess if the limit was lifted to 2 or more. I usually buy my memory cards in pairs as a backup and the 1/customer limit just sounds so… unreasonable.

      • -3 votes

        What a surprise, within the hour you come out of the woodwork to sell more, yet I have been waiting for 2.5 weeks now to sort out returning faulty product to you, and still not organized.

        I would not buy from this guy again, he's just like most Aussie sellers, once money has been handed over, they don't give a ****, all try to play the "Drag it out and hope people eventually give up"

        • +1 vote

          Hi VVV,

          Can you PM me your ticket ID to have a look?




          Yeah, 3 weeks now and counting and still nothing sorted. Worse than Dick Smith, that says it all.

          No wonder Australian retailers can't compete with overseas sellers, it's not the 10% GST, it's the **** YOU attitude once money has changed hands.


        oh well. I just bought one. Thanks.

  • Thanks OP, just got one.

  • Where does it says the adaptor included?

    • +1 vote

      check our listing photos, will have photos with adapters included.
      they come in retail packages with SD adapter included.


  • guys is this gopro 4 friendly?

    not on the list but. is this list gospel?

  • Anyone know what is the average delivery time to Perth Australia?

  • not as cheap as previous deals (e.g. 32GB for $10), making this seem expensive
    will wait

  • No love for the 128gb?

  • Nice find OP

  • Rep, I'm still waiting on a Sandisk SSD sale you promised me a few months ago ;)

    Also, i still haven't put the 32gb sd card I got from your last sale into anything yet. i really should try out the kodi variant OSMC on my raspberry pi. https://osmc.tv/about/

    • +1 vote

      Yes, I will do them as soon as we can get stock of any haha…

      Currently our available SSD choices will be Crucial, Kingston, Samsung, OCZ. Crucial have the M550 series that you might want to consider, and as for other brand, if they are of interest to you, give me a PM, i'll see if can work something out for you.


      • The current one that's dying is a crucial, so I am a bit skeptical of them (although 1 data point isn't really very scientific of me), the samsungs I keep hearing have performance issues (both 840 and now 850), and the patch to fix the performance issues isn't working, so that leaves Kingston and OCZ, but I have vague recollections of them using the not-good controller chips or something.

        Really keen for Sandisk. :)

  • looking to buy for Note 4, does both the 16gb and 32 gb come with the adaptor? Any idea when will i get in perth if i order one today. thanks

  • http://www.ebay.com.au/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601...

    $40 is just the going price for these things?….

  • Any deal on a 128GB rep?

  • is this compatible with nikon d3300?

  • Hi Rep, do both the 16gb and 32 gb come with the adaptor? (as no photo and not on the description)

  • Thanks, perfect timing.

  • Grabbed 2.

    Thanks mate :)

  • Cheaper here $16.95 + $1.00 shipping (http://www.shoppingsquare.com.au/product.php?id=411915).

    Cheaper if you want to buy at least 2. You could also get a 1.6% cashback from Qwibble or CashRewards.

    • brother, support an aussie seller that actually contributes and offers exclusive specials to the ozbargain community. Surely a few cents or a dollar wont break the budget

      • +2 votes

        You mean support a company who does not support the goods they sell, no thanks.

        Better service from a Chinese eBayer.

      • I don't understand why I've been negged… sorry for pointing out another bargain on the same product? This is OzBargain after all and not a "let's support an Aussie seller at a slight premium".

        Didn't you post the bargain yourself for Shopping Square just 2 weeks ago here?

  • Just got a Note 4 last month, grabbed a 32GB. Thanks OP.

  • Can someone tell me (mother of child who needs card and has no idea if this is what she needs!!!), if this compares to a Sandisk Extreme SD? That is the recommended one but this is so much cheaper. Does the adapter allow this Micro SD to be come a standard size SD? Please excuse my ignorance…

    • +2 votes

      The samsung EVO OP posted in this post will not be as fast as Sandisk Extreme, we do have a similar performance Samsung model here

      Does the adapter allow this Micro SD to be come a standard size SD? <=== YES

      Also out of interest - can you advice what device your child intends to put the memory card into?


  • since no one has bothered to respond -

    the 128GB cards are $115 w/ free shipping. http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/samsung-evo-micro-sdxc...

    Not bad, MSY want $140+. Though I suppose with SE you don't get local warranty?

  • Never ordered with SE before.

    Whats the usual dispatch times for these guys?

    Ordered yesterday and its still not dispatched yet.

  • $0.05 cheaper today oh nice!

  • is this expired? Asking for 8.95 for shipping on top

  • Going to buy the card but now tempted by a monitor too
    Anyone suggest which lower cost 27" monitor you would buy?

  • +1 vote

    Hey rep. Tried to buy one but it is not free shipping… $8.95 for shipping :(

  • Hey rep, did you up your price? It shows $8.95 shipping charge on top of 64GB, making it nearly $50?!

  • Shopping express now charging shipping to catch out unsuspecting customers no doubt. $9 for a memory card! I hope envelope is made out of an $8 dollar note.

  • +4 votes

    Promotion actually ended yesterday, but have extended the free shipping & promotion for you guys.

  • EDIT: good now, not asking for shipping any more.

  • Any deals on the 128GB?

  • Ok, I'll be honest… I bought the HK stocked item from the other competitor a few days before this deal was posted but due to the store rep going above and beyond my expectations and bending backwards just to please us bunch of OZBargainers - and we all know we're hard to please!… I caved in and bought 2 cards.

    Thanks again Shopping Express! Now don't disappoint me and arrive later than my HK order! :)


      The card I bought from this deal arrived today. Even if you ordered late, you may still get lucky, nickxau to xhk.

      • I'm happy to report that mine has finally arrived today as well - 3 working days via Aust Post.

        My HK order on the other hand - 9 working days and still counting…

        • Just for the interests of others, HK stock from the competitor arrived on the 10th day. It does not include the MicroSD -> SD card adapter.

          I'll let you make up your own minds on who to support… :)

  • Anyone else still waiting for delivery?
    Mine was dispatched on 05/03/15

  • I'm still waiting.

  • Mine dispatched 4/3 and still waiting. Emailed and no response.

    • Hi mate,

      If you still need assistance on your order, but could not reach us by email - can you contact us via 02-83388899?
      Please also PM me your ticket ID so i can have a quick investigation.