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Woolworths: $25 off Your Shop (Spend $100 or More)


There has never been a better time to shop online with $25 OFF when you spend $100 or more.
Simply enter coupon code SAVE25 at checkout to redeem. Hurry, offer ends 10th March 2015.*

Mod: Deal has been marked expired for now as the code doesn't appear to be working for anyone (apart from those recieving the email), so may be a targeted offer now, if you are able to use the code again please hit the report button so we can investigate.

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  • Targeted I think? We have been through this

    • Last weeks one ended up working for me a few days later.
      Worth trying for a few day.

      edit: works for me on the same account I used it on last week and I haven't received an email for it yet.

  • Not working for me :(

    • Seems to be working for most people now. Have you tried again?

      • Doesnt work if you buy ciggys, works if you buy alcohol. Doesnt work if you buy oxfam donatations.


        • Makes sense. Oxfam is like ciggies - gives you a warm good feeling, but does more harm in the long run.

      • Have you tried again?

        Thanks unity, and thanks OP. Just tested it again and works just fine!

  • works for me

    @OP, can you post the t&cs from the email. when does it expire?

  • Thanks, needed a couple of things.

  • How does it work guys, do you get an email with $25 voucher for next shop or is it taking off $25 off $100 ? :)

  • online only? damn i need to top up my opal. is the $10 off still working?

  • Anyone who it didn't work for, are you everyday rewards members?

    • I am not an everyday rewards member, signed up only to their online account, and discount did not work for me. Maybe you have to be an everyday rewards member as well?

      • am everyday member, did not work for me

        • Try something different, because mine also did not work yesterday, but that ended up being because I was trailing the sale on ciggs, had nothing to do with everyday rewards.

  • Thanks OP. Last code didn't work for either of our accounts but this one works on both so worth giving it a try

  • Thanks OP. I tested it and it seems to be working.

  • Worked for me, thanks OP.BTW I am a rewards member.

  • Its only for online ..It would be too good if in shop aswell…haha

  • Dem, should've done the groceries today. Hopefully Woolies don't pull it out before 10-March.

  • Received same code on mine and my wife's email.

  • +2 votes

    Bahhhh , local store does not deliver or do pick ups

  • is there any other woollies codes you can stack with?

  • I received the same code but the bottom says "• Offer only applies to email address" with my email address. There may be a flag in your EDR account that says yay/nay when you get to checkout?

    Either way, doubt i'll use it. Every time I start to do my shopping online I give up and just jump in the car. Every time i've done online shopping, I have forgotten a handful of things that I need. It's always nice to browse the aisles and jog your memory (I don't do shopping lists as I shop every 2-3 days anyway).

    • I find that shopping every 2-3days without a list is just a recipe for over spending.

      • I live alone, work two jobs (one day job and 2-3 nights a week). My freezer only holds so many bulk-cooked meals, and eating fruit and veges means I have to do small shops. It's a recipe for over-spending yes, but when you're only home a few nights a week, it's tricky (I also travel a lot for work, so there's often weeks in a row i'm simply not home). My schedule is anything but regular :)

        • My schedule is anything but regular :)

          "But with Metamucil Fibre Supreme.. I'm always regular"

        • Try hellofresh.com.au, use discount code KNXEU2 to get $35 off. Suspend it when you're going to be away.

        • @lemc6125:
          They look good but all say 'meals for two people'. Not sure if that would suit me living alone. Might try them when i'm here for more than a few weeks in a row:) Thanks for that.

  • hello opal.

  • not working for me now

    Sorry, the Coupon: "SAVE25" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification

  • "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion"

    oops the offer just arrived by email:

    Never miss a great special.
    Just add [email protected] and [email protected] to your safe senders list.

    *Things to note about your $25 OFF offer:
    • Offer only applies to email address [email protected].
    • Enter the coupon code SAVE25 when you spend $100 or more.
    • Minimum spend of $100 excludes any other coupons and/or discounts and delivery charges. $100 or more must be spent in a single transaction.
    • Offer valid only once per shopper during the offer period.
    • Order cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
    • Offer valid for orders placed from 00:01 AEDT 04/03/2015 to 23:59 AEDT 10/03/2015.
    • Orders may be cancelled by us without notice to you if the above terms and conditions are not adhered to.
    • Excludes tobacco, flowers & Delivery Saver items.
    • Offer can only be redeemed at woolworthsonline.com.au.

    You are receiving this email because you previously indicated your preference to accept Woolworths shop online emails with the email [email protected].

    We wish to remind you that you are not permitted to purchase any items for resale to a third party or for trade purposes. We reserve the right to accept or reject your order for any reason, including if the requested product is not available. Please see our Terms & Conditions for details.

    If you wish to no longer receive email communication from Woolworths Online please click here to unsubscribe.

  • Worked for me, thank you!

  • Thanks OP, worked for me :-)

  • Thanks OP, great deal, especially if you can also nab free delivery.

  • Thanks OP. It worked for me.

    Tho it killed my free delivery ($11) when the code is applied.

    Still a good deal.


      it works for me but yes they stack the delivery charge on top even for a local pickup so its really only $14 off, i couldn't find a way around it

      • Pick it up in store?


          No even with pickup it charges you $11. I might try the greater than $125 suggested below

        • @clarky: Strange, my store has free pickup

        • +1 vote

          @Turd: Maybe its what I'm getting. So i choose Rose bay store as pickup, which is free. Then i order two corona cases and a spare beer to make the $100. It then shows on checkout $100 with free delivery (-$11). Then when i apply code the -$11 disappears and i am then charged $11 but still pickup.

          EDIT: WAIT! now its working !!! yay!!

    • I got free delivery. That's weird.

    • Try to add > $125 in Sub Total (before discount & delivery) then delivery fee'll be waived

  • +2 votes

    Thanks OP :)

    If it doesn't work try this one btw


    EDR220 $20 off your first order if its over $100

    Worked for me few days back.

  • worked! awesome, thanks (combined it with 5% off ET book deal)

  • Oh wow it works again!

    I used it last week to buy alcohol and now today it works again!

    What to buy what to buy…. Ive done my groceries already at coles and dish'd

    • Organic chook on special, and they always give you a bigger bird than you pay for. I quarter it and freeze.
      Also on special - Mydog 100g 6 packs (use by dates often 2 years, and I keep Ozbargained stock in the fridge just to make sure of longevity)

  • worked for me :)

  • worked for me, thank you.

  • Stack this with my "Spend $120 in one transaction and get 750 bonus Qantas FF Points" Everyday Rewards offer and it's a great deal!

  • Good that they put the ingredients and nutritional panel on the product information (on some biscuits), but the country of origin is missing.

    Items such as Dolmio sauces have no information at all.

  • Thanks, this one worked for me.

  • awesome. works for me as well.

  • Does NOT work for 2 boxes or Corona beers

  • great timing

  • Thanks OP.

    Stack with my 3rd week of shopping over $50 to get the $30 giftcard promo :) yeah…

  • Great! Worked for me, thanks!

  • Worked for me thanks.

  • does this work in store?

    • I dont think you can "Enter the coupon code - SAVE25" at checkout.
      Unless you press some combination like swipe right, then undo then left on the screen?

  • Thanks OP. I didn't get the email, but it worked on two accounts. The social club fridge is now fully stocked with 5 Seeds, Bintang and Kirks.


    Its really only $14 off with the delivery charge (even if you choose local pickup). Anyone know a way around this? free delivery code?

  • Worked perfect for me and I didn't receive an email either.. This is def not a targeted one.. Not sure why it is working for some and not others?

  • thanks

  • Done and done. 2 X Corona + 1 mars bar, $75.11 pickup. Thanks OP.


      A $5.11 Mars bar???

      • You're concerned about a $5.11 Mars Bar? What about a $35 Corona, not just 1 but 2?!?!?!

        • +1 vote

          Hahah no not concerned just curious what kind of mars bar woolworths would sell at $5.11? Must have a been a footlong

        • @clarky: 5ubw4y should do footlongs with mars bars… /drools


          @muncan: Mmmm sweet croissant style bread with two mars bars melted….mmm

      • Hold on, what?? Nah it's $98 for the two cartons of Corona, so I need to get over $100 so just added a $2.11 Mars bar. $98+$2.11 = $100.11 - $25 = $75.11.


          Says two cartons for $95 online, you got charge $98?

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