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Travel SIMS for Japan ($29), USA ($25) & International Roaming ($24) - Up To 75% Off RRP & Free Shipping @ Travel Sims Direct



T-Mobile USA Prepaid SIM Card (First 1GB @ 4G Speeds then Unlimited 2G Data - $25AUD!

On sale for $25! - RRP$100AUD ($40USD Plan + Approx. $15 SIM Card + $10 International Calls and SMS Bonus = $65USD or $85AUD approx.) Thats 75% off RRP!

SIM Includes -
Unlimited Local Calls To USA Landlines & Mobiles & SMS within USA
Unlimited International Calls to Landlines in Over 75 Countries – Inc. Aussie Home Phones
Unlimited International SMS to Over 200 Countries – Inc. Aussie Mobiles
First 1GB of Data at 4G Speeds then Unlimited 2G Data


Plus Enjoy These Features

Nationwide Coverage Across The United States, Including Hawaii
No Extra Charges to Receive Calls or Text from Overseas

For full list of International Countries for International Landline & Mobile Calls + SMS Please Visit: http://www.t-mobile.com/optional-services/international-call...

To check T-Mobiles Coverage Please Visit: http://www.t-mobile.com/coverage.html

The Preloaded Credit on the T-Mobile Prepaid USA SIM Cards Lasts for 30 Days Upon Arrival Into the USA. After 30 Days the Card Can be Recharged Online or at any of the Thousands of T-Mobile stores and Retail Resellers in The United States.

What Do I Do When I Arrive Into The USA?

Simply Insert Your T-Mobile SIM Card Into Your Phone and You Will Receive a SMS Within Minutes Advising You of Your USA Mobile Number and You Are Ready to Holiday!

Can My Phone Use This T-Mobile SIM Card?

Almost all Australian Mobiles Will Be Able to Use This Product, As Long As Your Phone Is Unlocked! To Double Check Compatibility Against Uncommon Mobiles, Please Check Against:

7 Day SOFTBANK Japan 1.8GB Data Only SIM Card $29!

Sale Price $29 - RRP Approx. $40AUD

SIM Includes -
- 1.8GB of 3G Data To be Used Over 7 Days
- Tethering and Hotspot Available
- Self Activating SIM, Nothing Else Required
- Compatible With 900/1500/2100Mhz Phones
- Data Service Ceases Once 1.8GB Allowance Is Reached
- Buy 2 or 3 For More Data Or For Extended Trip

Japan Data SIMS Must Be Used By 25th of December 2015

WorldSIM International Roaming SIM Card Preloaded with $50USD Credit for $24 (Lowest Price Ever In Australia!)

On Sale for $24 - Usually RRP = $20USD for SIM + $50USD Credit = $70USD or Approx. $90AUD

  • Great for Multi-Country Trips and Trips to Remote Areas,
  • Free Incoming Calls & SMS in Most Countries,
  • Great Call & SMS Rates in Many Countries!,
  • SIM can be recharged anytime and has no expiry date so can use it for multiple trips over many years!

For more info on WorldSIM's Award Winning International Roaming SIM Card please visit: https://www.worldsim.com/roaming-sim/

Thanks Guys

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  • is there an expiry date for the T-Mobile cards?

    • Hi petestrash, the card must be activated before June 1st i.e. you should arrive into the USA by May 31st or earlier!

  • Rep, is there an expiry date to activate the worldsim? Can I delay the activation till September?

  • Thanks. Grabbed 5 for family trip to Japan.

  • thanks rep bought 1 for my US trip in May and told my fam/friends about it too.

  • Rep, can I use the WorldSIM International Roaming SIM Card in Japan for voice?…TIA

    • +1 vote

      You can! Would suggest checking the rates on the world sim site but could use it fine. it isn't great for data so we would suggest turning off roaming and auto updates on your phone but voice and sms you would get great use out of it!

      • Great thanks, rates are 60c per min which is not too bad for emergencies, shame that Japan do not allow voice enable sim for foreigners

  • Do you allow pickup from Melbourne? I am going to Japan this weekend and afraid the mail won't arrive before that.

    • We are a little bit all over the place travelling through Victoria during the week so local pick up can be hard at times. Where abouts in Melbourne are you? If you got the express post option for $3.95 the card will be dispatched tomorrow and would arrive Wednesday (Thursday latest).

  • Hi Rep, any deals for Canada SIM? Or maybe international roaming SIM for data? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately right now no International Roaming card has found a real cheap solution to roaming anywhere with the one card, so the international roaming card for data really doesn't exist.
      We don't stock any Canada SIMS atm but we are actively looking for more countries all the time!

  • For anyone going to Japan for longer than a week, b-mobile offers 1GB for 2 weeks for 3800 yen.


  • What would you recommend for mostly data in Europe for a 5 week trip? Thanks.

    • Can't think of anything that would be great deal for all over Europe unfortunately. There is no great card (for data purposes) for multi-country trips atm sadly.

  • Hi Rep. I can't see this offer on your website.
    "WorldSIM International Roaming SIM Card Preloaded with $50USD Credit for $24 (Lowest Price Ever In Australia!)"

  • Hi Rep. What would you recommend for Italy? Mainly for calls & data within Italy & some calls back to Australia?

    • Calls WorldSIM. Data like about is very hard to find atm but we are working on it!

      • Hi Rep, Sorry for the dumb questions. I will buy the WorldSIM. Just want to know what delivery time is without express post. Also, you say it never expires but do you need to activate it within a set time & do you activate it in Australia or Europe?

  • If you go Japan I suggest getting unlimited 4g data $10/day but cheaper if you have a group of people or living there for >1month.
    -Basically its hard to get directions from locals as most of them don't know English and Google maps is your friend.
    - within a group of people, you don't really want to start arguments about who is hogging the internet usage and line speed.
    - when travelling upload your images at 6mbps to your gdrive or dropbox.
    - free WiFi is a myth in japan.

    I think Softbank and Docomo is quite a rip off. There are other retailers such as pupuru and globaladvancecomm which offers much better deals. Most of them delivers to your accommodation and just drop the package off at the airport when you're done.
    In a group of 6 people, we used 20Gb within 14 days.

    • Hi Supaderp, great suggestions for heavy data users who are going to reside in Japan for a longer period of time. We are actually working on that too, hopefully will have them in the not to distant future. But in the mean time we think that Softbank and Docomo is an extremely convenient option for people headed to Japan for a shorter duration (1-2 weeks).

      • No hassles with registration and returns for rentals (throw away once data/duration allowance is reached)
      • Individual SIM for each traveller (no need to argue about usage)
      • Have freedom to do your own thing without having to worry about being in a 10m radius of the hotpot (really important)
      • Have the Data ready to go as soon as you arrive in Japan (Most Important) What if the SIM you asked for doesn't show up? These SIMs are a great backup plan just in case.

      Just some friendly points we thought may help our customers.

      • Hey Rep.

        Like dle - i would like to potentially collect from Melb CDB/South Melbourne if you have a store there?
        Also - i'm going to Japan for 11 nights, I'm just keen on a data SIM. Do i only have the 7 day Softbank to choose from?

        Nice suggestions btw superderp!


        • Hi tux182,
          We are doing a lot of functions and expos this week so local pick up is a bit hard (we don't have a physical store either).
          We would suggest express post which will be posted tomorrow (Tuesday the 24th) and likely around the next day in Victoria Metro areas.

        • @TravelSIMSDirect:
          Thanks - but what do you suggest for a trip over 7 nights?

        • @tux182: Sorry forgot about that part :O
          Right now the best thing we can suggest is getting 2 x 7 day cards. So for a 12 day 11 night trip you could use 1.8gb over 6 days and then insert the second card and have another 1.8gb for another 6 days!

        • @TravelSIMSDirect: These cards are very cheap for short durations, but if you are travelling longer I'd suggest visiting one of the big box stores like BIC camera and buy a travel sim https://t.iijmio.jp/en/ around $40 when I was there last month. You get 2GB 4G/3G to use over a 3 month period, tethering is allowed and it can be recharged but costs around $24 for 1.25GB.

        • @petestrash: Thanks for the great info! We are working on a card that lasts longer than 7 days, which will hopefully help people staying in Japan for longer times!

  • Hi Rep,

    Can I use the WorldSIM International Roaming SIM Card and Softband Japan Data Sim with Window phones?

    • Hi asx100,
      You can. The frequencies for the Japan card should mate (if it is a newish phone - please check).
      You won't have any issues specifically because it is a Windows operated phone.

  • Hi there,
    can I put one of these sim cards in my ipad and use it for unlimited 2g data in the USA?

  • How is the data billed for the US travel sim? in per kb or per mb sessions?

    • Hi nomadian,
      It is a complete prepaid card, so the $25 you pay is all you will ever pay. The data you use will not be charged anywhere, it comes with!

  • Belize isn't available on the worldsim? (Guatemala and Honduras are, but I presume they don't cover belize)

  • Hi Rep,
    How about a deal on the T Mobile 3GB?

  • Hi Rep,
    I just bought 2 sims for a Japan Trip. I vaguely remember having to switch to different network settings/connection settings using my Australian sim last time to connect. Is this one just plug in and use immediately? Is there anything I need to do to activate it?

    • +1 vote

      Hi sama,
      Thanks for the purchases! Basically all you do is insert the SIM. A couple of minor setting adjustments may or may not be required (the sim comes with instructions in English about these small setting configs).

      • Great response times with your deal, rep. If your product works well this trip, I'll buy an additional few for my next trip later in the year. Keep it up!

  • Leaving for the USA on 31/3/15.
    Will I get the SIMS in time if ordering today?

    • If you order today with express post it will be dispatched tomorrow - which you will get on the 26th or 27th (unless youre in a very remote area which might be the 28th).

  • Ok thanks. Ordered 2 sims with express post.

  • Would micro sim size most likely cover wifi rental devices in Japan?

    • Quite likely, also also if it happens to be a nano size you have the option of getting it cut at the shops (free in Aus and USA – would be at least cheap) if you get a nano device. Whereas if you got a nano and the device is micro you’d have to get an adapter.

  • Would the softbank for japan work on a pocket wifi instead of a mobile phone?

  • Hi Op, I'm going to Canada, the USA and UK for a month- would the world sim be good for that? And if I ordered now would I get it by Friday with express post?

    • +1 vote

      Hi navyblues,
      The worldsim would be good for calls and sms. Data would chew through the credit balance quick. Keeping in touch in Canada and UK via calls and SMS woulds be good. At $25 depending on how long you are in the states the T-Mobile card might be good for while you are in the USA also.

  • Make that a 6th card for Japan. Now all the kids will be happy.

  • Hey there,

    What's the best option for someone spending a month in Japan during May? ie. World Sim or SoftBank Sim? I won't be calling anyone, just texting and using data for maps etc.


    • If data is involved Softbank (even though it only lasts 7 days - might have to get 4). WorldSIM is great for calls and sms but data is its weakness for sure!

  • Thanks. Received my first 5 cards today express.