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$20 Delivery Hero Voucher - Today Only (App Orders)


Saw this on my Facebook app, and posting on my phone, hence couldn't get a URL for it.

$20 off by using TUES20, order within the app. Valid today only until 9pm.

Facebook post says vouchers are limited.

EDIT: I just preorded for delivery tonight. My restaurant's minimum was $20 + $3 delivery fee. I ordered $20 of food and used voucher, and paid $3 total. Tried to stack vouchers, but doesn't appear you can in the app. I am an existing user.

EDIT2: Sounds like there is a $20 minimum cart (food + delivery fee) for the voucher to work. You also need to meet the restaurant minimum order rules.

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  • No min?

    • No terms and conditions in the post, so unsure. If anyone orders, let us know.

      • Thanks nostril! 52% saving on our usual order…!

        Pre-ordered dinner; $20 taken off order price; order was successful; paid remainder via PayPal. Won't know if there are any other issues till take-away opens later and delivery has been received.

      • No min. Ordereda free meal for tomorrow. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Works on preorders for tomorrow too :) (a lot of Chinese restaurants close on a Tuesday)

    And no minimum from what I've seen, worked on a $20 order, just charging $5 for delivery from that store

  • +1

    Got myself a $1 dinner :)

  • got myself a free dinner

  • Excellent.
    Dinner sorted. Thanks OP!

  • Worked for me, no minimum, got a $3 dinner!

    For those who haven't used the app before, you can set a delivery time so you can order now for delivery later tonight (or tomorrow).

  • awesome. $2 dinner for tomorrow, thanks!

  • so this is an ads on facebook app?

    • +3

      Yep, was an ad that popped up whilst mindlessly scrolling.

  • works with order over 20, cheers OP!!

  • Tempted but already have dinner planned :( A true ozbargainer knows how to say no to a bargain to avoid wasting money. My dinner will cost about $2.50 anyway.

    • +5

      pre order for dinner tomorrow night!

    • +3

      A true ozbargainer would buy fridgeable (I created a new word) for tomorrows lunch / Dinner

  • +3

    Thank you! $18.50 for a massive Indian feast delivered tonight. So excited!

  • Worked great! Thanks OP

  • Odd, says invalid code whenever I go to checkout with the code even though when I use the Validate button it says it's a valid $20 off voucher

    • i had the same issue as i couldnt log into paypal…just deleted the app and downloaded it again…worked a treat :)

      • -1

        Yup turned out the $20 minimum doesn't include the delivery fee.

        All good now, nice meal for $3, I'm okay with that. Thanks OP

        • Just ordered a $17 pizza with $3 delivery fee, total $20. No need to pay.

        • @tianyujojo: Odd I had to have a minimum of $20 before delivery charges :\ Very strange

  • +1

    Anyone know how to just login with the app into your delivery hero account? all it comes up is where do you want food delivered to, and it won't work - I have all GPS options etc turned on but it says your current location is not available, tried manually entering my address, says it can't find that, and there's apparently no other way to advance. Have used it plenty via PC and I thought I'd even used the app once, but on my tablet. Pretty annoying. Why don't they just let you enter postcode and find your suburb, like on the PC? Oh and then it gives me a chance to show where I am on a map, blah, but the map never loads.

    • There is a login button there somewhere. I was using android version of the app and found it ok.

  • AweSome Dinner sorted, thank you kindly OP

  • Nice one - dinner for tonight was already sorted so ordered in advance for tomorrow night. Voila!

  • worked cheers!

  • Holy shit I just got a free family pizza delivered, geez thanks heaps :)

  • +1

    mine doesn't work, says voucher not valid….

    • delete app and download again, is there a min for the food??…you have to order the minimum amount.

  • Tried to order tomorrow's lunch but getting invalid delivery time message. Will try to order dinner later tonight.

  • Thanks OP 2 Thai dishes and rice delivered for $5 tonight.

  • wish this service was used by take away places in the country :(

  • Worked great, thanks!

  • How do I enter the referral code?

  • is it one per person? or can you order multiple meals?

    • +2

      one per account wink wink

    • +2

      It says one per address. Which sucks if true and you live in a dorm etc.

      • Give them P.O box?

        • +2

          Use Road instead of Street or Vice versa

      • +2

        Use the corner of your street and wait for the delivery.

        If it's free, just give everyone in your street free food. Anyone who doesn't accept delivery, take their place.

    • One per household in T&C

  • +1

    Another reason to ditch my Windows Phone!

  • lazy Tuesday night, no cooking! yay!

  • nice, ordered dinner for tomoorow night!

  • thanks man. free dinner thx to you. fyi I wasn't an existing customer

  • Has anyone tried it from the website?

    • +1

      No, it is Mobile Only.

      • I just tried. I can confirm it doesn't work.

  • Ordered Thai dinner for $3

  • aaaa, perfect! Thanks! I've just ordered a family pizza with delivery for $1 :)

  • on the menu, some items have a shopping trolley icon next to it while others don't.

    Does that mean without the shopping trolley icon means NO to delivery?

    • Nah I think that means you can just directly add that item to your cart. Items without need additional information (after you select it). Could be wrong though.

  • +3

    only 1 order per household, my order got cancelled.
    As you may know, My housemate and I are avid ozbargainers.

    • Oh no.. Same thing will happen to me too. How did you get notified? Which one got cancelled? 1st or 2nd?

      • i got a phone call from delivery hero. said the 2nd one got cancelled.

        • unlucky.. my 2 orders got delivered! I used the same address but different phone numbers

        • +1


          i got 2 delivered too from same restaurant

          First one at 7pm Green Curry and some drinks
          2nd one at 1030pm Thai Style Chicken and some drinks

          Both were free as amount was exactly $20.

          Eating the green curry now. YUM !!

    • I ordered from 2 restaurants and it worked fine

  • AMAZING !!! Tks OP
    I've just scored a large wood fire pizza for tonight :)
    Perfect !!!

  • +2

    $1.50 for a Hawaiian pizza and two tubs of gelato. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • You da real mvp OP. Got me and my missus some cheap cheap dinner for tonight! :D

  • Smile if you got Dinner for $20 with Free Delivery from Hyde Park Pizza SA :+)
    (Risotto + Wedges)

  • +2

    When I tap ORDER AND PAY ONLINE I get the pop-up:

    This code is not valid.

    • i am having exactly the same error :(

      • +2

        Has to be min $20 and comply with the restaurants min prices

        • +1

          I was ordering $19.90…

        • +1

          @Scrooge McDuck:
          Need that extra 10cents :P

        • The restaurant i want to order has 15 dollars minimum, but i am ordering more.

          anyhow, i changed to a different restaurant, had no issue. thanks op for the great free food.

        • +3


          You were correct.

          Previous vouchers didn't have that requirement.

          I ended up ordering 6 x rice and left a note asking for what I actually wanted.

          Scrooge: 1

          Delivery Hero: 0

        • @Scrooge McDuck:

          Haha well played.

        • +1

          @Scrooge McDuck:

          Would be quite a funny read if you update later that they missed the extra note, instead receiving 6 serves of rice for dinner.

        • +1


          Better than nothing. :)

          They called me back and confirmed they understood, so all good.

        • +1

          @Scrooge McDuck:

          Good to hear. :)
          I meant it in a lighthearted way, btw, not a 'I hope you get screwed' kind of way. :)

  • Brilliant, thanks alot OP. Just ordered delicious Thai meal for $11.50 delivered.

  • Well, that finally got me to sign up to Delivery Hero. $10 for curry dinner tomorrow night :-)

  • best deal yet

  • +1

    Got 4 plates of Thai Fried rice for $8.

    I placed two orders from two different accounts and both getting delivered to the same address.

    The restaurant is next door so I picked it. I really wish now they cancel my orders :)

  • Thanks OP, just scored myself some free pizzas.

  • If someone (without a mobile) wants to try ordering via http://iphone4simulator.com/# and login to deliveryhero.com.au it would be very interesting…

    • Didn't work with BlueStacks, so I had to pull out the iPad!

  • +1

    All the restaurants around me are around $30-$40 minimum. Seems only pizza places have the low minimum orders.

  • +1

    Wow! There goes the diet :) large pizza delivered for $1!

  • +1

    Pizza for $.90, cheers OP!

  • Awesome!! Missus and kids getting a good dinner tonight!!

  • thanks cheap dinner tonight 2 family pizzas delivered for$12

  • Amazing. Cheers!

  • +1

    BBQ Meatlovers Pizza & Ginger Beer worked out to be exactly $20 delivered. ie, Free. Ordered it to be delivered tomorrow night! Thanks OP!

  • Do you need to order $20+ as saying invalid for place picked for $19 order including delivery fee?

    • Yes, must be atleast $20.

    • 7 shops later finally found a Gluteen free pizza $20 including delivery meeting min order…says $0.00 but Credit card payment after using code?

      First time user do I have to wait to confirmed but not to stage 3, return to home screen?
      No email confirmation?

      When I go to orders in app the milkshake just fills up and does not show order?

      • Yoy should recieve a confirmation enail & the app lets you know also about 20 sec later

  • yay! free food, no cooking tonight. Unfortunately all the food around my area have quite high minimum orders. Some are even up to $60 min order! Anyway, saved $20 so happy not to cook tonight. Thanks OP

  • sweet, cheap pork ribs for din din tonight!

  • anyone having trouble on the app scrolling to delivery time being tomorrow??

  • Cheers op, free pizza tonight.

  • +1

    This is one of the best deals ever!!!!

  • Thanks for this! Pre ordered for tomorrow :)

  • I've never used deliveryhero before as the areas I've lived in in the ACT had very few options and expensive minimum orders.

    Do we know if deliveryhero reimburses the restaurant for this deal or is the restaurant $20 out of pocket?

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