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88% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta/Lift 3x24x375ml $9.65 ($0.13/Can) @ Woolworths [EDR Req'd]


CVPF3SHP, NYTPM6XC, KPCMFTFR, WEF93EWX, 6YDXAV5F - in that order as per screenshot

(note NQ8LUZ - $10 off $50 - can also be added but hasn't been included - thanks/credit to aussie28)

price-beat at officeworks to save another 5% = $9.17 ($0.13/Can) :)

also 76% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta Varieties 24x2L $23.65 ($0.49/L) (screenshot)

KPCMFTFR - $5 off $30+ soft drink? - thanks/credit to sween64
WEF93EWX - 10% off $25+ soft drink - thanks/credit to Crownie
CVPF3SHP - $5 off $50+ soft drink - thanks/credit to smog
6YDXAV5F - 10% off $15 - thanks/credit to talktoronak

Woolworths Week 1 Everyday Rewards Vouchers/Codes

NYTPM6XC 10% off $35 or more spend on softdrinks. Includes water, mineral water, energy drinks and mixers. (Barcode 9348593000566)
ZEJZJFZU 500 Bonus points when you spend $60 or more in one shop. (Barcode 9348593001006)

Note there is a $30 minimum for online orders (you will need to add more items to your cart in this case). If the system only allows you to add 2 codes: You will need for link your EDR card to your account. You may also need to increase the quantity of your order then decrease it once the codes are added.

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  • -2

    when i put in 3 cases i get $42 yuou sure its $33.75

    • Apply the coupon code.

      • Shouldn't we get 10% of the $42 price?

        • +3

          with multi-buys, discount is taken off normal price (10% x $27.49 = $2.75) which is then subtracted from multi-buy unit price ($28/2 - $2.75 = $11.25) :)

    • did you apply NYTPM6XC with an EDR number?

  • +4

    Just ordered 10 cases of 24pk coke, voucher worked and free delivery.
    Also paid with 5% off wish gift card so brings it down to $10.69 per 24pk.

    (for work social club)

    • How did you get 10 coke? The system only allowed me 6 unless I wanted to call up customer service.

      • +1

        maybe some coke zero mixed in there?

        • +1

          Those cases aren't "two for $28" though S-Bob… but I did use Coke-Zero to wangle my order a bit! I wanted to keep the total above $50 at the "fourth-code-point" so that I could incorporate a sixth code, "NQ8LUZ" ($10 off $50 spend online) so I ordered six normal cases of Coke (at two for $28) plus four 2L bottles of "Coke Zero" (two for $5). After all six codes (and free delivery, cause it's a new account), the total came to $39.30!
          Spewing I was only 70 cents off scoring a fourth free domino though!!!

          Chuckle, jokes aside, this one will definitely go down in "OzB history". It's some of the best work I've ever seen on this site, partly because so many got to benefit.
          The hat's off Tones, Sween64, Crownie, smog, talktoronak and CARLOW (re the NQ8LUZ code) for this awesome collaborative effort…

          I reckon you guys have collectively saved OzBers tens of thousands of bucks on this one, easy!


        • +1

          @GnarlyKnuckles: Very good deal, did 2 orders of 6 boxes, did one before the last code so one was 30~ and the other was 40~, but 70$ for 12 boxes of coke is a bargain, I'm happy :)

        • +1


          CARLOW (re the NQ8LUZ code)

          aussie28 actually posted it earlier :)

        • @GnarlyKnuckles:

          forgot to mention…

          Chuckle, jokes aside, this one will definitely go down in "OzB history".

          i personally prefer beer :)

          It's some of the best work I've ever seen on this site, partly because… this awesome collaborative effort

          +1 :)

    • +1

      Didn't have a 7.5% off wish gift card?

  • +1

    can you use this voucher in conjunction with other vouchers, like the groupon $60 coupon voucher

  • Only $0.5617/can in SA ($40.44 for 3 slabs of 24).

  • +2

    is this online only?

    • try using physical vouchers/barcodes in-store :)

  • hmm….2 cases for a just me and my wife…and its getting start of winter…..not sure

    • +6

      Just serve it warm.

  • 12 boxes dc/cz and free delivery.
    thanks a bunch.

  • +1

    Nice find, Just ordered

    6 x Coke,
    2 x Zero ,
    2 x fanta,
    2 x diet coke,
    2 x Lift,
    2 x sprite

    for a total of $180 delivered

    works out $11.25 per 24 cans

  • Great deal. Thanks very much.

  • Just got 4 x boxes of Sprite - $45 :)

    Did a separate order for 12 x 2L Sprite - $20 (had a $10 credit but couldn't combine with any codes :/ )

  • +5

    $5 off when you spend $45 or more on soft drinks. KPCMFTFR (Barcode: 9348593000573).

    Works out to be a better discount if you spend between $45 and $50.

  • looks like too many people have used it

    Sorry, the Coupon: "NYTPM6XC" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification.

    • I just used it and it worked :( dunno why it didnt work for you

    • single-use per edr account :)

  • It keeps trying to charge me delivery? Is delivery only free if you never had free delivery?

  • +4

    I combined both "NYTPM6XC" and "KPCMFTFR"
    3x Coca Cola Can Multi Pack 24x375ml $27.49/unit Promo Disc $53.72 TOTAL $28.75
    = 38c/can (paid with WISH gift card - 5% further disc)

  • +1

    Good deal. Prefer Pepsi Max tho.

    • +1

      Eeeewww I'll take the crab juice thanks.

      • +2

        Didn't homer turn down Mountain Dew in favour of the crab juice

        • Indeed, but Pepsi Max is worse than Mountain Dew. :)

  • It is also 10% off tomorrow through Sunday for staff discount.

  • Great deal, thanks!

  • Great deal and still working. Just make sure the coupon code doesn't revert before you confirm as I had to go back and put in the code a couple of times.

  • Am I doing something wrong? I've got 2 Coke Zero and 1 regular Coke in my cart. Both codes applied and am getting the following message:

    Please resolve the following error
    The subtotal of $28.75 is less than the minimum spend of $30.00.

    I didn't realise there was a minimum spend for pickup…

    • +2

      $30 minimum for all online orders - add a couple of 2L bottles :)

      • Thanks, will do that :)

        • +1

          Or another 24 cans.

        • +4


          or a packet of pringle chips which are 1/2 price.

          I mean you need a healthy meal with the healthy drinks you are buying

        • An extra 24 took them to $10 each, I liked them being $9.7x each. haha

          31L for $33 will last me all year!

  • Thanks tonester,

    Got 6 cases of coke (24*6=144 cans) for $75.88 delivered (SA) 52.6c a can..

    • Foodland have a 20 case for 11, atleast the marion romeos one

  • I'm hoping to stack with more coupon codes, some more may turn up before the week is out.

    • +2

      don't wait or be too greedy - act now as tomorrow they're likely to be unstackable :)

      • -1

        Thanks. I took your advice and purchased now. 4x24 cans for $40 pick up. First time I tried I was worried as when I went to pay the price had reverted to the pre-coupon price and added delivery. Second time worked fine. Dodgy website.

  • Stopped working after midnight for everyone else?

    • +2

      It just worked for me.

  • +1

    I wonder how much profit woolworths are making if these are not on specials??

  • NYTPM6XC doing nothing anymore?

    Edit, some trickery with going on and needed to go back and fort in checkout but worked. Awesome post. Also applies to capi mineral which has become my favo. On top of that free delivery and $15 from cashrewards. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP

  • Sigh, I swear Clare,SA is the only woolworths that doesn't accept online orders for click and collect or delivery. :(

  • Please help :( coke addict needs help…

    I'm not an EDR member - can I sign up and get this deal or is there a way to get this deal without EDR? I need at least 5 cases :(

    • no

    • +1

      Signed up for EDR and ordered 6 cases for a total of $62.50…

      Hope they accept it and delivery goes alright with my apartment building :|

  • +1

    Had to talk to 4 staff before I eventually got my order but it's now in my possession. Thanks OP.

  • +3

    4 Coca Cola Diet Can Multi Pack 24x375ml
    4 Coca Cola Zero Cans Multi Pack 24x375ml

    This is the code I had in my coupons WEF93EWX
    10% off $25 on soft drinks

    • Whatttttt how?

    • +1

      thanks - deal updated :)

      74% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta/Lift 3x24x375ml $21.33 ($0.30/Can) @ WOW [EDR Req'd] - CHEAPEST EVER

  • NYTPM6XC, KPCMFTFR not working anymore?! Max reached. Anyone?

    • +2

      all still work - did you apply an edr number first?

      • yeah i did, all good now, i used another account and it works!~ thanks for the additional discounts!!!!

  • with all the coupon codes stacked I got an additional $30.00 off my shop! Woo hoo thank.

  • how to get 3 for $21.33, its not working for me

  • I couldn't be bothered getting it to work and settled for 6 slabs for $52. Awesome deal, unsure if I will drink 6 before they expire though.

    Although I did have coke from cans the other day and thought, there is just nothing that tastes like Coke in a can.

    • Sounds like it did work.

      • I mean 3 for $21, when it was that. Now I feel pretty ripped off :P

  • I purchased yesterday…. is there a way to refund and repurchase it XDDDDDD

    • Same here.

      • Me too

        • +1

          codes are single-use per account so new one required - click+collect is best to avoid cancellation :)

  • +1

    thx, i waited for a day, and BAM its was further reduced, patience some times pay off :)

  • +1

    Also all the guys who are sharing the codes, thanks a ton. really appreciate you for sharing :)

  • +2

    Got another $5 off my order with CVPF3SHP from spending $50 or more on soft drinks.

    • +4

      thanks - deal updated :)

      80% off Coke/Sprite/Fanta/Lift 3x24x375ml $16.33 ($0.23/Can) @ WOW [EDR Req'd] - CHEAPEST EVER

      • I'm tempted to order more now!
        Edit: Can I use the coupons twice with the same EDR?

        • +1

          Tried using the codes again and got an error. But you can create another EDR account and use the code on that, i think.

          Sorry, the Coupon: "WEF93EWX" has already been used the maximum number of times. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for clarification.

      • NVM [deleted]

    • That makes it $16.33 for 3x24x375ml. I'm thinking of ordering but feeling a bit guilty about exploiting the codes. And it's going to be embarrassing picking it up from the store.

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