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25% off $50 iTunes Voucher ($37.49) at Costco (Membership Required)


Half decent iTunes Voucher discount —> 25% off the $50 voucher (only) - a bit better than the last deal (which was 21%)
Costco Membership required (cost $60). After the recent price increase on the Mac and iPhones you would expect a price increase in the iTunes store soon … so maybe a good time to purchase that App you always wanted …

Lots of other deals but I would say that's the standout.

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  • MLB season pass ;)

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      First, you can get a FULL REFUND of your annual $60.00 CostCo membership fee if you ask for it up to the day before it's set to expire (if they're open, on that day; maybe do that a week before it will expire).

      Thus, you get to keep any genuine advantage(s) in shopping there, for the price of the interest lost on your $60.00 over just under 12 months.

      (Worst-case loss:

      • 4% (ie, if it would have sat in an ING Direct Savings Maximiser account, if you're getting their Bonus interest for monthly deposits of $1,000.)

      Now, 25% Off… that should just about balance against the DROP in AU$ value vs the Greenback (US$), eg, for those buying:

      • Seasons of CBC's "The Debaters" (live comedy, in a debate format; MP3)

      PS Did the Aussie drop during Abbott's reign, or when?

      • Pretty sure somebody said that if you let your membership lapse, then that's the end of your warranties on things you've purchased. Though if you aren't buying big ticket items that you are concerned about this kind of thing, then I guess it could work.

        I just go with my in-laws as their guests and give them the money for anything I want.

        • Well, maybe the longer-than-12-month warranties die when you CostCo membership runs out, but the rest survive, by Law.

          And… that means you're paying for Insurance n your purchases.

          Except for a few sale irems, I found most of CostCo's prices HIGHER than I'm used to. YMMV, of course.

          If two can (subtly) share a Membership, that cuts those "Insurance premiums" down a bit… but those HIGH prices will likely stay until Aldi arrives, to "save us $"…

  • Can someone tell me what Michelin tyres are available for $70 off?
    Model and size please!

    • The best is to call them to get a prize … the prices are usually pretty good (hard to beat) but don't forget that they don't do wheel alignment when they mount the tyres (you need to do that somewhere else at an extra cost).

      • WHAT? So, people pay $60 to buy at CostCo, but get LESS SERVICE there?!?

        This kind of thing makes me shake my head… and recall, that:

        • "Aldi will SOON be in Adelaide" (like May 2015…? :-)
        • I saved around $200 on my tyres there -$60 Membership … -$50 for the wheel balancing … still saved $90. So yes … I paid. And now I can benefit from other deals as well. I agree that it's not for everyone and Aldi is very good at lots of things (I still go there).

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          Good for you!

          Let's compare: I paid $80 / tyre (only had to buy 2), & got the simpler balancing done in that price.

          I don't buy "crappy" tyres, but I'm not afraid to leave "Big Brands" on the shelf for others… You perhaps?

        • @IVI:

          For 2 tyres it would make not much sense … esp. for the smaller sizes (which are much cheaper … so not much saving with Costco). But for the more expensive tyres (4WD or sports car) it definitely makes sense to compare the prices. I usually would not rule out any place where I can get a good deal. (By the way I got my Costco Membership in the first year free with the AMEX deal here on Ozbargain.)

          Good tyres are very important. They are your contact to the street. Brand does not matter as long as they are safe, fuel efficient, durable and silent. Lots of review sites and forums out there to get the information. I personally exchange at least every 4-5 years and have a minimum profile of 4mm.

        • @mini_wombat:
          "I got my Costco Membership in the first year free with the AMEX deal here on Ozbargain."

          I don't know AmEx deals… would that be a 1-Off deal,
          or does AmEx have lotsa deals, that amount to
          $60 of more, per deal?

          PS CostCo seemed to have charged only $50 (not $55) for a "low-doc" associate's Business account (ie, they didn't need more than a Drivers lic., not the 2 other proofs of businsess ID their t&C mentions).

          She told me the advantages of a Business acc't is:

          • free home card (if 2nd person gives sameres. adr) &
          • CostCo checkouts -must- (on request) give you 2 receipts (if you've separated your items into 2 parts;
            as if 1 part is Business & the other non-Business).
        • @IVI: Never heard about $50 low doc business acc. And how come it's even cheaper than regular business acc ? While you only need to prove nothing about your business ?

        • First, YMMV. Then, I was told that the lower cost for Business members encourages more to sign-up.

        • By "low-doc" I just mean they didn't ask for the 2 other pieces of ID, re the business.l

  • So a member rings?

    • Are there really that many CostCo members in AU?

      Most of the folks I saw on my first & only visit were - like me - "Just Visiting" (ie, not actually in that awful, IMO, place…)

      • I'm a member :) usually get back my membership fee with 2 purchase amount of savings.

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          If you buy, eg, iTunes cards (ie, "air" products), I think you might be right.

          But the environmentally WASTEFUL (IMO) "bundling" multiple bottles into a REQUIRED MINIMUM purchase size, uses EXTRA plastic wraps or bags disappoints me. (It must save checkout time.)

          Unusually large packages (eg, some frozen Blueberries: 1.5 Kg) might make sense for cafes, but the 1.5 Kg weight adds some computational complexity to the average buyer… eg:

          Is $11.49 for 1.5 Kg cheaper than 3x 500 g for (Wollies price)?

          Yes, our mobiles have calculators, but I don't see many using them.

          And… It's still "IMPOSSIBLE" to know where the product you want - eg, on a quick shop - is…

          Even floor staff can't say where it is… eg:

          "It's where ever our forklift driver finds space to drop it."
          (From the looks of some -bottom- boxes, "drop" is accurate.)


          I think a lot of misinformation is being conveyed by you in your posts. People who regularly go to Costco usually know where the stuff is. The Costco that I go to does not have the forklift operator randomly putting merchandise on their whim. The milk and eggs are near the freezer next to bakery. The toiletries are in front of optometrist. Nuts etc in front of registers. I believe the other Costco shops would have the merchandise organised in some manner.

          Coming to large packages and your example about blueberries, Costco has the price per kg displayed underneath. I think the unit pricing will help most people easily figure out what is cheaper without resorting to using a calculator.

          If you don't like Costco that's your problem. Just don't malign the store because of your prejudices.

      • +1 vote

        "Just Visiting"

        Please do the rest of us a favour by not crowding the stores. Save the visits for some better place.

  • good for netflix sub - 25% off too good

  • Each person can only buy 10 cards

    • …per visit, I presume.

      The sheet you get at the door shows "$2 Off" (not 25% Off);
      the "normal" price is just under 25% Off, & the extra $2
      brings it up to 25%.

      I think Apple gets 30% of the $50, so I guess CostCo is foregoing ~ its share of that…?

  • Go to deal link says "no coupons available at this time"?