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Nespresso DeLonghi Lattissima+ $219.20 after 20% off and $100 Cashback @ The Good Guys eBay


Black Nespresso Lattissima+ listed for $399 (click and collect) on Good Guys eBay.

Take 20% off using coupon code to get it for $319.20.

You will still receive a normal Good Guys invoice so will be eligible to claim $100 cashback via Nespresso cashback offer

Ends up costing $219.20 which is a decent price for this machine.

Don't forget your Cash Rewards 2% as well

Part of the eBay 20% off tech deal

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  • +1

    That's got to be the cheapest ever.

    • Yeah, I don't recall it being this close to the $200 mark before.

  • +1

    Dont forget 2% cashbackrewards or 4x QFF points

    and/or/maybe 9.09% off at TRS refund! loooool taking this machine as hand carry but possible

  • +1

    Good machine, we've had it for a couple of years. Makes a good fast and easy coffee. A little too much froth for me, but not too much to bother, wife is happy.

    Note: they have recently released a new model. Only slight cosmetic change and 2 more buttons for just milk and another coffee option. From memory it retails for $649 which makes this a great buy.

    • +1

      +1 had mine for a year and paid over $100 more. Happy with the coffees it makes and great when I'm in a rush to get out the door!

  • I'm trying to figure out if this is a deal am I kidding myself.

    Inissia = 189.00 * 0.8 = 151.2 -100 (cashback) = 51.2 (And 2% cash rewards … but am I on the right track?)

    Am I missing something??

  • +1

    Good price. Had this for about a year. Would recommend to anyone lazy who's happy to pay 50c for a coffee at home

  • Worth upgrading from a pixie? I heard the machine cannot be entirely cleaned because of the built in milk frother?

    • +1

      The milk frother is detachable so you can keep it in the fridge. To clean it you just chuck it in the dishwasher. Too easy.

      • I have one too…. Agree with the above comment.

      • Thanks for sharing. I have the base model and wondered whether it was worth upgrading. Just purchased based on your comment. It cost the same as my base model did two years ago! What a bargain!!

      • You meant the container? What happens to the milk gets sucked into the machine? Or does it do the frothing in the container? I can imagine how to clean the container but what about the machine?

        • There's a clean button on top of the milk frother.

        • Yeah milk isn't sucked into the machine. The machine just pumps steam into the milk container, which helps force it out into the cup along with heating/frothing it.

  • thanks op, bought one

  • Does the Inissia come with a frother, in specs it says frother=Yes and I watched an unboxing video which doesnt show any frother in the box so kind of confused.

    • Yes

      • Thanks I ordered one Inissia model to try it out.

  • Picked this up from tgg. Had 2 cups so far. I love it so far. Tried kazaar n ristresto and so far I think ristresto suits me best. Just wondering if I am able to pick up other non nespresso capsules that will have similar taste?

    • Just get the original ones.

      Unlike generic toner cartridges, the generic ones aren't much cheaper.

      And like generic toner cartridges, the generic ones aren't as good.

      Go to the Nespresso Store and try out as many favours as you like to see which you like best. OzBargainers will like this- all for free.

  • +1

    Awesome price. At that price I wish I didn't have the same model already! Lol

    I paid more from Amazon Italy, approx $290 from memory.

    • Just bought 3. 2 as gifts and 1 for a colleague.

      The only thing that shits me is that TGG ebay charge 3 x delivery charges. For $10 or 20, I'll get shipped, but for $30, I'll pick it up myself.

  • Thanks op bought!

  • Hi OP,
    Just have a query. On the Nespresso site whilst looking at the terms and conditions on the $100 cash back it says that the offer is not available in conjunction with any Nespresso promotion, offer, or discount. Would this mean that the $100 cashback will not stack with the 20% off or is the promotion under the Good Guys and not Nespresso, allowing both the $100 and 20% off to be stacked?
    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      Just guessing here, but when you use the eBay 20% off deal, the merchant (in this case TGG) don't even know you got a discount. On the invoice, it just says the original amount paid in full. I don't believe PayPal/eBay pass any of this information along to TGG.

      I bought a chest freezer yesterday from TGG which originally cost $319, but I paid $255.20 after the eBay discount. On TGG invoice that I received, it said I paid the full amount of $319.

      So, in theory, Nespresso won't even know about it.

      • Thanks for the info SavageCarrot! +1'd

  • I've had mine for about a year or so. Just sits on the counter gathering dust. Made me realize that although I love drinking coffee, doesn't neccessarily means I'm eager to make one myself. :-/

    • We only really use it if more than one person wants a coffee.

      Too lazy to clean the milk frother for one coffee.. haha

  • Anyone had a normal lattisima and upgraded to the plus and found it worthwhile? Ours is getting on in years, plus bigger spot for cups?

  • Going overseas soon so the total price is $180. Awesome.

    • You buying as a gift or bringing it back?

      • Australia is not my home country. :)

    • -1

      Taking it as a gift?
      If carting it overseas and back, that is a new low of stingy I have not witnessed before.

      • That's normally what (local) people do when they buy from a duty free store..

        It's within the rules.

        • I'm aware of that. I travel often.

          Carting a coffee machine back and forth to save a measly $30-40 is ridiculous is what I was getting back.

          Not worth the saving IMO

        • @dbun1:

          I agree, that's why I asked if he is bringing it back.. it's pretty heavy to be carting it around O/S for $36.27.

    • errm, minimum total to claim in a single invoice is $300. i wasnt aware this has changed.

      hopefully for you it has, if not, then welcome to the $219.20 club

      • +1

        The invoice price will be $319.20 since cashback will be redeemed later.

        • +1

          Actually the invoice will be $399 from the good guys, as its eBay that give the discount. So even better.

        • you were right, i was wrong, i found his son, i found his son, thats me

  • Well I bit the bullet and bought this. Submitted my claim to Nespresso. Hopefully it gets approved.
    Incidentally TGG gave me a silver machine rather than black… Doesn't bother me. Silver looks quite nice.

    • Quick question how soon after you purchased it on ebay that you got an email about instructions on how to pick it up.

      • for me, it was like 15mins before i got a call from TGG, very impressed. you choose your store when you are checking out via ebay

        • i ordered mine last night still haven't heard anything from ebay or TGG.

        • @bladellium: mm, well on that list i was one of the first few people to order one, so maybe now theyre trying to source more stock

          shouldve mentioned that, my bad

      • They e-mailed me around two hours later to say that it is ready to pick up.

    • +2

      Just got my cash back approval email. What a bargain for $220. Big thanks OP!!

      • hi, could you tell me which number on TGG's tax invoice is the invoice number Nespresso asks for?

        • I think I just quoted the Web Sales Order Number from memory. Can't quite remember though sorry.

        • @SavageCarrot: no worries´╝î thanks