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20% off Tech at Selected Retailers @ eBay


Starts at 08:00 (AEST) on 29 March 2015 and ends at 23:59 (AEST) on 2 April 2015
20% discount (capped at $500) off the purchase price of Tech for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage)
Maximum of 10 items per transaction
The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect
Gift cards/certificates/vouchers are excluded
Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon/voucher

Cameras (#625)
Computers/Tablets & Networking (#58058)
Electronics (#293)
Home Entertainment (#172176)
Phones & Accessories (#15032)
Video Games & Consoles (#1249)
Home Appliances (#20710)
Home, Personal Security (#41968)
Fitness Technology (#44075)

The Good Guys
Dick Smith
Appliances Online
EB Games
Futu Online
PC Case Gear
Betta Online
Ted’s Cameras

730pm 29 Mar: Dick Smith listings have mostly increased in price compared to pricing earlier today.

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  • Who wants to bet they will markup the prices to make more profit just before the sale starts

    The Good Guys
    Dick Smith
    Appliances Online
    EB Games
    Futu Online
    PC Case Gear
    Betta Online and
    Ted’s Cameras

    20% off Tech at Selected Retailers @ eBay

    Title of deal should be 20% off Tech at Selected Retailers After 20% Price Hike @ eBay

    • PC Case Gear
      definitely did, check their website then check their ebay store.
      Prices are 20% more……

      • Why defiantly though?

      • +13 votes

        You sure it's 20% more? I noticed a lot of their products just have $10-20 more in cost, and they have free standard shipping, while the site's shipping is normally $16-20 for me for a component, it seems to be covering the general shipping cost from what I've seen, and then there's their usual 3% credit card surcharge.

        Although it does suck if you want more than 1 item now that I think about it, so their method of pricing still sucks on ebay.

        • Most products I looked at were an average of 10% more (eg. bundling 'free shipping' into the cost, and the ~9% of ebay and paypal fees).

      • Their ebay includes shipping while their website doesn't, and their shipping costs are quite high. But they did mark up prices by about 10% by the looks of things. Pity, just bought a Ducky keyboard from them, would have been nice to save a little bit.

        • not surprising as eBay charges 9.9% fees.

        • Sell via their own web store… 0% fees on sale…. sell via ebay that 10% fee on sale, another 2.5% on paypal payments… yet SHOCKED they mark up ebay store by 10%!

      • Yep, majority of the items are more expensive on their eBay store. Although there are a couple of products that are cheaper on their eBay store (as well as having free shipping)

      • Well for what I'm after it'll be cheaper with the 20% off still.

        For example:
        EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Superclocked ACX 2.0 4GB - $835 Posted from the website will come down to $700 posted with the 20% off on ebay.

        Considering the same card costs ~$807 posted from Amazon.

      • It looks like they incorporated eBay/Paypal fees and added shipping so they can offer free shipping, since they charge freight on everything on their website. I imagine this is so that they can jump on the free shipping train. Their prices are still the most competitive, plus better customer service than MSY/Centrecom which is my other options locally. 20% plus 2% cash back is still really damn good. Picking up a new Ducky today I think!

      • theyre NOT 20% more.

        Especially for Kingston Hyper X Fury which is $92 delivered

        as opposed to $99

        Which means since they only have one outlet you save ~$6 by ordering through their ebay store even if you live next door…

        Who knew being lazy could pay off?

    • +61 votes

      20% off after 20% increase would still be 4% discount.

    • I wonder if this will include iPads and other apple products.

  • Ebgames has ebay store?

    • +10 votes

      Yet when you go there its all old iphones and ipads splashed all over the front page…The only consoles available are ps3 and xbox360…its like where old technology goes to die.

      • +2 votes

        For me it looks like a dump.

      • If that's where old technology goes to die, shouldn't they have all the PS4 and Xbone stuff listed there, too?

        • found the PC master race!

        • Like Apple, some tech is so redundant it's simply not worth mentioning, best it's sold in stores where the old and uninformed shop.

        • @Ebany: What a unretarded fanboi comment. Seriously I can tell you put yer brains before the slavish devotion to a brand and that is ensuring that you make considered, balanced, unbiased and thoughtful comments regarding technology brands.

          Really. I mean it.

  • 20% Off hmm might be time to buy that new tv.

    • +12 votes

      make sure you check the prices now on the item you want, before this offer is active, so see if you are really getting a good deal…

      • A true ozbargainer would already know.

      • Yes I know as well as checking prices on staticice too.

      • make sure you check the prices now on the item you want, before this offer is active, so see if you are really getting a good deal…

        Thanks for stating the obvious, perhaps you'll tell us next to add postage costs on before comparing prices as well!

    • TV worth buying aren't advertised on eBay.

  • some very good deals to be had…… as long as there's no price hike!

    Eg Galaxy note 4 from GG $788*0.8 = $630!

  • Yes it finally came back, hopefully something good!!!

  • PCCG is pretty expensive even with 20% off :(

    Edit: Tuzii beat me to it

    • Can't speak to their ebay store but I've always found them pretty competitive price wise or at the least on par with all the other online retailer prices.

      • their website is fine, their eBay store is not.
        Ever since it opened (their eBay store) it has been 10-12% more than their actual online store…

        • Well ebay does charge 10%..

        • +1 vote

          @raven2000: Paypal 5% as well

        • @raven2000:

          Nope. Ebay charges private people 10% but not such big seller, they pay way less.

        • @dosada: Link pls. Also, it should be noted that at the time of this comment PCCG has only had a feedback of 28, not exactly what I'd call a "big seller". While I don't dispute what you've stated I do have a good friend who eventually gave up their Ebay store due to the continued rate rises.

        • @Ebany: Your friend sounds like a big seller what with the failing to continue and everything.

        • @Diji1: That's quite possibly one of the most stupid and ignorant comments I've read all day. Obviously it was meant as some sort of personal attack but simply fails on so many levels.

  • Hopefully this results in some good XB1 and PS4 prices again.

  • Good guys and DSE both have the Galaxy Tabs S for $407 right now, what's the bet that changes before Sunday?

    Looking forward to a good PS4 bundle though.

  • Are they allowed to raise their prices due to eBay sales? Seems like something eBay would not be impressed about.

    • you must be new here

    • Yes. Harvey Norman is a classic example.

      They will do a "huge" sale off the "ticketed price". They simply raise that ticketed price prior to the sale.

      I once went shopping for a couple of split system aircons at HN and, having found the ones I wanted, decided to come back in a few days when the massive "20% off all air-cons" weekend sale started. Had trouble finding them even though they had over 300 in stock, turns out they had raised the ticketed price by 28% which threw me off the trail. Purchasing them on the special would have cost me more than I would have paid a few days prior. They reduced the price back to the original from a few days ago (without any discount), didn't even look guilty when the sales person explained that this was how it had always been done.