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Asus Zenbook UX303LN-C4306H i7-5500U 256GB 8GB Ram GT-840-2GB13.3"FHD Touch Win 8.1 $1519.20 @ Futu Online eBay


Part of the eBay 20% off tech deal

Asus Zenbook UX303LN-C4306H

Intel® Core™ i7-5500U Processor
Windows 8.1 (64bit)
13.3' LED Back-lit Ultra Slim 300nits FHD 1920x1080 16:9 Glare NTSC:72% Touch//WV
NVIDIA GeForce 840 (N15S-GT)
SATA 256G Customerized SSD
SD/MMC Card Reader
HD web camera
802.11ac+Bluetooth 4.0 (Dual band)

1x Headphone-out & Audio-in Combo Jack
1x mini Display Port
3x USB 3.0

Illuminated Chiclet Keyboard
Built-in speaker
Built-in array microphone
Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®

Battery 50WHrs, 3S1P, 3-cell Li-ion Polymer Battery Pack
Power Adapter 65W AC Adapter
Output : 19V DC, 3.42A, 65W
Input : 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
Dimensions 32.3 (W) x 22.3 (D) x 1.80 ~ 1.92 (H) cm
1.45 KG (with 3 cell battery)

BIOS Booting User Password Protection

2% Cashback via Cash Rewards
Guys! - Don't forget the 2% Cashback… I can't believe I forgot! ARGH!
(2% of $1899 = $37.98 or 2% of $1519.20 = $30.38, bringing the total down to $1481.22 or $1488.82)

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    Almost the better deal… just a bit thicker.


    $1200 after discount


    This also seems a better deal unless I'm missing something?


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      It comes with 8GB of RAM… 4GB non-upgradable, but you can replace 4GB with a 8GB to make it 12GB if you need.

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    Pretty disappointing battery life according to reviews on the Haswell version of this. Only 5-7 hours on normal usage.


    I like the i5 model - i7s on ultrabooks are thermally constrained, battery hungry and make loud fan noises compared to the i5s with very similar performance for most tasks - BHPhotVideo has this for 849 which is almost low enough to get under the 1000AUD import limit so perhaps you can work something out with them to avoid GST - it has only 128 SSD but you can swap it out for a 500 or 1TB ssd when they hit your price target :) I would have got one only nothing on the market comes close to my 1.06kg Vaio Pro from one and a half years ago for power/weight so I'm waiting for Skylake



      …totally different model, LN versus LA, you don't get a dedicated GPU with the BH photo laptop.

      Personally I'd pay the extra just to get a graphics card, you can do so much more with one and it won't go obsolete as fast.


        Replying as I think that's missed the important point about what's the sweet spot for an ultrabook at present - Remember ultrabooks are light with small batteries and limited thermal heatsinking without a fan - so the LN model dedicated GPU exacerbates the same problems as it's i7 - battery use, thermal limits, fan noise, weight etc ..
        If you want an ultrabook go i5 with inbuilt gpu, better to save on paying a premium for constrained i7 and GPU..
        On the other hand if you want a machine with gaming potential get a bigger laptop instead not an ultrabook .. this is ozBargain right .. about getting value for your bucks :D


          I think you're generalising on the actual Asus laptops. You'll find that both the UX303LN and UX303LA have almost the same battery life of about 9hrs idle and both weigh almost the same at 1.45kg. You'll also find that in a lot of cases the i7 will run cooler and use less battery because it doesn't have to throttle as much to get the same job done, the GPU also has optimus to switch to the inbuilt intel graphics when you don't use it.

          True perhaps sub $1000 is the sweet spot for you, but the UX303LN posted here represents significantly better value and to top it off it has one hell of a screen panel. I know which one I'd rather buy.


    Scored the same one from DSE eBay store last year with that 15% code. Got it for 1350!! But this is still a good price. Very nice laptop :)


    I'm planning to buy this but on the ebay website the title says its ux303la but then at the bottom of the page in the specs section it says ux303ln. So is it la or ln? I need to make sure of this because la and ln is a big difference considering the dedicated graphic card


    I find this to be a better deal:


    Especially if you live local (NSW) and can pick up. For $1,699.00 you get 8GB of RAM and reliability of a brick and mortar store :)


    Model number and item description indicates 4GB of RAM on the model listed in this deal.

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