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Shopping Express - Trifecta - Pick 3 Pay $399 - Free Shipping


Pretty good items in Group A like Sony Xperia smartphone or HP Laptop. Good portable hard drive in Group B and Flash drive in Group C.

They sometimes add a new item so keep an eye.

Good luck.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express

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    Just be careful, pretty sure the Sony Z is 4(!) models behind.

    Microserver isn't too bad, basically getting the other stuff thrown in.

    • Z4 isn't actually out yet.

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        That's true. Still too old for the price in my view.

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      Be even more careful buying from them at all, if anything breaks under warranty, they will stuff you around for a long time in the hope you will give up. Typical Aussie business, once money has changed hands you are "dead" to them.

      Been waiting since mid February to sort out an RAM, and still no result.


      • Typical Aussie business, once money has changed hands you are "dead" to them.

        That means all Aussie businesses are to be avoided.

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        Would have been faster if you contacted the manufacturer for an RMA, that's what the warranty pamphlet is for.

        • Manufacturers have no obligation to respond to warranty claims directly. They may help but most refer you back to the place you bought it from.

        • @drosair: Some manufacturers deal warranty through the place you bought it or you can claim through one of their distributers.

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          Yeah but for ram they usually encourage you to go through the manufacturer

        • @cheesecactus: Based on VVV's comment they wouldn't honour the warranty claim which they are obliged to do. Sure if the manufacturer will deal with the issue then it may be a better option. Warranty pamphlets do not overrule Consumer Law.

        • @cheesecactus:

          RAM is a typo, meant to be RMA, can't change it now.

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        Yep I agree these guys have terrible customer service. Got a DOA item and I needed to go though the manufacturer to get it fixed.

        I feel that SE are using Ozbargain as an advertising board to get more people to visit their store. Like a carrot on a stick. As others have said their RRP is just BS.

      • You're drawing a long bow with the "typical Aussie business" comment. Do you avoid all Australian businesses? Or did you just mean Australia run businesses?

        • Well, just for you I can mention a few I would never shop from again on-line:

          Shopping Express
          Dick Smith
          JB HiFi
          Big W

          Nothing is ever easy with these people, always have to chase things up, can't be bothered any more.

      • i dont think all aussie businesses are that way and its easier to deal with a business based in aus than one overseas… but thanks for the heads up there has been similar feedback in other threads so its good to know :)

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      Yeah well over priced. These guys like to grossly inflate the "Was" price.
      The Sony Xperia Z was release over two years ago.

      Others are selling it about $100 less.

      According to ThinkOfUs the list price is $499 (they have it for $350)

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    great price on the 4k monitor too bad it's only 30 hz :(

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      a 30 fps cap might actually be a piece of crap

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      Phew, thanks for pointing that out.

  • The Deal doesn't work if you select the WD RED 6TB drive :(

    • It's been FIXED, It now works.

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    I dont see any prices that looked like a deal. I only glanced, am I wrong?

    • Combine all the pricing and get them at $399, here is the deal. Basically it is a buy 1 get 2 other freebies. The good thing is you have choices for the freebies, hence +1 from me.

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  • is the HP laptop any good?

  • Bought a 980GTX and SSD off these guys in the past and were pretty good to deal with. I haven't dealt with DOA stuff which would be another issue.

  • Is the HP laptop ok? I have a HP laptop with the same specs but win7. I just need one for a holiday trip.

  • Wish they would do a deal on NUCs…..

  • The microserver celeron CPU can be upgraded to xeon…wow

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