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Delivery Hero $15 off Total Bill ($20 Min. Order)


Get $15 off your takeaway order today at Delivery Hero with the code EAT15. This code expires at 9PM, voucher quantities limited to 1000

Reported as having a $20 miminum order.

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    Get ready for EAT15SORRY

  • hey do you know if it's new customers only?

    • Nope, no restrictions it seems

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    Here we go again

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    looks like minimum spend of $20 (so $5 after discount)

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    Only 1 store open and no pre-orders for another 20mins till they open!

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    Looks like no pre-orders, delivery only tonight.

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      I was able to order for 2moro evening.

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        How? Every restaurant I see shows menu and no pre-orders.

        • I did use the app.

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          @samia786: Just got App,right,I can choose time with it!

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          Yep, you can preorder for tmr with the app. Somehow it doesn't seem to work with website orders

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          @RyanMK: Just tried app and trying to scroll down for tomorrow but keeps scrolling itself back to today for delivery.

      • Use App?

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    Where did you see this?

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    Thanks, schnitty, chips and garlic brea delivered for $5.

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    Thank you! I just ate something but still got some room for $15 off food.

  • Just got my next 3 meals sorted for $11

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    Thanks, got some beautiful Korean fried chicken for dinner.

  • I think it just hit its 1000 use limit. I got through to paypal page and stupidly thought "you know what, I don't want to use paypal". Returned to DH payment page and now when I click Order Now a new message pops up saying "Attention! This coupon code cannot be redeemed"

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      Nope, as per last time, what you've just done has ruined your account for using the code ;) you'll need to try another account now

      • ahhh cheers for the heads up :)


        Question about referral codes - do I just click edit at the top of this post, add it into my own account settings and then it is automatically added to the random pool?

      • You're a hero.

      • Thanks for this, same happened to me!

    • Hi buddy, the Minimum order is $20.
      Above $20 you will not have a problem.
      Enjoy the delivery :)

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        Cheers for trying to help but in my case it was a $30 order (before discount) and like Spackbace said, I stuffed up my account for that code by not going through the checkout process in one clean attempt. Luckily I have DH accounts for both my cats that live with me so I was able to use theirs to still make an order and get the discount

        • Cats LOL…
          You could've used your left shoe and right shoe too, surely

  • Weird. First said not valid. Then said delivery time not available. Then worked for delivery 2moro evening. Thanks op.

    • Some places not open on a Monday night.

  • Thanks OP, Turkish pide complete box for $10 delivered for tonight.

  • -3

    just got back from buying pizza dammit

    • +1

      Just had Indian and now ordered Indian for lunch tomorrow, Indian tastes better the next day anyway :)

  • Looks like minimum order is $20. Thanks OP

  • i had my order instantly cancelled… says payment could not go through. but i got a charge on my debit card.

    • If that happens in future (or to anyone else), it's best to call DH. Usually we won't receive the payment and it will bounce back to your account as a payment fail, but sometimes it does actually come through.

  • Just in time for dinner tonight !

  • Still working for me? Ordered for tomorrow.

  • Thanks so much, pizza and garlic bread just delivered! :)

  • Thanks! Thai food ordered

  • No idea what's going on. Accepts coupon, but then I get this error message…


    • weird, unless it has hit the 1000 mark or that restaurant does not take vouchers as I have seen that written in some descriptions. Try again or another place?

  • -1

    paid but still waiting for sms confirmation…

    • +1

      I haven't gotten SMS text messages for most of my delivery hero orders and food always comes.

  • Works fine

    And we got to know our local pizza joint, asking them to delivery tomorrow dinner instead of today

  • Yay!! I can get fat on more pizza, best day ever!!

    • +1

      Mentone pizza again?

      • +3

        You know it :)

        Closed today though, so I ordered for tomorrow. Delivery Hero even called me to make sure my order was for tomorrow and not tonight…good service!!

        • My local pizza place was closed so went for Thai tonight.

        • @unity1:

          How was it?

        • +1

          @CryssieJade: I ordered a green curry chicken. It was really HOT and couldn't finish my plate of food. Really missed the pizza but I still have a $20 voucher from a previously cancelled order. I'm sure you enjoyed yours as usual.

  • Thanks, OP! Incoming Thai delivery.

  • I made an order, everything went through then it said " We couldn't process your order to x restarauant " after payment. So looks like some restrictions apply.

  • Finally managed to get in on these DH deals in time. Pizza for dinner :)

  • Nice, Massaman Curry and Squid after a Dominos pizza. Bulking is ON haha

  • Loving these Russian sponsored meals lately. Keep em coming DH

  • Minimum order $20 !!!

  • Let's see how long it's going to take to get my refund…


    • +1

      You will have to pull out that 2nd account and try ordering somewhere else.

  • eat 15 of what?

  • Error message received. Attention! Cuopon code cannot be redeem.

  • Worked for me :D yay nooooodles. thank you!

  • Just ordered some hot jam donoughts :)
    Will go down well with Game of thrones!

    • +1

      Lots of them needed for all 4 episodes

    • +1

      Ordered tomorrow nights dinner as well but they called and removed that order as I already had one for tonight and only 1 per address! (Should have ordered for work lunch)

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    Everything in my area has a $25 minimum order. I don't want to pay $10 out of pocket for a bargain.
    I'll sit this one out.

    • +1

      thanks for giving others a chance

    • +1

      Same here, I ended up buying a meal for my partner as well, may as well spread the love. dinner for 2 with an entree for $15, eh, cant complain. I get where you're coming from though… I almost didn't bother.

  • +1

    Welp, just bought another 2 person meal. Getting lots of reusable plastic containers is nice.
    Incoming Thai delivery also. Thanks OP

    • At my door in less than 40 mins woop!

      • And driver tried to call afterwards to confirm about special delivery instructions! Good reviews for these guys!

  • it had an error but I tried a couple more times (or more) and it accepted the voucher.
    weirdly the price on the receipt is in full yet the charge on my card is the discounted price.

  • I got a family pizza and a can of coke delivered for $6.40, only took like half an hour to arrive, hells yeah 2-3 meals with no effort required :)

  • ordered for tomorrow..fingers crossed

  • Thanks!!

    Cold night = 2 x Curries + accoutrement for $11. Nice one OP!

    • +2

      Getting the Dutch Oven ready?

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    how come i can't preorder on my iphone. it only lets me make orders on monday

  • Delivery tonight for tomorrow night's dinner. Thanks OP.

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    Ordered and paid successfully but received a call from the restaurant saying my order was cancelled by delivery hero :( their system is so dodgey.

    • Any chance you used the code more than once?

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    worked thanks

    1 x 1 Rack of Ribs BBQ Sauce $18.00
    2 x 1 Corn Cob $1.00

    Total 5 bucks

  • App had problem while todays time selection for order.
    Finally ordered.

    Those having issue wid app… Just wait and keep trying.

    Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Anyone know what (Prick Hang) is? Context Chinese food.

    • +2

      That sounds Thai rather than Chinese. Prik haeng is dry chili.

    • +1

      A really kinky sex act that involves ropes, attachments and an incredible tolerance for pain?

      Dry Chili: ”Prick Hang”. It’s a dry chili that we use to make curry paste. We also toast and ground it, use in a lab and for seasoning the food after it is cooked. Can be stored in a dry container for a year.

      • +1

        OK I'll 'bite' ;- Where does the Chinese food come in?

        • +2

          Where doesnt it come in ;)

      • +1

        My edit didn't work… damn!

        Was going to add 'Dry Chili: ”Prick Hang”. It’s a dry chili that we use to make curry paste. We also toast and ground it, use in a lab and for seasoning the food after it is cooked. Can be stored in a dry container for a year.'

    • Thanks heaps for the info. I'm not good with chilli so you've saved me some disappointment.

  • Loving this.

  • yippie,,,,,ordered at 7.32pm and received it at 8.15pm..what a great service :)

  • Just had dessert delivered for the family - perfect!

  • Thanks OP. Had mine delivered on time with no issues :)

  • Can't preorder unfortunately.

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