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Free 1500 Velocity Points When You Connect a Bill Provider to MyPost Digital Mailbox


Connect a new bill provider to MyPost Digital Mailbox and you can receive 1500 velocity points and 50 points per payment over $50. This is for new and existing users. New users need to sign up to MyPost and enter your Velocity membership number.

Through our partnership with Australia Post, you can earn Points with MyPost Digital Mailbox. It’s a secure way to receive and pay bills and store important documents online. Every time you pay a bill using the digital mailbox to the value of $50 or more you will be rewarded with 50 Points^.

Plus, until 16 May 2015, we’re exclusively offering Velocity members who connect to a provider 1,500 bonus Points*.

Full Terms and Conditions

*To earn 1,500 bonus Velocity Points New users must sign up for a MyPost Digital Mailbox service, enter your Velocity membership number & connect to a bill provider between 16 April and 16 May 2015 inclusive. Existing users need to connect to a provider within the promotional period. To be eligible to earn Velocity Points, you must enter your Velocity membership number and your First and Last Name must match the information in your Velocity Account. Velocity Points will be allocated to your Velocity Account within 10 days from transaction date. Only one allocation of 1,500 bonus Velocity Points will be earned for a connection. Multiple connections will not attract more bonus Points.

^50 Velocity Points will be awarded for each eligible bill paid to the value of $50 or more via Australia Post’s MyPost Digital Mailbox. Bills can only be paid with selected providers. To be eligible to earn Velocity Points, you must register your Velocity membership number within the profile details of your MyPost Digital Mailbox and your First name and Last name used to open your Australia Post MyPost Digital Mailbox account must be the same as your Velocity Account. Velocity Points will be allocated to your Velocity Account within 10 business days from date of transaction. One allocation of 50 Points will be earned per bill paid to the value of $50 or more, multiple payments for the same bill will not attract multiple allocations. Standard MyPost Digital Mailbox Service Terms and Conditions apply and can be viewed here.

To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership and Points earn and redemption are subject to the Member Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time.

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  • Hasn't this or something similar been posted beforehand. I remember signing up for the mypost digital mailbox and virgin velocity staff had no idea what the promotion was. Never got the points in the end

    • Correct, this deal posted on the 12th of February


      I have checked now and I can confirm I got my 1000 points. It says 'activity date 12/02' but then 'processed date 11/03' so if you only checked within the 10 business days like they were supposed to appear within, maybe they have since arrived

  • So where do you enter your velocity number and name on the mypost site?

    • Last time, the requirement was that the registration email address be the same as the email address you use for your Velocity membership.

    • +1

      After logging in, try going to your profile and clicking the rewards tab. My velocity details appear there…

      • Thanks, that is what I ended up doing.

    • in my email, when I clicked the link, it pop up the log up website, on that website, you are actually asked to fill in your virgin velocity account there as a promotional offer.

  • reminds us about NSA issue in Australia, we probably exposed to how much we actually spent on bills?

  • +1

    Oh, unless much has changed compared to last year, the number of billers is pretty small (mostly councils, and not all).

  • Where does it say on the website?

  • Could anyone please tell me how would this affect my direct debit payment of various bills from my credit cards?

    I mean, does Mypost schedule payments from credit cards?

    • This is precisely what I would like to know too before signing up

    • +1

      You don't have to pay the bills through them, they just go into your inbox. They also give you reminders when they're due.

  • Great deal. Would be good if companies in WA signed up. Last time I looked there where basically none…

    • +1

      ditto for ACT.

      Time for me to go dig out the velocity card and mypost login details and see if that has changed since


      Nope. I was only able to add David Jones as a provider and now their catalogs will be delivered digitally..however the deal says "Bills can only be paid with selected providers." so that is unlikely to count. Great deal if you can get it in your area :/

    • Ditto for TAS…..absolutely nobody…unless I register to pay parents Telstra bill….but they need to see it in the mailbox, so that's not a goer

    • I've connected David Jones, we'll find out if that counts. I can also connect my myGov account once they fix that up.

      • +2

        Can confirm David Jones counts, and my points credited overnight.

        • Do you have a David Jones account using the same email address?
          Make it short: Do I have to register a DJ account to make it work?

        • +1

          @wanwan888: No, I don't have any sort of account with DJs as far as I'm aware.

        • seconded! ha! can't believe that worked

        • Worked for me too! Never received a DJs catalogue before in my life… 1500 VA points received in a few days :)

  • Classic Australia post digging their heads into every business when they can barely manage their primary one of efficiently delivering mail.

  • Who in the list counts as a 'bill provider'?

    • I don't know for sure but as best as I can see - providers like Telstra and some of the local councils where it involves invoices and bills

  • My council is actually on there but I don't personally pay rates, I have a physical bill from Auspost for my PO box but cannot pay it in digital mailbox or add auspost as a provider for that service :/ I want points

  • Thinking of signing with yarra water

    Heres how I think it will work (corrections welcome).

    Currently bills are delivered in the mail.
    If I sign up, bill letters will be redirected to MyPost.
    The Yarra bill will then appear in my account under letters.

    Not sure what happens when I pay the bill, if I am forced to pay via MyPost, or if I can go off and pay it myself.

    Seems an easy way to get 1500 points, but danger is Auspost cock it up and you don't get the bill and miss a payment.

    Thinking of signing up when I get my next bill which is due, get the points, then cancel it.

    Otherwise might sign up to DJ as I would never buy on account.

    This has been going for a while and a pretty dismal list of providers. I guess they are trying to get people using it so more providers might agree to be listed.

    • That's what I did. Got my yarra valley water bill in the mail 2 days ago. Used it to register, will pay the bill the conventional way. And once the 1500 points are credited, cancel it from mydigital box.

      • +1

        Why would you cancel it? I prefer the emails to the physical mail myself. You also get bill reminders this way (if you haven't marked as paid). Also, your can't lose the bill, can look at it anytime, etc.

  • +4

    For those interested, here's the full list of providers:

    AFL Membership
    Australia Post
    Ballina Shire Council
    Brisbane City Council
    City of Darwin
    City of Greater Bendigo
    City of Joondalup
    City of Monash
    City of Playford
    City of Swan
    City of Tea Tree Gully
    Coffs Harbour City Council
    David Jones
    East Gippsland Water
    Fraser Coast Regional Council
    Goulburn Valley Water
    Hume City Council
    Ipswich City Council
    Lake Macquarie City Council
    Moreton Bay Regional Council
    Motor Vehicle Registry NT
    Parramatta City Council
    Pittwater Council
    Port Stephens Council
    Power and Water Corporation
    Randwick City Council
    Rockdale City Council
    Shepparton City Council
    Shoalhaven Water
    Simply Energy
    Sydney Water
    The Hills Shire Council
    Tweed Shire Council
    Wannon Water
    Western Water
    Whitehorse City Council
    Willoughby City Council
    Wollongong City Council
    Wyong Shire Council
    Yarra Valley Water

    • +1

      Looks like my parking fines are starting pay off

  • whast mygov for, can you pay tax through here? :)

    • Nope its a government website that links your medicare, health eRecord, ATO, Centrelink, etc. Any letters from those agencies go into your MyGov. With the MyPost app you can get notified and read any letters that were sent to your MyGov account. I've been using MyGov for a while and its pretty good with the single sign on. Only recently downloaded the MyPost app and its not bad but needs more providers to sign up to make it worthwhile.

      • Oh right, thanks for that. So there is no payment that is applicable then? thought this digital mail box was for payment purposes, by receiving bills.

        • +1

          That's right MyGov is not for payments but the letters that you receive (i.e. from your linked accounts in MyGov such as Medicare, ATO, Centrelink) are forwarded to the MyPost app. I guess they want it to be a one stop shop in the future so you can get mail from multiple sources and also pay bills using the app.

          PS just realised I didn't really answer your other question can you pay tax. You link all your government accounts to MyGov and that way you don't have to login to each site individually. You only have to login to MyGov and then click a link to open the relevant government agency account. The first time you link your accounts you will need to login to the other site (ie Medicare) to give permission to link the accounts. It was a while ago when I linked mine but its really easy and always better to have one password rather then 5 or 6 passwords for each agency. So once you link your MyGov to ATO you can then click the link to open ATO and lodge your tax, update details, check tax payments, etc. I hope this makes sense?

        • @billybob1978:

          Thanks for such a thorough explanation.

          The reason for the question regarding payment is I was wondering if i could get bonus points by linking MyGov and pay (couldn't think of anything else other than tax) through that.

  • so if you sign up to multiple accounts (eg brisbane city council and David jones) do you get 3,000 virgin points?

    • No, that is excluded in the T's & C's.

      Has anyone confirmed if signing up to David Jones will count as a biller?

      • +2

        Yes I got 1500 points for adding David Jones as a provider.

        • @tlam did you have to setup an account with David Jones? I clikced on the redirect mail button and it setup them up as a provider but did not setup an account with DJ….is that right?

        • +1


          No i did not have an account with DJ, just receving their catalogs, that's it.

        • @tlam: Ok cheers. I'm assuming I have to have their catalogue in the first place to get the points but there was no option to subscribe to the catalogue. Do I go directly to the DJ website and subscribe there then link it?

        • +1


          No you don't have to, just add DJ to your mypost and you'll receice their e-catalogs in the next few days.

  • FYI.. Got my 1500 points this morning. 24hra after linking yarra valley water.

  • wow points received very quick. so happy. 2 velocity account :)

    • yep got em too.. now to disconnect the biller lol

  • Still no points for me. Looks like a chase up is in order. Have any existing users received their points yet?

    • no points for me either, it has been more than 24 hours

    • 24 hrs after register, still no points.

    • Yes, we received points after 24hours registration. perhaps, you guys forget to put in velocity

      • Definitely put my velocity number first thing, added two providers (DJ and YW), got an email confirmation that providers were added; 48 hours later - still no points.Disappointing

        • same here

        • No need to panic yet. it clearly stated: Velocity Points will be allocated to your Velocity Account within 10 days from transaction date

        • My brother received point just now. Signed up yesterday about 3pm , received today 11.30AM sydney time.

          he did the same thing as me.

          1. make sure when you name exactly the same as velocity account ( including email address ).
          2. put the velocity number in first.
          3. then sign up for provider ( we chose david jones ).
        • @bbqwer: Did you "Sign Up for Email" on the DJ website? [@tlam] said he didn't have to setup an account.

        • Got my points now, took just over two days

        • @billybob1978:

          No need at all

        • @bbqwer: Cool cheers…yeah just logged into my Velocity account and I got 1000 points - better than nothing!

  • Even got my 1500pts, just linking MyGov :)……took 24hrs only

  • Wanna check my points today. Can't login. Even after the timeframe of maintainance

  • Added David Jones on 18/4 and still haven't received any points in my Velocity account. Checked that my velocity account details are recorded under the rewards section of my profile. Anyone has had any luck chasing up their points?

    • Not 5 minutes ago was wondering the same thing (daughters account), checked Aust Post website and Velocity number was not referenced and I needed to add it.
      I got the 1000 points last year but it was done against email address I suppose, just forgot to do it…now I need to unlink and relink maybe.

      Actually just got a David Jones catalogue in the mailbox…1st letter EVER received in the mailbox :)

    • +1

      I still don't have my points. Queried this with Velocity who turned me over to MyPost. Nice CSR has opened a case and believes I will get my points. She said they had many other similar queries, so you may need to contact them.

      • That's exactly what happened to me. Velocity's CS is absolutely useless/ unhelpful whereas the guy @ MyPost I spoke to was so friendly and helpful. Lodged an inquiry and will see how it goes from there.

  • Just added DJ , will wait and see

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