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1,000 Flybuys Points for Completing AGL IQ Survey (AGL Customers Only)


Received email about this - filled out my flybuys number and the survey was quick and short. As usual, they may send you marketing emails about your usage etc but it doesnt bother me as I can ignore.

Edit : it seems like AGL updated terms and conditions to says that you have to be AGL CUSTOMER.

Collect 1,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS* with AGL by simply completing a My AGL IQ home profile.

My AGL IQ is a free online service (available via AGL Energy Online) which allows you to track your electricity and gas^ usage and costs at any time. You're in control!

My AGL IQ benefits.

• Receive targeted tips on how you can save energy and money.
• See how your energy usage changes across hotter and cooler months.
• Compare your usage to similar homes in your area#.

What do you need to do?

Complete your home profile by answering a series of questions so AGL can better understand your home's energy use. It will only take a few minutes so click the link below to get started!

Offer valid Fri 24 April to Fri 22 May 2015

Terms and conditions:
My AGL IQ is a trade mark of AGL Energy Limited. *Points will be credited to your flybuys account within 60 days from the end date of this offer. ^My AGL IQ is not available for certain accounts including bulk hot water. #Similar homes means homes of AGL customers which, based on data we have collected from various sources and our statistical modelling, we deem to have similar usage characteristics to yours. Our statistical modelling may be recalibrated and refined from time to time. Any comparisons to similar homes are based on your current usage rates.

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  • Must Have AGL

    It didn't ask if I was a customer.

  • AGL IQ Survey

    if my IQ scores are in the negative will my flybuy points still be a positive?

    • Please enter your customer number

    Doesn't seem to take my number?

    • Try your flybuys number instead of your agl number.

      • Oops. My brain read flybuys as QFF.

        • I wish it was QFF, given my nearest supermarket is an IGA, QFF points are more valuable to me…

        • @ajdlinux: Can you enlighten me? I have QFF but shop at the IGA nearby -never knew IGA was affiliated in any way? Don't tell me I've missed out on something all these years.

        • @momov3: oh, no, nothing special - simply that I shop quite rarely at Coles, so it's tricky to earn enough flybuys points for a redemption. I do wish IGA had a QFF-linked rewards program, but every IGA franchise has a different rewards program (if any), and Woolies probably has an exclusive contract anyway…

  • Free is free, it's hard to come pass one of these now days, Coles have become stingy, look at the tellcoles for example.

  • How do u know u got the points

    • Give it at least a month. Then check your statement

      • "Give it at least a month."

        Or maybe two months, or even a bit more, depending on how long the offer is available for. From the text at the end of the survey:

        "Your flybuys points will be credited to your account within 60 days from the end of this offer."

        Not that I'm complaining at all, that was really easy. Nice one OP, well spotted, cheers.

  • That seemed way too easy…..

  • Just completed it thanks. That wasn't hard at all for 1000 FlyBuys points. Very quick and easy survey.

    For anyone that's wondering, 1000 FlyBuys points equates to about $5.

  • Thanks OP, great deal.

  • Looks so easy. hope the 5 bucks come across after 60 days!

    • AGL makes more than enough money out of our daily gas + electricity bills

    • "I feel sorry for these companies getting OzBargained."

      You definitely shouldn't in this case Wiz, AGL are 'big players' (not wee newbies/ a 'start-up' like Red PawPaw etc.), and once the allocated number of points has been given out, the offer will cease to be available. It's clear that all they are after here, is some honest 'market-research' type information; current statistics they can use in their marketing calculations/strategies.

      As a bit of an aside, someone below mentions 'permission to market to us', but I don't remember giving them permission to do that; or even any means by which they could (no phone number, no email address, etc.)?

  • At the end it said 'thanks for signing up for AGL IQ' - but they didn't ask for an email address. Guess they get it from flybuys?

    • I'm guessing the link in the post is the direct link to the survey so registration to AGL IQ was bypassed, hence no email address required

  • Seems strange it didn't ask for name or email address.

  • I wonder if it is some sort of scam

  • I suspect you must have your flybuys number linked to your AGL account to be eligible.

    • Seems legit. Its probably outsourced to a Marketing company. See details below

      Domain Name: aglhomeprofile.com.au
      Last Modified: 20-Apr-2015 03:44:06 UTC
      Status: ok
      Registrar Name: NetRegistry

      Eligibility Type: Company
      Eligibility ID: ABN 90000154889

      Registrant Contact ID: MOBR1394
      Registrant Contact Name: Bradley Moore
      Registrant Contact Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

      Tech Contact ID: C0573762-AR
      Tech Contact Name: Dominic Main
      Tech Contact Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs

      Name Server: ns1.mrmaustralia.com.au
      Name Server IP:
      Name Server: ns2.mrmaustralia.com.au
      Name Server IP:
      DNSSEC: unsigned

      ABN status: Active from 05 May 2000
      Entity type: Australian Private Company
      Goods & Services Tax (GST): Registered from 01 Jul 2000
      Main business location: NSW 2000

    • https://au.linkedin.com/in/bradleymoore

      Bradley Moore
      National Head of Digital at McCANN
      Sydney Area, Australia
      Marketing and Advertising
      Current : McCann Australia
      Previous: Draftfcb, The Digital Tribe, Blue Barracuda
      Education: RMIT University

      National Head of Digital
      McCann Australia
      April 2013 – Present (2 years 1 month)Sydney Area, Australia

      Email [email protected]

  • Thanks OP, seemed too easy though… Show me the money! Then I'll believe it worked :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • That was too easy..thanks OP!

  • Wonder I will get the points, etc. I don't even live in AGL area!

  • So is anyone taking this service where the company selling you the power is telling you how to save money er … seriously? Because let's face it we all know that all power companies want to do is take less money from their customers. Sounds legit.

  • So, I completed on mobile, at the end I had the choice to X the "Thank you" msg and was taken back to the submit button. So I submitted again, and done that a few dozen times…
    Wonder if they'll accumulate? Probably not but, I didn't get a "Already submitted" message so who knows!

  • I have four cards linked to one account do you think I can get 4,000 points if I do it four times?
    Well I'll just give it a go!

  • I dont have agl account, how do I know it's worked?

    • +1 vote

      You wouldn't know, if you did you would have won lotto and wouldn't be chancing it on OzB. Just sayin' :)

      • how do I know it's worked?

        You don't …you hope for the best and move on to the next deal.

  • Thanks OP. Much easier than doing the Tell Coles survey :)

    • When one has to fill the Tell Coles survey every month and answer same questions re the same shop experience (in my case a particular same Coles supermart!)Yes, it can be quite tiresome. Quite annoying they halved the flybuys points on that one, isn't it? Still, better some points than none. :) :)

  • I wonder whether we will get the 5 buck. it looks too easy…

    • Hi, no you don't get $5, you get 1000 points credited to your FlyBuys account . This equates to about $5 in a spending voucher when you redeem your minimum 2000 points to get the $10 Coles e voucher to spend in supermarket. Can be Target or other affiliated store too)

  • Thanks, 4000 points ($20) coming my way, hopefully.
    Did all 4 accounts, time will tell.

    • wow, 4 different flybuy accounts? If they are linked to yours I think you get only once, unless they are all different members with individual cards. I know Flybuys will allow only one reward of 500 points when you fill in the Coles survey even if secondary member has a different card number but is linked to yours. :( :( :(

      • Yeah, linked sorry not separate. You're probably right, heck I wouldn't be surprised if I get nothing since I have no relation with AGL, but I flicked through the survey's in maybe 15 seconds so it was only a minute of my life to find out.


    I have no idea if this is going to work. I'm guessing it will only give the points to accounts already linked to AGL but as it was a quick survey I completed it anyway. Thanks for the comments above. I decided to take the risk. If I get the points it's a bonus.

  • It seems they have updated terms & conditions - must be an AGL customer:

    "Thanks for completing your My AGL IQ home profile.
    Once your account details have been confirmed, we will process your 1,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS. The points will be credited to your account within 60 days from the end date of this offer. Once your account details have been confirmed, we will process your 1,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS. The points will be credited to your account within 60 days from the end date of this offer.

    This offer is for AGL customers only. If you are not an AGL customer, please visit agl.com.au for more information about our energy plans."
    • That is so bad they never made it clear at the start and wasted 2 minutes of non AGL customers' time. I guess what they do after you key in your FB number is they check to see whether that same number has been registered w AGL.

    • I'm curious how they'll verify it. Originally, the page only asked for flybuys card number. Press submit, answer a few non-identification generic questions, and close. Many people would have registered with AGL for supply without giving their flybuys card number.

      Obviously now, they've added the supply address line on the front page, so it would be easy to cross-reference, but it wasn't there originally when this was posted days ago.

      • Which gives them the right to void the initial surveys I guess and make them unrewardable.
        'Many people would have registered with AGL for supply without giving their flybuys card number.'
        Just wanting to point out that if you are with AGL for gas or electricity, please link it to your flybuys number so that every $ you pay your bill gives you 1 flybuy point. So you get points accummulated very fast - considering soaring power bills.

  • So for AGL customer is it necessary to do it again?

    • Doubt it, as long as your address details are up-to-date on both AGL and Flybuys.

      I have an account with AGL that strangely had a billing address listed as my previous address from 2 years ago. So if I hadn't noticed that, likely this lookup would've failed on me.

  • Wrong post