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Big W Drop Zone Deals Now Online. up to 80% off. Deals inside


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    LEGO Star Wars Red Five X-Wing Starfighter is $130

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      Out of stock in VIC by the looks of it :(

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        Out of stock everywhere by the looks

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          OK so BIG W Wangaratta has stock! If only it was not a 2 hour + drive for me :'(

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    Just had a quick look and most things are either low stock or out of stock at most places

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      Yeah…really wanted that casio calculator but seems like no stock everywhere :(

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        Seriously, not sure why big W bother and advertise this when their is no stock for most things at major postcodes.

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          I tried to search for the Touro HDD a couple of weeks ago online and the old site was useless (it couldnt calculate my postcode/ suburb).
          I think the site has been updated, so you can actually check store levels.

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          Seriously, not sure why big W bother

          simply to get people through the door in the hope that they may buy some other useless shit they dont want or need. its been a sales tactic they have used since i worked there in the early/mid 80's

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          The "Drop Zone" is specifically to get rid of discontinued items, the problem with that is a lot of stores will have already sold their stock before the price drops. It's frustrating, for both sides, we get calls all day about items we haven't had for months. But for a few stores, they get to clear inventory that otherwise won't move.

        • @Rohlan: Are you saying that even if you take 50% off discontinued lines they still won't sell?

        • gr8 b8 m8 i r8 it 69/96

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          No, there are some discontinued items that won't sell at full price, that's the purpose of the drop zone. Being discontinued doesn't automatically drop the price, it just means we won't be getting any more of them.

          Although with that being said, there are some things that just won't sell. For years my store had an excess amount of Bratz games for the PS2, you couldn't even give that shit away.

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          @Rohlan: no wonder Big W is not making money- all that money spent on advert just to clear the discontinued stock!!
          Why not just slap the reduced to clear sticker on them and put them in prominent place to sell the stock.

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          Well Big W did hire outside consultants, and the drop zone was one of their ideas. So if I had to venture a guess I'd say it's because it's not enough to just work, it has to be seen working.

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          Why not just slap the reduced to clear sticker on them and put them in prominent place to sell the stock.

          see my reply above. the whole problem with most old businesses is that a lot of them cling to the same old business models that made them so much money in the past and cant work out why they are now going broke in the internet age…

      • in stock @Southland if you're in Victoria !

      • Where are you located? The Casio's are in stock in Stafford and Taigum in Bris.

      • The fx-82au plus? My local has 6 of them @ $7 each…

        • Holy shit…I actually would've bought all of them at that price -_- not kidding

        • And which local is that?

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          @CVonV: Elizabeth, SA

        • @spaghettiman: It does prove the stock checker is incorrect though, as it was listed out of stock at the store I saw them at.

    • Yeah got excited for a bit there…

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        5 minutes of my life, will never get back…

        • Will TGG offer a 30 price guarantee on this product even if there's no local stock available?.

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          @PVA: Hi there thanks for the advice but I just got home from TGG's and they were more than happy to refund me the %120, big thanks to to bargainaus for posting the link!!!.

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          @Tasmaniac: Glad that it worked for you bud.

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          well done. i guess its always worth a try, if they say no I guess fair enough seeing the other store doesn't have stock but if they say yes then happy times.

        • @PVA: Will DSE or OW price match this Z506 speaker? Worth a try?

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    yeah a lot of out of stock items :/

    is there a link that has all the drop zone items to browse?

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    Might pay to check in store some of these if there's something you really want. A couple of the legos i know to be 'in stock' (some Ninjago etc) list as 'out of stock' on the online search of my local.

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    Touro 500GB Portable Hard Drive $30
    Mandurah WA has stock
    Everywhere north of there is out.
    $27.75 using groupon egiftcard.

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      Just a few stores showing stock (or low stock) of the 500GB Touros. Snap em up guys! Hope this helps. My nearest is 130km away so I'm out.

      VIC Shepparton
      VIC Echuca
      VIC Ballarat (low stock)
      VIC Morwell
      NSW Erina
      NSW Neeta City (low stock)
      NSW Tamworth
      WA Riverton
      WA Karrinyup
      SA Marion

      • I checked the SA Marion store on sat. Said 3 in stock…
        Called first thing Sunday morning, and they said there were none in stock.
        No stock anywhere in a 1hr radius.
        They said that the website doesn't update for a day or two…WTF !.
        Also no click and collect. Would have been a better option.

        And yes, I have gone instore and bought big so now my lounge room is the new…
        "Drop Zone".

    • Ugh, the staff at Mandurah, Joondalup and Riverton insisted they didn't have any stock but most of the people I spoke to had no idea what I was asking for. I've been chasing one of these for weeks - if anyone scored, has post-ozbargain buyer's remorse and wants to offload one, PM me!

      • Next time you call, ask to transfer to the relevant area eg HDDs are located in the home entertainment area. The guy at Riverton said straight away he didn't have any in stock. He must have had a few calls already. :(

  • Super cheap iPod touch, will sell out fast

    • It has A5 chip in it which is also in ipad 2 released in 2011 though. Just saying but good price if you are ok to live with it.

      • Tons of great uses: video conferencing, wireless movie playback, Skype, Soundcloud etc. yeah I'm not too fussed about the A5 being slow or anything compared to new tech

        • the 2013 release of the 16GB doesn't have a back camera.. 2014 does.. not that it makes much difference, just a heads up

          dunno how to tell which one big w stocks..

        • +1

          @CVonV: bigw model does have a back camera, says in description

        • @clarky: pretty sure it doesn't … This is the model that only has the front camera.

        • @rmk:

          hmm clarky is right

          a 5-megapixel iSight camera

        • +1

          @CVonV: Either the pic or the description is wrong, there's no camera on the back in the pic where there should be.

        • @rmk:

          true, should be on the top left of the back

          maybe i'll just go get the one at my local big w and find out? but i don't need one either -_-

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          @CVonV: it doesn't I just grabbed one for my 11 year old selfie taking loving niece. The black silver one is the one on special, not the newer one. Both same price before discount.

        • @rmk:

          cheers for the clarification mate :)

        • @rmk: I'd ask them to honour it since its advertised

        • @clarky:

          you'd have pretty much no chance of getting the one with the camera for that price

          anyways i checked Merrylands.. they couldn't find it even though website says in stock

          walked away with the last (even though inventory said 3) Olympus E-PM1 single lens kit for $100 though.. winning!

        • @CVonV: gee didn't even know that camera on sale, I want one too! Well done!

        • @clarky:

          neither… i was just browsing their display models while i was waiting for them to check the ipod.. so a purple lens-less E-PM1 with fingerprints over the sensor :( asked how much it was.. the guy checked and said 100.. i'll take it tyvm! they had a lens-less canon 600D on display too but i didn't check how much

          was also checking if they had any canon 50mm f1.9 lens for $80 but they didn't

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      Hmm there's a store near me that says 'in stock'.. but wait, i don't need one!

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    That is a crazy cheap price for the lego death star,most places have it for $800-900. Good luck getting one…

    • +5

      Look at the size of that thing.

    • +4

      Thats Big W's normal price. Lego online still has it in stock for 699 free delivery. Anyone paying 8-900 is a sucker.

      • Its $598 at Big W

  • What's the item that's 80% off their normal price.?

  • +4

    Whilst most items are out of stock, +1 for OP's effort.

  • wish I had the Logitech r700 in uni…no stock near my place though.
    +1 for the effort.

  • +3

    No stock for everything checked and FYI low stock means no stock

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    yeah like I said guys limited stock but they are available somewhere, hope you can get something new you :) Anyways I'm off to work have a good day everyone.

  • nothing of interest in stock anywhere near me. And their click & collect option sucks, $40 min, plus disabled on everything I looked at, i..e you can't use it to reserve stock at a store.

  • That's a great price on the 4TB Hard Drive. Officeworks have them for $219. They should price beat

    • yeah it's not bad.. $144 after price beat if you can get it

      still i wouldn't touch seagates anymore tbh

      • +1

        What's your favourite?? I have had problems with ALL major hard drive brands at some point. I find Seagate have 'less' problems than others

        • me too but i've had the most problems with seagate 3.5" though - internal 1.5tb (>5 years click of death), external 1tb (5 years, crc), external 2tb (4 years, crc)

          and it coincides with the data here —> https://www.backblaze.com/blog/best-hard-drive/

          but it seems like the 4tb seagates are alright…

          my portables seem okay so far - 1tb seagate (3 years old), 2x 2tb toshibas (1 year old)

          i don't have a favourite although the toshibas seem like they'll last (knock on wood).. point is, if i can avoid seagates, i certainly will.

        • Samsung was the best, but they stopped making platter hard drives a few years ago. Now I rate Hitachi as best, WD in second, Seagate in third.

      • Heh yeah I was in office works taking back a dead 3TB seagate and so got tempted by this.

        Currently I'm 3 bad Seagates from five so perhaps not the smartest impulse buy. Fingers crossed for this one.

        • you pricematched to $144?

        • @CVonV:

          yep $142.50 I just printed out the website page. They seem to like that!

        • @surfbum1:

          oh yeah it's 5% not 4%.. not sure where i got 4% from ><

        • Pricematched for me as well after they checked website.

        • @daydream:

          same here - printed off the website as @surfbum1 suggested (after waiting an age for someone authorised to price beat)

          Also got them to split payment, $99 on ing paywayve —> 2% rebate

          Only after I payed did I see they'd charged $150 so had to get them to refund $7.50

          Thanks @TRENT86 & ozbargain!

      • i forgot about office works price match. I went to jb instead, guy knocked the price down to $149 for the 4tb. I went to big W first but they had no stock. JB guy didn't even care to check, I just said the price big W had and he beat it. Canberra Centre, ACT. (probably best I didn't try officeworks anyway, the one in Canberra city has always been reluctant to price match anything, always come up with shoddy excuses to avoid having to match it).

  • where is this drop zone online? I can't find it! I click on drop zone and asked me to find my nearest store..

  • Would love a 500GB Touro for the PS3 but not making a huge trek for something that'd probably be ozbargained anyway… by the time I pay for the bus trips, I'd of only saved $20… spend the extra $20 and get another 500GB elsewhere…

    I think pricematch might be the go at this point, but considering it'd all be out of stock don't like your chances :(

  • What is everyone's opinion of Moto X (2014) at $499? Really great phone but tossing it against Z3C which is also around same price point.

    • +1

      Good phone. Near stock Android with some handy customizations. Best price I've seen it for.

      Z3C is significantly smaller in the hand. Xperia mods aren't too bad, but definitely a heavier touch than Moto's.

      • Lack of storage expansion is a deal breaker for me. Else I would have jumped on this.

    • +1

      I would personally go the Z3C because of the battery life + camera.

      • My view as well after some ready. Probably will go for Z3C just for SD expansion slot and battery life.

  • Good deals but nothing is in stock . .

  • +3

    Worth adding "Jabra Motion Bluetooth Headset" with NFC Only $25 Click & Collect ($40 Minimum order), Searched online for the price

    Dicksmith $145 (http://www.dicksmith.com.au/mobile-phone-accessories/jabra-m...)
    Amazon $ US$106.78+Delivery (http://www.amazon.com/Jabra-MOTION-Bluetooth-Mono-Headset/dp...)

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