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Buy Any Jetstar Voucher, Get Another 10% FREE (eg Buy $200, Get $20 Free)


Jetstar has a great deal where you purchase any voucher, and receiver another to 10% of the value. This is an awesome way to save a further 10% off your fares. Trick is to buy just below the value of a fare you have in mind, so you don't forfeit the balance. You can use multiple vouchers to purchase a fare. Remember you also save on credit card booking fees, as Jetstar don't charge fees for payments with vouchers. Good luck!

Link to the voucher page is here.

Buy $50 voucher, get free $5 voucher
Buy $100 voucher, get free $10 voucher
Buy $200 voucher, get free $20 voucher
Buy $300 voucher, get free $30 voucher
Buy $500 voucher, get free $50 voucher

Jetstar Gift Vouchers are valid for only 6 months from issue date

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    • i haven't, how about others? where is 10% bonus voucher….. :(

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      When you select a voucher $ amount, it says the following in the t&c:
      ◾Mother’s Day bonus vouchers will be emailed to customers after the 12th May 2015 to the email address on file.

      • thanks very much.

  • Thanks TA for this tip! Looks like they only accept payment via Pay Pal! No option to pay by credit / debit cards! Is that what you guys are seeing?

    • you can add a credit card/debit account to your paypal to pay

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        So people are being forced to open a PayPal? Looks like this is happening a lot these days!

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          you can go through paypal as 'guest'

        • @battler: Thanks guys, placed order, voucher received, no bonus voucher as yet, suppose they'll take their own sweet time now that they've got our dough :-(

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          @oldrocker: I called Jetstar and the rep told me we get the bonus voucher after we use the original voucher first. Then I had a live chat, and the rep told me you'll receive the bonus within 24 hours. REALLY CONFUSING. Have you happen to get the bonus yet?

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          "get the bonus voucher after we use the original voucher first."? this would be ridiculous considering the voucher expires in 6 months

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          @heyalannn: That's seriously ridiculous. There was no indication a gift voucher would be received after using the original voucher.

          I also bought 2x vouchers yesterday in the afternoon. Yet to receive a bonus voucher.

  • Still waiting on the bonus vouchers, ordered straight after they fixed the voucher site yesterday.

    Original vouchers came through within 5min. Will be irritated if they require using the original vouchers first, but I doubt it, makes little sense.

    • +3

      The jet star online chat representative told me this
      'The 10% should arrive via e-mail within 24 to 72 hours. Maximum turnaround is 72 hours. It shouldn't exceed that.'

  • Thanks OP. Booked my Japan return flights using vouchers. Will def put bonus vouchers to good use!

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    After waiting 24 hours and still no bonus vouchers, I called Jetstar and was told that they would not be sent until after May 12th. Which makes me very sad, since I purchased them to use for the Japan flight sale.

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      Sounds like Jetstar is a shambles when it comes to this promo! Anyone taking up the offer would naturally expect the bonus voucher would be received same time as the order!!! Very sneaky Jetstar !

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        Well, the Japan flight sale is ending soon. The best way is actually to go ahead and book the flights but don't book the extras ie baggage, meals and seat selection. Then, once you have the bonus vouchers, go in and order the extra and pay with the bonus vouchers then.

        • Just tried this.

          Costs 81 each way to add 20kg now. Which seems to be a +25 hike from arranging this withing the booking.

          Still ahead with the vouchers by abit though.

        • Yeah we did that for our booking of 4 to japan

    • +1

      That's irritating, and they didn't say that upfront…

    • After a length chat with Jetstar's live chat representative, I was told they didn't know when I would receive the bonus voucher. Kinda sucks since I had a great Price Beat Guarantee price lined up. I also had a previous representative tell me that I would get the voucher straight away. I'm going to call them as soon as I can to see if I can keep the original price offered to me. It wouldn't be fair to pay extra…

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    Is it just me, or did Jetstar add an extra dot points to the terms when buying a voucher? I really don't recall seeing that upon purchase, but I could be wrong and I don't have evidence on the contrary. It says

    • Mother’s Day bonus vouchers will be emailed to customers after the 12th May 2015 to the email address on file.
    • When I google that exact quote Jetstar comes up as the only result but I dont actually see those words on the page anywhere.

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        You're going to have to go on the voucher page, select an amount and then you'll be able to enter more information. Below that information section are some terms, and the last term should have that 12th of may line.

        I actually called up Jetstar last night and the guy on the phone said he couldn't do anything because of that term. So he told me to speak to customer care. So, lets see how it goes

        • So after buying 3 vouchers ready to buy the Japan sales, we find out that we won't get the bonus a lot later in. I have a chat record from a rep stating that the bonus would be sent within 24 hours, hopefully I can call them to organize something

        • @heyalannn:

          Please keep us up to date. I made the mistake of not keeping a copy of the conversation. I also bought three vouchers :(. I wont be satisfied until I get the bonus vouchers and flights at the price given when I bought the vouchers

        • @MattyMKay: I have a copy of my conversation with the rep saying I will get the voucher in 24 hours if you would like a copy

        • @blaze92:

          I appreciate that buddy, but Jetstar said they could retrieve the previous transcript. I got a voicemail from a Jetstar rep today while at uni (I couldn't pick up), he said he'll try again tomorrow so I'll write a short update depending on what happens. If they're still giving me a hard time I'll send you a message :)

        • @blaze92: Would I be able to get a copy? The price of my flights has gone up significantly now that I have my vouchers.

        • @heyalannn: Any chance I could also grab a copy of your transcript too? Cheers

        • @blaze92: It turns out they can't find the transcripts of my previous conversations… Could you please send me yours?

        • @MattyMKay: Tried to PM u bit it wouldn't let me, please PM me

        • @blaze92: It doesn't let me do it for you either. I just changed a setting so you should be able to message me. Thanks dude, I really really do appreciate this :)

        • @blaze92:

          I tried to PM you too, if you can please PM me back. thanks heaps, really appreciated.

    • It most definitely was not there when I purchased the voucher.

      • I do think there is any technical difficulty for Jetstar to send through the bonus voucher instantly, they probably do this so that the vouchers may not be used for the same transaction

  • Yes, can confirm (again) after a chat that vouchers not sent to us until 12th May (or even AFTER 12th May).


  • dont think this voucher is worth it.
    bloody cost $17 for credit card fees per passenger per flight if i dont have enough voucher to pay for my tickets.

    • How much was your flight? My fees would have been $25 per passenger for return flights to japan. Our group just changed our luggage allowance a little bit so that our total was a few dollar short of a multiple of $50 (or $25). So overall we did save money using vouchers. And also we are expecting the 10% extra in two days to give as a gift or maybe use for a weekend trip to qld.

      Originally the plan was to only buy vouchers that add up to 91% of the cost but we all know that didn't happen.

    • I haven't used my vouchers yet (and don't have the bonus vouchers inbox yet anyway), but won't we be able to pay any amount owing above the voucher value with bank transfer. They usually offer bank transfer as payment - without the fees of cc.

  • Will we be covered by creditcard travel insurance such as Citibank signature or other Black cards if we purchase the giftcards and charge via paypal?

    • +1

      interesting question. But i doubt you'll be covered if paypal is in the middle of the transaction. Might be a question for your bank, make sure the answer is in writing!

    • Not likely.

  • Just received my bonus vouchers.

  • Can someone advise if it is possible to pay for a non-AUD flight (eg: flight departing Singapore) with AUD vouchers, and if so, how the conversion process worked.

    example, if I book flight from Singapore for SGD200 and have say AUD200 in vouchers, can they be used and how much AUD was charged to book the SGD flight.
    [let me know your scenario]


    • Why not just jump onto and place your return booking via that site in $AUD?

      • One way flight to elsewhere in Asia. Jetstar only charges in currency of outbound leg.

        • Good to know - thanks for clarification of your issue… probably best you jump onto Jetstar chat and ask them about your dilemma. Jetstar are known for lots of fine print so, if in doubt ask someone there. Online chat is good too because you get the transcript for proof.

        • Live chat just said "try it" which didn't really offer me much, hence looking for experienced campaigners here.

        • @battler: I asked a similar question on phone. I was told I could use AU$ vouchers, they would be 'automatically converted' to the currency in question. CSR could not give me any details of conversion rates used though, so I decided not to chance it.

        • Couldn't imagine rate would be flash, but couldn't be 10% worse than market rates, surely.

  • Apart from @Sweet3st has anyone got their vouchers yet, or do we need to bombard Jetstar with enquiries?

    • One so far this morning - couple more to go…

  • I wonder if this news from Virgin Australia had anything to do with Jetstar enticing purchases of vouchers - effectively to lock in some future ticket sales… Free baggage check (Virgin - including domestic flights) is a winner as that can add $80-$90 if travelling with two suitcases on a family hol.

  • Received all of my vouchers. As it happens, my flights are now cheaper, lucky for me…

  • If anyone has a copy of a transcript that says it would be delivered within 24 hours, that would be great. I have to go through a bit of a process to try and get my original price back. Luckily I took screenshots of the prices…

  • Anyone still able to help me out with a transcript?

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