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40% off Getflix When Subscribing to 12 Months


enter the code MUMDAY40 to claim your 40% annual discount. Once the code has been applied you can subscribe for 12 months using either PayPal or your credit card with 40% off!

For new users:


Subscription US Price AU Converted Price
1 month USD $3.95 $4.93
3 months USD $10.67 (10% discount) $13.32
6 months USD $18.96 (20% discount) $23.66
12 months USD $28.44 (40% discount) $35.50

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    • uFlix was slow and offered US and UK netflix only. pathetic.

      anyone can buy a cheap VPS and set it up themselves. it's only the netflix.com URL that has to be proxied everything else is normal.

    • +1

      Why the neg? It was a genuine question.

    • Is there just a specific show that you want to watch on US Netflix? Just asking because the content varies a lot between regions, I've been switching between Mexico, US and UK for my shows.

      • To be honest I didn't realise there was such a huge difference between the regions until I looked at the netflixaroundtheworld.com website someone posted.

        If I'm paying for both Netflix and a DNS, then having access to all the content available is the preferred option.
        So if paying ~$15 more per year for Getflix over uFlix allows me to do that, then it's the best choice for me.

  • Price should be on title…..

    • +2

      Price varies depending on user, when they signed up and what deals had already being applied.

  • does netflix have the walking dead latest season ?

    • no

      • According to this site Netflix has it:


        Just not in the AU region

        • only season 1-4. on the US server

        • klownz - show me where on Netflix, you saw Season 5?

        • @devang153:

          Haven't seen it on Netflix.

          Probably should have mentioned that the site indicated Netflix has 'The Walking Dead', not necessarily the latest season (doesn't show that level of detail)…

          Maybe one of the regions has season 5…

    • I don't watch walking dead, but i do see it on my presto trial. They've got up to season 4 .. i dont know if thats the latest. just fyi.

    • US netflix has up to the end of season 4. There is season 5 now. If past seasons are any guide, then season 5 should be on netflix US around September or October of this year.

      • September / October - Season 6 is starting in Fall… so that makes them about one season behind.

  • Signed up with UnoTelly, finished my trial and it still works, don't know whether I should buy this just in case…

  • Happy customer,

    I think I paid just over $20 for a year? I had Unblock.us but this is cheaper, and I prefer it's settings interface page.

    Gladly use this with USA netflix instead of AUS. I get a ton more content than using the Aussie netflix (Friends, Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec, Scrubs, Archer, The Office, Bob's Burgers)

    • Don't stop with US. UK, Canada, Denmark… they all have awesome movies/TV that aren't on Australia or US Netflix.

      This worldwide netflix search is OK (but sometimes not perfectly correct):

  • -1

    is getflix just a vpn service or we can watch content on it as well?

    If we have getflix do we need to get netflix as well?

    • +2

      Yes you need Netflix as well, Getflix just lets you access content in the (US/UK etc) that is not available on the Australian Netflix service.

    • +1

      YES!!!! —read above!

  • -2

    Silly question…what's the difference between getflix and netflix?

    • +1

      Netflix is the content provider, Getflix is the tunnelling service.

    • +3

      Read above, your silly question was already answered

  • Does anyone use a PS3 for this? How easy is it to switch between regions, say AUS to US and back??

    • +1

      I believe you switch regions on the getflix Account Management page, Not the PS3.

    • +1

      Sign up for the 14 day trial - all will become apparent

    • Right, so you have to do it on the computer?
      I have already done the trial and this was before AUS netflix camed out and I was only interested in US netflix so region switching was an issue

    • I have a shortcut to the region switch page on my laptop - you could stick it in your phone too.

      It takes a few seconds (no more than 10 seconds or so including all waiting and reloading the netflix web page).

  • I'd be interested in what people think of the vpn included in this package.

    I've been using PureVPN since last November. It come with Smart DNS which appears to do the same thing as Getflix. I have tried it with my trial of Netflix (Aust) and it allows me to select and view Netflix from the US (and others). Although I have read somewhere that Netflix is supposed to be going to stop overseas users use the US version??

    PureVPN is brilliant while using others aspects of the intraweb (tor#ents etc). Hides your IP address completely with no leakage. Cost was a little more than Getflix for 12 months (~$1 a week).

    Interested in hearing the thought of others.

    • +1

      Although I have read somewhere that Netflix is supposed to be going to stop overseas users use the US version??

      You hear this occasionally, it never happens.

      Netflix don't actually want to block you, they're not brainless luddites. They just have to be able to tell the greedy, deceitful content owners that they tried.

      • I agree that it wouldn't be in their interests :)
        It would also be a good test of the VPN you were using - to see if it actually does hide your IP address.

  • As with a few others, I'm a bit new to this too.
    If I change the DNS settings on my router, then switch to watch USA or Canada etc, will it affect other people in my household who are trying to do other things on the internet such as playing online games?

    • No it won't

    • if you change it in router level yes it will affect everyone who is going through that router. i noticed latency is a little bit higher when i have my xbox going through it. i just set isp dns directly on my xbox connection though so all is good

    • Not unless they are visiting the same websites ie NF.

      You can edit the DNS setting on your PC, Tablet, Mobile though if you want to be sure.

  • Do you need to unsubscribe to apply the code? I'm due for renewal in 10 days time but it's telling me to cancel my credit card subscription first..

    You can't apply a promo code with an active credit card subscription. Please cancel your credit card subscription first.

    • Same question here too, not sure how I extend it out by another year on the existing subscription?
      I've got the Credit Card Subscription, and get the same unsubscribe first message as per Philly above.

  • Amy comment on getflix vs unotelly?

  • So what would the US Netflix cost per month?

    • +2

      You have access to US Netflix already if you have an AU Netflix account…

      You just need to make Netflix think you are accessing it from the USA, to see the content available to users there. Services like Getflix enable you to do this.

      • -1

        I only have the trial ATM, so if I stat to pay the $10 or what ever it is per montm, will that mean I can use the US or UK service when ever I want for free? :D I thought you would have to join each one haha

        • You should be able to access any region using the trial account and the full account… thats the awesomeness of netflix to keep it open :D

  • when does this 40% off deal finish?

  • anyone heard this?
    There is a rumour that US Netflix will soon ban people that are using DNS re-routers, so there's a risk you might get block in a month or two.

    • Possibly, but I guess the technology to circumnavigate will always be one step ahead.

      Cat, meet mouse.

  • How long has netflix with re-reouting been around? Ie getflix

  • Can the VPN be used for what I think it can be used for?

    • depends what you think it can be used for

  • Has anyone with old plan AU$ PayPal subscription tried this?

    • Yes. And it appears if I leave my account as it is, I will only be paying $17 when it renews for 12 months.

    • If you click the "Modify/Unsubscribe" button in your Getflix subscription page it will take you to your Paypal account. I just did it on mine and can see my 12 month subscription will automatically renew and is "indefinite" unless cancelled. Regular recurring payment is $17.64 AUD which is about half the price of this offer. Great to see them looking after their early customers. Loving the new free full VPN service too!

      • I'm on monthly AU$2.95. I don't see how can I apply the promo without cancelling it. If I do cancel though, not sure it will allow promo from my pricing or will move me to the new US$ rates.

      • It worked. You actually have to cancel but it still shows original plan options 1/3/6/12 months in AUD.

    • Dupe, sorry

  • Question- My ISP currently offers me unmetered content from Netflix. Will using the Getflix service and accessing let's say the U.S. Or UK Netflix shows mean that content will now be metered and count towards my downloads??
    Any advice much appreciated.

    • Content will be countered.

      • That's what I originally assumed but further reading in Getflix FAQs stated this-

        The major advantage of this approach over others is that only a small number of connections are re-routed via our US servers. All of your regular Internet browsing is unaffected. Even the video streams from Netflix and Hulu Plus are not re-routed, video is streamed directly from Netflix and Hulu Plus to you. All of the country and location checks that Netflix and Hulu Plus perform are completed prior to streaming the video, so there is no need for us to re-route these connections.

        So are you 100% sure of your statement or just making an assumption?

        Anyone else?

        • Yeah the content if it is not served from a Netflix AU data center will be counted.

          The statement in the Getflix FAQ refers to the connections being made using the DNS technology, its referring to DNS queries being sent via the US servers, making you appear to be connecting from within the USA. The video stream is then sent directly to your IP (from the US data center, as the content is hosted there).

          It is seeking to indicate the benefit of using DNS over VPN, as with DNS the content is served directly to you, however with a VPN it is served via the VPN connection therefore your speed may be impacted depending on utilisation of the VPN service.

        • +1

          @klownz: thx for the clarification.

    • the only unmetered content will be from local netflix (aus) if you stream from us uk or other regions those will be counted towards your data allowance

  • Holy bejeebers. I just started a Netflix US account thanks to this and oh my gosh the choice!

  • Can anyone teach me how to use a service like this with Chromecast, please?

    • Just follow the directions to set up your router to use the getflix DNS.

    • Chromecast is hard coded to use google DNS. My router couldn't do the work around so I'm using a WDTV live player.

    • +1

      It is actually really complicated to make a Australian Chromecast work with non-Australian Netflix! You need getflix (or similar) plus some modification of TCP/IP packets. At first I just blocked access to Google's DNS and level 3 and opendns from the Chromecast. That used to work properly back in February or March 2015. But that does not work correctly now because the Chromecast seems to detect that those servers have been blocked, and what happened for me was that the Chromecast would only play titles available on Netflix Australia (such as Orange is the New Black), but not US titles (such as The Walking Dead). All US titles would play fine on other devices (Android phone, iPad, windows laptop), it was only the Chromecast that was affected by this.

      The only complete solution that I found was to redirect DNS queries from the Chromecast to the hardcoded servers to instead use getflix's servers. That way the Chromecast thinks that it is talking to Google's DNS, but actually it is not. The best way to do this is to have DD-WRT installed on your wireless access point, because then you have much more control. Then you set up a DHCP server to always issue the same IP address to the Chromecast (e.g. I used, and then you need to set up firewall rules (under Administration -> Commands in DD-WRT) to do the redirecting, like so:

      For netflix, redirect the chromecast's DNS requests to GetFlix:

      Google DNS

      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to
      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to

      Level 3 DNS

      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to
      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to


      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to
      iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to

      … And with that, everything works great. But as you can see, it's a lot of faffing about, since you need 6 prerquisties:
      * A chromecast
      * A netflix subscription
      * A getflix subscription
      * A wireless access point with a really powerful firmware, such as DD-WRT, that lets you issue iptables commands.
      * A DHCP server that issues the same IP to the Chromecast every time
      * Firewall rules to redirect DNS requests originating from the Chromecast to instead use getflix's servers.

      That's a lot of prerequisites, and for me, until I had met every single one of those requisites, then US Netflix refused to work correctly on the Chromecast. If that seems like too much faffing about, then just use the Australian Netflix, and then you only need 2 prerequisites (a Chromecast and a netflix subscription), but you get a smaller library of titles in the Austrlian netflix versus the US netflix. Or just use other devices for netflix, but not the Chromecast.

      • I did this last night as I just got a chromecast, but im my case (with a billion router) I only required the following two lines to get it to work (but did not restrict the source IP so anything gets captured). After these two netflix worked fine when set to USA in getflix.

        iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to
        iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -s -d -p udp —dport 53 -j DNAT —to

    • Anybody confirm building a custom unblocker with basic tplink, know whether http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TP-LINK-TL-WR703N-150Mbps-3G-Wifi... would be feasible $30 at the very cheapest? - $24pa Dns4me suggested model for their host file ( I earlier subscribed $12pa uflix though).

  • Ignore.

  • Thanks to the OP for the heads up! I just signed up, works a treat!

  • Thanks to OldMateNate for the great explanation on how this all works!

  • Am I able to buy a months subscription of getflix to try it out, then buy the 12 months with the coupon before the offer runs out?

    • "Get started with a 14 day FREE trial!"

  • Can anyone provide instructions on how to set up Getflix with openvpn on a router?

  • Still works…

  • Anyone knows if getflix works on premierleaguepass in NZ? Thanks!!

    • yes, using it

  • I've still got half a year left..how do I renew / top up the subscription? cheers

  • +1

    Just thought I'd let people know that this code still works. I've used it today (19/9) to subscribe.

  • Say code has expired for me but has 30% off 12 months w/o code.

  • Expired

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