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$25 Vinomofo Coupon for New and Existing Customers


It appears the code from easternculture's deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/193112 is generic and applies a $25 credit to your Vinimofo account thanks to Uber. That is, it isn't a voucher code that needs to be applied to a purchase now, but rather $25 that you can add now and spend later.

To claim, simply add something to your account and then apply the code UBER23. You won't need to complete the purchase, and the $25 will remain on your account.

Mod: Referral solicitation is not permitted/deal title should stand by itself without mentioning any referrals. Thanks.

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Referral: random (112)

Both referrer and referee will receive $25 credit on first purchase.

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  • Thanks. Stacks with referral bonus nicely. SO potentially $50 free for new customers or whoever can bother signing up for a new account


  • +1

    Cheers! 6 x Proseco for $31 shipped!

  • You have to actually purchase something to get the $25 off it won't save in your account.

    • it will save in your account , but you have to enter it in coupon code in checkout

      • +1

        Hmmm. strikerzebra and tm87 have said the same thing. I'm not sure because I went through with the purchase, although it appeared to save as a credit just like the two referral credits I have.

        Should I edit the deal to just say this is a $25 coupon code?

        Edit: and another. I'll edit it.

  • +1

    Awesome, I tried the SECRET DEAL Shiraz 2011. Happened to have another $25 credit waiting for me in the account which stacked with this code!

  • Doesnt stay without completing purchase

  • It doesnt save in the account for me.
    Anyway, purchased the NUA Prosecco for $56 delivered.
    That's a nice wine. 3rd purchase of of that for me.

  • How quickly will they shut it down is the question. Buy now, or risk missing!? =\

    • Last time it took 3 hours :p

  • +1

    Thanks for making me an alcoholic.

    Just ordered the

    MOFO SECRET DEAL Shiraz 2011

    $80.80 including delivery for 12 bottles.

  • Hasn't saved in my account

  • It doesn't save anywhere in your account that you can SEE. It just remembers it next time you add something to the cart.

    Pretty simple.

    • It will probably be ozbargained by then, the last time the $25 code was posted in only lasted a few hours :)

  • Nice!

  • Can't say I was a big fan of the last three 'secret deals' from this place. I'm slowly getting through them, but they're nowhere near as good as their writeups.

    • did you find out what they were before ordering?

    • Yeah, I agree with you. They're not as nice as their glowing review. I purchased the Shiraz 2012 secret deal and got the Six foot Six wine.

      Still can't complain as I paid $29 for a dozen inc delivery thanks to the referral credit but I would be spewing if I had to pay the RRP of $90/dozen.

      • did you know that they offer free returns?

        We ask that for straight cases, you try up to 2 bottles (just in case it was just the one bottle that wasn’t right) – we’ll still refund you for the whole case. But please don’t take the mickey – you shouldn’t need to try more than a couple of bottles to know you don’t like it!

      • That's actually the one i'm talking about, 6 foot 6. Drinking it now, just something not quite right about it. Thin and tart, opens up a bit with airing but there's a narrow window there before it gets worse. If i'd paid full price I probably would return it but like you, got it pretty cheap. It turns me off buying from them in the future though, if the descriptions can't be trusted. 93 points I think the deal was stamped with, not a chance.

    • Don't forget you can always return them (you won't get any hesitation about it).

      Under $10 you need to be selective - some have been stunning (Amelia Park Cabernet Merlot, Maverick Twins GSM), others not so much. Things really open up after this price point.

      • Hmmm yes. Working my way through a couple of cases of Maverick Twins, the Glenlofty Shiraz and Amelia Park Cab Merlot. Life is good :)

      • How does one return wine? I've seen people try with Vodka + Redbull but I can't imagine it would work the same. Do they just take empty bottles or?

        • +1

          Check out http://vinomofo.com/returns

          They even suggest you try 2 bottles before return:

          "You can try up to 2 bottles in your case and still receive a full refund. In fact, we encourage you to try a second bottle, just to be sure it wasn’t just the one bottle that wasn’t right."

        • @Gav:
          I bought the mixed pack, not sure how that will work :P ha but cheers

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thought it was a UBER credit

  • +2

    That coupon couldn't be found or isn't valid anymore

    • Yup, same for me. :( I was looking at this Shiraz anyway. The coupon would have pushed me over the edge…

      • I'll mark it as expired.

  • Same

  • Already had a $50 credit from joining and doing a survey a while ago.. Just got a case for $20


  • The SECRET DEAL Shiraz 2011 from last week is the McGuigan Shortlist Barossa Shiraz 2011. Not a spectacular deal, given it goes for $13.99 at Vintage Cellars, can't see how this would be $29 RRP. Anyway, as long as it tastes good I don't mind.

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