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NORTON 360 3 Device w/ Norton Utilities + 8GB V8 Racecar USB Drive $2 Profit after $40 Cashback @ Dick Smith


Buy NORTON 360 Multi-Device 3 Device with Norton Utilities + 8GB V8 Racecar USB Drive $38 at Dicksmith

Get $40 cash back from Norton [double cash back] from this link http://au.norton.com/now/en/AU_SITE/pu/images/Promotions/201...

You can also buy 3 subscriptions to make $26 profit

$38 x 3 = $114 - $20 [REWARD20] = $94. You get $120 cash back from Norton

I tried REWARD20 and works for this deal

Another options

May be price match with officeworks too http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/symantec-no...


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Dick Smith / Kogan
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  • Showing temporarily out of stock on page

  • No stock near me

  • I wouldn't install Norton on my computer if they paid me $40.

    • I did a 'hack' install of Windows Security Essentials on Windows Server 2012 R2. Detected and quarantined the cryptowall virus, which Norton 360 failed to detect.

      • I used to use it, before the "360" branding and before all the bloating it was pretty decent and reliable. We're going back to my Celeron-366 circa late 1990's though. Haven't touched it since.

    • Keep the stick and throw the rest in the bin

  • Good deal but can't see any stock in Sydney

  • Hang on lads, there is stock in Darwin. Luckily I have a few days spare and a thorium car. I'm off!

    • You should've used Eneloop-powered car instead!

      BTW, I know it is in stock in Darwin store but I can't be bothered to buy it. After I tried Norton years ago, it slowed my PC down at the rate of Thorium-232 half-life which is 1.405×10^10 (or 14.05 billion) years.

  • None in Adelaide.

  • No stock near me in Melbourne north east.

    I installed Norton for 2 years, they are fine, faster than the other free product I downloaded online.

  • Anyone know how you make 3 claims from the one security key entered?

  • None in Brisbane

  • The $40 rebate cannot be claimed in addition to any other rebate or bonus offer on the same product purchase, with the sole exception of the Bonus 1-Year Norton Family Premier offer.

    Be careful of the bonus USB drive, symantec may refuse to pay the cashback.

    • Yep you won't be able to claim both the USB flash drive and the $40 rebate on this purchase. So no $40 cash back + bonus USB flash drive, is one or the other.

      • Actually if the USB flash drive already comes inside the retail package and is not a mail out redemption offer then it should be ok.

    • I can assure you from actual experience the cashback applies whether or not you get the USB.

      ANyone who says otherwise is simply full of BS.

    • You can claim the cashback with the USB, I did so the other day.

  • Apparently cashback no need tax invoice. So just buy from ebay?


  • +2 votes

    These are old boxes from the Christmas period. That particular product (box with USB stick) is End of Life, and stores will not receive anymore stock.

    At my store, we sold our last box months ago.

  • so this means the best thing i can get is Norton Multi-devices for 3 devices at $55 - $40 cashback (without USB) = $15?

    • The old NORTON 360 5 Device w/ Norton Utilities + 8GB V8 Racecar USB Drive is better at $48-40=$8. Available near me in Brisbane.

      I wouldn't pay $8 effectively just for the USB. But I have 1/2 price Dick eGift Cards to use. So for $24 for a USB + $40 isn't bad.

  • would officeworks pricematch the wireless store link you posted for $39?

  • No stock here.
    Missing the deal last year Norton + 32GB Micro SD Card $0 after $20 Cashback

  • Confirmed out of stock in Western suburbs of Melbourne.

  • Confirmed for the Norton 360 3 device package is out of stock any where in the Central Queensland region. Search for North Queensland shows only one store up there (Airlie Beach) has stock. Even a stock check search for post code 4000 (Brisbane) shows no stock. Basically for what I can tell there's only one store in a one town in the entire state of Queensland that still has stock.

    Good luck trying to find a store with stock you're really going to need it.

  • Since there's bugger all stock any where of the Norton 360 3-device version the next best offer would be the 5-device for $48 - $40 cash back = $8. Since there's actually lots of stock of the 5-device version.

    I'd say this thread (since it mentions the 3-device only for $2 profit) should have been removed as insufficient stock since it's nearly non existent for the 3-device. No body is even going to get $2 profit because there's no stock at Dick Smith.

  • are you sure that you can claim cashback on this? the cashback website explicitly states only packages marked with cashback eligibility can claim, and the dick smith website has boxes marked with the cashback offers whereas this one doesn't…

    • Apart from lack of stock, that doubt may be the end of this deal. Well spotted.

    • Probably because it already comes with a bonus offer (bonus V8 Race Car USB Flash Drive). This $40 cashback deal might be a dud for this. Symantec might be deliberately excluding the bonus V8 Race Car USB with Norton 360 retail pack from the cash back.

      Cash back terms does state that it can't be redeemed in addition to another bonus offer in the product purchase. This purchase product already comes with an existing bonus offer so no $40 cash back with this.

      "The $40 rebate cannot be claimed in addition to any other rebate or bonus offer on the same product purchase"

      So I hope you peoples haven't already bought the Norton 360 with bonus offer free V8 Race Car USB Flash drive expecting to get cash back. This thread is completely wrong from the get go both in stock levels and in the fact that there would be no cash back on a pack that already has an existing bonus offer from Norton on purchase.

  • Is cashback eligible on the wireless1 norton product? I wonder if their items are marked as cashback eligible.

  • I called my local dicksmiths right after I made the purchase online. They said there are NO STICKERS stating this product is eligible for the cashback. And it states clearly on the norton website:
    "Participating retail stores will feature a promotional sticker on eligible product boxes."

    Will need to cancel my order tomorrow

    • Reference to the 'sticker' & whether the 3 device versions are included, is very confusing on the Norton promo page. However, the full Terms & Conditions make it clear the the 3 device version is included and there is no reference to a 'sticker' being required - only the actual product versions. I would expect the the T&C's should take precedence (IMO)

    • Ah when you hand out negs to the masses.
      No need to cancel dude. You will get the cash back. The requirement is to purchase during the period at an eligible retailer. Dick smith is an eligible retailer. That condition you quote is to ensure that if you buy from an ineligible store you have no claim as there was no sticker on the box.

      • Requirements also says the cash back can't be claimed in addition to any other rebate or bonus offer on the product purchase. This special release of Norton 360 already has a bonus offer on the product purchase (bonus USB flash drive). So you can't claim another bonus on this one.

        In my suspicion that the cash back is only applicable to the bog standard Norton 360 release which doesn't have an existing bonus offer already on the product purchase. This one here in the thread does.

    • UPDATE: Called Norton they were of no help. Said the only way you can know is if you try typing in the key online.

      Unsure if I should take the risk or go ahead and cancel while I can (I'm leaning towards its too risky)

  • i see on dicksmith online that NORTON 360 Multi Device 3 Devices at $55 has the $20cashback sticker on that. In the link provided by the op, it said:

    "Who can claim?
    If you:
    Purchase Norton 360 Multi-Device Version 1.0 or 2.01 for 5 Devices retail box from a participating Australian or New Zealand retail store".

    which means it's for Norton 5 devices only?
    On top of the link, however, it said for 3 & 5 devices.

    • Yeah. I was confused by the 3 or 5 device reference - but, from the Terms & Conditions
      "The Offer is only valid for any full-version pack of Norton 360 Multi-Device Version 1.0 or 2.0 for 3 or 5 Devices (1-Year or 2-Year editions) purchased from participating Australian and New Zealand retail stores between May 14, 2015 and June 30, 2015 inclusive…"

    • If you read the promotion, they have doubled the $20 Cashback.
      So Dick's image is old. It's now $40.

      The image at the top states "for 3 or 5 devices". Promoters always trumps OPs on t&c.

      • @brucefromaustralia
        I think what Killua was concerned about is that, under the heading "who can claim", is says "Purchase Norton 360 Multi-Device Version 1.0 or 2.01 for 5 Devices retail box from a participating …" i.e. it only says the 5 device and does not include the 3 device version - even though the 3 device version is included in the graphic above.
        My reference to the T&C's are the specific Terms & Conditions for this promotion - refer footnote on the page that says "* See Terms & Conditions for full details." Here it does include the 3 device version. I think these T&C's take trumps (IMO).

  • how can we get a list of participating stores?

  • Shouldn't this be marked as out of stock or expired by now?

  • will someone who bought this sell me the cdkey if you are not going to use it :) need to renew my subscription. cant find it in stock anywhere near

    • If you want, I'll check my local DS stores this late morning (it's now ~2 a.m. in Darwin). They have plenty of stock on their website shown as available for C&C.

      • it would be wonderful if you can :) thank yo.

        • Well, this is what I've got after 15 mins tomb digging DS Casuarina, NT store. They have >60 boxes of Norton 360. Half of these are 1 and 2 PCs version. The rest are 3 and 5 PCs ones.

          However, none of the 3 PCs boxes has the SUMMER $40 CASHBACK sticker on them. Some of the boxes (very limited) include other offers like the 8GB V8 Racecar USB Drive as mentioned in the OP's post. The other 3 PCs boxes don't have any OFFER sticker on them.

          1/4 of the stock is 5 PCs version. I could only see 3 of them that bear the SUMMER $40 CASHBACK sticker.

          The big but here is that the promotion code on them is 40back1114 which is different from the official code for this DOUBLE CASHBACK which is 20back0415. I tried 40back1114 on their Redemption website, it didn't work. The reason is that the code 40back1114 was expired on 8th Feb 2015 (see links to pictures above).

          I asked some staff but they said things I already knew. So I have no idea if these products are eligible for the $40 cashback.

          I might go and check DS Darwin store which is 20 km from where I live. (I need to get there by bus because I don't own any car [a poor student and proud OZBargain addict]. A bus ticket costs me $1 but if the driver finds out I haven't renewed my Sudent ID card, I have to pay $3!) But I doubt there's any difference.

          As I don't want to risk $48-69, I'm sorry that I may not be able to help you with a license.


        • @721411: oh man, sorry for the late reply, haven't get on ozbargain these days. I totally understand what you are suggesting here, it is bit fishy. thanks again for the effort, our world is better with you around:D

  • no stock around ACT

  • Can't get access to the Norton rebate website to check for info -> too risky to buy.

    Edit: Sorry, my Firefox add-ons blocked the link. Disable them and I can access the site now.

  • Wandered over to Emporium store for 5 device pack (as no 3 device packs anywhere according to website).

    Looked on shelf, and found 2 x 3 device packs (with USB).

    As such, it may pay to actually wander into your local store and personally check stock (instead of depending on what website says), as it seems they are somewhat lax in their stock tracking.

  • Just claimed my cashback if anyone was still wondering if it's eligible

    • May I ask where did you buy your Norton? Do you remember the list of participating stores? Thanks !

    • Which version did you buy? What code did you use? How much did you get for cashback, 20 or 40?


      • Sorry guys, didn't realise I had replies! I got them from Dick Smith Pacific Fair QLD which had lots of stock at the time, and qualified for the $40 cashback with the 360 Multi-Device 3 Device with Norton Utilities + 8GB V8 Racecar USB Drive; as in the description of this deal. Brrrm ;)