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Wii U Console with Splatoon + 2 Games for $359 at Target


Pretty good price for a new game-and-console bundle on day one. Credit to happyman for the find.

The console comes with Splatoon (hard-bundled) plus a choice of 2 of the following:

  • Rabbids Land
  • Sports Connection
  • Marvel: The Avengers
  • Assassin's Creed III
  • Splinter Cell Blacklist

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • EB's offering the same package, but with Disney Infinity 2.0 I believe.

    • Just Disney Infinity 2.0?

      • EB have a lot of Disney infinity, it's going to be a staple of their bundles for a while by the looks of it

        • I can attest to that, I picked up a "Pre-Owned" copy of Disney Infinity 2.0 on Wii U at EB for $24 that looked pristine and on opening it the Game Case was still in its original shrink wrap.

  • Is $359 the new RRP for the 32gb console?

    • Yes. Target has sweetened the deal with 2 games on top (the decent ones being Splinter Cell and Assassin's Creed III in my opinion).

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      A bit off topic, but 32gb is an insanely small storage space for a console. I know my Wii-U is already surpassed the 32gb limit. A portable/external hard drive as a permanent attachment to the console is an absolute must. So keep this cost in mind before buying console.

  • Any info about Splatoon game and/or amiibos in the catalogue?

    EDIT: I can tell that Splatoon is selling for $59. Jigglypuff as well. :/

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      From happyman's post in the OP, it's just standard pricing sadly.

      • Thanks for pic link.

        Target is actually selling Splatoon game for $58. Typo on my part.

        $1 lower just to beat JB's price LOL.

        $1 lower on the Splatoon amiibo triple pack as well - compared to RRP.

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          Yeah Target has caught on that they sell a heap of Amiibo regardless of them being $15 or $17. Thank goodness Kmart have been $15 for some time now, here's hoping they have the Splatoon Triple Pack for $45 even though I will need to buy the Triple Pack and the Characters Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl on their own.

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          *95 cents lower on Amiibo triple pack

        • @4892:

          Which K-Mart is this? I am sure mine has stopped selling games, amiibos etc

        • @Guybrush57: All k-mart stores that stock Amiibo are $15

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    Choice of 2 is not very attractive, very cheap and out of date games :x

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      True. But it's free. Maybe use it as trade fodder elsewhere.

    • That's what i thought too. Eb games have a double trad-in value this month so that could be an option to get a bit of it back (Level 1 15%, Level 2 20%, Level 3 30% and Level 4 40%)

      • Ends 31/5, so you'd pretty much have a day to trade those in to maximise profit.

      • Mind elaborating on the Trade-in thing? Is it just for Store Credit and I'm a bit confused on what you mean by levels.

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          EB Games have a loyality scheme (similar to flybuys). There are 4 levels, each with an increasing amount of benefits starting from level 1. To progress to another level, one must spend $$$ to reach a certain threshold.

          In this case, each level will give you extra money in form of a percentage. This is known as 'extra trade-in credit'.

          For example, if you are a level 2 member and trade in a game initially worth $5, you'd get an extra 10% - meaning you'd get $5.50.

          However, for the month of May, EB has increased the 'extra trade-in credit' percentages. For level 2, it'd be 20%.

          Refer to this image for a table of benefits.

          Do keep in mind that EB's loyality program gives you very little (same as flybuys) in rewards. If one were to buy nothing but new stuff and not second-hand stuff, it'd cost $1200 to progress from level 1 to level 2 (since 1 carrot = 1 dollar).

        • @silverrat23:
          Ah Thanks. I remember it now, they always try to get you to subscribe to Game Informer and entice you by saying you automatically get to level 3 if you do so.

        • @silverrat23:Those games are worth $5 max at ebgames, even after eb world bonus, it's not much at all, I recommened trading them at jb, they usually have higher values

        • you pretty much have to sell your soul to EB Games to level up

        • @mr kindface:

          So, my soul is worth $1500? (or less)

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          @silverrat23: his basically saying you have to spend a lot to level up

    • Splinter Cell Blacklist is AMAZING! It was worth playing the story mode 3 times!

  • Go Splattoon !

  • Nice priced bundle to start with

  • I'd be interested in taking Splatoon off of someone's hands if they wanted to save a bit of money on their console purchase.

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        it's a physical copy

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    Wii U Zelda pack was $300 delivered from Amazon UK yesterday if anybody prefers that pack. There was lots of stock yesterday but it seems it sold well as its 2-3 weeks until available again now.


    • What happens with the power plug. Is it shipped with a UK or Aussie plug?

      • UK of course. So yes would have to add in a $2 adapter.

        • So you can buy AUD games but downloads need to be from the UK?

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          No idea on that one, I would assume you can make an Oz account… But you know what they say about assumptions….

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      You'll have to create a UK NNID so you can download Wind Waker.

      Then you have to create a AU NNID, so you can make purchases in AU currency from the AU e-store.

      Don't know what the process is for import consoles & local digital downloads if anytyhing goes wrong, especially if you've made purchases from the AU e-store.

  • Nice deal. It comes with a few cool games: Splatoon, Marvel Battle for Earth and Rabbids Land