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Steam Summer Sale Day 1


Daily Deals

Title Disc. AU ($USD) Cards
Homeworld Remastered Collection 60% 13.99 No
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution 82% 23.77 No
Next Car Game: Wreckfest 50% 14.99 No
X-Plane 10 Global - 64 Bit 50% 29.99 No
Farming Simulator 15 33% 29.99 Yes
Valkyria Chronicles™ 75% 4.99 Yes
Tales from the Borderlands 50% 24.99 No
Don't Starve 75% 3.74 Yes
Darkest Dungeon 25% 14.99 Yes
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 50% 7.49 Yes

Franchise Deals

Title Disc. AU ($USD) Cards
XCOM: Enemy Unknown + The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 83% 8.49 No
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack 80% 15.99 No
X-COM: Complete Pack 50% 7.49 No
Metro 2033 Redux 75% 6.24 Yes
Metro: Last Light Redux 75% 6.24 Yes
Metro Redux Bundle 80% 9.99 No
Metro 2033 75% 3.74 No
Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Tiger Shark Cash Card 25% 74.98 No
Grand Theft Auto V 25% 71.23 No
Grand Theft Auto V, Max Payne 3, and Tiger Shark Cash Card 30% 73.48 No
Grand Theft Auto V: Great White Shark & Bull Shark Cash Cards 33% 20.09 No
Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition 75% 17.49 No
Grand Theft Auto IV 75% 12.49 No
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City 75% 7.49 No
Grand Theft Auto III Trilogy 75% 7.49 No
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 75% 4.99 No
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 75% 2.49 No
Grand Theft Auto III 75% 3.74 No
Sniper Elite 3 70% 14.99 Yes
Sniper Elite V2 75% 7.49 Yes
Sniper Elite 66% 3.39 Yes
Zombie Army Trilogy 25% 33.74 Yes
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 66% 5.09 Yes
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 66% 5.09 Yes

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  • Merged from Steam Monster Summer Sale

    The sale has just commenced, and the site is getting hammered, so page reloads are necessary. http://isthereanydeal.com is also timing out from the strain :(

    The best deals at the moment for Australians (historic lows)are:

    Ziggurat $4.40 http://store.steampowered.com/app/287390/?snr=1_614_615_metr...

    Valkyria Chronicles $5 http://store.steampowered.com/app/294860/

    Metro Last Light Redux $6.24 http://store.steampowered.com/app/287390/?snr=1_614_615_metr...

    Metro 2033 Redux $6.24 http://store.steampowered.com/app/287390/?snr=1_614_615_metr...

    Outlast $4 http://store.steampowered.com/app/238320/

    Pandora First Contact $10 http://store.steampowered.com/app/287580/ (Slitherine games are rarely discounted)

    Make sure you have a high end video card if you want to play the Commie games, especially if you want to enable Physx. You might want to avoid if you are motion sickness prone, or else pop ginger or anticholinergics or wear Sea Bands (they work on accupressure points).

  • Dear Wallet: I AM SO SO SORRY!!!!! :(

    • +34 votes

      haha.. oh it's the summer sale again already. Shame I don't have any games on my wishlist at the moment. Might as well have a bit of a browse I suppoOHDEARGOD I BOUGHT NINETEEN

  • thanks for the post whats the metro bundle like? is it any good? also are there any missing DLCs or is it a complete bundle? I already own metro 2033 which I have never played.

    • Not sure about the bundles but 2033 and last light have been some of my favourite games. A very.cool story and atmosphere in both games.

    • Stay away from the Redux versions. They're 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, in much the same way that the Doom 3: BFG Edition had so many consolised handicaps that it was a total downgrade from the original game. The Redux versions were created solely to be able to run on last-generation consoles (why else would they re-release a game that was less than 4 years old at the time?), and hence had to have much eye candy removed to be able to run on ageing hardware.

      Full comparison video here; long story short, the original has higher resolution textures, but worse lighting, while the Redux version has blurrier textures but better lighting and global illumination (which arguably kills a lot of the horror pretenses, as the shadows are far less dramatic, the environment is less "gritty", the game is overall brighter and visibility distance is much higher). The Redux versions also have volumetric lighting stripped out, Tesselation mostly removed, PhysX removed and Smoke/Fog/Particle effects severely reduced.

      Also note, many of the game-crippling issues that Metro 2033 suffered from have not been resolved (crashes, terrible optimisation even on very high-end hardware, stuttering, long load times, etc.)

      • Thank you so much for the informed post, really good information there, I will stick with 2033 and ignore the redux version.

      • so it's exactly the same game??

        is there a non-redux version of last light?

        • I played both original versions so they exist. Last light was pc intensive.
          Not sure if last light original is on the steam sale though.

        • @Wallyt99:

          i can't even find it on the steam store itself.. only metro last light redux :S

  • Valkyria Chronicles bought.

    • Excellent choice I own the ps3 version and a going to buy it again on pc for the dlc. Love the series so much I also bought psp sequel and am waiting for the 3rd Japanese version to come down in price as well.

    • Ohmygod i bought this game just then, but its a 20Gb install!

      • Oh Shi.. Why? There's not any pre recorded video in it afaik. Must be some crazy high res textures or something.
        Oh looks like it is because pre rendered video. See this https://steamcommunity.com/app/294860/discussions/0/62632982...

        • Yeah, but ive already played a couple hours of it and theres quite a lot of cutscenes (Luckily i could download it from steam at roughly 12-13MB/s so it was quick). Also i think there are separate cutscenes for both English and Japanese language (at least the mouth movements seem in sync in both languages).
          However, first impressions are really good. Would recommend to play in Japanese though, unless one really hates to read subtitles.

        • @ATangk:
          When I played it on the PS3 I never knew it was pre rendered video cut scenes as they looked exactly like in game quality. Must be some huge bluray size video files hah.

        • @Scaregdearimasu:
          I reckon they made it so the videos would be in resolution suitable for 4K. I'm playing on QHD+ and still looks good, though it may have something to do with the art style which covers it up from 1080p quality.

        • @ATangk:
          I looked at the video files from the game and they are Mpeg 1/2 mpgv codec at 1280x720 frames 29.970029 (wtf)
          these video files are the largest of the files downloaded. The "Video" folder takes up 14.9gb of the entire install" wow.

        • @Scaregdearimasu:
          In that case, it must just be the art. I bought this game yesterday but ive already got 13 hours of gametime. Send help.

          edit: you can open those files on VLC, but i dont see how these video files need to be so large…

        • @ATangk:

          Yep who knows other forums guessed it was so large becuase they didn't need to make the files smaller becuase of two reasons A. Blurday disc can take it. B. It would cost money to hire devs liscence better encoding software. So thus we have 15 GB of video files for what probably amounts to an hour of cutscenes. (dunno if it's an only an hour but jeez even 3 hours of 720p H264/Mkv/Mp4 isn't 15GB.

        • @Scaregdearimasu:
          If i remember correctly, Titanfall was 50Gb install, mostly due to uncompressed audio and video files or the similar. "improving performance by not needing to uncompress these files would allow lower specced computers to be able to play Titanfall"

        • @ATangk:
          Ow 50GB my poor HDD lol. I can see how that'd make sense seems like the computers most hampered and in need of easier to read files would also be the ones with the least HDD space too. Kinda amusing.

        • @Scaregdearimasu:
          My laptop only has SSD, even with 2x 256Gb in raid, I dont have 50Gb of room to throw about, especially if i try to keep below 80% of the 461Gb I actually get. Uninstalled it without playing a single pvp game. Shame coz I bought it thx to some deal off of OzB some time ago.

  • Grand Theft Auto V is NOT A DEAL. Rockstar jacked up the price by 25% and only included an Extra Shark Card with it, so it is now sitting at the regular price, except you also get a silly Shark Card.

    • Which might invalidate the game from their new refund policy too

    • Thank god I bought the Steam version from the Chinese store for $29.99USD :)

      FU Steam

      • That'd be "FU Rockstar".

        The publisher always decides what price their games sell for on Steam.

        • I really, really wish that this 'rumour' would stop..

          Steam recommends what it thinks it can change to publisher.. Steam has even been known to actively alter publisher prices.. And if you really think that Steam has no control over it's own store… bwahahaha

          If you do a bit of googling, you'll see that steam communicates with publishers on what it thinks is fair pricing. Steam even changed pricing on at least 1 game that the publisher wasn't even aware of. They even tried to change it back, but steam refused.

        • @Vladdo: You're so wrong it hurts.

        • @Vladdo:
          I've always found it interesting that those who (+) a remark have their name shown but those who (-) a remark can hide in obscurity. It cultivates a culture where people are more willing to stay on the side lines and contribute nothing but negativity.
          Also see this mentality in Facebook - many people will read posts and rag on the author to those nearby without ever contributing themselves for fear of the same reaction.
          If negs on Ozbargain showed the voters name we'd probably a reduction overnight of 90%.

        • @Ebany: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/197655?page=1#comment-2817...

          Apparently neggers were visible on Ozbargain beforehand (I read your comment and remembered a Mod talking about it). I think if people get upset about negs, knowing who negged you might cause arguments on things, PMs being abused, yaddi yadda.

        • @AznMitch:
          That I certainly understand, still, I feel it's better than the current system which offers a quick and irresponsible way of casting an unjustified negative vote.

          Take my own comment as an example, which has (currently) received 4 neg votes; It was a reply to Vladdo. None of neg's which originate from the person I was talking too and none of them carry any type of explanation. Any person who wishes to defend against neg's has absolutely no chance. I've seen people neg'ed for no reason and, upon asking the community why, they get neg'ed again.

          In fact the neg's only prove how such a system can be (and is) abused, this in turn pushes away active and mature community members who only wish to contribute.

      • Can you use VPN to buy GTA V in Steam China?
        BTW, Rockstar is the one who I think decide the price. Steam just get a little profit (if there is a sale) and can't manipulate the price because it's not their game. R* try to force people to use R* game starter rather than steam

        • You used to, but they've disabled gifting from Chinese accounts..

          Interesting article concerning regional pricing..

          "Valve has sold an awful lot of games," Tripwire Interactive Vice President Alan Wilson told PC Gamer. "Counter-Strike has done huge business across the globe, in every available marketplace, so they must have a metric sh!t-ton of empirical data. And if I know Valve, they will have experimented with the pricing. They like experimenting, they're willing to take the risk of experimenting to find out what works and what doesn't. So in those markets that we really don't know, I'm perfectly happy to take their suggestion."


        • @Vladdo:

          me used to? I assume what you mean is "I used to". Ahhh… chinese people is too smart , dog eat dog .
          So that's mean that Steam used to allow you to give any game without any exception for regional constriction? wow , that's sound awesome.

        • @rodinthink: The chinese store had just opened, and there was a window of opportunity of about 12 hrs where all the games were listed as ROW (rest of world) with no restrictions. I created a secondary account with a vpn, used a credit card which steam hadn't seen before and added it to my inventory. I then let the game sit in my account for a week because I was unsure if steam would crack the sh!ts over it, but, they didn't.. so then gifted it to my main account.

          They have since put it place restrictions so that you can't do this anymore. It's also pretty much killed off trading games as a result. I've read that games from the vietnamese store don't have this restriction.


  • The Half Life Anthology is 75% off ($10), and individual games are also 75% off. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/715/

    The Introversion pack of 4 games is $3 (85% off): http://store.steampowered.com/sub/14002/

    The Developer Alliance Bundle is 95% off. 4 games with trading cards for $0.74

  • Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is down from a ridiculous $79.99 USD to an only-just-believable $59.99 USD. That's 25% off. http://store.steampowered.com/app/321410/

  • Now before you all buy everything from your wishlist, remember guys that if a game is on a flash sale or a daily deal then buy it. Otherwise wait until the game you want comes up in one of them.

    • Thanks pawan I've been scratching my head about the steam sale rules

      • I know it can be daunting for your first Steam sale with all those discounts but patience really is a virtue if you want to give yourself a chance of not losing all your money.

  • Also if you have a crappy credit card that has terrible conversion rates, I believe EB Games still sells steam cards.. ie, $20 steam credit for $25 AUD..

  • -1 vote

    Why is left 4 dead never on sale anymore goddamnit

  • CS GO is half price again at 7.49

  • +2 votes

    ALL prices are in USD. Steam doesn't understand what AUD is or will recognise it in future.

    • The dumb thing is that kiwi's pay in NZD… lol

      Steam knows when they're onto something ;)

      • Possible to save $ by using geo service to pay in $NZ?

        • You run the risk of getting your account banned.

          There are better prices on games published by 2K for US customers as they traditionally gouge us on prices even in sales - XCOM for one is substantially cheaper for the US, priced in USD for exactly the same bits.

  • No deal on GTA V still more expensive than when I got it on release.

  • Based on the usual steam rules that I have heard about is "Dirt Rally" ( http://store.steampowered.com/app/310560/ ) likely to get any cheaper considering it is an early access game?

  • Binding of Isaac Rebirth is amazing :) (and creepy and weird & weird and creepy)

  • I'm kind of obsessed with the Monster Game. It's like cookie clicker all over again…

    I'm trying to study as well! Argh why does Valve do this to me.

    Good thing I own basically every game I want. Steam sales just make me want to buy good games again because they're so cheap. Everytime I see Fallout 3/NV I try to buy it again.


    what are the chances GTA 5 will be reduced further than 25%?

  • Although I got about 50+ games on steam, I just find it absurb how we're happy to pay for developing of games but some are not happy to pay for movies/music artist.

    • What do you mean?

      I'd happily pay 75% off for music and movies in Steam sales.

      Unfortunately the owners of that content can't maths…

      • Exactly.

        I can justify paying >$20 on a game if it guarantees me numerous hours of enjoyment. I wouldn't pay the same for a movie which gives me an two hours of enjoyment.

        If there was a website which sold movies and had sales like steam then I'd be more interested. But seeing dvds retail for $25 at shops is absurd. Happy to see it in cinema for $15 just for a night out.

        • Hence why Netflix is so big. As many movies as you want for $9 a month is great and that's why so many people are happy with paying for Netflix. Yes geo-blocking is an issue but the point I want to get across is the potential value with the service.

    • Really, what do you mean by that sentence?

  • I wonder if Valve is using this sale as a trial-by-fire for the refunds system? I know I'm probably going to use it a bit over the weekend.

  • +1 vote

    Greenman seem to be a legimitate alternative for GTA V, particularly with their 20% off code they were showing on the site earlier.

    • This gets you a RSSC key, not a steam one. Was happy to pay a small premium for steam. Seems I'll be waiting longer. Not an issue.


        Ah, didn't realise. Thanks for mentioning that, glad I didn't go that route then!

        • Yeah only way to get a steam key is to get the game through steam unfortunately. For me its not the achievements etc (which is nice), but the having the games all in one library, that will hopefully exist for a long time to come and not have to remember where each one is.


          @kulprit: Yeah same for me, just more convenient to have my games all together on Steam.

        • @wasabinator:
          The updates are also significantly smaller and are downloaded directly through Steam's servers whereas RSSC versions require you to download every update through R*'s unreliable servers.

          I considered getting a Steam key but went for a RSSC from GMG since I had a lot of GMG credit saved up.

  • Prepare for 85-90% off for Fallout franchise or NV or Fallout 3 GOTY,Fallout 4 coming soon
    No need to be hurry/impulsive if it's 75%

    Not sure about skyrim though :-\
    Elder Scroll VI will need to be delayed for another 3 years after Fallout 4 published… —> (assumption / opinion, Not Fact)

  • What's the go with purchasing steam games while abroad? Currently in Indonesia and the prices when converted are much cheaper. Will it be region locked?

  • Homeworld Remastered and Metro Redux looks good……..

    must resist……… still got heaps of PC/PS3 games which I need to catchup on……….

    • The Metro Redux bundle is the lowest price I've seen it for. The games aren't that old either and for $3 more than one of the Metro games it's a good price for the bundle.

  • Sir You Are Being Hunted is $2 (90% off) http://store.steampowered.com/app/242880/

    Left For Dead 2 is $4 http://store.steampowered.com/app/550/

    Toybox Turbos $3.75 (95% off) http://store.steampowered.com/app/287260

  • My favourite way to look for deals: https://steamdb.info/sales/

  • If I buy the next car game for $15 in early access will I get the whole game on release ?
    I can buy early access and the finished game from the producer of the game (bugbear ) for $25 and it comes with a steam key .
    Yes I know it's been in early access for like a year already with little updates .

  • Witcher 3 costs twice as much as I paid on release….GTA5 dont even get me started.



  • Is Styx for 11.99USD a good deal? I don't think it's part of the sale but it's still 60% off.

    • It was $10.19USD on steam 18 days ago. As it's part of the daily deal, I doubt it would go any lower in this sale.

  • Install "Enhanced Steam" on your web browser of choice (Chrome/Firefox/Opera):


    It provides information about where the current lowest price is, and also the historical lowest price.