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$3 Xbox One Games, Pokemon X or Y 2DS Console Bundle $50 @ Big W


MOD — this post was originally posted by a BigW employee who no longer wishes to be associated with this post. However as the sale is on now and discussion is on going, instead of removing the entire thread, we have changed the user of this post as "testuser".

Little side note

To all ozbargainers, please be as kind as you can to all Big W staff. Can you imagine them searching for each game in the draw then when they go put it in the cases, they go back to their register and see another 5+ people waiting in line just to do it all again with the next customer? You got some others who aren't interested in the deal (like people who have to get their digital photos printed) and some of them may get impatient. This causes big stress for both the staff member and the customer. Please praise them for their efforts as thats the least we can all contribute.

Thank you

Credit goes to Athlon165 For compiling this list of all the prices for all games and console deals:

To end it off with the drop zone. Xbox One games are further reduced to $3!

Titles include:

Xbox One
Call of duty ghost
Fifa 14
Sniper elite 3
Zoo tycoon
Rayman legends
Forza 5
Just dance 2013
Murdered soul suspect
Battlefield 4
Kinect sports rivals
Disney music fantasia
Dead rising 3
Need for speed rivals

Majority of the PS vita games down to $3
Ps vita 8gb memory card $3
Ps vita 16gb memory card $3
Ps vita Lego mega pack $3
Resistance $2

Credits go to gem90 for other deals

old fifa14, fifa15 and titanfall xbone bundles $200

Pokemon X /Y 2DS console packs $50

PS Vita wifi $50

X360 250gb console $3

PS3 Slimline 160gb $50

Xbone skylanders swapforce starter pack $3

IF you're lucky, these bargains are dream prices

Destiny white ps4 console $200
Skylanders Wii U bundle $3
Yoshi 3DS Xl Console $50
All coloured 3DS Xl consoles $3 (unconfirmed - will double check tomorrow)
Luigi Wii U Bundle $100
Pokemon X or Y 3DS Xl Console $50

I believe this is in store only

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      • Got any Wii U games you feel like giving up for a price?

        • im a collector bro. I have over 40 consoles (including handhelds) so ill pass… :)

        • @chingy213: that's cool, enjoy man! :)

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    I've got a question, my local had a few white ps4's but when I talked to a rep at the counter they said that they weren't the destiny ps4's. How do I go about convincing them they are?

    • +2

      Only the Destiny ones were discounted.

      • -1

        I was under the impression the white ps4's where the destiny ones? Must be mistaken?

        • +1

          There's a standard white console and a destiny bundle

        • @zelda707: Thanks

  • Anyone here willing to swap an XBONE/PS4 for a Wii U in box with a good stack of games?

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    So now that the dust has settled…how much is a game worth to trade in at EB? Do they take into account whether its new or used?

    • They consider every game used even if it is sealed. The games that were on sale at bw trade in from $3 - $9 each.

  • Runaway Bay - QLD

    All at $3 ea (Stock as of 11am today)

    Got the guy to scan all the consoles
    No consoles except old PSP Street for $30 (2 left)
    And I got last Nintendo DSi (none left)

    Xbone and 360 - Plenty of games and 3rd party accessories

    PS4 - Only NBA 2k14 (few copies left)
    - Some 3rd party accessories

    PS3 - dead rising 2 (maybe more games available)
    - Play TV ps3 (a guy bought it so none left)

    Plenty WiiU games and original accessories (eg: Black ops 2)

    Nintendo Ds and WiiU carry cases, headphones

    PS Vita - a game or two

    • Thanks for the update at this store. Busting to leave work to check this out…hope there's still some games left.

  • anyone get a ps4 ? i need one badly … please pm (QLD-brisbane)

  • How do we get the $200 Ps4?

    • +7
      1. You have to take a shower.
      2. Brush your teeth
      3. Cut your nails.
      4. Clean your room.
      5. Go to the Church and pray for a $200 PS4
    • +1

      With money

      • that would be a start

    • +1

      "Member Since 3 hours 6 min ago"
      These deals should only be visible to existing members. Wonder how much stock was snapped up not lurking leeches that just browse and give nothing back to the community.

      • +1

        the deal hit the facebook site and there are heaps of people i know who have liked the fb page and don't contribute to the site

      • Been using Ozbargin for over 3 years, only decided now to become a member so i could comment

  • Anyone end up with a spare PS4? would love one if anyone in Sydney managed to score a extra one.

  • Forest Hill empty. They even had games without cases at the counter. Ah well the dream is dead

  • Nothing Left in my area for XB1. Just few X360 games.

  • Well after raiding Nambour, Noosa and Kawana I missed out on the PS4 and Xbox console deals but at least I got a 2DS Pokemon X console for $50 from Nambour (there was still about 5 2DS's left there when I left around 9am this morning). Nothing left console wise at Kawana or Noosa.

    Also picked up 3 WiiU games,2 Xbox One games, 2 PS4 games and about a dozen 3DS and a dozen XBOX360 games and some Skylanders. Total spend $154 over the 3 stores… there you go BigW, I've done my part! Considered going up to the next closest at Gympie but that would probably be getting a bit nuts!

    Kids were particularly enjoying more than their $3's worth with Fantasia on the 360 Kinect that I picked up from Kawana yesterday afternoon… certainly a game I would never have even considered if not for this clearance.

    Also got that silly skylander boat for $3… did anybody really ever pay $99 for that!!!!

  • Some kobo glo accessories are also at $3. Got 1 leather case.
    BigW Macquarie NSW

  • Went in with low expectations just before.

    Picked up a few decent DS and 3DS titles, mostly under the radar RPGs.

    Big W Watergardens just has your usual junk, gaming wise, rubbish games with no cases, etc

    Prior to the sale, apart from the Pokemon 3DS consoles and the XBOX/PS4 stuff there wasn't much of a range to shout about anyway tbh.

    • +2

      Got in at 8:30 and nabbed a 3ds for $3 man, I got incredibly lucky as there were quite a few people in the entertainment section before me

      • Could you kindly share the photo of the 3ds you got for $3?
        I just want to know which 3ds box it is.

        There are several different kinds of 3ds consoles in bigw Macquarie, the staff said they are all full prices. I have a sneaking suspicion one or two could be @ $3 but I can be wrong though since I was too polite to ask them to scan each and everyone of them when there was a queue behind me.

        • +1

          @Awesome: thanks! It looks like the older model 3ds. Realised i bought one of those last month for $100, and I thought that was a good deal.

          You got a great deal there. Cant beat that!

        • @Awesome: Lucky it was the older 3DS, I was served first this morning and asked to get an XL scanned and it was regular price. Was gonna be really sad if I just chose the wrong colour to get scanned :P

  • Picked up a few games from Highpoint early this morning. Only xbox360 and ps3 games were left but happy with my haul.Thanks OP

  • If anyone is willing to sell a pokemon 2ds I'm willing to pay $70 for it. Had no luck at Winston Hills and Auburn.

    • hey dude bought one for my sister …didnt want it… happy to take 70, i am from adelaide but willing to post. pm if you can

  • what games have you got?

  • Did anyone manage to get $3 Xbox 360?

    • There are some at Rouse Hill titles include Gears of War 3, Halo 4, Forza Horizon and MAss effect 2. Was able to get LA Noire Collectors Edition and South Park Stick of Truth.

      • I meant xbox 360 consoles as mentioned by op

  • Any consoles left at watergardens?

    • Nada. Raided it this morning, theres was about 3 other groups of people waiting outside too. Staff had no idea about the sale. I managed to pick up 2 copies of NBA and 1 copy of cod ghosts for ps4 as well as a 12gb PS3 Skylanders pack for $50. Also went down to Sunshine - totally stripped.

  • +20

    I slept inside the store last night in the camping section, however overslept and by the time I walked over to the right section most items were gone, so I got some $3 game as a souvenir. Happy days!

    • +1

      wtf? are you an employee?

    • +1

      i call bs

    • +2

      Was it intents?

  • +1

    Got a Wii Fit Plus for $3 "Regular $70"

    Time to dust of the Wii and relive 2009!

  • Very disappointed. NOTHING at HighPoint. No WiiU/X1/PS4 games on special. Some DS and nasty 3DS games along with some x360 games. No consoles on special.

    Save yourself a trip. Wasted time.

    • I manged to pick up a few 360 titles and xbox1 cod ghosts at around 12

  • Parkmore, Melbourne has been cleaned out.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Got myself 3 different call of duty games from bigw southland. Other than that it is pretty much cleaned out


    Confirmed all empty now. There was a few groups at each of them. I managed to pick up 2 copies of NBA and 1 copy of cod ghosts for ps4 as well as a 12gb PS3 Skylanders pack for $50.

  • Has anybody gone to Big W Taylors Lakes in Melbourne?

    • +2

      Literally read the comment above….

  • Nabbed a few things today around Melbournes Western Suburbs.

    Nabbed 3ds at watergardens store.
    Travelled to Altona Medows and got a few infinitiy bundles, 3ds games, NBA14 ps4 & xbox1, GoW3 on 360 and black ops 2.
    Went to Werribee got FIFA14, COd ghosts and a pokemon guide.
    Highpoint nabbed cod ghosts, borderalnds 2 and deadrising.

    Didnt bother with sunshine's store, but overall a great haul!! Thanks OP!


    • Werribee got FIFA14, COd ghosts and a pokemon guide.

      Were you the guy wearing a black(ish) hoodie waiting at the side of the counter?

      Also, how much was that red 3DS?

      • +1

        Yeah he was. The 3ds was $3, I saw him handing a $5 note. I take it your the guy selling the 12gb ps3 on gumtree for $140? lol.

        • Nope. Didn't even see the PS3 at all.

        • @silverrat23: bummer - they had some Skylanders ps3's out the back, nothing out front of counter. I thought you may have been the bloke who bought a couple. Only shit thing is that they are only 12gb which can be a real pain - but seeing as a Sony blu ray player retails for $100, at $50 for a PS3 you really can't go wrong.

        • @stevensx:

          When I came in, they had 3 Pokemon 3DS consoles left, along with a pink regular 3DS for $3!… but box only. No other consoles were left.

          EDIT: At Big W Werribee BTW.

        • @silverrat23: Now that's just cruel!

        • @silverrat23: Yes i asked about the pink 3ds too, bloke said box only… tease…

        • No ps3's for me, I wasn't interested in any other consoles bar the 3ds, didn't bother asking about them anywhere I went.

      • +1

        Yep. Red 3ds was $3 from watergardens.

        • +1

          I would so buy that off you for triple the price! Nah, I'm kidding. Good job on the find!

    • too much time on yours hands buddy

  • Chose the wrong stores Salisbury SA had zero stock at quick glance all the ozbargainers I guess look stunned there. Possibly cleaned out night b4. All staff seemed to have no idea, morning. Overheard is it the new Lego game they all want.

    Went to Elizabeth, overheard someone who works there say I grabbed two ps3's last night and another say all the ps3 games were cleared yesterday. Basically only things left were WiiU accessories few XBone games and a couple of DS games.

    At GG later on in the day the lady said a lady game in and basically cleared the shelf into a basket, but that atleast says they did have game stock in the morning. there was also a few wii and xbox360 games left when I went. GOW3, Darksiders

    TTP the lady at GG said they had them in a container or something and one guy picked up the whole container and put it in his trolley (aka being a major C#*%.

    Only thing I picked up worthwhile was the Wii U headset I can use on my PS4

    • I got that Turtle Beach Wii U headset for my PS4 too. Sounds good.

  • +3

    Went to Broadmeadows and only 5 people were waiting. We were all civil and all staff were very helpful and fast-acting in getting stock from the back. There were heaps of 2DS bundles; but that wa sit for consoles. HEAPS of PS3 and 360 games, but hardly any XBone or PS4. My mate and I scored about $250 worth of stuff including 3 2DS bundles. We made sure we called out if anyone wanted anything before we took it. Best experience I've had with huge saving rushes. They did bring out a few XBox 360 slim consoles from the back that were box-damaged, but they insisted it was $178.

  • I am in Melbourne and willing to pay $$ for Forza, Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox One) and xbox one wireless controller PM me if you are willing to sell.

  • +1

    Shout out to the other ozbargainers at Mirrabooka early this morning. One lucky guy scored a destiny ps4 and ps3 320gb, another guy had a skylanders ps3. No DS or vita consoles. Had a handful of psvita games, about 5 x 16gb vita mega packs, 5x8gb mega packs. Had a lot of ps4 games (cod ghost, nba14, trials, thief, etc) and a bunch more xb1 stuff (forza 5, cod, nba14, ryse, etc). Was all gone by about 8:30 though.

    There was also lots of random stuff for $3 - cygnet screen thumbsticks, bluetooth controlled cars, nerf guns, pacman joysticks, etc.

  • Can anyone link me to a ps4 receipt for 200

  • I found a 2DS which has been opened, and returned, and pokemon software deleted off there.

    They said I could have it for $30…

    Should I get it?

    • +2

      yes, that's a bargain

    • +1

      Stop reading this post RIGHT NOW and buy the dang thing already!

      • I didn't end up getting it. It's over an hour away.

        Anyone in SA who wants BIG dubs Murray Bridge should have 1 x 2DS left.

  • I just got back from Big W Elizabeth, picked up COD ghost and dead rising 3 on xbone. They still had 1 copy Cod ghost as of half an hour ago.

  • +2

    My mate and I went to stores in WA last night and today,
    Canning Vale: went there last night and there was some games and my mate picked up the last Mario Tennis on 3ds, both got Art Academy and I got Steel Diver and no XB1 and PS4 anywhere, today there was basically nothing left.
    Riverton: last night we went and the had loads of Mario Power Tennis and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, we also both got Street Fighter for 3ds laying there, saw an employee picking up 3ds bundles and basically all the PS4 and XB1 games.
    Armadale: didn't have the discounted prices last night which was a disappointment but might of changed today.
    Cockburn: didn't have much left this morning, but after searching for a bit we both got a bit lucky and Mario and Sonic at Sochi for Wii U and I got Darksiders II for the sake of it on PS3.
    Hopefully everyone gets some nice deals :)

    • Wow that's some hiking!

      Went to Midland yesterday after this was posted, just saw some average games in the DZ bin. Thought about going in this morning in case more stock was just put out the back, then thought nah cbf on the off-chance that what was there the day before was all there was.

      Schroedingers Drop Zone - There's either lots there or nothing!

  • +1

    Went back to Blacktown NSW after 1pm as it is next to work.
    No games left, no consoles either.

    I managed to grab 3 iPad mini cover (apple branded) 2 red and 1 blue at $3 each (work ipad, personal ipad and gf's one)
    And also 2 Belkin accessories for reader tablet.
    Some skylanders stuff left

  • Thanks OP, just picked up the last Nintendo 2DS from Brookside.

    I have called around and the below QLD stores have no consoles left:


    • Do these stores have WiiU and Vita games for $3?

      • I only visited Brookside in person, there was one copy of Minecraft for PS Vita left.

        • Thanks. Will visit Taigun after work, hope they still have some games left.

    • Splatoon was $3?

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